• Hungryman8


    Well, my last games nobody took part, pretty tragic i know. So hopefully a few can get involved for these. If enough people get involved i'll write these very quick. As i have a lot of spare time, and if i'm determined i'll write fast as i'll enjoy it.

    1. i'd like people to submit up to 3 tributes, but it could change depending on how many people get involved.

    2. I'd like no cursing or abusive language to me or others.

    3. If you have a tribute, or a favourite and they die, don't get angry, only 1 out of 24 will live.

    4. Don't make everyone superpowered 18 year olds, or even incredible 12 year olds, i have seen some before. Make a variety of tributes. Anybody can win.

    5. I won't need much advice on how tributes act, a…

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  • Hungryman8

    Now, it's time for our 12 district to deliver us 2 young tributes, a male and a female, in order to fight for honour and riches. May this seasons games be the most exciting and entertaining yet. And our brave and willing tributes... may the odds be ever in your favour.

    The arena this year, will be a rainforest like environment, with numerous insects such as spiders and Tracker Jackers, as well as some secret mutts. The cornucopia is in the middle of a huge patch of grass surrounded but rainforest. Outside a 6 mile radius, there is mountains and seas full of piranhas and sharks, meaning its impossible to avoid the arena.

    There is 24 tributes in this years games. Each person can add up to 3, but these cannot be in the same district, and please…

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