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So, anyway, I suppose I should explain these games. These games are going to be a series that I will call the Republic Games. If you read the Prehistoric Games, you'll know the Republic is featured there as a civilization that was unknown at first but soon revealed themselves and they took over Panem. Well, I want to make a series with the Republic! :D It's not a district and stuff, btw. So yeah, now read the rules and join! :D


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Story Overview

Peace. That's what Panem was currently feeling. There were no more Hunger Games and everyone had equal rights. Everything was okay until the Republic came. The Republic, a civilization that was at first unknown, easily took over Panem with their advanced technology and weaponry. They also found the hidden districts, 0 and 14, and they took over them as well. They treated the districts like dirt, terrorizing people, killing and raping them. No one thought it coukd get worse. They were wrong. The leader of the Republic, Nathaniel Struckthorne, found an old journal that belonged to President Snow. In it, it explained the Hunger Games in full detail. Nathaniel was fascinated by the Hunger Games and in honor of it, they were rebooted, starting with the 1000th, the number of death in the Republic. He got some hard-working, creative minds to make his arena and they were sucessful. The districts as well as the Capitol tried to hide from the cruel truth that was awaiting them but it was too late to hide now. They were too deep to escape what awaited them.

Tribute Template







Appearance: Lunaii, Description or RL photo






Interview Angle:

Bloodbath Strategy:

Game Strategy:




District Name Age Weapons Placing User
Capitol Male Sashe Geatan 18 Knife, Bow & Arrow Vinny
Capitol Female Nebraska "Nebby" Adair 16 Spear Emma
District 0 Male Nero Aquanine 18 Long Knives, Battleaxe Ryan
District 0 Female Mystique Seasonal 16 Bow & Arrow, Fire Ryan
District 1 Male Hayden Bloodstone 18 Sword, Mace, Knife Julia
District 1 Female Julianne Cardinal 17 Sword, Mace, Dagger, Throwing Knives Julia
District 2 Male Lucifer Shivers 17 Leather Belt, Bullwhip, Katana, Sword Bella
District 2 Female Taylor White 14 Spear, Bow & Arrow Jackie
District 3 Male Buzzy Tee 12 Stinger, Shit, Awl Emma
District 3 Female Logical "Logic" Queen 18 Intelligence, Throwing Knives Julia
District 4 Male Falcon Thunder 17 Zhua, Trident Me
District 4 Female Sandy Moral 14 Trident, Net Misytmolla
District 5 Male Veto Magnate 13 Nunchucks, Metal Pole Ryan
District 5 Female Christmas "Chris" Lights 14 Throwing Axe, Spear Julia
District 6 Male Snake Slither 15 Poison, Teeth, Throwing Knives Erlend
District 6 Female Avala "Ava" Poppythorne 16 Mace, Throwing Axe Summer
District 7 Male Blaise Cooper 15 Axe Erlend
District 7 Female Terra Skylar 14 Axe, Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrow Jackie
District 8 Male Bryan Quatreo 13 Throwing Axe, Snares Vinny
District 8 Female Quinberly Dane 15 Spear, Throwing Knives, Knife Emma
District 9 Male Jamie Apple 13 Strength, Throwing Knives, Bow & Arrow Misytmolla
District 9 Female Alexis Beasly 17 Knife, Axe Dakota
District 10 Male Stallion Cub 16 Axe, Mace Ryan
District 10 Female Scarecrow Shade 18 Scythe, Knife Erlend
District 11 Male Rory Jonsten 17 Knife, Sword Cherrybunny01
District 11 Female Rose Yaxley 15 Blowgun Erlend
District 12 Male Maris Oceani 18 Trident, Net Ryan
District 12 Female Firethorn "Fire" Massey 16 Bow & Arrow, Slingshot Summer
District 13 Male Sash Bloodhound 18 Javeline, Needles, Fire Emma
District 13 Female Saidy Dauntless 17 Fists, Sword Misytmolla
District 14 Male Joey Frit 17 Knife, Spear Dakota
District 14 Female Stylo McGrath 12 Knife Emma

Important Characters & More

Bold: Important Character

Nathaniel Struckthore: Nathaniel is the Republic's current leader. He is also one of the head gamemakers, partnered with Zero. He grew up with Zero, Autumn and Sunday, his childhhod friends, in a tough part of the Republic. They were orphans and they learned how to survive. Nathaniek learned how to be a great leader which was critical in the capture of Panem. After storming one of the Capitol's buildings, he found the old journal of President Snow. It explained the Games and Nathaniel was fascinated by it. He later rebooted the Hunger Games. Nathaniel is quite young, being only 29 years old. He has long, dark brown hair and cherry red eyes. He often just wears jeans topped with a black shirt but when he goes somewhere important, he wears a suit. He has tan skin and cheerful yet serious eyes.

Zero: He has no last name. He grew up with Nathaniel, Autumn and Sunday. His ability to invent came naturally and he is a genius. He created much of the advanced weaponry that helped take over Panem. He is against the violence and he is ashamed that his inventions are used for mass destruction, only going with it as Nathaniel wishes so. He is younger then Nathaniel, being 25 years old. He has pale skin and hot pink eyes that are often distracted. He has messy, dark-green hair and he dresses sloppingly as he normally secludes himself in his room where he works on his inventions.

