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HungryTeen's first games!

HungryTeen February 16, 2013 User blog:HungryTeen


hehe :3 these are my first games! Please tell me if i do anything wrong! :D

Well... i guess without a furhter of do... I welcome you to ..... HUNGRYTEEN'S FIRST HUNGER GAMES!!! aka 1st hunger games.



1. No throwing a fit if your tribute dies.

2. Dont ignore the rules.

3. Be nice <3

4. Enter ONE tribute per user. I will NOT allow more than one. As i continue with my games, you can enter tha

t amount. Example : 1st hg = 1 tribute. 2nd hg = 2 tributes. Every 5th hg, i will restart. 5th hunger games = 1 tribute.

5 Have fun for pete sakes!

6.  WARNING - typos to be found. 

Tribute Template:

Name:                               District:                                Gender:                            Age:                                 Personality:                            Backstory:                         Appearance (lunaii pic)                   Weapon:                                  Strengths: (don't OP your tribute!)                               Weaknesses:                                 Fear: (optional)                                Bloodbath Strategy:                              Token: (optional)                         Alliance: (optional)

well... I'll see you later!


The tribute you wanna sponsor's training score is how much money you have x1000

Example : a 5 = 5000

Yes, i know, its alot of money to spend. 

But literally, somethings in the sponsor item list, are gonna be a FORTUNE. You'll see waht i mean when you scroll down....


Katana: $90

Set of knives (10): $50

Sword: $120

Scythe: $130

Whip: $150

Trident: $275

Spear: $1000

Quiver of Arrows (12): $20

Bow: 70

Pitchfork: $150

Mace: $125

Dagger: $100

Blowgun: $1000

Darts (10): 70

Axe: $1500

Awl: $1000

Sickle: $125

Food Items 

Bread: 60$

Grains: 140$

Dried Meat: $200

Dried Fruit: $100

Water: $1000

Soup: $750

(its called the HUNGER games, food is expensive!!!)


Burn ointment: 700$

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $4000

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $1800

Painkiller: $750


Fan (to cool tributes down): $500

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows the tribute to see at night): $150

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Snowshoes: $100

Poison: $7500

Raft: $250

Raincoat: $500

Rope: $250

Spile: $30

Steel Fan: $1500

Matches: $75   

D1 M :  Spider Tablo ~ 17 ~ Creator :       Mopping      

D1 F : Ruby Bloodstone ~ 14 ~ Creator : District1 Obsessed

D2 M : Herman Monstrate ~ 15 ~ Creator : ViniciusDeAssis1999

D2 F : Alina Winterrose  ~ 12 ~ Creator :  Yourebeautifulxo

D3 M :Zealot  Midnight ~ 17 ~ Creator : UmbreonRocks11

D3 F : 

D4 M :  Jared Topson (dont ask why its white) ~ 17 ~ Creator : KNKHungerGames

D4 F :  Avelina Rose ~ 15 ~ Creator :  Beautiful Mistake

D5 M :  Shield Daggers ~ 18 ~ Creator : Hybrid Shadow

D5 F : Celeste Ryder ~ 12 ~ Creator : Beetee19

D6 M : Redlow Fexpo ~ 18 ~ Creator : Wesolini

D6 F : Dawn Moonlight ~ 16 ~ Creaptr : Aerialchinook

D7 M : Ash Evergreen ~ 16 ~ Creator : Pop Ups Of Duty

D7 F :  Amber Fallbrook ~ 16 ~ Creator : FrostSnake

D8 M :

D8 F : Andrea Cable ~ 16 ~ Creator :  ~glitterday~

D9 M :

D9 F :

D10 M : Hunther Hayes ~ 16 ~ Creator : Junior ii

D10 F : Scarecrow Shade ~ 18 ~ Creator :  EHKnight

D11 M :

D11 F : Emmeline Shayd ~ 17 ~ Creator :  Hyta100

D12 M : Ember Dusk ~ 14 ~ Creator :  Misytmolla

D12 F : Lindsay Tereen ~ 16 ~ Creator :  Equestria Gurl

(whew that took alot of space!)

Tributes (So far :3 )





This arena i did not make. I looked up "Hunger game arenas" and chose the one taht was closest to the one i was thinking of. The reason i took another arena is because my computer has no painting program. I give full credit to whoever made it. 

The Unknown Twist

Ok, so almost every games have a Twist at the ending.


The twist will be announced by the announcer, Gerald Ucourn, when 15 tributes are left.  

