I got chills drawing it O_O

Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome! Now I'm sorry that my first games couldn't continue, but alot of bad stuff came up. To be specific...

  • Leg broke 
  • Dog got sick

So anyway, here's my story..

"The games have just begun! This is so exciting! The announcer is counting down..... I got to get my popcorn!" jokes Caesar. "The gong rings and - what is - oh my god, oh my god! The arena just blew - " CONNECTION LOST 

The gamemaker's HQ had malfunctioned and the arena had blown up. 24 tributes just died, and that was a year ago. Now let's try this again.

Stuff to know

Ok, i got this idea ~

Since my last games didnt end so well, BUT i got alot of tributes, I think imma make these quick.

Training scores.


NO reapings. II'll probally just do the training scores and games. Sorry if you want the reapings, they will be in my next games 


1 tribute per person

No crying if your tribute dies

No Insults

Be nice!

Have fun.



District 1  M             Kirk Austin

District 1  F              Violet Doris


District 2 M             Mason Ekon 

District 2 F              Harley Mane


District 3 M    Buzzy Tee            

District 3 F    Mitch Therese


District 4 M  Thomas Quince

District 4 F Dark Shadows


District 5 M   Edelweise Dane

District 5 F   Ashlynn (Ash) Silverwings


District 6 M        Acorn Fields

District 6 F         Aurora Rose


District 7 M        Twilight Dawn

District 7 F          Avelina Rose


District 8 M     Dexter Howe

District 8 F      Chloe Leventis


District 9 M Sash Bloodhound           

District 9 F  Natasha Grey 


District 10 M    Zalcharius "Gambler" Richardson

District 10 F   Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry


District 11 M Icy Ice

District 11 F Clear Rivers


District 12 M Lorence Alfred

District 12 F Avenica Fanning


Users who submit


 XxXMidget In a BikiniXxX

District1 Obsessd






Junior ii

Foxface D5


The Arena

The arena will be a Native American city , full with Huts. Surronding the city is deep, deep, forest. 


I am proud to announce, Mutts, or Muttations, are going to take a big place in this games.

Here are the mutts :

Fish  Mutt :  Found in the lakes found in the forest, these mutts are highly deadly. No one even needs to have direct contact to die from this mutt. Heard from 5 feet away, these fish can make a horrible high pitched nose, enough to drive the tribute to madness. Some tributes die, and some just kill themselves.

Turkey Mutt : This mutt is poisonus. It's meat contains a poison sack, and if eaten, the tribute will suffer a long, painful death, whilst the tribute's flesh slowly starts to decay.

Deer Mutt : This mutt has a powerful kick, and altered antlers, which the antlers are super sharp. This mutt's brain was altered, also. It tracks any human in 15 feet down, and tries to spear them with their antlers.

Wolf Mutt : These mutts just love  the taste of human blood. They are like normal wolves, but have the ability to create a howl that sort of hypnotizes tributes. The howl draws the tribute closer, and closer, until they can pounce.

Suprise Mutt : This mutt is unknown. It is unknown when this mutt will apear. The only clue to it is :

You should be afraid. I have long claws. I am bigger than an oak tree. You cannot hide. I will find you with my scent.  You cant even run away, for i have speed greater than any animal. 


Death Order
24. Violet Doris - Explosion from Pedestal 
23. Ashlynn "Ash" Silverings - 2 daggars into her back
22  Anvencia Fanning - Blow dart into her neck
21 Mason Ekon - Axe into chest
20 Kirk Austin - Unknown
19 Sash Bloodhound - Deer kicked him into cornucopia wall 

18 Natasha Grey -  Knife to chest

17 Lorence Alfred - Knife to neck 

Training Scores

Kirk Austin                 4
Violet Doris                10

Mason Ekon 

Harley Mane                  12
Buzzy Tee                8
Mitch Therese               8
Thomas Quince                6
Dark Shadows                3 
Edelweise Dane                 6
Ashlynn (Ash) Silverwings                  8
Acorn Fields               3
Aurora Rose              11
GHOOOOST                GHOOSTY