Autumn Husk: District 12's head peacemaker. He is currently in the highest rank, True Head, along with Sunday. He grew up with Nathaniel, Zero and Sunday. He fought in the war that led to the down fall of Panem. He has short, black hair and a grim smile. He has thick eyebrows and dark tan skin. He is tall and he is said to be a merciless killer with a heart of stone. He is very loyal to Nathaniel and he will kill anyone who opposes him. He is 28 years old.

Sunday Brooks: District 1's head peacemaker. She is currently in the highest rank, True Head, along with Autumn. She grew up with Nathaniel, Zero and Autumn. She fought in the war that led to the down fall of Panem. A master swordsman, she will strike down anyone who opposes her leader. She has light eyebrows as well as light skin. She doesn't smile and she has dark-purple hair and eyes. She is 27 years old.

Crow Talons: The Capitol's escort. He is a sadist and he is harsh to the tributes, calling them weak creatures that amuse him. He loves seeing peopoe in pain and he will terrorize the tributes. He is 21 years old. He has long, dirty blonde hair and a creepy smile. He has tan skin like most Republic men and he has deep, slited crimson eyes.

Blood Ripper: District 0's escort. She is a masochist and she loves cutting herself, saying it excites her. She is very creepy and is known to lash out at the tributes randomly. She is 23 years old. She has black with a hint of red hair and an excited smile. She has pale skin and she has many scars on her arms. She has dull blue eyes.

Sin Tower: District 1's escort. He has multiple personality disorder, switching from an evil, vile person to a lazy, young-minded person to etc. He has 7 personalities altogether. He is 26 years old. He has long, pure black hair and whatever personality he has on is his expression. He has pale skin and he has neon green eyes.

Raven Talons: District 2's escort. Crow is her younger brother and she is very different compared to him. You can say they were like total opposites. Raven is very kind and caring and she hates that she was assigned this job. She is 25 years old. She has short, light brown hair and a worried look on her face. She has pale skin and light blue eyes.

Code Villian: District 3's escort. He is a scientist gone mad, thus, a mad scientist. He treats the tributes like one of his test subjects which is true, as he is also a gamemaker. He sees the Games as just another one of his experiments. He is 30 years old. He has short blue hair and tan skin. He smiles often and he has glasses. He has sunset orange eyes.

Silver Dancer: District 4's escort. She is a cold-hearted. She shows no emotion what so ever. It's almost as if she has no soul. She is heartless and she will not show mercy to anyone. She is 27 years old. She has silver hair and green eyes. She has a scar on her left cheek and she has light skin.

Clash Horror: District 5's escort. She is blind but still deadly. She once killed a man with a fork by gouging his eyes out. She dislikes the tributes but she doesn't actually hate them. She is 28. She has deep blue hair and gray eyes because she is blind. She has fair skin.

Ambience Dancer: District 6's escort. He is Silver's older brother. He talks often and he is unable to shut up, even in his sleep. He is 30 years old. He has yellow hair and green eyes as well as tan skin.

Flinch Accident: District 7's escort. He lost his eye. He gets hurt often and he has many scars. He is cold and distant. He is 24 years old. He has red hair and yellow eyes. He also has tan skin.

Endeavor Cutts: District 8's escort. She hates the tributes and she has a thing for cutting thngs. She is 21 years old. She has red hair and eyes. 

Wither Leather: District 9's escort. He doesn't say much but he has a strange talent. Whenever he touches something organic, it gets sick and withers away. Leather is uneffective though so he wears leather gloves. He is 40 years old. He has green hair and blue eyes. He has tan skin.

Maximum "Max" Desire: District 10's escort. He is disgusting and he whisks girls away, only to raape them later. He has a rather large lust. He is 19 years old, being the youngest escort. He has pink hair and he wears glasses. He has tan skin and his eyes are brown.

Skeleton "Skele" Crook: District 11's escort. She is very loud and she loves scaring people. She is harsh and cruel, hoping to bring down the tributes' spirit. She is 22 years old. She has white skin, tattoos, red eyes and black hair.

Disaster Shard: District 12's escort. He is a brute and he has a certain hatred/rivalry with Autumn. The feeling is mutual. He is 28 years old. He has golden, long hair. He has tan skin and green eyes.

Clone Wreck: District 13's escort. He is harsh and he hates D13, calling it a terrible District. He hates the tributes and he will enjoy hurting them. He is 29 years old. He has short, black hair. He has tan skin and blue eyes.

Glass Stabber: District 14's escort. She is cunning and she is a pedophile. She finds the boys cute and she will attemp to eat them up. She says the girls can go die in a corner. She is 24 years old. She has blue hair and eyes. She smiles often and she has ight skin.

Ever Arodia: The Capitol's stylist. She hates her job and she is very rude, almost swearing as much as Crow. She hates Panem and she is also quite racist. She is very good at making dresses and suits but she tries her best to make sure the costumes look terrible. She is 27 years old. She has bright orange, curly hair and silver eyes. She has light skin.

Clarke Blunder: The interviewer. He willl try to uncover the tributes' past and he will enjoy making them suffer. He is 44 years old. He has dark tan skin and black hair. He has a cruel smile and pitch black eyes topped with a eyepatch on his right eye.


