Submitting and any Rules 

Well, my last games nobody took part, pretty tragic i know. So hopefully a few can get involved for these. If enough people get involved i'll write these very quick. As i have a lot of spare time, and if i'm determined i'll write fast as i'll enjoy it.

1. i'd like people to submit up to 3 tributes, but it could change depending on how many people get involved.

2. I'd like no cursing or abusive language to me or others.

3. If you have a tribute, or a favourite and they die, don't get angry, only 1 out of 24 will live.

4. Don't make everyone superpowered 18 year olds, or even incredible 12 year olds, i have seen some before. Make a variety of tributes. Anybody can win.

5. I won't need much advice on how tributes act, as i'll read backstories and personalities etc. And i'll make them act how i feel they would.

6. Preferably make new tributes, and hopefully they'll become well used in other games. And with the tributes, please make names appropriate for districts, and link in to the actual district for example, Ben Smith is poor tribute names, but River for district 4 is a good name.

7. You can reserve, but if i feel you're taking way too long, i'll unreserve it.

I know there is a few rules, but they aren't really proper ones, so hopefully as many of you get stuck into these as possible!

Template for the tributes (please follow, thank you)

Tribute Name:


Age (12-18):





Best Weapons (2):

Biggest Strengths (3):

Biggest Weakness (2):

Other Information:

The 24 Tributes!

Name District Gender Age Personality Weapons Strengths Weaknesses
Icicle Flame 1 Male 18 Ruthless, Evil and Cold Crossbow and Sword Strong, Fast and Manipulating Carless, Avoids Weak
Gemma Stone 1 Female 16 Selfish and Competitive Sword and Bow Determined, Brave and Skillful Cocky and Obsessed
Aurum Silver 2 Male 16 Harsh and Angry Bow and Trident Fast, Strong, Ready to kill Can't climb, Too arrogant
Rocky Jewel 2 Female 14 Strong and Shy Axe, Knives Strong, Hiding, Surviving Slow, Can't find Water
Ciel  Phantomhive 3 Male 14 Strict and Proud Swords and throwing knives Great aim, killings easy to him Soft spot for singers, targets specific people
Talon Lowenek 3 Female 16 Confident and Sarcastic Throwing Knives and Bow Aim, Strength and Quick Thinker Trust Issues and Weak for her Sister
Corbon White 4 Male 18 Kind and Warm Trident and Bow Swimming, Running and Hiding Clumsy, Not very Clever
Blue Rivera 4 Female 14 Shy, Eager, Decietful Strength and Axes Sneaky and Hard to Catch Over Aggressive and Violent
Basion Braden 5 Male 16 Smart, Kind and Quiet Bow and Spear Intelligent, Aim and Stamina Shy and Weak
Zipporah Rankine 5 Female 17 Sweet, Kind and Deadly Sword, Throwing Knives Speed, Aim, Flexible Heights and Swimming
Blaze Nether 6 Male 16 Snobbish, Funny and Charming Sickle, Longbow Deceiving, Ready to kill Climbing, Doesn't want to kill
Raven Kai 6 Female 17 Kind and Caring Bow and Knives Speed, Intelligent and Nature Sensitive and dislikes Violence
Atlas Dunnin 7 Male 15 Cocky but Sensitive Axes and Swords Fast, Strong and will Kill Can't Climb and Hates Blood
Nilda Dildana 7 Female 16 Quiet, Shy, too Herself Axe and Slingshot Strong, Fast and Intelligent Small and Clumsy
Tiberius Hayes 8 Male 17 Funny, Brave and Intelligent Throwing Knives and Spear Speed, Aim and Befriending Climbing and Clumsy
Glenna Evanna 8 Female 17 Kind, Clever and stubborn Axe and Throwing Knives Speed, Strength and Elusive Stressed and Reckless
Garner Caulfield 9 Male 17 Down to Earth, Kind Bow and Arrow Camouflage and Intelligent Climbing and Multi-Tasking
Amelia Bronzeworth 9 Female 15 Quiet and Secretive Axe and Bow Unpredictable, Hunting and Intelligent Emotional and Attatched
Garith Trapsel 10 Male 17 Serious, Alone and Quiet Bow and Snares Sneaky, Tracking and Strength Unfriendly and Slow
Nitasha Atom 10 Female 18 Shy and Secretive Sickle and Dagger Running and Hiding Climbing and Weak
Jonathan Mundane 11 Male 15 Clever and Worrisome Sword and Sickle Fast, Climbing and Strong Hiding and Ranged Weapons
Clesha June 11 Female 16 Smart, Sly and Devious Spear and Bow Plants, Foods and Hiding Unfit/Slow and Climbing
Gage Rollo 12 Male 18 Serious, Strict and Determined Bow and Dagger Strength. Climbing and Hunting Swimming, Fights for Females
Venus Hawkwood 12 Female 17 Funny, Witty and Charismatic Bow and Spear Fast, Quick Thinker and Flexible Swimming and Loud