Avelina Rose


Twilight Dawn



Dexter Howe               6
Chloe Leventis               10
Sash Bloodhound                  8
Natasha Grey                10
Zalcharius Richardson               7
Amaryllis Blackberry               5
Icy Ice                 7
Clear Rivers              7
Lorence Alfred                 10 
Avenica Fanning                     4


ALLIANCE 1 : Mitch Therese, Avenica Fanning, Edelweise Dane , 

CAREERS :Sash BloodHound  Avelina Rose  Harley Mane  Dark Shadows  Clear Rivers

A look to the future

A girl.

A girl in the hunger games.

Scratch that. The Mutt Games.

She runs through the forest - panting as she pushes evey branch now and then out of the way. 

The reason she's running? A gigantic beast is chasing after her. Fur already marked with her ally's blood. The beast swipes their claw, and the girl falls down to the ground. Hip grusomely ripped. The beast roars.

And she doesn't know if this is the end or not.


Bloody bath


The games just begin, as the tributes be raised up into the arena. They expected a forest, but not THIS kind. It is a native american, or sometimes "Indian", village, inside a forest. And the timer starts counting. 


Clear Rivers smiles at the cornucopia.


Mitch Therese nods at her alliance members.


Violet Doris looks slyly at all the tributes.


Icy Ice clings his hands to his side.


And now, it is going to begin.







And right before 4, a explosion rings off


Everyone looks around, suprised, to see a career has fallen! No one really expected Violet Doris to run off her pedestal so quick.





Twilight Dawn is the first off their pedestal. He runs to the cornucopia, grabs a small sword,  and tries to run off into the wilderness, but is stopped by  Avelina Rose. She already has grabbed a daggar, and they break into a duel. 

Natasha Grey grabs onto a backpack, which is very light, and runs away from the fighting. 

Sash Bloodhound has found a daggar, which is not his preferred weapon, and flings it at Ashynn, Ash, Silverwings , who had tried to take a small bag, and hits her in the back. She falls, not QUITE dead. Sash believes she is dead, so he runs off for more tributes. 

Meanwhile, Twilight is still fighting Avelina. Twilight slices Avelina's cheek, and she comes back with a full on blow. Twilight dodges just in time, and the daggar goes into a box behind Twilight. Avelina takes a bit to pull out the daggar, but Twilight has already fled. Avelina sees Ash struggling to get up, and Avelina delivers pity to Ash, as she stabs Ash with Sash's daggar. Ash stops struggling.

Mason Ekon has a blowgun, and shoots Avencia Fanning in the neck. Edelweise Dane, her ally, quickly comes up to Mason and hits him in the chest with a Axe. Suprisingly, one of the Capitol's favorites, is dead.

And amazingly, that is all who die.

PART 2 - Afterwards

Buzzy Tee  (Forest)

Ugh, I hate the gamemakers right now! 

They CLIPPED OFF MY WINGS. My only transportation! Im lucky i survived the bloodbath, i barely made it out of there! My legs are really weak and they didn't even bothered to make them, i don't know, super powered! They might as well throw me into a box and bury me!

Then there is a rustle from a nearby bush.

I take that back. I don't wanna be buried. 

Twilight Dawn (Indian Village)


Well I wonder who that was. I barely made it out of the bloodbath, almost being sliced open by Avelina. Atleast I got this sword. It's not the best, but hey, It's good enough to escape Avelina. Well right know I'm hiding in one of these Indian huts. We learned about them in school. If this wasn't a battle to the death, I'd quite enjoy this visit. Meanwhile, I saw the careers leave the cornucopia which is pretty unusual. They didn't even take supplies except for some weapons! If they are this dumb, this games may be a bit easier. 

Mitch Therese (Forest)

"Cell - a - brate , good time, come on!" 

"Shut up, Edelweise!" 

"Why!? We made it out of the bloodbath!"

"Well not Avencia."