There are 2 parts of the arena. One is called Life. This part of the arena has fresh water springs. The water is safe to drink and many edible fish live in there. There are water lillies and lily pads and even more aquatic plants. There is also a rainforest filled with fresh flora and fauna. This area has a lot of rain and the warm sun can make you drowzy. There is also a beautiful area within Life that has fallen, autumn leaves. You can find many fireflies and there is a vast amount of land there. Pretty good, right? Well, sometimes, too much of a good thing is a bad thing. You see, the more food you eat, the fatter you get. Well, the more food you eat in Life the more bloated you get. Eventually, you'll get so bloated you won't even be able to move. Also, the warm sun and the beautiful areas in Life makes you drowzy. These effects last and they will not go away unless you use a Sanity Potion. Finally, the more you stay there, the weaker you get. Years of hard training will easily mean nothing if you stay there for more than 2 days.

The next part of the arena is called Death. There is no life in Death. Instead, you find houses that slowly break and rot away. Floating spirits fly up, filling you with dread. There is no sun there, not even a moon. The only light you get is the flowing lava fumes are fires that surround Death. It has many, many undead mutts. There are the skull-crushers, for example. They are a type of Skele, one of my mutts. They have the bodies of a bull but the skull of a dragon. They have a long, skeleton tail that can easily kill a tribute with a simple snap. They have sharp claws that can crush a tribute's skull. The other mutts are other types of Skele such as the scarrs and the cage-holders. The arena is also dangerous if you stay in there too long. The never-ending darkness will lock you inside, dropping your sanity. You will feel depressed and suicidal thoughts. Even the toughest nuts will crack, literally. You will feel someone watching you, as if they were breathing down your neck. The only thing that can save you is a Sanity Potion. You must take a dose everyday if you wish to survive the horrors this arena prepares for you.


Twist #1: Love

Love. A normally happy feeling that everyone feels once in a while. Except all forget the negative aspects of love: Envy, Depression, Loneliness, Suicidal and so on. Love is unavoidable and so are the negatives. When ever a tribute feels Love they will feel heartbroken, abused, turned-down when they are in the Arena. This will slowly break down their sanity unless they can find a way to heal themselves. If not, not even a Sanity Potion will be enough to recover what they have lost.

Twist #2: Fire

Fire. It has the positives: Warmth, Fuel, Food. Yes, fire is very helpful. But still, fire is more than a simple word, an element. Fire is destruction, fire gives you pains, it burns you. It destroys you. How does this play in with the twist? Fire is within every tribute, that rebellious streak that makes them want to fight back. Even the timid ones or the intelligent will soon rebel. Here's the fun part, a single tribute will be chosen. This tribute will be picked randomly. The twist? That tribute will have to da a certain amount of… Tasks, I should say. These 'tasks' will be quite hard to complete but it is worth it. If he/she refuses, well, they will be killed on the spot. if they complete the 'tasks' they will be rewarded with sponsoring gifts and the such. However, they will not be informed of the gifts. They must control their Fire if they wish to live.

Twist #3: Song

Song. The joyful sounds of music, the wonderful beats it produces. Except, songs produce a hidden message. A message that one always fails to notice. Well, time for a little change of meaning. Sometimes, a song will play. Every tribute will hear it but differently. The hidden meaning is conveyed more greatly, one will truely se it. The songs are depressing, it rots you from the inside. Your sanity will slowly drop even from the faintest of noises. Song is unavoidable. You must be strong, not physically, but mentally, if you wish to last the night.

Twist #4: ???

Will be revealed...

Twist #5: ???

Will be revealed...

"Let the Games commence." - Nathaniel Struckthorne

Nathaniel Struckthorne - Republic

After finding this journal written by one of Panem's past presidents, I can fully see how soft this country has gotten. What I have found in this journal was simply astonishing and I'm suprised I haven't thought of this sooner.

I smile as I turn my head to one of my many televisions. From my room, I can see all of the current activiy in Panem. No one is safe from my reach. I laugh as I look at my District 12 area. In one of the televisions, a man was being whipped to death as his child watched in fear, tears flooding down her face. The person whipping the man was August, one of my favorite peacemakers.

I admit, I slightly took the idea of a peacekeeper from the journal and I made it my own. I did, however, add some modifications to it.

The average peacemaker was equiped with a special armor that I like to call the Hell Shield. True to the name, it was like Hell itself was within the armor. Thanks to my genius companion and inventor, Zero, the armor was indestructible. Not only that but it was suprisingly light, as light as a feather. It was as if you weren't wearing it at all. My mind replays to the moment to when District 14 tried to riot. They attacked us with their muttations and they were suprised to see the mutts whimpering as they held their paws after they lost their large claws. My men, however, were completed undazed. It was such an easy win for us.

Another special thing that was given to the peacemakers was the Blitz. The Blitz was a special kind of weaponry. It looked like a sword and it acted like one, being aboe to easily cut through flesh or blood. The special trait about it, though, was the special kind of sound it produced when it hit something. Once the Blitz hits a person, for example, a soundwave enters their body. This soundwave shocks them and eventually, slice. The soundwave will make anything near it, into pieces. My favorite example of this was then a drunkard tried to attack Sunday, another of my top peacemakers. The amount he threw a punch, Sunday jabbed him in his torso. The soundwave then entered his body, eventually cutting him from the inside. I chuckled from the memory.