Alliances and The Arena

The arena is desert like, but full of buildings in ruins. The arena is very hot in the day, but harshly cold at night. Various Snake Mutts, and Fox Mutts. Potentially other mutts later on. The corncucopia is in the middle of a large circle of fallen sandy buildings. Tributes will start roughly 40 meters from it. The arena is quite small, but broken buildings make good hiding and rest spots. Giant sand hills, as well as sand storms. No plants, very little animals. Water sources are from bags, rain or sponsors, food is from bags, sponsors or animals (maybe poionous). Weapons are sponsorts, cornucopia, bags and items found (such as bricks)

Training Scores

Tribute Name, Gender, Age and District Training Score (12)
Icicle Flame, Male, 18, District 1 11
Gemma Stone, Female, 16, District 1 10
Aurum Silver, Male, 16, District 2 11
Rocky Jewel, Female, 14, District 2 9
Ciel Phantomhive, Male, 14, District 3 9
Talon Lowenek, Female, 16, District 3 8
Corbon White, Male, 18, District 4 10
Blue Rivera, Female, 14, District 4 8
Basion Braden, Male, 16, District 5 8
Zipporah Rankine, Female, 17, District 5 7
Blaze Nether, Male, 16, District 6 8
Raven Kai, Female, 17, District 6 7
Atlas Dunnin, Male, 15, District 7 9
Nilda Dildana, Female, 16, District 7 7
Tiberius Hayes, Male, 17, District 8 9
Glenna Evanna, Female, 17, District 8 8
Garner Caulfield, Male, 17, District 9 9
Amelia Bronzeworth, Female, 15, District 9 7
Garith Trapsel, Male, 17, District 10 10
Natasha Atom, Female, 18, District 10 8
Jonathan Mundane, Male, 15, District 11 8
Clesha June, Female, 16, District 11 9
Gage Rollo, Male, 18, District 12 10
Venus Hawkwood, Female, 17, District 12 8

 The 59th Annual Hunger Games

Ciel Phantomhive District 3 POV:

My tube takes me up to the arena and onto my pedestal. I won't move or BOOM! A voice above starts the countdown 60...59...58, this is really it. Oh my God, the heat is unbearable! There is sand Everywhere for miles. The arena already seems like a harsh and desolate place this year. I can feel sweat dripping off of me. I'm already thirsty. The small Cornucopia is at the bottom of this huge, deep sand pit. In the distance I can make out a sword... it has my name written all over it. There is 23 others, my victims, circling at the top of the pit. I can see some old, sandy, knocked down buildings in the distance, sheltar and shade! I see Talon (3) opposite me, but more importantly i see Garith (10) about 6 or 7 pedestals to my right, he's my target, i'll kill him...3...2...1

Gage Rollo District 12 POV:

