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How it is going to work!

Read the bold:


District Male Female Male Dressed As Female Dressed as Training Score Contributer
1 Herflex Nome Jadeynette Olive Barack Obama Michelle Obama

Male:8 Female:8

2 Slate Obsidian Amber Quartz John F. Kennedy Jacqueline Kennedy Male:7 Female:9 Necterine411
3 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: ?Female:? Unkown
4 Cedar Mellark Kajama Odair

Bill Clinton

Hillary Clinton Male:10 Female:8 Anna-Athena
5 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
6 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
7 Sam Sammon Kallmi Sliver John Adams Abigal Adams Male:9 Female:8 Rueflower
8 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
9 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
10 Gavin Octavin Estelle Mar George Washington Martha Washington Male:9 Female:7 TomGurl22
11 Unkown Unkown Uknown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
12 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown Male: Female: Unkown
13 Unkown Unkown Unkown Unkown

Male: Female:


Day 1

Estelle Mar POV

I hear the clock countdown. 3..2...1..

Then everything happens so fast..Everybody ran in different directions. I bolted heading towards the cornucopia. I bumped into the tributes from 13. The boy punched me in the face while the girl held up a knife. Then I saw a spear go right through the boy. The girl screamed. I watched as the boy from district 8 ran over and slit her throat. DIsgusted I ran. Before leaving I grabbed a pack with supplies in it. It was hard to get. I had to fight the district 3 tributes. Though it ended in there deaths. I ran in the woods looking for Gavin. WHen i saw him I fell on the ground laughing..He wore an oufit similar to geroge washingtons. He had a wight wig and everything. Then he pointed at me. I looked down to see an elegant dress on me. Had did I not realize this? It did explain my lack of fighting skills though.

District 8 male POV

I run with my partner as we race throguh the woods. Her big dress and my tights slowing us down. We keep running until we hear s faint sound. I turn to see my partner dead on the ground. Her dress splattered with paint. What was once white now a dark shade of red. I am dresses as James Madison..she is dressed as the first lady...The people that emerge from the woods are dress as the Lincolns. I am pretty sure they are from district 11. The boy takes out his knife and flings it at me. I duck. I turn to see it hit the boy from 9. The girl screams. Then a knife hits her head. and she falls down dead. I run away from the too not looking back. I see a knife hit a tree near by me and turn. I slip on a rock. Then i fall of a cliff I hadn't seen. And fall to my death.

District 12 Female POV

I try my best to walk. but do you realize how hard it is to walk in heels? My blonde flowing hair soars in my face as I walk. My partner is right next to me. We walk until we hear something. A voice. Its singing. We don't understand why though. We peek through a bush to see a little girl. I think she is from 5. She mumbles to herslef about his death. Him I am guessing is her district partner. We walk up to her. and ask her what happened to him. She points. We see guts and a brain with skin and stuff I couldn't describe around it. A minefield. I turn to run. And I do get pretty far when I hear an explosion. I realize both of them are dead. I think I am farth enough away when my heel breaks. I fall to the ground. BOOM!

District 11 Male POV

As me and my district partner walk through the endless woods. We hear a boom. Billions of tatters land by us. One of them heels. Another one is a piece of a dress. But the most distrubing is a giant clump of blonde hair. District 12 is dead. And that ditzy blonde probably killed others too. We walk some more when we spot the district 6 pair. Perfect chance. My partner shot an arrow through the girl as i threw a knife at the boy. We smiled and hive fived. We walked a little further when we heard some body sneeze. A knife is thrown at my partner. It lands in her eye and she falls to ground screaming. Then it hits me. And i die. Thinking about how many I have killed.

Day 2

Gavin Octavin POV

By the next day few of us remained. I walked itching my head. Stupid fake wig. "I can't wear this!" I started to strip down, not caring about what Estelle might think."

"Remeber! No taking off your outfit or else."

I ignored them. "Put it back on Gavin! You heard them!" I ignored her to. Big mistake.

Estelle Mar POV

He took off his oufit only to be left in his underwear. I should have stopped him. I went toward him. Then the trees shook. I looked up to see a hovercraft. "PUT IT ON!" I screamed. I watched as a hook was thrown down. Going staright through Gavin. I screamed. Then a net shot out of the hook capturing me in it. Gavin was then taken away. I was left tangled in a net. By Gavins cannon never went off. Until like 2 seconds ago.

Cedar Mellark POV

I sat there with Kajama waiting there as the wind went through our hair. There was an awkward silence between. We were both annoyed with are outfits. As I waited with her we started to her a noise. A scream. Kajama quickly ran toward the scream and I followed her just as curious. As we were running I thought I saw a. Thena mutt jumped out and snatched Kajama killing her

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