Ah, my favorite has to be the Death Cloak. A weapon much like a gun released a pellet. Once the pellet hits oxygen, it turns into a deadly gas. This gas, amazingly, is an actual, living being. It was discovered by Zero and he found a way to take some DNA from the being and we cloned it for our own being. Zero, being the genius he is, found a way to preserve the living gas into a pellet that turns back once it reaches oxygen. Once released, it targets a certain person. To know who to target, the peacemaker must whisper to the opening to the gun their target's name. The gas will turn invincible and it won't stop till it kills it's target. After doing so, the gas will evaporate and die. The amazing thing about it is that it won't kill anyone but it's intended target. I made sure that if my or any of my companion's names are said, the gas will not work. My fondest memory of the weapon was when Ape tried to turn against me. He used the Death Cloak, thinking it will kill me as he was disgusted by me and the Republic. Instead of killing me, though, the gas refused to work and he was killed by Autumn.

The last weapon given to peacemakers were only given to the higher-ups due to the catastrophic results of the weapon. This weapin was the ever deadly, Destructor. The Destructor was a bomb of dure death and destruction. A single bomb could destroy a whole District or more, the weapon was not yet tested. The weapon, so far, has only been given to Autumn and Sunday, 2 of my most trusted companions. If a simpleton were to get his hands on the Destructor, we all would be doomed. I shiver from the thought of a Destructor being stolen.

"Nathan." I turn to see Zero, my companion, inventor, best friend. "Ah, Zero." I gesture for him to sit but he refused. That stubborn demeanor of his will never change. I sigh. "Yoy'll never change, will you, Zero?" He laughs before putting his hand on my shoulder. "You may be our leader but when have I ever listened to you?" He says, jokingly. "Yes Zero, you'll never change." I say with a sigh.

I grab a cigar and I begin to smoke. "You know Nathan, you're health will never get better if you keep smoking." Zero says with a hint of concern. I laugh. "As you never listen to me, I shall do the same, my friend." Zero rolls his eyes as I continue to laugh. "So tell me my friend," I begin. "How goes your newest invention?" Zero sighs as he played with his curly, dark-green hair. He always did that when he was troubled. "I'm afraid I won't be able to finish until the 12th." That was a month away.

"Besides, I'm more interested in these games of your's." Said Zero. I bring out a glass of wine and I offer some to Zero. As expected, he declined. "I don't smoke or drink, it messes with my mind." I laugh. "Yes, yes, I suppose you're right." He smiles. "Aren't I always right?" He says with a laugh.

I smile. "Anyway, to answer your previous question, they will go as planned." Zero looks at me, he looked serious now. "Are you sure?" I put my hand on the table and I play with a volley of beads. "I'm sure and I'm sure you don't like it." Zero puts his hands on the table and he points at me. "You're right, I don't like it. What we're doing is enough, there is no need for furthur violence in my opinion." I slam my hands on the table, causing Zero to jump.

I look at him, my eyes wild with determination. "Zero, this is it. With this, no one will riot, no one will have to die." Zero crosses his arms and he glares at me. "Except for those kids you're going to send in that," He points outside of my office, to an area hidden so well, the normal human eye could notice. "Zero, I understand that you don't like this but my decision is final." Zero shakes hi head as he starts to walk out. Before going out the door, he looks at me with a final look of desperation. "What happened to you?" I flick a marble as I answer Zero's question. "Inspiration happened." And with that, Zero was gone.

I am mad at my friend but I can't blame him. I wasn't all into it myself. But once I started digging, I couldn't stop. I got addicted and I turned. I whisper, "Let the Games commence."

Zero - Republic

I am frustrated and horrified. The two mix well together. I don't believe Nathan, sending kids to there death... There is a fine line between being the leader of a nation and utter madness. He has broken that line.

I know what has inspired him, I've seen the journal, what terrible things laid in it. I once infiltrated his office.

As usual, he was laying on his desk with a lamp cover on his head. He was passed out after he had that loud, annoying party. He drank a beer too many and well, that was his current condition. After carrying him to his bed as well as draping a blanket over him (I wouldn't want him to be cold.), I turned my attention back to his office.

I noticed a rather large, leather journal on his desk. It was an artifact and incredibly dusty. After cleaning off the dust, I could see that it was not Nathan's. It belonged to a man, who's name was etched on to the journal. Coriolanus Snow, was what it said. 

As I was curious, I peeked inside the journal and I was suprised to see what was in it.

I could see a few sketches that looked like some kind of arena. Looking closely, I could see a few figures within the arena. There was a heading that said in bold, TRIBUTES. I read under the heading and gasped. Under the heading had the names of people and, in extreme detail, it said how they died.

My stomach ached and I felt like throwing up. The way the deaths were detailed were remarkable. It was like they actually happened. I shivered. What if the deaths DID actually happen, I thought. I logged on to the mainframe on Nathan's computer and I searched those names. Nothing came up.