GOOOOOOOOOOONG! Despite all my nerves, my body is hit with adrenaline! Run Gage, RUN! i'm sprinting down this steep hill, almost losing my footing and tumbling down. I notice everyone is going for backpacks and weapons. I can't reach a bow, but i manage to grab a dagger. I spin and look for a quick kill, but i see Nitasha (10) armless walking to Icicle (1). She seems to be blushing? Why? I see her flicking her eyelashes and Icicle (1) is starting to have a cheeky smile? WOW! she's leaning in flirtatiously and seductively... for a kiss i think. She touches his chest, but he forces his sword into hers 'Good try' he says before kissing her red lips goodbye, she falls to the sand, dead. I start to laugh at how stupid that was, well i laugh until i remember where i am.

Tiberius Hayes District 8 POV:

I grab my spear, and notice Nitasha's (10) body, that's 1 down i suppose. I hear a scream and see the horror of Rocky (2) smashing an axe into Glenna's (8) chest. Not my partner, NO! The blood spews out all over the place,  covering Rocky (2). I ready my spear for oncomers, my 9 in training is deadly. Aurum's (2) growl grabs my attention, he runs at me with a silver sword. He passes Jonathan (11) who falls to his knees, Ciel's (3) knife just landed in his skull. Time to be brave Tiberius. Aurum (2) launches himself at me, but i dodge it. He does so again, but i block it and defend myself. I won't go without a fight. He tries a third time, but as i block it, my spear pushes into his stomach. His eyes widen and blood drips out of his mouth. I pull my spear out making him fall over. I've just killed a career rated 11, i should be proud. I grab a bag and climb out this pit. I head to the nearest building to recover, reflect and compose myself again. The bloodbath continued as i escaped, only a few remained there, most people had gone, but it was successful for me. Hopefully many more than the 4 i noticed die. More importantly though, i pray this bag has water in, i could kill for some water.

Nilda Dildana District 7 POV:

I look around this sandy and bloody battlefield, and i avoid the few bodies on the floor, i can't join them. I avoid the dead and alive ones just to make sure. The number of tributes left here is lowering rapidly and it's now my turn to get out. I collect a bag, and even a small axe, a good start. I know only careers stay this long, so i need to go NOW! I climb as fast as i can up this steep pit. I'm nearing the top, i swear this heat will kill me. Although, i'm only a few meters away from some form of safety. I slip as i reach the top, agonizingly close. i tumble all the way down, i'm so clumsy! I feel the sand smashing against my face as i spin furiously downwards. Eventually i stop and roll onto my back, starring at the sun beaming down on my face. Untill, a head peers over and blocks it out. Icicle (1) picks me up. I take a huge gulp and accept my fate, i know whats coming. His cold hands reach around my neck and his hands twist savagely, the last thing i see is his massive grin. Everything has gone black.

Rocky Jewel District 2 POV:

I smile at Icicle's (1) kill, 2-1 to him. It's only me, him and Gemma (1) left here. Oh and Ciel (3). He comes over and shakes our hands, Icicle's (1) last. YES! he's one of us. He's super cute, we're both 14 and i heard he likes singers and i can really sing! He cracks a joke about the heat and all 4 of us share a laugh, maybe i laugh a bit too much but oh well. He explains how he killed the boy from 11, but i barely listen, his eyes are too distracting. Don't get me wrong, i will kill him soon, but he's dreamy. We pick up the food, water and weapons and head for sheltar. I hear a sickening squelching noise and turn, Ciel (3) looks at me and smiles, so i do back. Suddenly i realise why, and sadness strikes me. He falls to the sand bleeding, Icicle (1) says we can't trust him. WE COULD HAVE YOU IDIOT! i think to myself. I pretend to agree but continue on angrily, why Ciel (3)? why So early? Why not later on? Hopefully Icicle (1) gets killed soon. As we leave to find shade and rest, we ended the bloodbath. BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The 6 faces of the fallen shine in the sky.