"BOTH OF YOU , SHUT UP! IF YOU KEEP AT IT WE WILL BE FOUND AND KILLED!!!" I yell. Edelweise and Lorence are really not getting along. Since Avencia died, we are left with not that many "skilled" tributes in our alliance. Yes, Edelweise and Lorence are both favorites of the capitol. But getting a sponsor gift which is a single sandwich - PB - isn't that much help. We got out of the bloodbath with a backpack, a daggar, and some medicine. Although I don't know what kind of medicine.  We just came across a cave. It looks safe.

"Goodness, it is already sunset..." murmurs Edelweise. It's suprising how fast this day went! I am left on watch and the others tuck themselves inside the cave. As soon as the moon comes out, i hear a distant howl......



Violet Doris 

Ashlynn Silverwings

Avencia Fanning

Mason Ekon


Gamemakers HQ

The head gamemaker smiles as he takes his  finger off the red button marked as "MUTT RELEASE". 

Another gamemaker asks him from behind , "Sir, what about the dead tribute bodies? You said we still needed them, right?" she says, jerking her head towards 4 human sized boxes. 

The head gamemaker smiles again.

"Well, Dari, I reccomend you feeding them to The Beast. He gets very, very hungry...."

Another gamemaker is pushing a dolley with the last box, which says "MASON E" on the side. As she passes 3 other boxes, she makes sure they are still empty before continuing. She stops at a balcony in a large room that is designed as a forest. It is alot smaller than the arena, though. She jerks up the dolley and the box falls in. The top breaks off as a large brown paw grabs the box.

Day 2

Icy Ice - Forest

I am very, very tired....

I stayed up , paranoid, all night to make sure no one got me in my sleep. Although, now I see that was a bad idea. Well, anyway, I saw the tributes who died yesterday in the sky. They are very, very lucky : And yes that sounds stupid. But it is true. Anyway, the one female, the five female, twelve female, 2 male, and finally the  1 male. I watched the 5 female die, actually. I think her name was Ash. I hope her family doesn't suffer much.......

Last night as the tributes faces left the sky, I heard a howl. Like, a wolf howl. I didn't know there were wolves here! But this howl.... this howl...... it was very powerful.

No no no, it didn't blow out my ears or something. But, seriously, it made me want to leave my spot right then. I hope I accidentally fell asleep and that was a dream.

Edelweise Dane - Forest

"I swear I can't remember anything from last night, I'm telling you!" Mitch says. 

Well we all woke up at morning, instead of being woke up during the night to stay watch. Mitch was left on watch first, and she says she can't remember anything but a stupid wolf howl!

"We could've died!" I spit

Lorence and I have tied her up with the rope we got from this package. We both are pretty mad at her.

"That's a load of baloney." growls Lorence. 

"Even if it IS true, you still dishonest our alliance!" I tell her, struggling against the ropes tying her to the oak tree nearby. "Plus, how the heck can you forget a entire NIGHT?"'

"Maybe she fell asleep..." Lorence tells himself. "And she dreamed of a howl, then forgot the rest of her dream?" Lorence finishes after a pause.

After another very awkward pause, Mitch speaks up.

"Well, if it was a dream... how do you explain THIS?" and she kicks off her shoe, revealing a bite on it.

"What the...?" I say.

"See?" she says, as she notices the look on our faces (probally).

Dark Shadows - Cornuopia

"This is frikkin GREAT!" yells some girl who looks like her hair is bloody and burnt.

"Oh shut up , Avelina." Sash tells her. "We can't do anything about it now." he murmurs as he continues to cut a long wooden stick into a spear , or something. 

I wish i could just snap off their heads right now! Well more like rip off their heads. 

Anyway, Avelina - if that is her name - has been rambling on abut how we didn't get any tributes. Which I myself, is pretty mad about, but you don't see me complaining. 

"Sash, you don't know how much i want to kill someone!" Avelina yells. 


She's a bit shocked to hear that. 

Meanwhile, Clear and Harley are searching the cornucopia for anything else. We basically took out everything and just stuffed it into a hole in the ground. Sure it sounds stupid, but I came up with it. No one else can find THESE after we bury them! And we can just waltz in and take them out when we need them!