I sigh and I turn my attention back to the journal. I turn to a different page where a new heading appeared. Peacekeepers was what it said. I frowned. The name seemed familiar to the peacemakers we have. I read the info under the heading and once again, I gasp. It seemed to similar to the peacemakers to be a simple coincidence.

Sweating, I turned to a new page. This one had no heading, just text.

It said, The Dark days have ended and I think I've found a solution to make the Districts fear us so they won't attemp this again. I call it, the Hunger Games. I'll the Districts send out 1 boy and girl to the Capitol. From there they will train. Afterwards, we'll send they all into an Arena where they will be required to fight to the death. I'm certain this solution will not fail.

My arms trembled. Who would do such a thing?! When I was about to finish reading, someone pounded on the door. I panicked and I put the journal back where it was and I went out the back door. I'm not aure what happened after that.

After that recollection, I felt cold. He was serious about this. I played with my dark-green curly hair. "I have to do something to keep my mind off of this." I sighed. "I have an idea." Said someone behind me. I turned around to see Crow.

"Why don't you get the fuck back to work!" He snarled. "Crow, I understand you hate me but I am not dating your sister!" He pounded the wall with his fist. "Fuck that! I saw you with her that night!"

I sighed. We were together before but that was just a coincidence, our conversation only lasted a few minutes as Raven had to get back to work.

"Listen, I need to get back to work, not have a conversation with a peron with a sister complex." I told him. "What?!" Crow replied. I could see steam coming out of his head as he walked away, clearly pissed off. I smiled.

"Well, Crow is right about one thing. If I don't finish this, Autumn is going to put my head on a stake if I don't finish this."

I went into my room and I set myself to work.

A month later, the Republic was finished setting up for the Games. They were ready to start the reapings.



Crow Talons - Republic

Warning: Swearing and gory moments as well as sexual stuff

Ugh, I hate my job. Autumn and Sunday got to be peacemakers. You know what I got to be? A fucking escort. Right now, I'm on a train to the Capitol, that shitty District with the fucking fashion freaks. I don't care that your hair looks like a giant's ass! Okay? Okay.

I punch the walls of a train, creating a wide hole. I grumble. I never get the good shit, all I have are a bunch of fucking slaves and a pistol. I can't even shoot anyone because I haven't completed my shit of a job yet!

I put my pistol to the head of a slave and I bark at him to fix the shithole. He looks confused so I grab him by his head and I throw him at the wall of the train. His body collides and it breaks the wall, making him fly out. "FUCK!" I scream.

I grab my pistol and I shoot the roof of the train. "FUCK. THIS." I yell out loud. I continue to break this shitty train. I kick down the door to the conducter's room. He isn't there. "WHAT THE HELL," I yell. "WHERE THE FUCK DID THAT OLD MAN GO!"

"I'm right here you loud ass ruffian!" Grumbles an old man's voice. I go up to the chair and I see an old man who's short like fuck. "Why the fuck did Nathan hire a midget to conduct this train!" I demand.

"How the fuck should I know!" He replies. "I don't even know how to drive this thing, what the hell is this button for?" Before I can scream, "WHAT!", he presses the button. Suddenly, his chair ejects, sending him flying upwards. The last thing I heard him say was, "FUCK!" That rat bastard stole my cachphrase!

I then notice we were about to crash into the Capitol. "FUCK!" I scream (See, I say it better). I jumped out of the train just in time to see it crash into a large building, making it fall down and crush someone's car that resembled a duck. Aw, shit! Poor duck car!

I look around. "Okay, now where the fuck do I go?" I was outside of the Capitol's gates and the reapings were going to start in 15 minutes! If I don't complete this job, then I'll be banned from the torturing center! I have perfect attendance too and if I don't continue my perfect attendance, my mom is going to be pissed and she'll whip my ass!

Luckily, I found the opening of the gate. It was guarded by Thomas and Jillian. I smirked, Time to have some fun with my bitches. I thought. I grab my pistol and I walk to the gate, you know, like some kind of jackass (Not the donkey, you fucking retard). I am now in front of the two of them. They sigh in unsion. "Okay Crow, we're guessing you destroyed the train and now you have to get in, right?" I smile and ignore what they say. "How about me and the two of you go and-" Jillian stops me, that handsome bitch. "We're not going to go on a date with you, Crow. Go and bother some girl in the Capitol, not us."

Holy shit! "Wait... So, you're aren't guys?" Okay, now Thomas and Jillian were shocked. "What, we're girls!" They yell at me. "Well... Shit." I said. They grab me and they throw me over the gate. "HURRY THE FUCK UP AND LEAVE!" They yelled at me.

I grumbled and stole the nearest car. It looked like a cow but it made sounds like a pig... "WHAT THE FUCK! EVERYONE KNOWS COW MOO AND PIG OINK! I scream. "Not in this District." Says a man with pink skin and yellow hair. I slowly move toward him. "Wait, what the fuck are you doing!" He yells. "Stop.. STOP!" I run him over with the cow car. "Never correct me, bitch."

I looked at the time. It was 12:30 pm. The reapings started an hour ago... Fuck. I punched the metal and suddenly, I went super fast. "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLYYYYYY SHHHHHHIIIIIIITTTTTTT!" I then found myself in town square. I looked at the time. It was now 11:27 am... This cow car is either time machine or I must be as high as fuck.