Zipporah Rankine District 5 POV:

I've found sheltar in a small sandy house, not fully knocked down yet. I hope nobody followed me. I did run a few miles away before i stopped. I saw some scorpians and lizards on the way... scary. Even lying in this shade i'm baking! it's blistering hot. I begin looking around my new temporary house, for weapons and food and water. My backpack has 3 throwing knives and a full container of ice cold refreshingly drinkable water. To my luck, i find two cold, green and juicy apples. I put 1 in my bag and risk eating the other now, and it crunches as i bite it and the juices flow out. So far so good, it's not poisonous. The cannons sounding makes me jump, only 6 deaths?! i expected more. The faces start glowing as the sun slowly disapears. Basion (5) is ok which is good, but my friend Glenna (8) didn't make it, but that's better than it being me. I need to be careful and look out for myself.

Day 1 Fallen: Aurum Silver of District 2, Ciel Phantomhive of District 3, Nilda Dildana of District 7, Glenna Evanna of District 8, Nitasha Atom of District 10, Jonathan Mundane of District 11

Day 2:

Blaze Nether District 6 POV:

After a long, refreshing and perfect sleep in the cold, the dreaded heat returns. With no water, I feel desperate to get some. As I'm crawling out my cave, I decide to go and steal some. I draw my large silver sword, which is glistening, and move ahead cautiously. This isn't my best weapon, but its what I've got. I become bored, so I begin resting and I scratch my name into a rock. I wipe some sweat off of my head and I hear something, I sharply rise, I am alert. A figure emerges, we both look and hesitate, I see his spear and then his other hand, water. I make to his eyes and he knows I want it. It's Basion (5) I should befriend him, we'd do well, but it cant happen, not now. We're the same age, and I don't want to kill, but I can and will. He seems nervous, I'm not. We both attack and I slash at him, he ducks it. we both defend well, we're equal. He launches a powerful strike, knocking me over. He stabs at me but I roll to avoid it. I slice his Achilles and he falls down in agony. I jump up and lunge my sword into his chest. His eyes fade and his face is drained, I take his drink and gulp it as he dies. Goodbye, I say heading back. BOOM!

Clesha June District 11 POV:

Day 2 and I've burnt myself already. Great! I stay close to the rocks and pits, staying hidden. I keep quiet listening carefully. My bow is at the ready constantly. A bird flies down low, my arrow penetrates its wing. Still got it Clesha. I hear a cough and turn around. There's Venus (12). we both hesitate knowing what could and should happen. We lower our weapons and get talking, she won't stop! She's actually really nice, I like her. We mention our home, family and decide to ally up. I cook the bird I killed, I've had a good day so far I suppose, friend, food and I'm alive. I take a bite of the bird and the ground shakes furiously. EARTHQUAKE! We both scream, I am terrified. Part of the roof falls. The dust settles and there is Venus (12), covered by rocks, sand, dust and blood. Her leg is clearly broken. 'p...please...' she moans softly. I understand her wish and I nod apologetically. I aim an arrow to her heart and fire as a tear streams down my cheek. BOOM! I fall to my bum crying uncontrollably. The ground shakes again, Uh-oh. The roof collapses again. I race out to escape, just as I reach the exit a large rock smashes my head. I feel my skull shatter. Goodbye. BOOM!

Blue Rivera District 4 POV:

The earthquakes eventually stop and I can begin relaxing a bit. Another 2 cannons sound, caused by the quakes I presume. The sky shows Clesha (11) and Venus (12) have died, they join Basion (5). There's only 15 left now, and I survived the bloodbath! Corbon (4) will help me if I can reach him. I can do this, I know it! As the youngest tribute at 14, it's going to be really hard no doubt. Rocky (2) is alive, although Ciel (3) isn't, and those two were the other 14 year olds. If I do die, I'd like Corbon (4) to win, and honestly I think he will. But I refuse to give up! God, this heat is take it's toll on me. I take a swig of ice cold water, I take a deep and grateful breath as it passes my dry parched lips. I look up and say, thank you my district, I wont let you down. I stay in the shade for the remainder of the day, in hope of the numbers falling a little more. When the night hits, it's harshly cold, too cold I think. Something I didn't think I'd say whilst here.

