Welcome to the 124th annual hunger games!

Now, it's time for our 12 district to deliver us 2 young tributes, a male and a female, in order to fight for honour and riches. May this seasons games be the most exciting and entertaining yet. And our brave and willing tributes... may the odds be ever in your favour.

The arena this year, will be a rainforest like environment, with numerous insects such as spiders and Tracker Jackers, as well as some secret mutts. The cornucopia is in the middle of a huge patch of grass surrounded but rainforest. Outside a 6 mile radius, there is mountains and seas full of piranhas and sharks, meaning its impossible to avoid the arena.

There is 24 tributes in this years games. Each person can add up to 3, but these cannot be in the same district, and please vary them, i dont want 24 12 year olds, or 24 18 year olds. Be adventurous!

Here is the conditions:


Age 12-18:



Reaped or volunteer (if volunteer why?):

Best Weapon:

Biggest Strength:



Backstory, a bit about their life:

Appearance (height etc.):

Training method:

Bloodbath strategy:

District Tribute Name Age Height Weapon Strength Weakness R or V
District 1 M Cale Gade 18 6 Ft 3 Sword Strength Not Intelligent V
District 1 F Lucy Renny 15 5 Ft 7 Daggers Quick, Intelligent Weak V
District 2 M Josh Innley 18 6 Ft 4 Sword Strong Distracted Easily, Slow V
District 2 F Ella Bells 16 5 Ft 6 Throwing Knives Quick, Strong Can't Climb V
District 3 M Guy Ennie 12 5 Ft Bow Climbing, Surviving Weak, Not Intelligent R

District 3 F

Jess Rain 17 5 Ft 8 Spear Intelligent Can't Climb Or Swim R
District 4 M Karl McElvoy 16 5 Ft 8 Trident Strong, Swimming Can't Climb V
District 4 F Katy Mair 18 5 Ft 10 Throwing Knives Quiet/Sneaky Not Very Strong V
District 5 M Toby Tomms 14 5 Ft 6 Spear Climbing/Hiding Weak R
District 5 F Sally Mistress 12 5 Ft 1 Throwing Knives Quick, Hiding Weak, Makes Mistakes R
District 6 M Alex Caws 18 5 Ft 11 Spear Strong Can't hide R
District 6 F Chelsea Date 15 5 Ft 3 Bow and Arrow Traps/Intelligent Slow R
District  7 M Ralph Quint 12 5 Ft Throwing Knives Quick, Climbing Weak R
District 7 F Shelly White 18 5 Ft 7 Knives Intelligent Weak R
District 8 M Gabe Pleet 17 6 Ft 1 Sword Strong, quick Can't climb R
District 8 F Viola Ward 15 5 Ft 7 Bow Traps Can't Swim or Climb R
District 9 M Jak Visar 16 5 Ft 8 Spear Speed Not Intelligent R
District 9 F Jessie Kiss 13 5 Ft 2 Throwing Knives Hiding and Traps Weak R
District 10 M Mickey Wyatt 16 5 Ft 10 Sword Traps and strong Slow R
District 10 F Letty Mage 14 5 Ft 2 Bow Traps and Quick Very Weak R
District 11 M Mason Gaze  18 6 Ft 2 Sword Strength Over Aggressive R
District  11 F Roxie Roar 16 5 Ft 6 Bow Super Intelligent Not quick R
District 12 M Caleb Twinx 16 5 Ft 9 Spear Strong, Intelligent Slow, Can't Climb R
District 12 F Kirsty Mevlar 15 5 Ft 8 Bow Quick Weak R

Training Scores.

District Tribute Training score Odds
District 1 M Cale Gade 11 3-1
District 1 F Lucy Reny 9 8-1
District 2 M Josh Innley 10 6-1
District 2 F Ella Bells 11 4-1
District 3 M Guy Ennie 4 33-1
District 3 F Jess Rain 8 9-1
District 4 M Karl McElvoy 8 9-1
District 4 F Katy Mair 7 13-1
District 5 M Toby Tomms 6 16-1
District 5 F Sally Mistress 3 60-1
District 6 M Alex Caws 10 6-1
District 6 F Chelsea Date 7 13-1
District 7 M Ralph Quint 8 10-1
District 7 F Shelly White 6 16-1
District 8 M Gabe Pleet 10 7-1
District 8 F Viola Ward 6 17-1
District 9 M Jak Viser 7 13-1
District 9 F Jessie Kiss 5 25-1
District 10 M Mickey Wyatt 9 8-1
District 10 F Letty Mage 6 18-1
District 11 M Mason Gaze 11 3-1
District 11 F Roxie Roar 8 11-1
District 12 M Caleb Twinx 9 8-1
District 12 F Kirsty Mevlar 6 18-1