Clear starts covering up the hole with leaves when she gapes her mouth open, like she is petrified.

"What?" I ask.

She just points to a bush.

"What!" I snap again.

Rustle Rustle.

Then, a deer pops out.

"I-I learned about those... a-at school...."

"So what? It's just a de-" 

And then  Sash screams so loud you could hear it if you were out side the forcefield.

The deer just rammed it's hooves into Sash's theigh. 

And Sash goes sprawling into the cornucopia, witch, FYI, Is more than 4 feet away. 

Sash Bloodhound - Cornucopia 

I remember when i  set my theigh on fire. 

I loved it, but it hurt. 

It hurt like hell.

And this feels just like it.

A deer or doe or WHATEVER just kicked me. Hard.

Into the cornucopia wall.

Which was 6 feet away.

My vision is blurry, but I can make out Avelina and Harley attacking the creature. Someone in the back runs up to me. I just can't tell who it is, because my vision is getting blurrier. 

And blurrier.

And blurrier. 

Now i can barely make out a pebble. The pain in my  theigh feels like it is numb now, but I know what that means.

It means Im about to die.

I try to turn, to get up, to do anything, but whoever is next to me keeps me down. Don't they want me to live?!

But when they lift their hand, it's a different shade of what i think is the rest of their arm.

It's alot darker.

And red.

Chloe Leventis - Lake 


One down, 19 to go.....

Oh, good, goody goodness.

I seem to of fell into the lake, but I got onto a log. Well, this is very nice. It's peaceful, but other than


Well, now I see a couple fishes. Maybe I can get one to eat, or something, because im STARVING because i have been on this log for a couple hours, it seems. 

I reach with my free arm to grab one, slowly, but then a ringing fills my ears


And then all I see is black. I hope I'm not dead.

I really,really, really, hope I am not dead.

Acorn Fields - Native American village (near cornucopia)

I think I'm going crazy.

I can't find Aurora. I've been looking all over the arena! She isn't ANYWHERE!

Oh my god, what if she was the cannon i heard a couple minutes ago?! Oh, no, Acorn, I can't let my self get worked up. I will let my guard down, if i do that. I love Aurora, but I don't wanna die. Im WAY to wealthy to die! The capitol will HAVE to let me win, I'm rich! 

I've gotten good weapons, though. 1 stone spear. I love it.

I've killed 3 turkies, already! Im cooking them in this hut. Hey, I should get a good dinner if i am competing in this little contest.


Sash Bloodhound - Deer kick

Gamemakers POV : Dari Jennal's POV

"You have to step up your game." says the President of Panem, Fury Alexander. "One kill today? That is outragoues." he spits. I really hate him.

In fact I hate these games.

Yea yea yea, that's stupid for a "GAMEMAKER!" to say. But I only applied to use these buttons and wires to stop the games. To save the tributes.

To save Panem. 

But, the last games.. that was the games I tried to save them. But I made a mistake. The wires and electricity malfunctioned. The whole arena blew up. In stead of saving all the teenagers, I killed them all. Not one survived.

Luckily, for me, they didn't catch me, even didn't figured it was me. They all figured the wires malfunctioned themselves.'    "Well I shouldn't even complain....." he mutters. "After all,  14 more tributes, then we can release The Beast." He remarks. 


Amaryllis "Ellis" Blackberry - In cornucopia

Okay, first of all, Im not a idiot to be hiding in this cornucopia! I had to. When I ran off my pedestal, i swear I saw the perfect hiding place, and I was right, because it has  already been 3 days and I am not pearl white in a box. Uck, i hope i never have to be pure white. PURE white! It makes me sick. Why dont we turn black when we die? It would make more sense. 'Couple hours ago there was a VERY loud THUMP on the side of the cornucopia. I am kinda scared 'bout that. Pf, no im not... i am not scared of anything! 

scratch scratch 

Oh shiz.

I aint too sure.....


