Hi! I'm a new user and have decided to make my own hunger games! This time around the people of Panem are finally just getting used to the fact that the Hunger Games are going to go on forever. There is also tension in the air because 13 is an unlucky number...

I invite you along with others to join in the 13th annual Hunger Games of Panem. I will need 24 tributes, along with other characters. You will only originally allowed to submit 4 people(No more than two per caegory). I will explain requierments for each below.

Please post the name, age, gender, district#, a brief description of skills/weaknesses, and personality traits for tributes.

Please post the name, age, gender, district#, chariot costume, interview outfit, and (optional) personaltiy traits for stylists.

Please post the name, age, gender, and district# of former winners. These will be the tribute's mentors.

Please post the name, age, gender, and district# of people to hold reapings.

Please post the name, age, gender, and ocupation of anyone else you want to join(for example: relatives of tributes, president, avoxes, peacekeepers, ect.). I may or may not add these people in.

You may also mentor your tribute. Anyone who comes to the page can oin and starts off with $50. If you make a character and it gets in you may recieve another $75. Once the games begin you will recieve $150 for each day your tribute still survives. You will also recieve $150 for any kills. Why you need the money will be explained once all of the characters are ready.

Remember first come first serve! Also, remember thet you can only represent one district. Eventually I may ask for poll answers, and you yourself to join so keep watching! May the odds ever be in your favor!


D1 extras-

Bryan Swan 30 Person to hold reaping District 1 Male

Alexander Pendlehurst 41 Male District 1 FORMER WINNER

D2 extras-

Name: Venus Trulove (Stylist)

Age: 19

Interview Dress: See Picture

History: Grew up in the Capitol and her mother was a stylist.

Personality: Sweet, gentle, kind

Appearence: Curly dark brown hair with emerald eyes, tan skin, red cheeks.

Name: Twilight Night (Mentor)

Age: 16 Skills: Swords, finding water, swimming, hunting, hand-to-hand combatWeaknesses: Eclipse, plants

History: Ebinora's grandson, married to Eclipse (Katniss and Peeta’s granddaughter)Personality: He can be a killer if he has to, he is quiet and a mix between Cato and Peeta (Peeta without the romance)

Appearence: Medium length black hair with golden bangs, amber/golden eyes, tan skin, scarsToken: The black section of the yin-yang necklace.

Victor: KwanKwan's 105th

Maddie Snow (Escourt), 21

History: Her great grandfather was the President and tried to kill Katniss and Peeta. She dearly wants to lose that rep and loves the Districts, so she visits the weekly and interacts with them.Personality: Sweet, kind, quiet, a bit like Rue and Prim

Appearence: Brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin

Token: A rose clip

D6 extras-

Escort for D6: Nessie Locket

D6 mentor: Annabelle Freeman, winner of the 11th Hunger Games

Tamora's little sister, Lily is 10 years old.

Actual Tributes-

District Name Age, Gender Skills Weakness Apperance Username Personality Other 1 Blake Stevens 18, Male Good at archery & using an axe or sword, strength. Slow, cockiness can lead to his downfall Extremely cocky, untrustworthy, short temper
1 Jessica Stevens 14, Female Good at archery, speed. Scared at the sight of someone dying. Nova9758 Kind-hearted, generous, trustworthy.
2 Colt Gold 17, Male Swordsmanship, strong, hand-to-hand battle, knife throwing, and spears Too cocky, downsizes his opponent Blonde hair, usually with blue streaks, Cold blue eyes, muscular Brynn1999 Too full of himself, harsh, mean, sweet on Celesta

Celesta’s [secret] suitor. Strategy: Join up with the Careers and make his prey's death slow and try to make sure Celesta gets out alive. History: He was raised up as a regular Career, but felt that he was better than the 18 year-olds so he voulenteered to go in and for Celesta. Doesn't have a token.

2 Celesta Dagger 17, Female Hand-to-hand combat, strength, bow and arrows, snares Allys, doesn't trust anyone Golden hair, amber eyes, Brynn1999 Like Katniss

Strategy: Go solo, don't trust anyone. History: Orphaned due to both parents as head Peacekeeper, she has no siblings. She is the most feared of all girls, despite her beautiful appearence. She voulenteered. Her token is a small ring.

