Put what district you want to be in, girl or boy, your abilities, weakness, age, and name. You are aloud 2 districts, but not the same ones. Happy Hunger Games! And may the odds be ever in your favor. :)

District One Girl: Sparkle/RavenclawEagles14

District One Boy: Sterking/Keap

District Two Girl: Rachel/Milly N. Hodgins

District Two Boy: Andre'/Sammychicawammy

District Three Girl: Sherli/~ilovepeeta~

District Three Boy: Techno/RavenclawEagles14

District Four Girl: Annie/Iluvegale

District Four Boy: Tyrus/Thomasb97

District Five Girl: Feline/Luke1998

District Five Boy: Harris/~ilovepeeta~

District Six Girl: Magnolia/Glimmer0213

District Six Boy: Caligula/Tresh is Fresh

District Seven Girl: Kiran/Phinabella-Ferbessa

District Seven Boy: Jordi/BlackMage9

District Eight Girl: Abby/Primerose33

District Eight Boy: Mike/MixalisDuddy

District Nine Girl: Christine/Hungerisnottwilight

District Nine Boy: Ryan/Ryanbbaxter12

District Ten Girl: Ariana/Clove1999

District Ten Boy: John/A Wiki Contributor

District Eleven Girl: Luna/Luke1998

District Eleven Boy: Channing/Silentstabb

'District Twelve Girl: Kirsten/Kirstenchin

District Twelve Boy: Kyle/Haymitch27

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