Careers: Cale (1) <strike>Lucy (1)</strike> Josh (2) Ella (2)

Anti Careers: Jess (3) Gabe (8) Caleb (12)<strike> Kirsty (12)</strike>

District 4: Karl (4) <strike>Katy (4)</strike>

Girl Alliance: Sally (5) Shelly (7)

Alone: Guy (3) Toby (5) Alex (6) Chelsea (6) Ralph (7) Viola (8) Jak (9) Jessie (9) Mickey (10) Letty (10) Mason (11) Roxie (11)

The Hunger Games

Today was the day many of these children would dread, but some dreamed of. The chance of possible glory was in 24 hopefuls reach, but death was even closer to them. To earn the riches and glory of becoming a champion a single victor had to outlive, outsurvive and battle through 23 others. As the 24 tributes made their way up the tubes to commence the war, eternal greatness rang in some ears, whilst the reaper was in the others. This was it. The games were begining.

All the tributes were in place on their platforms, no moving or BOOM! they all stood close now, so close to the fighting. The careers Cale and Lucy (1) opposite eachother eyeing up who to kill, everyone was looking at the weaker tributes, nobody wanted to be the first death...or any death really. 33...32...31 everyone had prepared themseleves for the bloodbath, the chase, the fight. Nervous faces were seen all around, except on the careers, Alex (6) and Mason (11) 5...4...3...2...1... GOOOOOOOONG. The hunger games begun!

Immediately all 24 tributes ran to the cornucopia, they needed weapons and backpacks for survival. Sally (5) the youngest tribute was placed by Cale (1) one of the oldest. Within moments of the gong he caught her and threw her down to the ground, she looked up in horror, she knew this was it as she crawled backwards desperate to escape. Cale (1) raised his large boot and stamped on the girls face, crushing her skull easily. The blood gushed out of the remains of her head. 'Only 22 more' Cale (1) laughed to himself. The madness continued, bodies ran around all over frantically, grabbing at what they could. Karl (4) ran to the heart of the cornucopia and managed to pick up a trident, his face filled with happiness before he heard a twig crack. Karl (4) instantly spun around and launched his favoured weapon. Shelly (7) tried to sneak around him, but found a trident pierce through her neck, before she fell down to the ground, she was dead. Mason (11) managed to grab a bag and sword and ran away. Kirsty (12) saw him escaping the bloodbath and fired an arrow, landing in the middle of his spine, but it did not stop him, and he disapeared in the tree line, Kirsty (12) was so close to a kill when Ella (2) noticed her all alone. She crawled up behind Kirsty (12) and slit her throat, drawing blood. Kirsty (12) collapsed in a heap, covering the ground around her in her blood. All the careers looked threatening so far, all but Lucy (1) she'd be caught by Jak (9), he was pinning her down as he reached out to his spear. 'CALE!!!' screamed Lucy (1), but everyone was too busy, as Jak (9) reached his spear in order to kill a career, somebody stood on his was Cale (1) the huge brute looked downwards at the younger boy and smiled evily, he plunged his sword through Jak's (9) mouth, then again through his forehead, the boys head had been demolished, he was unrecognisable. Cale (1) means buisness. Young Guy (3) had used his tiny size to escape Josh (2) and ran off with a bag, however he tripped on another twisting an ankle. Jessie (9) saw him on the floor in agony, and ran over to help him, well until Katy's (4) knife landed in her heart that was. The careers had near enough dominated the cornucopia now, only about 12 living tributes remained. Toby (5) grabbed Alex (6) and tried to push him over, but it didn't happen, and Alex (6) picked the boy up and launched him through the air. Toby (5) landed on a small bag of knives, before returning to his feet, facing Alex (6), he opened his mouth to speak, but blood just spewed out, Alex (6) walked over to the dying boy, and forced his spear through his stomach, another tribute was killed. Roxie (11) had gone unnoticed and found a way on top of the cornucopia beforing unleashing a small number of her massive stack of arrows, to preserve ammo. Viola (8) recieved an arrow in her shoulder stopping her run, then the next landed in her chest as she fell to her knees, she took her final breath. Roxie (11) had done her part in the bloodbath, was about to jump down and run, until she saw Cale (1) and Josh (2) approaching the helpless Guy (3). 'We're going to get you little boy' Cale (1) teased the young boy. 'No, no you won't' Roxie (11) whispered to herself as she fired an arrow. The arrow flew past Cale (1) and landed in Guy's (3) neck, he splattered out blood for a few moments before closing his eyes. As the two boys turned around, Roxie (11) was out of sight. 'We'll get you too' Cale (11) said to himself. Everybody had evacuated the area but district 1 and 2 and Katy (4), she stood calmly to try be avoided, but Lucy (1) saw her. As she screamed in excitement, Katy (4) ran for her with a knife. She was meters from another successful kill when she felt a huge club of a fist wipe her off of her feet. She blacked out. When she woke up, she saw the careers watching over her. 'She's awake' giggle Lucy (1)... 'NOT FOR LONG' Cale (1) exclaimed picking up his sword and pushing it through Katy's(4) neck as she lay there still. That was the end of the bloodbath. That night everybody dared to move, they didn't want to die, then the cannons were heard and peoples faces were shown in the sky. 9 cannons sounded for 9 deaths BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM...BOOM 15 tributes survived meaning 14 more had to die.