Amelia Bronzeworth District 9 POV:

The nights unexpectedly cold, kind of refreshing after the intense heat all day. I check my bag... Nothing. I head off fast but quiet in order to go steal something. I find myself coming across the careers, Rocky (2), Gemma (1) and Icicle (1), thankfully they're asleep. I tiptoe as quiet as I can, and I reach Icicle (1), I see his blanket at the side. I start reaching out for it, but he shuffles, panicking me. I regain my composure and stretch again. I grab it and slowly pull, his warm breath scares me every time. I wrap myself and head off, that should cause problems. I notice a small bag of apples and take those too. That will cause more trouble. Thanks, I say, before disappearing in the darkness before me.

Day 2 Fallen: Basion Braden of District 5, Clesha June of District 11, Venus Hawkwood of District 12

Day 3:

Talon Lowenek District 3 POV:

Last night was tough, it was cold and I struggled too sleep. I could actually feel the sun creeping up, getting hotter by the second. I begin moving across the arena, my throwing knives at the ready, but I'm just so tired I can barely keep my eyes open. I move forward to a rock, and look around. I take a step out and I'm bundled over, I get a nice mouthful of piping hot sand. I glance up and my blurry vision notices a green snake, but further than that, I see a boy, Garith (10) I think? He's slow, I fancy my chances. As I begin chasing him I pull out a razor sharp knife from my sleeve, I'm near enough in range but my legs stop me. And then I use my head, why push me over only too run off? Then I remember that this is the smart kid who made traps from anything and everything just for fun. I need too stay smart if I'm going too survive.

Icicle Flame District 1 POV:

I wake up quite late too the smell of Gemma (1) cooking some chicken. Today was already day 3. I bite into the chicken, it's heavenly. The girls suggest we go tribute hunting, finally something fun too do. After a couple of hours I become quite tired and demand the girls' drinks. As I drink, we rest. After a long boring day, we find nobody, these girls are useless! We get back and I notice my blanket isn't there, immediately I question the girls, but they don't answer. So I raise my sword and point it towards them and ask them 'Who took my blanket?' Gemma (1) replies that if either of them had taken it, I'd be able too see it. Her point is valid, but I'm fuming. Eating my extra bread, I realize nobody died today, and I get quite annoyed.

Day 3 Fallen: None

Day 4:

Corbon White District 4 POV:

Day 4 is already upon us. I've managed too do well so far, I'm still alive. I didn't get much from the cornucopia, so I've been searching and hunting a lot of the time. I received a bottle of water and a knife from a sponsor earlier though. The temperature soars as the sun reaches it's highest point. I should keep moving. I stumble upon a small and broken building, but there's nothing of use inside, apart from a couple of bricks, which I grab. Later on, I use my knife to carve one of the bricks into a sharp weapon, leaving the other in its original bulky state. I feel myself relax a little knowing I'm now able too defend myself. But still no sign of anyone or anything, I feel alone, too alone. I almost feel the need to find somebody.

Atlas Dunnin District 7 POV:

I see Corbon (4) resting all alone, he got a 10, so I know he's good, but I don't know his skills. This could be my moment too take a big contender out. I'm behind him so he can't see me. It's a great opportunity. He's resting at the bottom of a sand hill. I jump to attack, I can feel the adrenaline. However he hears me jumping and avoids contact my rolling too the side. He drops his bricks and his knife in surprise, so I swing my axe at him, but he dodges each blow, he grabs his knife and stabs at me but I grab his arm and knock it away again. I take my chance too chop him up but he grabs the handle, like me. We begin forcing it towards each others face, I'm immensely strong, but he's matching me. We throw the axe aside and grab each others neck, squeezing hard, trying too strangle our opponent too death. He pushes me backwards and I fall, but he falls on me. Somehow I manage to squirm my way on top and I deal a savage right handed punch on his jaw, making him loose grip, so I squeeze even harder. My life depends on this. His face begins too go purple, as I see him reach for his brick. His eyes begin too fade! YES! Just before he closes them I feel a brick crash into my temple. My body shakes violently as all I hear is him coughing. My head cracks open. I'm dead. BOOM!