3 Nick Firehart 12, Male intelligent and stealthy cannot go a 2 days without water red hair and gray eyes Weapons are swords and arrows Appearance: red hair and gray eyes Token: a sword

Shayla Hucks

16, Female Kind, Observant, intelligent, good at hiding, good at climbing Not very strong 54, long blonde hair, glasses, thin, blue eyes Lawman12435 Reserved, generous, happy

Weapon: Sword, axe, spear

Token: A wire formed into a bracelet that was given to her by her father who died two years ago

4 Lance Atlas 14, Male Throwing Tridents, Fast, Physical strength,survial, can make almsot make anything into weapons, No pity to anyone Talks crap 6'1, Short black hair, Brown eyes, Tan, Muscular, Handsome Jo34546564 Sociable,Stuborn, Arogant, Charming, Very Smart, Creative

Weapons: Knife,Spears,Tridents, Any thing he can make a weapon into.

Token: A Net Had it Since He was one


Aria DeSanello

15, Female knives and swords, and the gift of persuasion. Her immense fear of Fire, Far range combat and watching other people die. She has Deep Black-like eyes with little flecks of blue and green. deep brown hair, but her bangs are a honey color. She wears mostly red, but blue brings out the colors in her eyes.. FinnicksBOSS She has a calm complexion, but it hides a ruthless interior. She is loyal to the ones she loves, and sticks by their side. She is stubborn, but will give up if she is really endangered. Token: A broken ring wiht a ruby in it. It was given to her by brother, Rubyxx before she was reaped.
5 Jason Green 13, Male Smart, strong, and swordsmanship Impatient and unkind Brown hair, blue eyes, well built CrystalBeast96 Loyal, stubborn, and nervous

Token:X tattoo Backstory:His father died in an electrical fire when he was 10, making him responsible for his mother and brother. This caused him to both train for the Games, which he knew would give his family enough money to live for years on end, and begin stealing food from others until he was ready to enter. While he planned on entering later in life, his brother (Dillan Green) had been reaped, so he volunteered to take the place of him.


Cassandra Belladonna

16, Female Intelligent, Agile, Cunning, Unpredictable, knowledge of plant life. Can be physically dominated easily 5'6, long brown hair with side fringe, brown eyes, naturally tanned skin. FoxfaceIsAwsome Shy, decieving, happy, hates careers. Weapon: Throwing daggers.

Reggie Miller

14, Male

blowgun climbing, really fast, you'll be lucky if you catch him camo

Strength African American 5"9, swift, brown eyes, dreadlocks 2legit2quit Token: wooden ball ( maybe to throw and trigger another tributes mines)

Tamora Summers

18, Female Sleuth, Intellegence, Throwing knives, Bow and arrow Swimming in currents [1] AshtonMoioLover Sweet, calm, funny, friendly

Nicholas Davenport

17, male Can tell if it is poisonous water or food. Hand to hand combat, can run fast and jump tree to tree and alliance with careers.

Has problems that can drive him crazy.

Handsome, strong, muscular body, spiky hair and blonde hair. FinnickForever

Weapons: Sword and bow and arrow Token: A real gold with a carved snake in it that was given by his friend.


Shuman Fuega

Unknown (they think she is _ yrs old), Female Surivial Skills, fighting, jumping, cat-like agailty and powerful word (natural born leader) Bow and arrow and loud breathing Short red hair, piercing brown eyes Aquastar4infinity

Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat and blowgun Token: An anklet with a picture of a fox on fire, but surviving. Found in a river in District 7. Hopes to be in the final 3.

8 aros hurricane 17, Male fast running, plant knowledge and hand to combat gullible Hydrocarbon1997

token is a gold medal he won in a triathlon

Makes an alliance with the D12 boy


Lisa Richards

17, Female Fast,Hunting,Minipulitive Too trusting and fragile Long black hair, gray eyes, a tragic beauty



Token:Braclet from Mom Backstory:When her mother became severely ill, she had to devote her entire life to her family. During the day, she worked nonstop in the factory. At night, she hunted for any sort of food. When she was out of options, she took large amounts of tesserae to help. This desision led to her name being added several times to the reaping, so she knew sooner or later she would be reaped.

9 Larz Williams 18, Male Strategic,Intimidating, and hand to hand combat Slow and stubborn Hazel eyes, blonde hair, large person CrystalBeast96 Good-natured, sensitive, and eccentric

Token:Knife from work Backstory:His family ownd a small bakery, where he worked. When his parents took over the business, they didn't have the managing skills to run it, so they turned ownership over to him. His wisdom made business boom and his parents proud. When wheat and grain ran low, and the middleman went out of work, he was forced to take large amounts of tesserae to replenish his supplies.