Anyway, I walk to the stage, unnoticed. I scan everyone, who has gone silent since I entered the stage. They all look as ugly as fuck and I swear, I think I saw bigfoot among them. I gran the mic and in my nicest tone ever, I spoke.


Satisfied with their reaction, I announced my name in the same tone as before. "OKAY, I'M CROW TALONS AND I AM THE SEXIEST PERSON YOU WILL EVER MEET! ALSO, OF ANY BITCHES HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY, SAY IT NOW!"

Silence. I smirk. Fear me fuckers. Fear me. "Okay, time to see who's going to be our tributes." I put my hand in a goldfish bowl. Shit, wrong bowl. I pull out a goldfish and I shrug. Oh well, best as well not waste this. I put it in my mouth and I chew. Yum, sushi.

Afterwards, i put my hand in the correct glass bowl and I pull out a slip of paper. "FLOODPLAIN LICKPRIVICK, WHOEVER THE FUCK YOU ARE!"

Suprisingly, someone volunteers. "I VOLUNTEER!" I hear a boy yell. He has red hair, red eyes and a red v-neck. Hmm, I like his style. He looks at me, a look of confidence is streaked on his face. Maybe this District isn't so bad after all. "Sashe Geatan." He announces.

"Well Sashe, seems like you're quite the brave ass motherfucker, huh?" He nods. I smile as I go the second glass bowl. "BALLOON BA'BOOM ZA GOOSE, OKAY SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH THESE NAMES!" No, seriously, what the fuck?

Once again, someone volunteers and once again, my questions weren't answered. Fuck you. "I VOLUNTEER!" Yells a girl. She has curly hair and bright eyes. Immediatly, I don't like this bitch. Once she came in contact with me, I made her trip. She glared at me as she announced her name. "Nebraska Adair."

"Okay you two, shake eachothers hands and shit." Before they can do so though, a man that looks about 50 yells something, "Please, don't let Nebraska go! I have the money and she is all I have left, don't let her go!" Okay, I'm obviously not letting this bitch go home. In fact, I'm looking forward to her death. But this is actually quite amusing, so I play with it. I wink at a nearby peacemaker so they understand and he laughs. Wow, what a sexy laugh.

I gesture the man, who I believe is the bitch's father, to come up on to the stage. He does so. "Okay, let me see money." I ask. He shows me and confirms the amount for me. "This is $100,000,000." He says quietly. I smile as I take the money from him. "Okay, can Nebraska go now?" I laugh. "Oh hell no, thanks for the money though, I'll make sure I ask to keep some of the share." He looks at me, enraged. "Let my daughter go!" He growls at me. He tries to punch me but I dodge. I then kick him hard in the groin, making him yell and fall, hard.

"Ugh..." He mutters. I smile as I grab my pistol. I whisper into his ear, "You know, I can shoot you now." His eyes go wide but he stills acts stubborn. "You wouldn't dare!" I shrug. "Suit yourself." I shoot him in the forehead and bits and pieces of brain and flesh fly everywhere. An eruption of blood flies onto my face and the bitch is horrified and so is Sashe. I lick some blood. "Mhm, even better then that goldfish." I shoot him again but this time, in his groin. His dick flies off and it lands near a dog. The dog then grabs it with his teeth and it then walked off.

I can't blame the dog, everyone likes a good sasuage. I turn and I see the bitch crying as Sashe comforts her. I grumble. "I guess my previous guess was right." I say, looking at the clouds. "This District is just full of fucktards."

I grab Sashe by the shoulder. I demand him to go to the Justice Building. To add effect, I tap his back with my pistol. His eyes grew wide and he whispers something to the bitch. She gets up. I sigh. "Okay you useless pieces of shit, let's go."

District 0

Blood Ripper - Republic

"Oh my god, cut me harder!" I moan in pleasure. Right now, I was having a slave cut me as the train made it's way to District 0. The slave is very silent as she cuts me, her blonde hair flowing. I smile.

"Ooooh, suck my blood!" I yell. She blinks, she doesn't know what to do. "Uh, quit stalling and put your lips on my cuts! Make sure you suck hard, babe!" I pursue. She still doesn't understand.

Ugh, why am do I always get the dumbass slaves? I grab her by her hair and I pull. She lets out a painful streak and she drops the knife, which cuts my leg a little. I moan as I force the slave to suck my blood.

Her eyes grew wide as I yelled at her. "Now listen to me you loosy bitch, I want you to use your lips to suck the blood out of my cuts and make sure you do it hard, 'kay?"

Awareness grew over her as she sucked the blood. Ooooooh wow! This is almost as good like when Endeavor does it! "Ooooh uuuuh aiyah!" I moan even more when she shoves her fingers in the cut. She twists and twists and shit, I'm getting wet!

"Aaaaaaah!" I came.

I started taking deep breaths and I told the slave that was enough. "Okay, 1. You are dissmissed. 2. How much do I owe you?" Before she can hear me finish, she walks off with a disguisted look on her face. Hmmm, I'll just put it on my tab then.

Anyway, after my 'healing', we've already reached the District. Hmm, I wonder if there is any tacos or something. I always get hungry after the end of session.

