This is the TO for Sean Reaper, one of my Capitol tributes. Comment below on what you think of this. Without further time to waste, welcome to his past.

Sean Reaper

Sean Reaper, Ruined Mansion, 16 years old

The Capitol. The main source of all hate in Panem, the place where the Hunger Games were intialized. This is my home and my home is tearing itself apart. The Hunger Games were terrible, kids fighting eachother till all but one dies. It's disguisting. I must say though, I'm not much better. I still remember the day when my family was killed, when I killed my family

Sean Angel, Angel Mansion, 7 years old

"Mommy, daddy!" Yelled young Sean Angel as he watched as his parents emerged from the door. "Whoa there, tiger! How's my little man!" His father responded with glee. Sean's mother grinned. It was one of the few moments where they could enjoy themeselves as a family.

"Look what I made!" Sean shouted with a cheerful smile. He was holding up a picture that he drew. It was him and his parents holding hands together.

"Wow, those are some cool-looking, uh, tadpoles!" Said Sean's father. Sean frowned. "It's not tadpoles, it's us together!" Sean corrected. his father took his right hand to his cheek "Whoops, my bad." Sean's mother laughed. "Hey honey, can I see that for just a sec?" Sean gladly handed the drawing, smiling as Sean's mother gently took it from his grasp. Sean's mother pointed to the figures, "See dear? This must be you." She said pointing to the most disfigured one. "Haha, very funny."


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