9 Cini Rose 14, Female Intelligent, Agile, Stealthy, Knowledge of plants, Accurate. Allied with D8 Girl and D7 Girl Cant Tolerate Pain, Scared of Fights, Loves to Steal [2]4'11 Looks Exactly like the picture Madgeical

Weapon: Throwing Daggers, Throwing Axe Token: 2 Ribbons she ties in her hair that gives her pigtales.


Christian Lorne

16, Male incredibly strong, resourceful, good with almost any weapon. he knows many edible items and is good at setting snares. sneaky and sly. not trusting blonde hair, muscular, 5'11 NerdDFTBA mysterious (thresh-like)

strategy: go alone- dominate the bloodbath and then go off and survive on his own. background: no one quite knows how Christian has survived so well all of these years. He was caught stealing from many houses in his district, and somehow always managed to avoid jail or punishment from the peacekeepers. He is sneaky, mysterious and sly and people tend to trust him quite a bit before he steals things from them. (one woman gave him the keys to her house, only later to find christian had looted the place)


Kylia Peyton

_, Female Survival, Knives, and any other weapon Running hort brown hair, short, freckles, brown eyes A Wikia Contributor

Weapons: Throwing knives Token: gold necklace with dog pin on it Extra: Have her join up with Careers


Lewis Rye

Male Hand to hand combat, Plants, Camoflauge Swimming, Climbing hort blonde hair,Stocky build,Grey eyes. Rue district11 Token:A big seed.

Aurora Wilde

12, Female dainty, quick and agile. She is very good with a blowgun. She knows a good deal of medicine and can also identify many edible items. She has a quick wit and is decent at camoflague frail, not trusting. Long dark hair, teal eyes, pale, 5'0 NerdDFTBA not afraid to kill, but will pretend to be a sweet little girl

token: a silver moon necklace strategy: go alone (not to the bloodbath) and survive on her wits, or maybe join an alliance and when her alliance member's guards are down- kill 'em. Background: Aurora lives in the least populated part of her district. Her mother and brother died a few years ago, so she lives with her dad. She is very protective of him and because he is ill, she learned some medecine to help him. In order to gather the necesary ingredients for the medecine, she had to venture into the forest, where many animals are. She learned to protect herself and camoflague because of this.


kirin holloway

15, Male is a gifted inventor boy. is able to make electric traps and bombs. also very strategic is somewhat weak and perverted

he's 5'1, african american, short black hair

Hydrocarbon1997 pretty shy and quiet, kinda spoiled, cuz his mom is a very good techinian. bloodbath strategy is to run in the opposite direction of the corncopia and hide and wait till all the tributes leave to collect what's left. in his reaping, he got selected. His big brother, Brand could've voluteered for him, but did'nt. token: a small gear

Lia Polvert

12, female Finding shelter and building fires Combat Shoulder-length brown hair, blue eyes, olive skin, skinny, and short A Wikia Contributor

Weapons: Spears and Speed Token: Gold star necklace



Nova9758 $400


Brynn1999 $475

D3- $150

Lawman12435 $150


Jo34546564 $150

FinnicksBOSS $150


CrystalBeast96 $250

FoxfaceIsAwsome $150


2legit2quit $150

AshtonMoioLover $300


FinnickForever $150

Aquastar4infinity $150


CrystalBeast98 $350


Madgeical $150


NerdDFTBA $250


Rue district11 $150


Hydrocarbon1997 $520




"You know that you'll never get picked," teased Jessica Stevens to her older brother, "Where as I will most likely be picked first. You've tried so hard, yet you're 18 now. This is your last chance, but you know in your heart that you're not going to get picked. Instead I will make our family proud by being the victor of the 13th hunger games. You do know I'm kidding... Right bro? I think these things are awful and I wish you didn't take them so seriously, and want to get in so bad."

Blake Stevens growled to himself. He wanted so badly to win honor for his family, but he also knew his sister was more likely to get in than him. Also, what annoyed him so much was that she didn't even want to participate in the games. Though, he had a secret and he was going to use it no matter what. He had spent a long time looking up rules and he found that you could volunteer to be one. It would be a bummer though if both he and his sister got in. "Who would take care of mother?" He thought to himself, "Well if dad hears then he will probably stop traveling until we come... No until I come home again. I honestly don't care if my brat of a sister dies. I will be the victor this year. It's what I've been training myself for."