5 minutes later

Okay I looked, no tacos... This District sucks ass. Oh shit, the reapings are going to begin soon! And when did it get cold and oh, it's freezing... It feels wonderful! Too bad I have to go now.

"Excuse me, young lady?" Someone asked me, "Hmm?" I turned around to see an oldman who was a midget. He looked like he flew out of a train. "Yes?" I asked. He replied, "Why aren't you wearing any clothes?" What, oh yeah! I took off my clothes to dry!

I quickly grabbed them from where they were hanging and I put them on. I could hardly feel the chills now... Life sucks ass.

Anyway, I then went on the back on some homeless man and I ordered him to carry ke to town square. He obliged, saying he liked the feeling on his back, whatever that meant.

3 minutes later (hobos, the human roadrunner)

Wow, that was faster then expected! I pat the hobo on the back and I let him slap my ass. It's a win-win for the both of us, I guess.

I start making my way to the stage and everyone starts gasping from the sight of me. What? Have you never seen a bisexual woman with fuckloads of scars and open cuts? Okay then, your life must suck.

I grab the mic and I begin to speak, "Okay, welcome to District 0's first reaping! I am Blood Ripper and I'm totally not proud to say that I am going to be the escort for this District! Also, if anyone has a whip, please whip me now!"

Silence. "Okay, I think the peacemakers are on a low budget, which is weird since they whip you guys all the time, so I'll just move on."

I start making my way to the first glass bowl but I bump into the stand and it breaks into shards, one of which hit me in my leg. "OOOOOH WOW!" I exclaim. I put my hands into the arragement of shards! "Ugh, that shit feels great!" I yell as blood started leaking out of my palms. A peacemaker asks if I need help but I ignore him. The crowd is staring at me, wide-eyed, as I find a slip. It's caked with my blood but it is still legible.

"Okay oooh, Mystique Seasonal, get your fat ass up her!" I say to the crowd.

A girl with red hair and green eyes begins walking up the stage. Hmm, if she wasn't younger then me (I'm not Glass), I would so do her! She looks a little shocked but still confident, I wouldn't be suprised if someone decides to sponsor her.

She bows to the crowd. "Polite, the Republic might not like that, you know." She didn't seem to hear me. I shurg as I lick some of the blood on my hands. "Well that's our female tribute, time to see who will be our male!"

I begin making my way to the second bowl but sadly, I didn't bump into it. Most of my blood soaked the slips but one laid unscathed. I grabbed that one and I announced the name.

"Donald Buck, you bastard, get the hell up onto the stage!" I call out.

"I volunteer." Said a voice. Huh? A volunteer? I wonder what kind of drugs this guy uses?

A boy with short, red hair and green eyes walks up onto the stage. He must be well known from all the grimaces and gasps the crowd is showing.

"Nero Aquanine..." He says softly.

Wait, isn't that the name of the boy who revealed District 0 to us by climbing over a fence to District 8? Damn, no wonder he wants to die.

"Well you two," I look at the two of them. "I guess you can just shake while I ask that peacemaker over there to whip me, 'kay?" They looked bewildered but they complied and so did the peacemaker. I'll never forget that greedy, lustful look he gave me. <3

"Well District 0, I present you, your District tributes for the 1000th Hunger Games!" No one seemed happy and some glared at me. Oh, their glares are making feel so wet!

"Okay," I said, breathing hard, "Let's go to the Justice Building!"

District 1

Sin Tower - Republic

This waiting is getting me annoyed! Said Wrath. Ugh, Wrath, I'm trying to sleep. Be quiet... Said Sloth. Shut it you two! I am the strongest of us all! Said Pride. I wonder what that cow tastes like? Said Gluttony. I wonder what that slave tastes like? Said Lust. Guys, look! I made an airplane model! Said Envy. No one cares, Envy! Pride yelled at Envy.

This is what it is like in my head. I have 7 different personalities, each with their own persona. I sigh.

"Oi, when are we getting to the District?!" I impatiently ask a slave. Look's like I'm Wrath right now.

"Well sir, I'm afraid it'll be another hour until we ge-" I cut him off there. I grab him by his neck and I began choking him. "ONE HOUR!" I yelled. "I HAVE MUCH BETTER, WORTHWHILE THINGS I CAN COMPLETE IN AN HOUR!" The slave is looking at me, his eyes full of horror and pain. He has a hard time speaking but he manages, "Si- Si- Sir, you hew have to hew understand hew we hew we can't..." I yell at him, "YOU CAN'T WHAT!" He didn't respond, I killed him. Shit...

I let go of the now dead slave and yawn. "Uuuuuh, killing sure can make me tired...." So I'm Sloth now, huh? Okay then. I grab a pillow and a blanket and I set myself to sleep. "Sweet dreams..." I yawned. And with that said, I was asleep.

"Get the fuck up you lazy bastard." Said an old, garbly voice next to me. My eyes fluttered opened and I turned to see an oldman who was a midget. He looked like he flew out of a train and he had frostbite. He gritted his teeth and he began to complain, "First I get flown out of a train and then I got frostbite only to come here. How the hell did I even get here!" I sit up and cross my arms. "Yeah, how the hell did you get here? This place is for only rich people, like me!" Okay, so I'm Greed now.