Gemma Stone District 1 POV:

Nice too see another one dead. The boy in 7 just died. One step closer. We've already searched for tributes today, but everyone is staying away. My only competition is Icicle (1), I need him too die. I could poison the food, I'm not sure yet. I like Rocky (2) despite being older than her. But when the time comes, I know I can kill her. I'm determined too win this, I can't die, not now! I'm starting too enjoy this heat, I'm even working up a tan! However, I'll prefer my home in the Victor's Village. Icicle (1) has gone off alone for a bit, and me and Rocky (2) are thinking of killing him.

Garith Trapsel District 10 POV:

The cannon earlier means another death. One less tribute. I find a small cave and I decide too rest up. I take a mouthful of water, and save the rest. I have no idea how long I'll be here for. As I try making a fire, I give up and just eat some bread instead. As I lie down I see a snake slither straight towards me hissing, so I react fast and slice it's neck killing it instantly. I dip the dagger tip into the venom. After a rest I start moving, when I slip off a rock and injure my back. I'm still armed though. But I'm an easy target like this. My back is in agony. As darkness falls, I notice the girl from 6, Raven (6) enter my temporary home.

Raven Kai District 6 POV:

I stand nervously and look at the boy from 10. I'm sick of fighting, I need a friend. Then it hits me, Garith (10) has hurt his back, maybe that's the way too make a friend, even though he was unfriendly in training. 'Hey, I'm Raven.' but no reply from him. 'You hurt your back? Garith (10), is it?' he nods moodily 'You can trust me, I can help you.' He gradually lowers his guard as I move too sit with him. I only want a friend, just for a bit. I ask him questions and his answers are short, as if he has a limit on how much he's allowed too speak. He began speaking more the later and darker it got. I offer a massage which he accepts. I began massaging his back trying too help him out, he's nice. Some time afterwards, we both sit up next too each other. I need contact, so I edge over for just a hug, it's all I need. But he kisses me. He pauses and looks sorry, but I kiss him back, I can't control myself. I forgot we're in these stupid games, but I start falling asleep in his arms. 'Stop! we can't do this! Please leave!' He urgently shouts at me, he avoids eye contact 'Please go! it's easier that way, I'm sorry!' I understand why, but it doesn't stop a tear reaching my eye. I kiss him and he kisses me goodbye. I turn around. I feel a knife slice my elbow as he whispers 'I'm sorry, please go.' I oblige and disappear with tears in my eyes.

Garner Caulfield District 9 POV:

I'm doing fine so far, I'm using my skills too hide from the careers, although I need a bit more distance from them, especially Icicle (1). I can't rely on my brains and a bit of luck all the time. I'll need too get a couple kills too. The night is always freezing! But I'd prefer too be cold than dead. Apart from the careers and Zipporah (5) I've seen nobody. That's good though, they can all kill one another. I wrap up warm for another long night. 'Safety first. I joke as I pull my blanket up too my face. BOOM! The cannon sounds. Raven's (6) face lights up the sky. I fall asleep.

