• I live in Your mind
  • I was born on August 2
  • My occupation is I'm in a band.
  • I am Other. Jk IMA GIRL :D
  • Hungerisnottwilight


    Name: Lena Bow

    District: 9

    Age: 17

    Height: 5'0

    Strengths/Skills: Good climbing, can make food easily, good at sneaking around because of her height.

    Weaknesses: Has some trust issues but is willing to go into an alliance, she is too nice sometimes, she has a thing where flowers comfort her, she usually trusts people if they sincerely give her a flower, can't swim, bad at throwing things.

    Personality: If you get on her good side, she can be the sweetest girl ever. If you piss her off, however, there is a possibility she'll stab you.

    Backround: She grew up around a drunk and abusive father. Her mother gave birth to her little brother named Ty, Lena cherished Ty and always looked out for him. Her mother died when she was 12. Lena made sure after that, that…

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  • Hungerisnottwilight

    Want to join my hunger games? Pick a district! Leave your tributes information below. Here's what I'll need: Tribute name, age, district, strengths, weaknesses, backstory, allies (yes or no), a description, and anything else you'd like to add.

    Male tribute: Copper McPrice, 17. Skills: Strong, master at hand-to-hand, very fast, good at making traps. Weaknesses: Can't climb, can't hide, terrible with ranged weapons. Apperance: Stunning eyes, blonde hair, 6'3.

    Female tribute: Cleopatra Hayes, 12. Skills: Very fast, good at fighting, small which means stealthy. Weaknesses: Not physically strong, not very good with survival skills, overly curious. Apperance: Cute little girl with a lot of energy, quick to trust people, hurts people on accident and …

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  • Hungerisnottwilight

    IM BACK. Its been about a year or two, but I am back now lol. Idk how many of you still come here or how many of you still remember me. But if I know you hmu! It's been a while!

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  • Hungerisnottwilight

    Not leaving. Found out something. But I wont be on as much as i did before.

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  • Hungerisnottwilight

    If you want to sighn up for these games please post in the comments you tributes information such as:

    Tributes name, gender, age, district, prefered weapon, abilities, weaknesses, and history before the games.

    Thank you. Happy Hunger Games. And may the odds be ever in your favor.


    District one boy:


    District two boy:


    District three boy:

    DISTRICT FOUR GIRL: Seraphina Sage. 16 Years old. Uses Numchuks. Can swim, fish, she is a fast mover, and she is friendly. Weakness: Mudslides. Token: Saphire bracelet of fish swimming around her wrist.

    District four boy:


    District five boy:


    District seven boy: Joshua Zane.


    District eight boy:


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