"Hurry up or we'll be late," Mrs. Stevens said, "I know both of you wold hate that." With that the family walked quickly to the reaping. Everyone in the district seemed to be there. Blake smiled with pride and thought, "Whoever's child I will replace will probably help mother through these games."

"Ahem!" a sharp voice said. Suddenly the plaza became eerily silent. "I am Brian Swan and welcome to the 13th annual hunger games. I shall now proceed to choose the lady tribute first." He dipped his hand in the glass bowl, and slowly swirled it around. Then with a evil smile pulled out one slip of paper, slowly unfolded it and read, "Jessica Stevens! You are our lucky lady tribute!" Jessica looked at Blake with such a sad, wishful smile that he wished he hadn't been so mean to her that morning, but he straightened because the announcer continued to speak."And now a male one." Then Brian continued to pick the male tribute in the same fashion as the girl one. "Now welcome our male tribute..." Blake held his breath, secretly hoping for his name. "Justin Gunman! Come up here and..."

Blake cut in and with a cool relaxed tone said, "Excuse me, but I would like to volunteer to take Justin's place." The crowd gasped. Some in horror, but some in delight. The Brian looked nervous and frantically checked his guide book for help. The he straightened up and replied, "Then may Justin Gunman leave the podium, and...""Blake Stevens," said Blake supplying his name. "... Yes may Blake Stevens come up here instead." Once both were standing the Brian said, "I now present your tributes Jessica Stevens and Blake Stevens!"Then sister and brother were rushed into a train, by Brian, which was waiting to go to the Capitol.


"I am going to volunteer and get in no matter what. District 2 trained me to do this." This was the thought rushing through two 17 year old's minds.

One was Celesta Dagger. Though she was one of the most beautiful girls in her district. She was also one of the most feared because of her fierce determination and sharp fighting skills. She knew that if she volunteered, no one was going to step her up and take her place. She sharpened her dagger and left her makeshift home to go to the reaping.

In a home instead of a hovel a boy was also preparing himself. He had a fierce personality, and only one thing could soften him up. That was his love Celesta. He thought that she was the most beautiful, and bravest maiden in all of district 2. He looked in the mirror and saw two cold blue eyes staring at a broad muscular frame. He admired his blond hair with fresh blue streaks. Redone for this special occasion. While looking squarely at himself he stated, "I am Colt Gold. I love Celesta with all my heart, and I will go in and win the hunger games for her." With that he swiftly left the house with a feeling of pride.

Colt was herded into the 17 year old pen. Then Maggie Snow stood up and said, "Welcome one and all to the reaping of district 2 for the thirteenth annual hunger games. Boys will go first because they are braver. Now don't argue with me girls! I know if I were you I would be scared." She laughed and swiftly dipped her hand into the bowl then pulled it out like a bird pecking at a seed. "Please welcome our male tribute Mishandle Bombe!"

No sooner than his name was uttered Colt Gold quickly stepped out of the pen and said in a loud, clear, commanding voice, "I volunteer to go in his place." "Well, well we have another brave tribute in his place. Come up to the platform and state your name," said a proud Maggie. "Just look at the brave souls from district 2."

Colt strode with pride up to the platform and said clearly into the microphone, "Colt Gold."

"Let's congratulate this new tribute, Colt Gold! Yay! Now let's move on to the female tribute." Maggie pulled a slip out of the jar and read aloud, "Amelia Naiad please come forth!"

"No," was the blunt reply. This did not come from Amelia, but instead came from Celesta Dagger. "I volunteer and shall go in her place," she said with a bored tone. "By the way my name is Celesta, Celesta Dagger."

When Celesta volunteered Colt's heart almost died. He himself almost fell over, but caught himself in time and regained his composure. The only thought that was racing through his mind was that she couldn't have volunteered! Now he couldn't win for her. One of them had to die, and for him to win would mean she would have to die, but if she won that would mean he died and then he couldn't love her. He almost went crashing down again when he saw her smile. What was he to do?

"These are your district two tributes!" Yelled Maggie Snow. The crowd roared and Colt grimaced. It would be tough for him to make choices. While he was contemplating this Maggie pulled him onto the train saying, "We have no time to bask in our honor! We need to train you two shenanigans as much as possible for the games."So Colt go onto the train, sad at the fate he picked.


