I wake up in my room, hungry, starved. My mom and dad are looking straight at me. I'm startled by the amount of anger in my father's voice. "Get up!" My mom is holding a bag. It looks heavy. I don't ask whats inside of it, something tells me that whatever it is wont be good. "What's going on?" I say in a stern voice, trying to scare them so they don't try to hurt me. Because I know there capable of it. "Your leaving." My dad never talks, anyways, "Why am I leaving? Are we all going together?" I know that we probably arn't, but I'm asking cause I'm scared. "You are leaving, just you, and only you. Get dressed then leave. Were starving and we don't want to keep around another mouth that is." I do exactly what my mom says. But before I go, I walk up to my little 4 year old brother, and give him a kiss on the cheek. Of course this makes him say, "Yuck!" But at this point, I don't care. Even though I'm crying, I manage to make a small giggle. "Sissy, why are you crying?" Of course this makes me cry even more. "I'm okay. I'm just, going away for a little while." "Make sure to come back okay?" "I promice." I walk out with a bag full of knifes, clothes, and water. I know that I will probably never see my little brother again, but I have to give him atleast a little hope.

Ive been living in the woods for about 5 years now. I still have slips with my name on them at the Reaping. 63 slips. It looks like the odds arn't in my favor are they? But I don't care. I'm ready. And today is the Reaping. I already know I will probably be picked. So I go to my old house, not to see my parents, but to see my brother. I did promice him that I would come back didn't I? I walk up to the door. But I smell a bad unfamilier scent. Oh well, I don't care, I just can't wait to see the look on my brothers face when he see's me after 5 years. When I open the door, I do see his face, his pale, cold, face. My parents look the same way, but I don't care about them. All three of them are very skinny aswell. I walk up to my brother, scared. I put my head to his little chest, and then, what I feared worse, his heart has stopped. I kiss him one last time, and tell him that I came home. That I kept my promise. Then I flee the house. Forever. I feal angry most of all. How could my parents have let this happen? Are they really that black hearted? They looked better than my brother did. They were probably being selfish and feeding themselves and not him!

It's time to go to the Reaping. I hope I get picked. I need to get all this anger out somehow. So I'm here thinking about what my stradegy may be for the Hunger Games. I guess I will be a crazy chick. Hey, it fits me. Plus everyone will beleive me. So I go to the Reaping, and, why is everyone starring at me? Anyways, Effie Trinket goes up to the microphone after everyone has been sighned in. She's wearing her silly capital get-up as always. *sighs* "Some things never change".

"Lets have a little mix up with the Reaping this year! Boys first!" Okay, so I was wrong, she did change a little. I have nothing to worry about. "Jared Spearce" I don't know the boy, and he looks week. Maybe it will change over time. "Now time for the girls!" She carefuly reaches into the bowl and picks out a slip and reads carefully. "Christine Elhona." She says my name so clearly, it's scary almost. Well, I was right. Here we go.

Jared and I shake hands and we are sent into the Justice Building for guests. I don't expect anyone to come. And no one does. Figured. Next up is to see my stylists. Well, that otta be fun. I walk into a room where the other stylists are doing very little. "Were going to let Konnie do the most changes with you." I didn't even have to say anything. Once their done with me, I go to meet Konnie. He stares at me. It makes me very errie. "Will you stop starring at me like I'm about to dance or something?" "Excuse me? Anyways, on the plus side, you wont need much eye make-up." Atleast the disobbeying thing passed by quickly.

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