I point to a wide, red button and I gesture for him to press it. "Ooo, button!" He cries in glee. Once he pressed the button, he was flown out of the train. "FUCK!" He screamed as he was flown out of the moving train. Wait, did he just steal Crow's cachphrase? Wow, he is so going to get his ass beaten.

Suddenly, the train came into an arrupt halt, sending me flying through the window. "Shit..." I moaned as I rubbed my head.

I turned to face the train and I was about to go back inside and ninja-kick the conductor's ass when the train blew up. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I yelled as I covered myself and my poor ears. Debris flew everywhere and I was almost decapitated by the train's main motor.

The explosion later stopped. My ears ringing, I opened my eyes to see the damage. The train had been blown to bits and the area around it was littered by the burned corpses of slaves, rich folk and a fat cat. Oh no, not the cat!

I moaned in pain. Glass shards found it's way to my right leg and my left side. Blood would've loved this, I think.

I sat down and I started pulling the glass shards out of me, one by one. I winced as I pulled out the tiny fragments. I felt and looked like shit, much like how people end up as after ticking off Crow.

I began looking around. I was in a desert with nothing but ripped-up cactus and vultures flying overhead, some were even pecking at the many bodies that littered the ground. I was worried I would be their next meal.

I blinked and I think I saw that oldman dancing with the burned body of the fat cat. "That's it, I'm going insane." My vision blurred and I was about to pass out when I picked up the familiar scent of perfume and blood. Oh, shit, I thought just before blacking out.

"Wake up." Said a feminine, yet emotionless voice. I looked up to see the blank face of Sunday, the cold beauty of the Republic. "Oh hey there, Sexy!" Shit, Lust couldn't have appeared at a worse time.

Sunday scowled. She knows of my condition but that didn't stop her from slapping my face with full-force. "Ouch..." I began to moan again but I quickly stopped when Sunday threw a knife, inches away from my crouch.

Suddenly aware, I checked my surroundings. Clearly, this must be District 1's Justice Building as the District's symbol was littered all over the place. The question was though, what room is this? The Building has many rooms, in fact, it's more of a labyrinth. I edged my head around to my left and I was instantly refreshed with the sight of gore.

Human skulls were attached to stakes, crimson fluid flowing through the openings. Hearts and organs were inside jars of blood sloppily, like they weren't even trying to place it neatly. A man's dick was shoved up the eye socket of a woman with no jaw, just raw flesh. A person's ass was being displayed as a trophy of some kind. Maggots were crawling through the many holes within it. The scene was horrific but I wasn't phased. Compared to the Republic's prisons, this was child's play.

I turned my head to the right to see many, many torturing devices. Their looks were indescribable, they were even more terrifying then the gore that laid from the opposite side.

I now understood what room this was. With a shiver, I thought in my head, This is the Torturing Room.

Sunday grabs a nearby knife and she flings it to the trophied ass. The ass falls apart to a big, bloody mesh of flesh. She puts on a glove and she begins to examine it. She smiles and I say nothing.

She finally comes back and she releases me of my binds. I rub my sore hands as Sunday begins to talk, "You know, I'm going to kill you." I jumped a distance a moment she said that.

I laugh nervously, "Oh Sunday, I see your humor has improved." She then suddenly hits me in the stomach and I fall to the ground. My chest was leaking blood, she attacked me with spiked, brass knuckles.

Sunday smiles that creepy smile of her again and she begins to speak, "The District 1 reapings ended 3 days ago." ... What? "Wha, what?" Sunday smacks me and I moan. "Don't worry, Code made sure the reaping still happened." She pauses for a moment before finally talking again, "We cloned you while you were out."

"You can't be serious?" It sounded more like a question then a demand. We are capable of many things, to us, cloning would probably be child's play. Sunday speaks again, "Oh, we're serious. Sadly, we only need one Sin so it's time for you to be released."

I try crawling away but Sunday has already caught me. She drags me to the Boiler's room. "Oh no, you're not going to throw me into the furnace, are you?" I plead to her. She smirks.

We're now facing the furnace and she's about to chuck me in. "Please, Sunday, don't." The only, and last, thing she told me was, "We don't need... Uncooperative allies." And with that, I was thrown in.

My flesh slowly was melted away by the hot flames, my blood covering the metal. I tried screaming but no sound came out. My skin slowly melted away, leaving only parts of bones that was soon going to be gone as well. My face was slid off and I knew, I was dead.

District 2

Raven Talons - Republic

I am seriously doubting us now. I knew we were bad, but this, this just breaks all my expectations. Sending kids to fight to the death? Wow, that will solve everything, right? I sigh as I lay on my bed.

A slave comes to me, handing me a glass of water. I kindly refuse her, saying she can have it. She panics, does she think the glass is poisoned? Apparently, she does as even though she is as silent as a spider, her expression shows it all.

I sigh as I gently take the glass from her. She starts to calm down so I dismiss her. I hate the idea of slaves almost as much as I hate this idea.

I sip the water slowly as I flip through random photos. Ah, here's one of niece Julia. Poor girl, her parents died in a train crash a couple of years ago. It seems like she still hasn't gotten over it.


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