In district three no fancy airs were put on. Two tributes were picked and that was all. Nobody volunteered, nobody was surprised. The two chosen were a girl, 16 years of age, named Shayla Hucks. She is a kind, intelligent girl who is thin and has long blonde hair. Glasses frame her small blue eyes. The boy Nick Firehart was true to his name with red hair and grey eyes. He was only 12 and everyone was sad he was chosen but still nobody volunteered.


Lance Atlas was admiring his collection of nets with some of his friends. He had gotten a new fishing net every single year ever since his first birthday, and each year the nets got more elaborate. Lance thought he had the best collection of any kid in town. All the others agreed, not because it was true, but because he was the most handsome of all of them. Surprisingly, his favorite wasn’t the fanciest, but it was the first he got. The one he received when he turned one. He was boasting where each net had came from when his mom came into the room.

“Lance you’d better hurry up or we’re going to be late for the reaping!” his mother cried.

“OK I’m coming!” he responded. Then his friends left and he quickly combed his hair then ran out the door.

In another house Aria DeSanello was moping around. She didn’t want to go to the reaping at all. Her only comfort was that her mom made two new dresses for her. She was trying to decide whether to wear the red one, because she usually wore red, or the blue one, because blue brings out the colored flecks in her deep, dark eyes. She flipped her dark brown hair, and honey colored bangs, then decided on the blue one. As she was walking out of her room her little brother came up to her and handed her a broken ruby ring.

“Fow Awia fwum woobex,” the little brother cutely said.

“Aria loves Rubexx’s ring!” she exclaimed then put in on. Then with a more sour expression she marched out the door.

“Welcome! Let’s waste no time in getting our lucky tributes up here! The boy is Lance Atlas, and the girl is Aria DeSanello! We can’t wait to watch you win for our district! Have a nice day and happy hunger games!” the announcer said.


Dillan and Jason Green put on their best clothes then trudged to the town square. Dillan was so scared that he was holding Jason’s hand tight. Jason just firmly walked on. Jason knew he couldn’t show he was scared because then his brother, though only a year younger, would loose all faith. Jason had to take care of his brother and mom since he was ten and his dad died in and electrical fire. He had learned much responsibility ever since then and knew he had to be firm. Jason was actually secretly planning to volunteer later in life so he could get more money for his family. Dillan on the other had was a scared creature, who was all dependant on his brother.

Cassandra Belladonna, on the other hand, was the opposite of Jason. She was a shy, but intelligent, agile and cunning, and very slippery; not firm, outgoing, and strong like him. She always despised the capitol because she thought it was rude to gloat by making kids kill each other after the war. She also disliked the “careers” because they were just the capitol’s pets. With a defiant flip of her hair she marched out to the reaping.

“Welcome to the thirteenth annual hunger games! We shall start with the boys… Okay Dillan Green is our lucky tribute!” The announcer exclaimed.

Dillan started crying as the guards pushed him forward. Jason pressed his lips together, and before he could change his mind said, “I volunteer as tribute!” Then he walked forward himself without a backward glance, else he would cry.

“Spunky! Your name is?” The announcer said.

“Jason Green,” Jason replied in monotone.

“Let’s hear it for Jason Green!” The announcer shouted. Then continued on, “The female tribute is… Aria DeSanello!”

Aria pouted, then marched up, partially by force, partially so as not to make a fool of herself.


Reggie Miller was wandering through the woods. Though, the average onlooker wouldn’t call it wandering; instead they would call it running. Reggie, an African American, was the fastest boy in his village. Not many people knew this because he was always away in the woods either running or practicing his illegal blowgun or practicing camouflage. He preferred these to being in the village because he wasn’t strong and couldn’t survive in a rough fight with other boys. The only reason he went to the reaping each year was so that the peacekeepers wouldn’t come after his family.

Tamora Summers was a sweet girl who represented her name. She was fun, bubbly, nice, kind, and had golden hair, just like summer, and she was tall and her roots of kindness spread far and wide, like the date tree, which is the meaning of Tamora. At 18 she was in her prime and lots of boys liked her, but she brushed them all off; hoping one day she would meet a nice, rich guy in the capitol.

“Hello and welcome to the thirteenth annual hunger games! I’m Maddie Snow! Tributes to be you should be glad of this great opportunity to prove yourself in your district. Our lucky male tribute is Reggie Miller… and our female tribute is Tamora Summers! Yay! Happy hunger games!” then Twilight Night helped the two into the train car.


