82nd Annual Hunger Games

Want to join my hunger games? Pick a district! Leave your tributes information below. Here's what I'll need: Tribute name, age, district, strengths, weaknesses, backstory, allies (yes or no), a description, and anything else you'd like to add.

District One:

Male tribute: Copper McPrice, 17. Skills: Strong, master at hand-to-hand, very fast, good at making traps. Weaknesses: Can't climb, can't hide, terrible with ranged weapons. Apperance: Stunning eyes, blonde hair, 6'3.

Female tribute: Cleopatra Hayes, 12. Skills: Very fast, good at fighting, small which means stealthy. Weaknesses: Not physically strong, not very good with survival skills, overly curious. Apperance: Cute little girl with a lot of energy, quick to trust people, hurts people on accident and wont realize it, likes to talk, easy to love. Allies: Jeanna.

District Two:

Male tribute: Troy Mason, 18. Skills: Great combat with mace and axe. Okay with sword and spear. Very strong, very smart, wide knowledge of survival, very deadly carreer. Weaknesses: Cant climb, can't hide, not fast. Apperance: 6'7, very muscular, green eyes, is always mad at someone. Alliance: Carreers.

Female tribute: Thalia Grant, 17. Skills: Strong, good with weapons, good climber, kills tributes in trees. Weaknesses: Can't hold breath for very long, will swallow water if she can't hold her breath anymore, can't swim, needs help of careers. Allies: Careers

District Three:

Male tribute: Jrue Maclin, 17. Skills: Smart, especially with technology, athletic, good speed and swimming skills. Weaknesses: Not good with combat, no good attention to detail, struggles with climbing. Apperance: Blond, shaggy hair, bright green eyes.

Female tribute: Autumn Nuclear, 14. Skills: Very intelligent, very stratagetic, very resourceful. Weaknesses: Very low pain tolerance, physically weak, bad with weapons. Apperance: pale skin, light blonde hair, wavy hair falls down to her shoulders, freckles across her face, normally looks worried, golden eyes. Allies: No.

District Four:

Male tribute: Harvery Free, 14. Skills: Stealthy, strong, projectiles and knives. Weaknesses: ??? Apperance: Short brown hair, cute, gray eyes. Allies: Maybe.

Female tribute: Silvia Peck, 16. Skills: Defence and carrying heavy objects when running. Weaknesses: Attacking, hand-to-hand combat, putting power into weapons, losing her brother. Alliances: Her sister, Pavlina Peck.

District Five:

Male tribute: Jake Locketback, 18. Skills: Throwing swords, plant identification, bow and arrow, the sanitizer. Weaknesses: Climbing trees, scared of fire, scares of cows. Apperance: ??? Allies: Carreer

Female tribute: Honeysickle Ash, 13. Skills: Good killer, very good with knives with nice persision, uses axes sometimes. Weaknesses: Always  a target. Apperance: Red hair, blue eyes, cute. Allies: Carreer

District Six:

Male tribute: Ivor James, 15. Skills: Persuasive, smart, good with swords. Weaknesses: Bad with plants, bad eyesight and hearing. Apperance: Redhead, freckles on his cheeks, scrawny and pale. Allies: Yes.

Female tribute: Millie Lakeside, 12. Skills: Fast runner, knows how to forage food, stealthy, good sense of direction, can tell plants apart. Weaknesses: Can be frightened easily, not a hunter, more of a gatherer, is afraid of pain and torture. Apperance: Red hair, small, black eyes. Allies: Maybe.

District Seven:

Male tribute: Jayson Huff, 17. Skills: Strong, good with axes, can take a lot of damage. Weaknesses: Not so bright, slow, big target, social skills aren't good. Apperance: Black hair, blue eyes, scar on left cheek, big, very strong, 6'7.

Female tribute: Zoey Oakley, 14. Skills: Good with axe types, extremly fast, exellent climber. Weaknesses: Can't swim will panic if head goes under water, only good with axes. Apperance: Cute freckles over her nose, blonde hair, usually tied up, green eyes, usually looks happy, 4'11.

District Eight:

Male tribute: Freddie Peck, 12. Skills: Accurasy and aim. Weaknesses: Anger managment, losing his sister. Allies: His sister.

Female tribute: Jeanna Loomis, 14. Skills: Good with close combat, very fast, and good at manipulation. Weaknesses: Not strong, bad at aiming, overly violent. Apperance: Nice, very cute, clumsy, overly polite, hides a very violent dark side. Allies: Cleopatra.

District Nine:

Male tribute:

Female tribute: Tia Lac, 16. Skills: Good at climbing, strong legs, quick. Weaknesses: Not strong, not good with people, terrible aim. Apperance: Long, black, curly har, tall, wide hips, pale. Allies: No.

District Ten:

Male tribute:

Female tribute: Luna Woodland, 12. Skills: Stealth, accuracy, and luck. Weaknesses: Heavy objects, anger management, putting power into weapons, scares to get forced into anything.

District Eleven:

Male tribute:

Female tribute: Brennna Puccia, 13. Skills: Fast, intelligent, charming. Weaknesses: Strength, weapons, emotional. Apperance: Sweet, funny, easily distracted, gets bored easily, can be loud sometimes. Allies: Yes.

District Twelve:

Male tribute:

Female tribute: Ivy Walen, 17. Skills: Amazing with throwing knives, quick, good at climbing. Weaknesses: Brain damage, weak, isnt very smart. Apperance: Short brown hair, wears beanies, pale skin, eye color changes, short, skinny. Allies: Yes.

Whoever gets in depends on how quick you send in your info! If you want anything specific to happen to your character please include that. Once this is all filled out, I will start writing the reapings. Stay updated! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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