People have been eliminated.

District 2 girl: Milly N. Hogins

District 2 boy: Sammychicawammy

District 4 girl: Iloveugale

District 6 girl: Glimmer0213

District 7 girl: Phinabella-Ferbessa

District 9 boy: Ryanbaxter

District 10 girl: Clove1999

District 10 boy: A wiki contributor

District 12 girl: KristenChin

District 12 boy: Heymich27

Sorry for your loss

Training Scores

District One: Sparkle: 7

District One: Sterking: 11

District Three: Sherlie: 10

Disrtict Three: Techno: 7

District Four: Tyrus: 7

District Five: Feline: 3 (for the insulting)

District Five: Harris: 10

District Six: Caligual: 11

District Seven: Jordi: 6

District Eight: Abby: 8

District Eight: Mike: 9

District Nine: Christine: 10

District Eleven: Channing: 11

Day One

To all of you, each seconed is like a lifetime while you are waiting to be realeased. Your hearts are pounding, your so exited but scared at the same time. The gong sounds, your off! Plz tell whether you ran for the Cornucopia, or ran for the woods. (If you ran for Cornucopia, tell what you took.

Sparkle District One

I run to get an Axe and maybe a dagger. As I am running I see others getting trampled or stabbed, but I go for it anyways. When I get there I grab the stuff and try running away. I feel a sharp pain in my arm when I notice that I now have a knife in my arm. I didn't look back to see who it was, so I just kept running towards the woods. Once I get somewhere where I think they wont find me, I get some leaves and slowly take the knife out of my arm. I put the leaves on top of my wound hoping that I wont die from blood loss already.

Sterking District One

I think that I have no chance of getting through the Cornucopia, so I just make a run for it with nothing. I start slowing down because I know that I don't have any water, and dehydration would make my need for water even worse. As I was walking towards the middle of no where, I find a dead body. I notice it's that district seven girl, I forgot what her name was. Well, I guess there's no use in knowing her name now anyways. I find a bottle of water, but I have to get away from her because the hover craft is about to pick her up. I know that that bottle of water may be the only water I find for days, so I quickly grab it and go somewhere to drink my water in peace.

Sherlie District Three

I don't know where to go. I'm thinking about going straight. But if I go straight, I wont have anything to live or kill with. Once the gong sounds I run straight. As I am running, I trip over something, a bag. I grab it and keep on running. I run into a few tree's and I have been tripping over logs. Once I sit down to rest, I find the zipper to my new bag and unzip it. I find what feels like a cup, or a jug, I'm not quite sure. I find the cap and open it. There's nothing in it. I zip everything back up and keep on walking. I feel like a walking bullseye. Because I'm blind, it would be easy for anyone to sneek up on me.

Techno District Three

I look over all of the weapons, thinking about which one I should pick. The gong sounds, and I'm off. I go and get the dagger. I only get one because it looks like everyone else is having a fun time wreslting each other. I quickly grab the dagger and try running away, but I see that another tribute has tripped me. I didn't get back up, I just started crawling, scared to face the tribute that might kill me.

Tyrus District Four

Since I see an Axe, I will try to run for it. Once I get over there, I see that Sparkle has reached the Axe before me. I grab the knife laying next to me and jab it into her arm, hoping she might drop the Axe. But instead, she keeps on running with both an Axe and a new knife. I wont bother with her anymore. But I will get that Axe before I die. Now I am running with a single rock. Seeing the Hunger Games where one tribute killed another with a huge rock and left a dent in her head, I figured that it might be handy. I keep on running. I find that I am now walking in water. Water! Before I drink any of the water, I look around to see if there are any other tributes around. No one's in sight, so I just start drinking. But then I realize that I'm not going to go anywhere, because I have nothing to put the water in.