Nicholas Davenport was basking in the sun by a river in the woods admiring a necklace his friend gave him. She wasn’t his girlfriend, but a neighbor. They were friends since birth because their mothers were. He liked how she knew exactly what to get him. He didn’t usually like necklaces, but this one’s snake charm in real gold must have cost a fortune. He looked at himself in the river and saw his handsome reflection stare back at him. He looked at the snake again then snapped back into reality. The snake was supposedly a charm to protect from poison. He doubted that, but knew that both he and his neighbor thought that the reaping was poison to the districts. Which reminded him that the reaping was today. He leapt up the ran quickly, sometimes scaling trees so that he would make it on time.

Shuman Fuega was in her “prisoners chamber” admiring her few belongings and wishing for more. She was mad that the peacekeepers kept her so secluded from the rest of the district. It wasn’t her fault that she was found as an infant washed up on a river. She wasn’t a menace to society, but the peacekeepers treated her as if she was. At least they gave her an okay name. Her name meant the “fox on fire”. She had a picture of one still surviving under the flame and that was what gave her hope. She knew she could survive anywhere, even under the flame. Finally the peacekeepers came and took her out to go to the reaping.

These two were picked as tributes. Nicholas produced many tears, as he was somewhat of a favorite in the village, where as Shuman produced indifferent nods of approval, because no one in the village liked her.


No one really knew about Aros Hurricane. His family wasn’t a big part in society. He had no siblings or relatives of notable mention. They only knew him because one day they held a triathlon throughout the district. He showed up and won the whole this with flying scores. Then he disappeared again.

On the other hand, many people appreciated Lisa Richards. She was a tragic beauty, who was always away to help her mother. Many boys would’ve liked her had she not always been gone. Lisa had to help her mother so much because her mother had become severely ill, and to Lisa it was like death was almost on her. She took a day job at the factory, and at night she hunted to get food on the table. When game was scarce she took to taking large amounts of tesserae to support her and her mother. Because of this big sacrifice Lisa would often find little offerings upon her doorstep when she got home. Lisa knew she would get picked because of the large amounts of tesserae she needed.

When Aros was picked no one cared. The few that remembered his win thought that he would represent well. But when Lisa was picked many felt pity for the girl and more so for her mother. After the tributes left a group of mothers bonded together, determined to keep her mother well so she could return happy, and have a point to live for in the games.


Lots of people knew Larz Williams in District nine because of his booming business. Larz was the owner of a small bakery (his parents didn’t have the managing skills to run it so they turned it over to him). He was very prosperous, and when supplies ran low, he just got more tesserae to make up for it.

Cini Rose seems like a distracted bubbly creature, but inside she pretends to be ruthless. She likes to wear her hair in pigtails, which gives her an innocent look, and has a favorite set of ribbons she likes to tie around them. She has all of the skills to be a killing machine, but can’t tolerate pain, and is scared of fights.

These kids were both chosen and not many tears were shed, but the grim underlying anger against the capitol was kindled again.


Not many people trusted Christian Lorne anymore. Everyone used to trust him until their belongings started to disappear when he was around. For example, one woman gave him the keys to her house, only later to find Christian had looted the place. He was caught sealing many times, but somehow he always escaped from going to jail. Though handsome, his thievery showed how he was mysterious, sneaky, sly, and resourceful. These actions resulted in no one feeling much remorse when he got picked as tribute.

Kylia Peyton is your average girl. Brown hair, brown eyes, freckles, and short. People were much more sympathetic to her, probably to make Christian more mad.


Lewis Rye was enjoying sleeping in on reaping day. That was the only good thing that happened in the day. Afterwards, even if he wasn’t picked he would have to go with his mother to the mourning families. He disliked it and thought that he should celebrate instead. After the reaping when he wasn’t picked he should be happy, not worry about the others and their families. Yes, he wanted district eleven to win, but he knew that that was highly unlikely.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay while I go to the reaping?” Aurora Wilde whispered frantically to her dad. “I just got some more medicine from the woods for you, and your lunch is on the table next to you if you want it.”

“Thanks sweetie,” her dad replied. “You know you don’t have to do all this. You know the peacemakers would make me go if I wasn’t about to die.”

“Don’t say that!” Aurora exclaimed. “I’m doing all I can to keep you alive. With mum and my brother gone you’re all I have now, and I love you so, so much. You can’t go die on me now!”