The fallen: Guy (3), Katy (4), Sally (5), Toby (5), Shelly (7), Viola (8), Jessie (9), Jak (9), Kirsty (12)

Roxie Roar District 11 POV

'2 kills today, I...I had to i suppose, it's them or me!' i look around, taking in my surroundings, trees everywhere. I decide to climb one and hide, i need to think, and use my head. 'Yes!' i whispered to myself, almost forgetting where i am. My backpack had soup and a blanket in. I tuck myself in, as i save some soup, tomorrow i'll try get some supplies. I look up at the sky as the faces of the fallen are shown. Phew, Mason (11) is still alive! But that career girl from 4, Katy (4)? died. I close my eyes and dream of my family, i'll see them soon i hope.

Jess Rain District 3 POV

Me and the other 2 anti's Gabe (8) and Caleb (12) had set up a small fire, hopefully we didn't attract attention. Kirsty (12) had died earlier though, so we had already lost a member, we needed to stick together...well for now anyway.  Gabe (8) had been gone for roughly 10 minutes whilst me and Caleb (12) spoke of our previous lives, I like him, smart and cute! We got on well, it's a shame one of us will die. Gabe (8) returned. 'Here guys we'll cook this' he said chucking a dead squirrel to me. We ate in silence and stayed alert. I saw Guy's (3) face and i did feel slightly upset, but it is the hunger games right? Both the other two had lost their district partner aswell, but Gabe (8) didnt seem to fussed, he was in this to win it, he did recieve a 10 in training, the highest of us 3, so i suppose he was our leader.

Alex Caws District 6 POV

Well, i got 1 kill earlier not a bad job for a district 6, now i only need to outlive 14 others. i can do it, i know i can! I've climbed a huge tree and put my spear to my side, whats in my bag?! 'Peas? Really?' i said out loud, i don't really like them but i dont have a choice really, i need them. Some rope and a small dagger are also in the bag, much better! The faces had been shown in the sky. Chelsea (6) was still alive, which was good. 'AHHHHHHH' i heard a scream in the darkness, i stayed low in my tree, simply observing. Letty (10) ran past 'OUCH! that plant stings!' she shouted, and carried on running. I watched her run off, i didnt feel like exposing myself just for a kill. That's all I heard all night until a cannon woke me up in the morning BOOM. I had no idea who it was, or who it could even be, but then that girl from last night, her face was in the sky. Letty (10) her name. 'Right, don't touch things then, they're poisonous' I said to myself as i clambered down my tree in search of food and kills. Lets get day 2 on the road i thought.


Josh Innley District 2 POV

The cannon for the girl in district 10 woke us all up. And after a quick breakfast of rice, and some chicken, we decided to head off in search of some fun. I don't know about the others, but i wanted to find the Anti's! i was itching at a little war. I began thinking how i'd eventually kill my helpers in order to win until i got distracted by some nice colours of flowers and animals. CRACK. We all heard something and me and Cale (1) decided to take the lead. 'Who have we got here then hey? Come on, we won't hurt you...much' Cale (1) chuckled and laughed deeply. We all copied him, as we closed in on the victim, searching the bushes for them, i looked at Cale (1) we're both strong, but i'm bigger, i can definitely kill him when the time comes, i thought to myself. Crack, a twig snapped 'We've got you now...' Ella (2) cackled. We continued to close in on where the sound came from, whoever it is, is definitely dead, i'll make sure of it.