Stay tune <3

Reapings :D

District One - Spider Tablo

It's sunny outside.  Good weather. Great for Reaping Day. I dont worry about getting reaped, because usually Careers volunteer. Plus if no one volunteered, i bet i could win. I'm huge. Plus i once knocked a guy out for bullying my friend. I could easlily take down atleast 4 tributes. I button up my shirt for Reaping. My sister Mary wears a fine white dress. It's about 1:55, 5 minutes till Reaping. We would've been there sooner if Mary hadn't combed her hair for 20 minutes. We get to the Reaping. It's the use. Prick finger, walk more, stand. Mary stands in the "14" year old's section, and I in the 17 year olds. "Weeeelcome!" says the district's escort, Wanfa Palink. She dresses wierd every year. But hey, that's the capitol. She's dressed, i guess, to look like Flamingo. Pink feathers, everywhere. "Welcome, to the 1st annual HUNGER GAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" everyone cheers. Well, mostly everyone. I just wanna go back home and get this reaping other with. "Ladies first, as usual!" she struts her way to the glass ball. She takes one slip of paper out. "Hmm...MARY TABLO!" she shrieks out. My mind goes blank. As soon as she places her foot on the stage, a voice rings out. "I VOLUNTEER!" when the girl pushes my sister out of the way, i know who it is. Blood. Her real name is Ruby Bloodstone, but everyone calls her Blood. Why, you ask? She's a Physco. she trains, so she's pretty much like a career. But she's crazy. "I volunteer!!!" she rings out again. I hear someone cry out, probally her father. "A volunteer? Why, dear, tell us your name!" Wanfa says excitidly. "Ruby Bloodstone."   Blood says excitidly. This i can tell, is going to be a bloody games. Well, come right here darling!" And wanfa leads Blood to one side. "Now for the boys!" And Wanfa claps a bit. She struts to the other Glass ball, and excitidly picks a slip. She opens it, and gasps. "Spider Tablo!" She cheers out. "Me?" i think. "Did she just say my name?" I'm too much caught in my thoughts. Peacekeepers push me up, and then I walk. "We almost had siblings!" Says Wanfa, disapointed. Everyone's whispering and cheering. In all the excitment, no one Volunteered! Boy, am i "lucky". Oh well, I'll win. I know i'll win. Just i dont know if i am going to kill Blood. We shake hands before Wanfa even tells us to. Wanfa leads us to a door, and i glance back. The only person i see in the crowd is Mary.

District Two - Alina Winterrose

"WAKE THE HELL UP!" i snap from my sleep. I look up to see my father. I dare not  speak back, he'd hit me if i did. "It's 1:40, get.... up... NOW!" he shakes me like im a  bag of popcorn. "Yes, father" I weakly reply. Asliah, my big sister, walks in. "Dad, something is in my closet. It's like a goo - its weird. Please come and taek care of it." My father walks out. Asliah sits on my bed. "Sorry he treats you like this, Alina." she says, looking down. I smile. "It's not your fault." I nudge her shoulder. "You should get ready before he comes back..." She says. I get out of bed and get my "Reaping" clothes. Some part of me... deep down... wishes I could volunteer to get away from this.  My parents abuse me...... I have no friends..... "Alina, we're about to leave." Asliah says. Im ready.

At the reaping....

I'm in the 12 section. I look for Asliah, but with the crowds, i cant spot her. About ten minutes pass, then our district escort comes on stage. Daniel Julkier. What a weird last name. Anyway, his hair dyed Green, his eyelids painted white. And a rainbow suit. Why not. He's from the capitol. I want to barf. "Why welcome to the 1st hunger games!" He says. "Ladies First!!!!!" he says as if he just won 51271775617 dollars. He picks a slip..... and i almost faint when he calls the name. "Asliah Winterrose!" he cheers. Im thinking of so much. She's halfway to the stage when it hits me. "I volunteer!!!!!!" I yell. Asliah stops, and is speechless. I run to her and hug her, then go to the stage. "A volunteer?  Wonddderful!" says Daniel. "What's your name?" he asks. "A-A-Alina Winterrose." "Well, Alina, come right here!" and he points to a side. I walk there. "Now for the boys!!" He cheers. He picks a slip... "Herman Monstrate!" he shrieks exitedly. Herman? did he just say Herman Mostrate? i think. A boy with "artificial" he calls them, wings walks to the stage. He always wears them to say "He's as free as a bird". Well now that he's in the games.... he's not.  There's no one to volunteer for him, either. His family is dead. His mother died, his father killed his own sister, and he killed his father. He silently walks up. "Shake your hands - OOH!" says Daniel. we shake hands. This is going to be a sad games.

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