“I’ll try my hardest not to,” her dad said with a cough.

Aurora lives in the least populated part of her district. Her mother and brother died a few years ago, so she lives with her dad. She is very protective of him and because he is ill, she learned some medicine to help him. In order to gather the necessary ingredients for the medicine, she had to venture into the forest, where many animals are. She learned to protect herself and camouflage because of this.

“I’m going to go now. I’ll be right back. Alright dad?” Aurora whispered.

“I’ll be fine for now sweetie,” her dad hoarsely whispered. “You don’t know how much I love you, and how proud I am of you.”

Aurora started to cry and whispered back, “I love you too dad, I love you to.”

Then her dad fell asleep and Aurora slipped out of the house to go to the mandatory reaping.

The protocol at the reaping was normal, everyone was just waiting for the two unlucky names to be picked. The two picked were Aurora Wilde and Lewis Rye.

The two accepted their gifts and got tokens. Lewis had a seed from his parents, and Aurora got a silver moon necklace from her friend. Lewis started to see the pain, and why his mom went to visit the families whose kids were reaped. Aurora was uncontrollable. She said almost nothing and sobbed the whole time. The only two phrases that were comprehendible were: “Thank you.” and “Take care of my dad. Make sure he’s safe. Tell him I love him.”


Kirin Holloway did not live in the seam. Instead he was a privileged inventor’s son. Most people would be surprised that it was his mom, not his dad, who was the inventor. He was spoiled, and a very good technician.

Lia Polvert, was your average seam citizen. Dark from the coal, hungry from lack of nourishment.

Kirin’s big brother Brand could’ve volunteered for him, but who volunteers in a district where the word reaping practically equals death. The same went for Lia, and both of the unlucky ones were sent away. Kirin had a gear, and Lia had a small gold star necklace.

Training Stories and scores:



Colt Gold

I walk into the hall without a smile on my face. They need to know that I refuse to be a pawn. I walk up to them and look them in the eyes. "I think you'd better pay attention" I say with an evil smirk. The Gamemakers settle back as I grab a spear and knife. I flip the knife and throw it with the momentum the spinning had gotten. A bulls-eye, better than I had hoped for, but not my best throw either. I take the spear and immediately stab the dummy behind me. The moving target circle was next to me, and I hack away with a sword that I had just grabbed, seemingly out of no where. I decapitate a dummy, 30 yards away, with one throw, and the sword is stuck fairly good in the wall. The Gamemakers just stare at me. I smile again and leave without being dismissed.

Celesta Dagger

The doors open and I walk inside, then notice the sword in the wall. What in the world did Colt do? I shake my golden tresses and immediately grab a bow and a quiver of arrows. I smile and nod at the Gamemakers, the notch the first arrow. I steady my breath, and let the arrow fly, through the stuffed dummy and into the target behind it. I rise my eyebrows at that and let another arrow fly, the same spot, slicing the other arrow in half. I Shoot the chandelier above my head and send sparks flying. Then I notice a dagger, sitting behind me, and I throw it above my head, cutting off the sandbag above the dummies, crushing it instantly. I smile as dust flies, then give a small cough. The head Gamemaker nods to me that I am dismissed and I go, leaving dust settling on everything. I walk out and the other tributes are staring at me, probably wondering about all of the dirt in my hair.



So I Get into The Room I Pick UP a Trident And Call The Gamemakers To Pay Attention So They Did I Throw a Trident And it Hit The Target From 20 Miles Away So I Tried Throwing It From 50 Miles Away So I Threw It At The Dummies That Were Moving And It Hit The Target. So I Saw A Rock There And Quickly Made It Into A Sharp Weapon Then After That I Go Straight For The Dummy And I stabbed It So Much Times That The Whole Thing Was In Pieces After That I Left Seeing Some Of The Gamemakers Impressed.


Reggie Miller

I Walk in and they see me, laugh and stop paying attention from there. I get over and make a very poisonus concoction. I dip my blowgun in it and hit the target on 17 out of 20 darts. I then run around the training center 5 times and stop and it doesn't even look like I moved. I am still full of breathe. I then climb on the ceiling and wait out my time. I climb down and the gamemakers were confused they didn't see me climb up! Idiots!