Mason Gaze District 11 POV

Last night i couldn't sleep, i was in agony from being shot in the bloodbath, but my shoulder feels fine now. Every time i moved, i made a noise, they were definitely going to catch me. Nope, i'm not dying! The two career boys were searching for me, edging closer to finding me. Josh (2)? i think it is, is directly above me, as is the other guy. 'Come out you coward!' Josh (2) teased. I had to escape... but how? The two boys were at my feet, but i was well hidden in all the bushes. NOW i thought. I jumped up, knocking the two boys over, and i ran, i ran as fast as i could, Ella (2) tried to grab me but i shrugged her off, and continued. Lucy (1) stood in my way with a knife and she launched it at my face, YES! i dodged it, so i pulled out my sword and swung it across her neck as i passed her, i glanced back to see all 4 on the floor, i think she was dead though. Wow, i survived the careers, i could win this. I found another large area of bushes about a mile from it. BOOM! Lucy's (1) cannon sounded and her face lit up the sky. Time to drink i thought, as i opened up my drink cannister.

Karl McElvoy District 4 POV

Well, Day 2 and i'm still alive, this isn't too bad i suppose. I volunteered, got a kill and still have my favourite weapon, if only Katy (4) was still alive...oh well. I hadn't eaten since yesterday so thought i'd go out hunting. 'Agh' i said to myself, i can't catch anything, i was getting frustrated. I sat down and sulked a bit. After a good few minutes, my eyes glistened, i saw a mini parachute with a bag attached. I'm quite popular then, i have been sponsored. Inside was a fish to eat, perfect! A few bandages, some matches and a pair of gloves filled my bag. Underneath it all though, i found a note 'Good luck, keep faith. Your beloved district 4' I felt a massive cheesy smile fill my face, i was so proud to be in 4, nothing could be better than winning this for them, to go home and be in glory, see my family, i am so excited. I couldn't wait to win, so i went out in search of a fight. BANG. Ouch, someone knocked me over. I rolled over to see Mickey (10) swing a huge branch at my face, but i narrowly avoided it. He hit me in the stomach, then head knocking me down again. I...cant....die... I closed my eyes, pretending i was done. He closed in to check i was dead. 'Oh...that wasn't too hard actually.' he said. I opened my eyes and poked his, causing him to fall back onto his bum. I reached out to my side and held my trusty trident, and i forced it in his direction. My trident connected with his chest, and he tried to wriggle free from me, but there was no escape. BOOM! That was his cannon, 2 kills now, who is next?!

Chelsea Date District 6 POV

I'm shaking in fear! Another cannon has gone today already, I'm so scared i'm next! The boy from 10's face was shown...Alex (6) is still alive then! He was like my big brother during training, i kind of miss him, even though only 1 of us can live. Oh no! i've run out of supplies, I need to go steal some or try to anyway. There's only 11 others, no chane of being caught. I just want to go home, i don't want anybody to die, i can't kill anyone. I fall over a rock, i need to concentrate more! I dust myself off and carry on. Bang, i hit my head on a tree, 'Come on Chels (6) you're better than this' i said to myself. Some huge plants were in my way, and i had to force my way through them, Phew, this is tiring work! i need a drink, but realise i still need to steal one. I took a small break to catch my breath before i restarted my search. Another massive plant bush thing?! Ugh, like the previous ones, i pushed my way through it. In a heartbeat i recognised i was falling of a cliff! What have i done?! I pushed my way off of a cliff, i'm definitely dead. I flew through the air and thought of home. BANG! i landed and heard a few cracks and snaps, my arms and legs were all broken. I did feel warm though, but i think that's the blood rushing out of my body, everything was going dark. I decided my last words would be 'Bye Alex (6)' I closed my eyes and i was dead. BOOM!

Cale Gade District 1 POV

As much as i like the cannon, it means i have 1 less tribute to kill. But i'm closer to my deserved glory, i mean who deserves it more? i killed 3 people already. But what i really want is Mason (11), he took Lucy (1) so i'm going to make him pay! I ordered Ella (2) to make some lunch, a squirrel for lunch isn't too bad, and she cooked it well. I decided it was hunting time, and we set out to find someone. Hopefully we find the Anti's! i think there's 3 or 4 of them, so it will be so fun to kill them! I began imagining how to kill in my head to kill the time. I'll rip out their heart, i'll bite their neck, i'll stab them in the eye! So many ways, i was so exicted. We were walking along when a scuffle was heard in a tree, and without hesistation Ella (2) launched a knife and a boy fell out the tree. We all let out a laugh at him. He's small and only 12, Ralph (7) it is. The knife was deep in his shoulder and he cried out in pain. I really wanted this kill! I pulled out my sword, already with a plans to torture him. 'NO!' i shouted. Josh (2) put his sword through the boys heart, and we watched him bleed. I could kill him for that! 'I haven't killed yet' Josh (2) said apologetically. I shouted abuse at him before we carried on searching. BOOM! That will be Josh's (2) cannon soon.