Feline District Five

I try my luck at getting a bag of supplies. I grab it and start running towards the woods. But before I can start running, I find the District Ten girl crawling and grabbing my leg for help. She looks like she's lost an arm, I can't quite tell. Terrified, I kick her in her face and I hear a cannon. She's dead, if not, she will be. I run off to the woods and I keep running and running. I am so dehydrated now. But I have found a lake, a water source. I get to the lake and look over the items in my bag. A mug, a blanket, and a dagger. I get a bunch of water into the mug and I drink a few. Afterwards, I climb up into the neerby tree. I find the District Four boy, ahh, what was his name? Tyrus! He doesn't look like he's going anywhere soon, so I figure I will wait untill tommorow to kill him.

Harris District Five

I am going to try running to the Cornucopia to get those bow and arrows. I know if I try I can get them. The gong sounds. I'm frozen. I don't know what to do. I thought I was going to get the Bow and Arrows, but now I'm just scared. Someone comes up to me, I think It might be Christine? I'm not sure it is. But whoever it was, they come up to me and tell me to move my feet. Well it worked, because next thing I know, I'm on the ground with only one leg.

Caligual and Mike District Six and District Eight

Once the gong sounds, I try to find Mike. Once I find him, we discuss what we will do. What supplies we need to get. We both agree that the first thing that we need to get is water. But everyone is going into the same place. So we go to the opposite side of them. We keep on running, but I can't keep up with Mike, he's going too fast. He doesn't notice that he is so far infront of me. I call his name out hoping he can hear me. He can't. I climb up onto a tree. I climb to the very top and call his name louder. He can hear me, but he looks confused. "I have to rest, I can't keep up with you."

Jordi District Seven

The gong sounds.... I run straight into the Cornucopia. I find my district partner, Kiran. She has what I need. A backpack. I grab one of the lighter bags, it isn't much, but I know it could at least knock her out. I slam the bag into her head and she falls uncouncious. I take the bag she was holding off of her shoulder and take the lighter bag. I start running towards the woods. I take one look back and see Kiran getting trampled. Another cannon goes off. It was sad to see her like that. But soon after I looked back, I didn't care.

Abby District Eight

When the gong sounds, I try to get to the nearest backpack, but I saw that district 12 girl. Kirsten. She looked very badly hurt. I think that she has a big cut on her head. I run over to help her. She seams suprised when I came over to help her. I told her not to worry, that I would help her. That we could become allies. But, to tell me no, she punched me in my jaw. It looked like it hurt her more than it hurt me. Another cannon goes off. I still don't understand how she died. Maybe someone got to her that I didn't see. There's too much commotion. Instead of picking up anything, I ran into the bushes.

Christine District Nine

When the gong sounds, I know exactly what to do. I start walking slowly up to the Cornucopia, just cause it's funny and dramatic. I realize someone is frozen on there plate. I run up to him with a sword. I yell at him, "Move your feet!" Since he's not moving, I slice one of his legs off. Well, that sure got his attention. Once he's down, I start fighting. I kill about, well, I'm not sure. I just started going because I want to win so badly. I don't care, and I don't need allies. That's not an opption. I stay at the Cornucopia for a while. It looks like everyone is scared of me, or they just don't care. I stay at the Cornucopia undisturbed.

Channing District Eleven

I don't bother getting anything. I'm too afraid to face the people over there. I decide to follow Calligual and Mike. They might have something that I can kill for.

Day One Deaths

Harris- Major blood loss

Kiran- Trampled

Kirsten- Head wound

Techno- Unknown

District 10- Bloodbath

District 4 Girl- Bloodbath

District 6 Girl- Bloodbath

Disrtict 9 Boy- Bloodbath

District 12- Bloodbath

Day Two in the morning

Sparkle District One

When I wake up, I almost forget that I have a terrible wound in my arm. Omg! I can't get it to stop bleeding! I don't know what to do! Maybe if I just, keep a bunch of leaves on it with some pressure, maybe it will stop? I don't know. Our district never did any medicine or did anything to help us. I don't know how I'm going to survive this. Just as I'm about to give up, I see a silver parachute comming my way. I open up the contents inside of the box, I don't know exactly what this is, but it looks like medicine. Am I saved? I start pouring the liquid onto my arm where I got cut. It doesn't hurt, it just made my wound all bubbly. It feels like, it's cooling off, I know that for sure. But, it just, feels like it's numbing my arm up. I put some more leaves on it. It feels completely healed. I just remembered, I didn't get any supplies. I get up and go to the Cornucopia, only to find Christine waiting for me.