Shuman Fuega

I walk in to the training room and all the gamemakers look up. "Shuman Fuega, District 7, lumber." Still feeling the eyes watching me, I walk over to the weapon wall and take a scythe. To make things exciting, I take a box of matches and set it on fire. Yes. I set the scythe on fire. I swing it around, cutting off dummies heads, setting everything on fire and terrifying the gamemakers. After about forty minutes of scaring the Capitol food out of the gamemakers, I blew the scythe out and set it down. The room was ruined. Sparks flying everywhere, the walls and floors were charred and flaky and most of the dummies were still on fire. I look up at the gamemakers. I have never seen people be so scared before. "I am The Fire. The Fox On Fire." I leave.


Kylia Peyton

I hear my name get called. I'm really nervous but I put a confident smile on my face. "Kylia Peyton, District 10,Livestock."I say. The Gamemakers raise their eyebrows at me. I just turn my mind to something else. I walk to the knife throwing station and pick up a thin knife with a smooth, sharp blade. I pick up four other knives and walk to the targets. I throw the knifes rapidly. Every time I use them up, I grab one more knife than I threw the last time. The Gamemakers look impressed and I know I will get the perfect score. After I use up all the knives, I walk to the survival area. I build a huge fire in less than a minute. I have a lot of confidence that I have a chance of winning. "Goodbye. Have a nice day. "I say to the Gamemakers as I walk out the door.



ok I walk in the room, I go in a toolbox. while I walk I hope the kids from 3, nick and shayla haven’t done this. when I open the toolbox I see everything I need. in a few minutes I've quickly assembled a time bomb. I look up and see the gamemakers are already bored. I go to a group of dummies and set the bomb to go off. I run from the blast zone, the bomb goes off. the dummies are burned and are blown apart in a red deadly explosion. impressing the gamemakers, they all clap. i guess it's better than the average hack and slash routine they must've seen a couple times today. i walk away, hoping I've gotten a high score.

Lia Polvert

I glare at the Gamemakers in a scornful way. I hate the way the Capitol treats us. It makes me sick when I think about what they do to us. I don't even bother to say anything to them. I walk straight to the survival station, my specialty. I start building a fire when I notice the Gamemakers aren't looking at me. "Um... Hello? You have no respect AT All!! I'm doing this for you so give me respect back!!! I'll give you one more chance!!" I shout. How dare they? This is why I hate Panem. I turn my attention back to the fire...which now seems to be huge!! It spread to the tree next to me in the camouflage section. I start to panic. I glance at the Gamemakers through my brown side bangs that are covering my left eye. They are laughing at me and imitating me. My anger starts to build up. I can't take these Gamemakers. I never thought I can get this angry as a twelve year old girl. I walk to the bow and arrow station and grab a bow. I pick a fine, pointy arrow and I aim for the Gamemakers. The arrow hits the apple in the pig's mouth. I don't care though. ”Thank you for your cooperation. I hope you enjoy the way you treated me and my training. ”I say. I storm out of the room. Stupid Hunger Games! And Stupid Capitol


Peole who submitted trainings got scores from 9-11. People who didn't got scores from 5-8

Training Scores
District Name Score Username Wrote training
1 Jessica Stevens 7 Nova9758 no
1 Blake Stevens 8 Nova9758 no
Colt Gold
10 Brynn1999 yes
Celesta Dagger
11 Brynn1999 yes
3 Nick Firehart 7 no
3 Shayla Hucks 6 Lawman12435 no
4 Lance Atlas 9 Jo34546564 yes
4 Aria DeSannello 8 FinnicksBOSS no
5 Jason Green 7 CrystalBeast96 no
5 Cassandra Belladonna 7 FoxfaceIsAwesome no
6 Reggie Miller 10 2legit2quit yes
6 Tamora Summers 8 AshtonMoioLover no
7 Nicholas Davenport 7 FinnickForever no
Shuman Fuega
9 Aquastar4Infinity yes
8 Aros Hurricane 8 Hydrocarbon1997 no
8 Lisa Richards 7 CrystalBeast96 no
9 Larz Williams 5 CrystalBeast96 no
9 Cini Rose 8 Madgeical no
10 Christian Lorne 7 NerdDFTBA no
Kylia Peyton
10 n/a yes
11 Lewis Rye 6 Ruedistrict11 no
11 Aurora Wilde 7 NerdDFTBA no
12 Kirin Holloway 9 Hydrocarbon1997 yes
12 Lia Polvert 10 n/a yes

Death Chart:

Order Name Username District # Age 24

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