Ella Bells District 2 POV

We didn't find anyone since killing Ralph (7) so Cale (1) made the decision for us to head back. As i was making the dinner on our fire, i could feel the tension between the others. I decide to go to sleep and rest for tomorrow. Each time my eyes open just to check around, i notice them both starring at eachother. The hate is oozing out of them, but i'm not getting involved, i'll wait for them to fight, before killing the victor of them! Whilst laying still, i planned out my victory speech. God, i just cannot wait to win. The faces of the fallen show in the sky just before i doze off. Lucy's (1) face was shown first, i'm quite gutted she died so early, i think she would've been an easy kill in a finale. The girl from 6's face is show, as is the boy from 7's who we killed, then both tributes from 10. 5 dead today wasn't too bad. I thought to myself breifly, me and Josh (2) are the only pair still alive apart from district 11. Well, soon enough it'll just be me left. I close my eyes again, in order for a good sleep.

The fallen: Lucy (1), Chelsea (6), Ralph (7), Letty (10), Mickey (10)


Jess Rain District 3 POV

Me, Gabe (8) and Caleb (12) were woken by some violent earthquakes. 'RUN!' i shouted until my voice broke, and all three of us managed to scamper away from the crumbling ground beneath us. A tree crashed down meters from me...that could've killed me! We ignored it though and kept on fleeing. I didnt care about anything or anyone now, i was just trying to save myself, if Gabe (8) or Caleb (12) died, it would be easier to win, i mean, how am i going to kill Caleb (12) he's so....nice. I almost distracted myself looking at his face, but i shook it off and jumped over a fallen tree. The ground beneath us had stopped rumbling, but a few trees were still falling. The dust around us had settled when my worst fears were realised. Me, Gabe (8) and Caleb (12) were catching our breath, but about 20 meters away Cale (1), Josh (2) and Ella (2) standing and watching us.

Gabe Pleet District 8 POV

Here it was, the Anit's Vs the Careers. Perfect. I haven't killed yet, but i am fast and strong, and my sword is as sharp as ever. What a perfect time to kill, a career kill surely comes with no regret! I got the joint 2nd highest training score of 10 aswell, so i can do this. 3 Vs 3, and we all have weapons, a fair fight. A few moments of silence passed, the silence could almost kill. We all looked our opponents up and down. I raised up my sword and the other 2 copied me. I let out a huge roar, and ran at them, all of us stormed towards eachother when the ground shook again, knocking us all over. I got up first though and ran at Josh (2) i tackled him to the ground and kicked him, i'd lost my sword. I pinned him down and hit him repeatedly in the face, i was doing it, i was killing him. i glanced up breifly noticing Ella (2) and Jess (3) were fighting and Caleb (12) was fighting Cale (1) this was my chance to do something. Josh (2) lay there, breathing heavy, so i ran back for my sword. 'There you are!' i said to myself. I heard a horrific noise... branches snapping, everything around me went dark, and i looked up to see a huge tree falling onto me. Bye world. the huge tree landed right on me, squishing and flattening me. BOOM!

Caleb Twinx District 12

I saw the huge tree collapse on Gabe (8) he's in pieces now. There's no way he survived, and his cannon sounded to confirm it. Now it's just me and lovely Jess (3), but we had to escape, 3 Vs 2 was too hard, we'd die. Cale (1) grabbed for my neck, but i responded by elbowing him in the nose, stunning him, i took an opportunity to push him over and run at Josh (2) as he stumbled to his feet. He managed to turn around and face me as i planted my spear into his gut. His dark eyes looked sorrowly at me, and the blood dribbled out his mouth. I kind of feel bad, but it's him or me, i can't afford to think like that. The lights in his eyes faded, and he fell to his knees 'Thank you' Josh (2) whispered to me, before he then fell on his back. I pulled my spear out of him. BOOM! Josh's (2) cannon sounded in my ears, and i thought of the next kill and getting to Jess (3) I turned to see her push Ella (2) to the floor but Cale (1) knocked her over. 'OI! GET ME INSTEAD' i screamed, am i really sacrificing myself for a girl i barely know?! Cale's (1) attention directed at me. Ella's (2) didn't. I could make out her pulling out a knife and Jess (3) ran to me in despair. The emotion from her face was drained and she fell flat on her face. A knife stuck in the back of her head. The two careers laughed. BOOM! My poor Jess' (3) cannon sounded. 'We'll leave him for later' Cale (1) chuckled. I saw them disapear and i filled with rage. I looked over at Jess' (3) lifeless body and a tear raced down my face. Only 6 more to outlive then.