Day 4 Fallen: Raven (6), Atlas (7)

Day 5:

Rocky Jewel District 2 POV:

Last night the cannon went off again, that girl from 6 died. Leaving only 13 of us alive still. A parachute from a sponsor comes down with the other two still asleep. 'Keep this close Rocky of District 2' it reads. I open it up and there's a fresh container of water and some medicine. I pocket this a bury the evidence. I think of the girl I killed, it wasn't as easy too kill as I thought, but I can do it again, I will do it again. As I stretch and yawn I hear an incredibly loud high pitched scream. It wakes the others and we run towards the continuous screams. We jump a wall too see a girl crying, I slip too the back thinking it may be a trap. She looks up and says 'Quick sand' before she carries on crying. I actually feel bad for her, I see her sinking very slowly, she's dead, she's just waiting too die, how cruel. Icicle (1) begins taunting her and laughs, he begins too walk off telling her good luck. Gemma (1) shrugs her shoulders and walks away saying 'One less tribute I suppose'. I can't leave this girl like this, it's horrifying. She's Zipporah (5) from 5, she's a little older than me. Her eyes begging me too do what I'd want someone too do too me. She's given up, so I launch a knife into her heart and she dies on impact. Her body arches over as she sinks still. I did the right thing. BOOM!

Talon Lowenek District 3 POV:

A cannon already is good news. Confidence flows through me. An announcement sounds out across the arena. 'With 12 tributes dead, only half of you now remain. Congratulations on getting this far, good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favour. I continue on foot when I come across the careers. I ready my weapon and look as brave as possible as they approach. There's no point running. Icicle (1) says 'Want too join us?' But I hesitate, I should say yes but I'm not great in groups. 'Well?' he urges me. I reply saying 'Nah, I prefer being alone.' He looks angrily at me 'Fine little girl, we'll get you later.' As he turns, my cockiness kicks in and I say too him 'Of course you will, call yourself a career, pathetic.' Rocky (2) holds in a giggle. He leans into me and whispers 'I'll kill you last and when I win I'll find your sister and well, you know what happens then.' he smiles and walks off, the rage hits me, I draw an arrow, I'll kill him! He doesn't know it, but an arrow is heading for the back of his big fat head. Rocky (2) watches me, not even hesitating. I slowly pull the arrow back when a sword rips through my stomach, I feel a burning sensation and see blood pouring out and I collapse and gather my thoughts too calm down. I'm ready too die. I apologise too my sister out loud, before Gemma's (1) sword slices through my neck. BOOM!

Gage Rollo District 12 POV:

The suns reached it's highest point and there has been two deaths, making me nervous. I can feel it, something's going too happen. Each death makes me more determined. As long as I don't meet any girls I'm fine, I'll struggle too kill them. Icicle (1) is my biggest threat, I still think it'll be one of us two too win. I receive a sponsor at lunch, sun cream and cream for my burns. I stay in the shade and my burns clear up in an hour or so. Thank you sponsor. Apart from the two girls, nobody else has died today. I think of home, will I be able too re-adapt after these games and the killing, how will I be mentally affected after it? I still need too outlive 10 others before that becomes an issue. As the sun descends, I think of the other tributes still alive. Despite hating the games, this year they must be incredible too watch for the capital! What bad luck though, I get reaped in my last ever reaping, although I'd rather me than a 12 year old certain for death. I shake my head, right, time too start focusing again.

Death Chart

Place Tribute Name District Killer Name District How Death Occured
24th Nitasha Atom 10 Icicle Flame 1 Sword too the Chest
23rd Glenna Evanna 8 Rocky Jewel 2 Axe too the Chest
22nd Jonathan Mundane 11 Ciel Phantomhive 3 Knife too Head
21st Aurum Silver 2 Tiberius Hayes 8 Spear to the Stomach
20th Nilda Dildana 7 Icicle Flame 1 Broke the Neck
19th Ciel Phantomhive 3 Icicle Flame 1 Stabbed in the Back
18th Basion Braden 5 Blaze Nether 6 Stabbed in Stomach
17th Venus hawkwood 12 Clesha June 11 Arrow too the Heart
16th Clesha June 11 Earthquake N/A Rock shattered Skull
15th Atlas Dunnin 7 Corbon White 4 Brick smashed too temple
14th Raven Kai 6 Garith Trapsel 10 Poisoned
13th Zipporah Rankine 5 Rocky Jewel 2 Knife too heart
12th Talon Lowenek 3 Gemma Stone 1 Sliced throat

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