• Hungry4more

    13th hunger games

    May 17, 2012 by Hungry4more

    Hi! I'm a new user and have decided to make my own hunger games! This time around the people of Panem are finally just getting used to the fact that the Hunger Games are going to go on forever. There is also tension in the air because 13 is an unlucky number...

    I invite you along with others to join in the 13th annual Hunger Games of Panem. I will need 24 tributes, along with other characters. You will only originally allowed to submit 4 people(No more than two per caegory). I will explain requierments for each below.

    Please post the name, age, gender, district#, a brief description of skills/weaknesses, and personality traits for tributes.

    Please post the name, age, gender, district#, chariot costume, interview outfit, and (optional) persona…

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