Sterking District One

I realize that I fell asleep next to the river, or lake, whatever it is. I notice that to my far left, is another tribute. I walk up to him. He's sleeping, so I make sure not to make a noise. Then I recognize his face. It's Tyrus. A rock? Seriously? Wow. He must be really desprate with finding a weapon. I'll let him sleep. It doesn't look like he's going to be getting up anytime soon anyways.

Sherlie District Three

I wake up. Im still a little tired, but I guess I should get up. I grab my stuff and start running. I keep on tripping over things. I hope there logs. I feel a bump on my shoulder and I think I just ran into someone. I try to reach some sort of weapon, a log maybe? Before I can reach anything, I feel a sharp pain in my neck. It hurts really bad. I have a feeling, that whoever it was that found me, just put a knife in the back of my neck.

Techno District Three

I wake up, but I don't move. I move my head up just very slightly. Once I find out where I am, I quickly put my head back down. I find that I passed out at the Cornucopia. I saw Christine and Sparkle talking. I think that they think that I'm dead. Who am I to tell them diffrently?

Tyrus District Four

I notice that no one is around. Atleast, I think. I have two options. One, I can run back to the Cornucopia. Or two, I can climb up a tree or something. Well, I guess I will go up a tree. There's no way I'm going back to the Cornucopia. Once I get up, I hear rustling in the tree i'm climbing. Suddenly, I see Feline comming after me. I'm falling. Maybe she pushed me. I don't know, but I'm out of the tree. I see a knife in her head. There's a cannon. She's dead.

Feline District Five

ok? I wake up to find Tyrus climbing up MY tree! I start to move to another brach, but I suddenly start climbing down. He see's me. I see him. This wont turn out well. As I'm climbing down, a branch snaps and I fall. I fall, I fall on him! I fall on the ground. I see my knife falling from the tree. It's right above my head. For the short moments I'm alive, I think, This is how I die? A knife to the head?! The tree is trying to kill me! Atleast the other tributes wont have a chance to kill me now.

Caligual and Mike District Six and District Eight

We slept in the tallest tree we could find. I (Caligual) kept watch all night, I couldn't sleep. And how could I? That's impossible. I can't help feeling as if someone is following us. I can't see anyone, but, yes, there's deffinetly someone here. I can see them sleeping in the tree across from us. I can't tell exactly who it is. But if he's smart enough, he will leave and not run towards us.

Abby District Eight

I still feel like it's my fault that Kirsten died. She is the one that punched me, but she hurt herself. Maybe it wasn't my fault, but I don't think I should have gone over there to help her, it just made her worse. And now she's dead. I have got to stop doing this. I can't mourn over her death. She died, it just means I'm one step closer to winning these games. It's a good thing that she's dead.

Christine District Nine

I didn't sleep today. Stayed awake all night. But now I'm so tired. I get up to catch something to eat and after awhile of walking, I find water. I go back to the Cornucopia and sit there. Then I see someone uproach me. Sparkle. Well, this outta be fun. Oh yea, then there's that Techno kid from District Three. I'm almost sure he's dead, but, why didn't they pick his body up?

Day Two

Sparkle District One

I'm standing there looking at Christine. Were going to fight, I'm going to win. That's for damn sure. She seems tired, so that should make it easier. But I also have a numb arm. Ugh, I don't care anymore, I'm just going to ask her if she wants to ally. It would be a lot easier for the both of us. I drop my axe and walk up to her. "Do you want to ally? It looks like you could use some help." Just then, she puts her hands on my head, and I black out.

