Part 1

Once I step off that train I hear screaming. All of district 2 is cheering..
Another victor..Everybody is there...My best teachers..even that old drunk guy that combs my hair everytime I walk by him. I don't care about any of them though. All I care about is my parents. I run towards them and hug them tight. They walk me to are new house. We were once poor and starving and lived in a house were you freezed every night. Now we have plenty of food and a fireplace! My parents walk me to my new room. As I walk I feel as though I can hear barking. I open the door to see a puppy laying in my bed. I scream with excitment and run towards it. "what do you want to call it?" I mix it with my three favorite tributes names. "Jovo." I know what your thinking. What kind of name is that. I name it Jovo after three amazing district 2 tributes that died. Jay, Clove, and Cato. I smile and hug the dog. Then I hear a knock on are new door. I open it to see my tw


o best friends. Dixie, and Tansy. Dixie runs over and tackles me. "We were so worried about you! I thought you were going to die. WIth the injured leg. And all that other stuff!" Tansy on the other hand stay calm. She helps me up and gives me a hug. "What was it like? Was it scary..I am soo glad your ok!" Tansy's hair is up in two giant pig tails.."It was terrible..I don't even want to think about.." Then i remeber it. I was able to trick myself into forgetting about it. But now..I run back in the house slamming the door behind me. Leaving Dixie and Tansy out there. My dad runs over and grabs me. "NO!" I run into my room and hug Jovo. I start to cry. "Jovo! It was horrible..Can you imagine if DIxie or Tansy got chosen..Oh was terrible." I feel stupid for crying..I am a tough girl..but it doesn't matter. Tomorrow I will have to go on the victory tour and say my speech. Jovo licks me on the face. I hug Jovo...realizing..that I may never have to go to the hunger games...And that I have finally made my family proud.

Part 2



The next morning my stylist and prep team are at my home. I don't want to come down but naked so I wear a strapless top with some short shorts. They apply my makeup. Then I look out the window to see Tansy. I push my prep team out of the way and open the door a crack. "What are you doing here?" She smiles at me. "I always wanted to see what the stylist and prep team are like. JUst in case i get picked for the Games..." I think about how horrible that thought is. Everybody calls me and Tansy so different they don't know why were friends. She's nice to everyone. I'm nice to only careers and like 10 girls in are district. If she was in the games she would be to nice to everyone and would be killed instanly. "NO!" I scream. "What?" In pull her into the house. The prep team look at me funny."Whats with the friend?" My stylist ask. I quickly think of a good answer. "To make sure i don't look stupid. Do you remeber that tribute a few years back?" I actually didn't even know who I was talking about but they did. "Oh..all right." My original dress was a gorgeous purple dress with sparkling diamonds on it. "I love it!" I put it on and Tansy screamed. "I don't!" I looked in the mirror.
Zelda Victor
It was completly see threw. "Umm..I know my angle was sexy..but can we let it go." But they didn't. In the end I had a strapless pink dress with a goldish type outline. Its tight at the top but loose at the bottem. I spin in it feeling beautiful. They put my hair in a kind of short bun and do it a bit funny to. The give my red lipstick and then I am ready. "Wait! Not yet!" Tansy brings over a sparkling sliver necklace. "How much did this cost?" All of the prep teams eyes get giant and there mouths drop open. "It doesn't matter. It was Dixie's idea. We just want it to be so that when you wear it you remeber us." I smile. Then I leave the district. With Tansy, my parents, Dixie, and other strangers waving goodbye, Once on the train I relaize how hard its going to be talking to the people who's kids you killed.

Part 3

I arrived there to see my fellow victors. I didn't feel like talking. We get onto are chariot and head to the districts. My speech went the same for every district "All of your tributes were honorable. Don't ask me why I am standing her today instead of your tributes. I don't know. There are no winners or losers. Everybody should be proud of there tributes." It worked for every district. except for the district in which I killed the tribute. 1. I started but I was interupted. "Bone would still be here if it wasn't for you! YOU SOULESS WITCH!" Then everybody started cheeringn and throwing things at me. "STOP!" I screamed. Everybody was booing. "Listen up! iTs not my fault. Its just how the games are. Don't blame me! Don't blame.." I couldn't take it anymore. I fell to the ground. The last thing i saw before I blacked out was the other victors running towards me. I awoke in the hospital. My parents were by my side. "What happened?'" I asked. The doctor answered."You passed out from stress. I reccomend not going on the rest of the victory tour. How about you go home." "But i worked so hard to win. And i have my speeches planned and. and." I started to feel woozy and i passed out. When I awoke i was home. The TV was playing and Jovo was laying next to me. I saw myslef screaming at the lady and then pass out. Then it started showing the rest of the victory tour. Dixie and Tansy then walked in and gave me a hug. "Were so


glad your awake." They both gave me bug hugs. Then I asked"May I be alone?" They left. I picked up Jovo. Now Jovov was all shaggy. I started combing its fur. "Oh Jovo..I'm so glad its all over.I am so glad I have you." I kissed him on the head. Yes, Jovo is a boy. Then I turned on the TV to see what else was on.

Thats all I am going to write about what happened after Zelda won her games!

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