Mason Gaze District 11

The thundering below has given me a headache, i've seen nobody and i've just been constantly running, although i think that it's stopped now. I bite into my juicy apple and counted the cannons of today. So, 3 cannons leaves only 7 of us. I'll see later on who died, I do hope Roxie (11) is okay though. Usually i get too angry and black out, but i've kept myself under control so far, but i don't know how much longer for, i'm too angry and stressed. Hopefully no more fighting or surprises today will calm me down. The sun had just gone down, and i can hear nosies but non-human so it's fine. 'Congratulations remaining tributes, you have survived until the final 7, and tomorrow there will be a feast...good luck.' A deep voice from the sky said, i assume it's a gamemakers. This feast will be nothing but trouble, but i have no supplies, so i need to go. If Roxie (11) is alive, hopefully i avoid her, i don't want to be the one to kill her. The anthem sounded and 1 by 1 today's fallen tributes were shown. I can't wait to fight Cale (1) i'll release all of my anger upon him.

Alex Caws District 6

Josh (2) is the first face shown, phew, a career died. Jess' (3) cute face was next. She's hot, i thought, but i'm glad i didn't have to kill her! Then Gabe's (8) face was up in the sky. Wow! two Anti's and a career died today, something big must have happened i guess. An announcement about a feast was made. It was risky business, but i came to a conclusion... I'm going. If i can grab a kill tomorrow, i'll be even closer to home, i think there's only 7 of us now. The night grew really cold, i was freezing, but luckily my small blanket warmed me up slightly. I began nodding off and my family and freinds kept waking me up in my dreams. They were shouting about me, crying for me and telling me not to die. In the arena is the worst place to get nightmares. I struggled to sleep all night. I sat up as i couldn't sleep. i asked myself all these questions; How will i cope outside the games? Will my kills haunt me? Will my family still accept me? In fairness, these questions contributed to me not being able to sleep. But now, a big day ahead of us.

The fallen: Josh (2), Jess (3), Gabe (8)


Ella Bells District 2 POV

The other 2 had died, so it was just me and Cale (1) left. As much as i've had fun, I can't kill him, he's too strong. The announcement woke us up. 'The feast has now begun, good luck.' It said. Me and Cale (1) were making our way there when i decided to break off from him after the feast. If someone else can kill him, i can easily win, i'm smart enough. Cale (1) looked over at me while i was in deep thought. 'I'll circle around and kill anyone who comes close, go and get out bags when you can.' He ordered me. I sat down in a bush as he set off around the perimeter. I sat dead still, and nothing happened for what felt like an eternity. I wanted to wait until someone else had made an attempt to grab a bag. But nobody came for them, or maybe they all were waiting at the edge like myself. I had enough, i slowly drew a knife and edged out of the bushes. I glanced at the bags, the one with the huge 2 on is mine, i'll leave Cale (1) for himself. Out of nowhere Roxie (11) sprints and grabs her bag, and then straight after, so does Alex (6). I run, my little legs have never moved so fast. Get there, grab it, go, and stay alive. I reached out and grabbed my bag. I turn and again run. I'm a matter of meters from the treeline, i can rest then, i start blowing hard, i can make it! I feel a surge of pain at the back of my knee, and i fall recieving a mouthful of mud when i hit the deck. The pain is excrutiating. I look down at it to see an arrow. OUCH! I start to cry in pain, i'm going to die. I roll onto my back, and force myself up slightly. Another surge of pain, this time my back. I Fall on my face yet again, and spit blood out of my mouth. I close my eyes as it grows dark. In my head i see my mother from home, and i smile, dying happy. Boom!

Roxie Roar District 11 POV

I see Ella (2) lay lifeless, my bow and arrow has done the job again, 3 kills now. Alex (6) has already gone, and Ella (2) is dead. I expect Cale (1) to turn up any moment, but so might Karl (4), Mason (11) and Caleb (12), a 4 way fight. Instead of fleeing the scene, i sit around the edge to view the action, to see if anyone else will die today. 4 bags remain, 1, 4, an 11 and 12. I see Karl (4) arrive, very quickly he heads for his bag, but suddenly he stops, and Cale (1) and his huge figure appears in front of him. The two boys confront eachother, i can hear shouting but i can't  quite make out what they're saying, but they look angry. I see another figure appear, it's Caleb (12). This is good for me i suppose. I hear someone coming up behind me. 'Shh Rox (11) stay hidden, i'll see you soon.' It whispers to me. Am I imagining that? Nope, Mason (11) storms past me and runs at the three others. Havoc breaks out. Please don't die Mason (11). There's blood flying around, all 4 boys are furiously throwing punches. Mason (11) knocks over Karl (4) 'YES!' i cheer, He then knocks over Caleb (12) and punches Cale (1) vicously to the ground. It seems Cale (1) is choking. Mason (11) says something, but i can't make it out. He gets up, grabs his '11' bag and heads off in the opposite direction to me. He's safe. I notice myself stuck though, i need to see what else happens.