Sterking District One

I watch as Tyrus doged Feline. And now, Feline is dead. She died from a tree. Strange way to die.Tyrus is just sitting there. I attack him. He is apparently not ready, and he doesn't have his rock. I have it. I smash his head in with it. I'm thinking it was his plan to do that to me. Oh well, too late now.

Techno District Three

I watch Sparkle and Christine fight. I stay down. Hoping that niether of them know that I'm still alive.

Caligual and Mike District Six and District Eight

(Mike) I decide to go and hunt, to find food. While I am walking, I notice a boy comes and attacks me. It's Channing, from Eleven. He doesn't have a weapon, and I have my dagger. He takes my dagger from me. Now I am the one with no weapon. "Caligual!" Now, Channing has slit my throat. (Caligual) Mike leaves to go hunting for food, and I stay here. After awhile, I hear my name being called, It's Mike. I look up at the tree the boy was in, he isn't there. I find Mike, but he is dead.

Jordi District Seven

I'm still a little upset about Kiran. But I will try to get over it. I open both of the backpacks. The lighter bag has a blanket in it, thats all. And the heavier bag has two knifes and a cantine. I start looking for water, but I can't find any.

Abby District Eight

I run into Seven, I kill her, but other then that. I was left alone. I find food, I'm having Dear today.

Christine Disrtict Nine

All of a sudden Sparkle drops her Axe and walks towards me. She really is dumb isn't she? She wants to become allys. But by the way she asked, I could tell she wasn't so bright, so, to say no to her, I put my hands on her head, and twist.

Channing District Eleven

I leave my tree and follow Mike. I attack him. I grab the dagger he was holding out of his hands, he screams for help, but I slit his throat, and run away before his partner finds me.

Day Two Deaths

Sherlie- Knife to the back

Feline- Knife to the head

Sparkle- Twist of the neck

Tyrus- Smashed in head

Mike- Slit throat

Tributes that are Alive

Sterking District One

Techno District Three

Caligual District Six

Abby District Eight

Christine District Nine

Channing District Eleven

Sterking District One

I am now hunting, I need food. I'm okay one water, but now, I'm just really hungry. While I am hunting, I see Abby sleeping. While she was sleeping, I choked her. Of couse she woke up, but I did it when she was sleeping. She wasn't even in a tree. She was sleeping in the middle of a feild.

Techno District Three

When Christine leaves, I make a run for it. I don't know where I'm going yet, but I'm going to get there soon. When I stop to catch my breath, a, what looks like a cat jumps out, and attacks me.

Caligual District Six

I leave looking for Channing. But I don't know where I'm going. I climb a very tall tree and go to the very top. I see the Cornucopia, and maybe he's there. Possibly. If he is, then there will be one les tribute for the others to kill.

Christine District Nine

I get up and get some more water from the lake nearby. I hear someone screaming, I don't know what's going on, but I don't think I would want to. Once I'm done, I go back to the Cornucopia, and fall asleep.

Day Three Deaths

Abby- Strangled

Techno- Mutt
Kitty cat

The Muttuation

Sterking District One

I don't see anyone for awhile. Maybe there is someone at the Cornucopia. When I arrive at the Cornucopia, everyone is there. In a swift motion, Caligual runs over to Channing, takes a dagger that he has and slits his throat. Now we are all staring face to face at one another. Out of no where, comes a large cat like thing. It attacks Christine from behind, she has died. Now the cat is leaving. It's just Caligual and I. I run up to him and elbow him in his face, I am very strong, so, maybe it hurt. I hear a third cannon. I realized, I had just won the Hunger Games.

Day Four Deaths

Channing- Slit throat

Christine- Mutt

Caligual- Broken face

Cladius Templesmith

Ladys and Gentleman, our 2012 Hunger Games champion, Sterking. Congratulation.

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