• Hybrid Shadow

    Welcome to the 50th Hunger Games! 

    1. You may submit three tributes and only a single Career tribute (keep in mind that District 14 is also a Career district). More templates as per usual may be accepted later on.
    2. Reservations last twenty-four hours, but will be kept longer if gone unnoticed. This means you could've reserved a tribute a day before, but if I don't go online until then, you're reservation is still entirely valid.
    3. Spam. That is my biggest issue with the comments. Honestly, if you want me or some other certain user(s) to join your Hunger Games, feel free to message us, but I will not tolerate spam in any form or shape. Failure to heed warnings may possibly make me kill off or ban you from joining a future Games of mines. 
    4. Activity wi…

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  • Hybrid Shadow

    The Time Has Come

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  • Hybrid Shadow

    Welcome to another Games. I want to take a small break from my other Games, as I'm still thinking on what to do next. I know, I'm a procrastinator, but oh well. Let's try this again, shall we?

    1. Tributes with names that have references to rebellion (Rebel, Rogue, etc.) in general will be ignored. I've always felt as if the Capitol never approved of people naming their children after the concept of revolution.
    2. Districts 0, 13, and 14 will be included.
    3. Only three tributes per user for now, although this number could rise at any given moment.
    4. You are only permitted one tribute from a Career district. I could disregard this rule if they are siblings or something else, but they will have to be either well-written or interesting enough for me to recon…

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  • Hybrid Shadow

    Welcome to my new Games! As usual, if these turn out to be successful, I will turn them into a series. Also, please read the rules below before submitting a tribute and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    • 3 tributes per person. This number may go up whether I feel as if I'm in need for more tributes.
    • Give me new tributes this time. I will seriously search every tribute's name in order to check if they've been used already. I don't give a damn anymore. 
    • Follow the given template. If not, your tribute will be denied on the spot.
    • Wikia contributors will be ignored.
    • No reservations, I want these to begin as soon as possible.
    • Try to make your tribute's name unique and completely unordinary. This may seem like a needless task, but I like tributes with …

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  • Hybrid Shadow

    Wow, I am so bad. Never before have I finished one of my Games, and I've broken any promise to continue one of them. This is my last attempt, and if I don't complete what I've started now, I'm never making another Games. And that might be a promise I'll be able to keep. So for now, read the rules, and pray I won't become lazy and loose all motivation to continue. 

    • No reservations. I'm actually accepting tributes that I like best, and I'm giving you all two weeks to submit as many tributes as you want. Don't take it personally if I don't accept your tribute, but if there's someone I like better, I'm taking that tribute instead. You can also submit as many as you want, but I'm probably only going to be taking 4 per person.
    • No profiles or links…

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