Lena Bow


This is what Lena looks like.

Name: Lena Bow

District: 9

Age: 17

Height: 5'0

Strengths/Skills: Good climbing, can make food easily, good at sneaking around because of her height.

Weaknesses: Has some trust issues but is willing to go into an alliance, she is too nice sometimes, she has a thing where flowers comfort her, she usually trusts people if they sincerely give her a flower, can't swim, bad at throwing things.

Personality: If you get on her good side, she can be the sweetest girl ever. If you piss her off, however, there is a possibility she'll stab you.

Backround: She grew up around a drunk and abusive father. Her mother gave birth to her little brother named Ty, Lena cherished Ty and always looked out for him. Her mother died when she was 12. Lena made sure after that, that her father would never lay a finger on Ty. Which means she would always get hurt more. She knows she has to win these games to keep looking out for Ty. Growing up, she never made any friends. She was sort of a loner.

Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat, swords.

Token: A flower.

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