Avelina Rose - Near Cornucopia 


Real nice. 

One career dead. In 2 days. 

As if this could get ANY better! That stupid DEER killed Sash, and ALMOST killed ME! Me and Harley attacked it. It BARELY missed my ABODMEN with it's antlers. Finally we were able to kill it. But, let me tell ya, it did give us something good! Mmmmm... deer meat....

I think I like this Dark Shadow girl. Is that her name? Whatever. I think i like her. She's ............. crazy.

She'd be the perfect friend if we didn't have to kill eachother.  


out of nowhere 2 cannons fire. It broke the so dead silence, i nearly jumped out of my socks.

"Who do you think that could've been?" asks Clear Rivers.

Buzzy Tee - Forest

"No, no no no no! NO! No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no!!!!!!" 

Edelweise cries over Lorence Alfred's dead body. Appearantly, from where i am spying on them, Their alliance of Mitch Therese, Lorence Alfred, and Edelweise - something - , were attack by Natasha Grey. And appearantly, Mitch killed Natasha, but not before she could throw a knife into Lorence's neck.

Thhheeeeennnnnnnn Mitch looks directly at the bush i am hiding in.


Mitch runs directly at me - wait, is she limping? - and pulls me out by my collar of my shirt.

"What are you doing here?!" she says, but her voice is a bit muffled , because of Edelweise' cries.

"Uh - uH - ummm....." I say.

"What!" she asks.

"Put me down...... please...." I say, because her grip is almost strangling me, 

Then she rudely drops me. GREAT, i probally cant even get up now because of my legs! its a miracle i am still alive! The only way i have been able to survive is because i found a bee nest. Score! Plus i haven't moved since i last had. I have a perfect view of the cornucopia, where the careers have been hiding.

"What?!" she asks again, because i made a "GLUMP" sound as she dropped me.

"Well , mostly, hiding." I say.

She glances at Edelweise, which, is still crying, (I know it is a death but sheesh!), and takes a pause.

After the awkward pause, she loks at me.

"Join our alliance." She says. 

"Gambler" Richardson - Forest

It's starting to get dark. I should go back in my tree hole I found. It used to belong to a skunk, but i kinda just killed it. I dont want to eat it, no way! No way would I eat a skunk! I'm glad i have a Daggar, but it's not my preferred weapon. Although, this isn't my preferred games. I dont want to kill anyone! But I have to if I want to win.

I crawl into my little hole. Tight fit, but it's what i got. 

Again I start to hear the howling. It comes everynight. Although, something is peculiar about it. It makes me want to leave this hole. I guess it makes me remember home. I don't know. But i always take a big rock and push it over the entrance, 1. so no one comes in, 2, so i can't get out because of that howling! 

......It's.......It's beautiful........I need to get out of here!!

Argh! Something's blocking the hole! I need to leave! NOW!! Aggggghhh! 

I punch! Its not a animal, its HARD! My knuckle hurts , and it's bleeding!




Natasha Grey

Lorence Alfred

Gamemaker's POV : Dari Jennal's POV

"Now, Two deaths? I told you, this isn't a JOKE. You need to kick it up!" Fury yells. "Tomorrow, You better kill 4 TRIBUTES or I will have you replaced!". 

Now that's not something that's good.

4 tributes will have to die tomorrow. 4 more, need to take a last breath. It's horrible. I know. I still can't find the Hovercraft controls. Another gamemaker takes care of those. I just need to get one push on one button..........

But it will soon be bad.

Soon. 12 tributes. 12 until the hell arrives. 

And that hell is worse than the original.

Hey guys (9/29/14)

Yeah, I can't believe I'm here again. I guess I can't really apologize for leaving, I left this on such a short notice and for so long. I don't think I can really say one 'Sorry' and be done with it.

I doubt I'll be continuing these games. In my opinion, they suck. I don't think I was that good of a writer (Still probably suck at wrting). I was a b--ch when I was here and I don't think many people I knew are still here. So I'll probably be here, but just reading games. No new games. So thanks for ever checking this out, and bye

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