'Karl McElvoy District 4 POV'

I see Mason (11) escaping, why didn't he finish off Cale (1)? I stay lying down, to watch the other two fight. Caleb (12) savagely punches his opponent 'And Jess (3)' He screams in Cale's (1) face. The 2 grab eachothers throats and strangle eachother, i can see the grips very, very tight. I roll to my side and grab my trident. I jump to my feet and attempt to throw it at Cale (1) HIT! I hear it land in somebody and then hear the groan of pain. I killed Cale (1). I look up to see my trident in Caleb's (12) heart. Whoops, wrong person. He falls to the floor and looks at me. I glance away and get my bag before fleeing. I notice Cale (1) catching his breath, but it's too risky to return. Boom! Caleb's (12) cannon goes off, i can't help but think that should be Cale's (1). It doesn't matter now, there's always next time.

Cale Gade District 1 POV

Well, i lost Ella (2) but i'm not to fussed, i'm better solo. I can't believe that muppet Mason (11) almost had me! He promised a rematch though, and i can't wait for it. Karl (4) got too scared aswell, he should've killed me, i would've. Thankfully he bottled it, but when i get a chance, i won't. I've only killed 3, that's pathetic. I'm going to win this thing tomorrow, i'll make the finale happen if i have too. Both of those from 11 will die by my hand, MARK MY WORDS. I use my bandage to clean the blood of my face. I decide to eat pretty much all my food but what i've saved for brakfast. Why save it? i'll be going home tomorrow. I demolished my bit of chicken and rice. I now bite into the juiciest apple i have ever tasted. For the first time in here, i was alone, and i finally had a chance to think. However, i'm too on edge to think. I tie myself to my tree so i don't fall out and decide to get some rest. A big day was ahead of me, and i'll be going home. I fall asleep just as the anthem comes on and the faces show in the sky.

The fallen: Ella (2), Caleb (12)


Alex Caws District 6 POV

5 left and only 1 comes out, i really have faith in myself now. I can sense something, something bad, very bad. I just don't know what it is. The games will end today, so something bad will come soon enough, hopefully for the other 4 first. I make my way to the cornucopia, i expect this will all finish there, and i'm ready for it. I make my way past some fallen trees from before when i hear a sickening noise. A huge roar right behind me is made. Whatever it is, it's big. My heart is almost thumping out of my chest when i turn to look whats there. A massive black bear stood opposite me. Oh God. Its stands on its 2 legs and must reach at least 12 feet tall. I feel in my hand my two spears, 1 a makeshift spear though. The monsters red eyes beam down at me. I launch 1 spear into its chest and i run, i realise i'm close to the cornucopia, i look across the field, and im alone, well apart from the monster bear hot on my heels. Come on Alex (6) nearly there. I jump straight on a box, and then climb onto the cornucopia, i feel the wind brush past me as the bear swipes at me. It knows i've escaped him, and its red eyes stare through me before it sulkily crawls away. All that commotion and nobody's died, rather rubbish if you ask me. I felt a large lump hit me, and i fall over. I spin around and kick somebody off of me. Karl (4) it is. He jumps back onto me and tries to punch me, but i keep blocking them. I lean up and headbutt him off of me once again, and i grab my spear, BANG, through his shoulder, he's standing still, stunned. I walk over to him, pull the spear out, and stab it into him once more. I hear his final breath fade away, and his limp body falls down. BOOM!

Roxie Roar District 11 POV

I hear the cannon, and as i approach the cornucopia i see Alex (6) standing next to what looks like Karl's (4) body. 4 more then. I'm making good progress to safety when all of a sudden an incredibly large bear follows me. I know i'm not fast, i'm in trouble now. I can hear it closing it, i hear its breath. A huge paw knocks me over, it felt like a wall just hit me. My head is spinning, i feel some blood pour down my face. I feel the bears warm breath on my neck, i feel its hunger. Feeling dizzy, i close my eyes and greet my death. I hear a growl and i look above me. A spear landed in its chest and then Mason (11) flew through the air and plants his sword in its back. The two boys were helping me, but in the final 4? i stumble to my feet and wobble forward, Mason (11) i think is picking up something further back. i reach the cornucopia which Alex (6) is above. 'here' he says reaching out his hand 'We'll get Cale (1) together, then eachother, take my hand.' He added. I heard a squelching noise, like someone was stabbed, but i couldn't be certain, i'm barely concious. I manage to make up Alex (6) again. 'No you won't. Not today, not with my sword in your back you won't.' I think it's Cale (1), it is. I see Alex's (6) face turn pale. His blood dribbled out his mouth 'S..sorry...' He managed to get out. He was dead, his eyes closed and the stuggle left his body.All i can hear is a huge, deep and evil laugh. I hated Cale (1). BOOM! I hear Alex's (6) cannon go off, it's sad. Cale (1) jumps down to me. 'Your turn, for Bella (2)' he says at me. The knock to my head has drained me. He grabs my neck and holds me, i try to fight it but he's too strong. His raised swords glistens in the sun before he jabs it into me, he pulls it out and my blood is spewed all over it. He stabs me again, and again, and again. I can't even feel it now, i'm too numb. I feel my life draining from me. Cale (1) chucks me to the grab like a toy. I have just enough strength to warn Mason (11) by shouting his name, and that is the last thing i'll ever do, hopefully he wins for me. Boom!

Mason Gaze District 11 POV

I hear my name get called, by Roxie (11) I turn to see he bloodied body lifeless on the floor, beside her is Cale (1). That's it. I loose it and storm over to him, not thinking about the consequences. He swings his sword but i avoid it and tackle him to the ground. Furiously i throw punch after punch. We both do. Each blow i recieve, i return just as strong. I feel blood pouring out of my mouth and nose, i have cuts all over too. And my shoulder aches now from being shot. I won't give up though, i'll fight until the end. We both connect a punch at the same time and both get knocked down. I scramble to my feet and feel a sharp knife peirce my stomach. He takes the knife out, i feel weakened, i fall to a knee. Keep going!  He stabs me a second time, and i cant hold on. 'I told you i'd kill you.' He mocks me. He pulls his arm back for the third and final stab, and he forces it at me, i draw every ounce of strength left in my body and catch his hand an inch away from killing me. I grit my teeth, and i look into his eyes. Pure hatred from both of us. I manage to knock the knife away, and we wrap our hands around eachothers necks. I see his face turning purple, but i can't breath myself. I tighten my grip as much as i can whilst pushing his neck down at the same time. I look into his eyes once more. The light starts to leave. I'd never enjoy killing, but seeing the lights leaving his eyes is scarily satisfying. I can feel him trying to breath, but he can't. He's given up, the lights in his eyes have faded, and his heart finally gave in. I did it. BOOM! The 23rd and final cannon was sounded. I stand up to hear an announcement. 'Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you, your 124th annual hunger games victor... FROM DISTRICT 11 MASON GAZE!' I feel my stomach, the wound is deep, i'm bleeding heavy. i crawl over to Roxie (11) and kiss her forehead, i know her and her parents back home. 'I'm sorry my friend, but i won for us' i start blacking out when the peacekeepers come and drag me onto the hovercraft. 'He needs help! but he'll be fine' i hear them say. I believe them, but my life will change so much from now on.

The fallen: Cale (1), Karl (4), Alex (6), Roxie (11)

Congratulations to the 124th Annual Hunger Games Victor From District 11 MASON GAZE

The Death List

Place Tribute Name District Tribute Killer District Death Occurance
24th Sally Mistress 5 Cale Gade 1 Stamped on face
23th Shelly White 7 Karl McElvoy 4 Trident to neck
22nd Kirsty Mevlar 12 Ella Bells 2 Slit throat
21st Jak Visar 9 Cale Gade 1 Sword through skull
20th Jessie Kiss 9 Katy Mair 4 Throwing knife in heart
19th Toby Tomms 5 Alex Caws 6 Pushed on knives then speared
18th Viola Ward 8 Roxie Roar 11 Arrows to the body
17th Guy Ennie 3 Roxie Roar 11 Arrow to the neck
16th Katy Mair 4 Cale Gade 1 Sliced of head
15th Letty Mage 10 N/A N/A Poisoned by plant
14th Lucy Renny 1 Mason Gaze 11 Sliced neck
13th Mickey Wyatt 10 Karl McElvoy 4 Trident in chest
12th Chelsea Date 6 N/A N/A Fell off cliff
11th Ralph Quint 7 Josh Innley 2 Sword through heart
10th Gabe Pleet 8 N/A N/A Crushed by huge tree
9th Josh Innley 2 Caleb Twinx 12 Spear to the gut
8th Jess Rain 3 Ella Bells 2 Knife to back of head
7th Ella Bells 2 Roxie Roar 11 Shot with arrows
6th Caleb Twinx 12 Karl McElvoy 4 Trident to the chest
5th Karl McElvoy 4 Alex Caws 6 Speared twice
4th Alex Caws 6 Cale Gade 1 Stabbed in the back
3rd Roxie Roar 11 Cale Gade 1 Stabbed numerous times
2nd Cale Gade 1 Mason Gaze 11 Strangled to death
1st Mason Gaze 11 N/A N/A N/A

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