Welcome to my new Games! As usual, if these turn out to be successful, I will turn them into a series. Also, please read the rules below before submitting a tribute and may the odds be ever in your favor.


  • 3 tributes per person. This number may go up whether I feel as if I'm in need for more tributes.
  • Give me new tributes this time. I will seriously search every tribute's name in order to check if they've been used already. I don't give a damn anymore. 
  • Follow the given template. If not, your tribute will be denied on the spot.
  • Wikia contributors will be ignored.
  • No reservations, I want these to begin as soon as possible.
  • Try to make your tribute's name unique and completely unordinary. This may seem like a needless task, but I like tributes with more out of the blue names rather than those with common names, such as "Shade." This goes for surnames as well, so no "Shadows" or whatever else is common. If I don't like the name, I'll just deny the tribute. Simple as that.
  • Do not criticize my writing or attempt to make it "better." Little things, such as spelling errors, are okay but if you try to change what I have planned, I will not hesitate to kill your tribute.
  • Don't complain if your tribute dies or gets injured. This is the Hunger Games after all, where kids die for the Capitol's entertainment.
  • Foul language, gore, psychological and physical torture, and sexual references will be included. If you don't like any of the elements mentioned, I recommend you get the hell off of my Games now.
  • Don't be discouraged if your tribute has a low training score and odds. The scores will have little effect as the story progresses.
  • Here's the special thing about my Games. Usually, the heroic or sad backstory female wins the Games while the insane or devious tributes die, right? Well, I don't care for any of that logic. To put it simply, everyone has a chance for victory, even the mental ones.
  • Advice will be ignored, so don't give it.
  • Instead of the usual sponsor system, the only way you'll be able to sponsor your tribute is through sponsor questions and gaining hundredth comments. Also, some questions will have added bonuses that will help your tribute in various ways . . . or not.
  • As I rely on outside sources for internet, updates will be fairly slow. Do not be surprised if I don't update for a week or more, it's hard enough for me to get on at all.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves as the story goes on!


Follow this or your tribute will be denied. I don't care anymore, nor did I really ever did.






Appearance: (Lunaii, RL picture, or description.)


Backstory: (200-500 words)


District Name Gender Age Weapon
0 Komentia Flores Female 16 Sword
0 Greyson Darlon Male 17 Spear
1 Helena Krisp Female 18 Katana
1 Panthern Agrios Male 14 Bear trap with chain
2 Genny Trinklet Female 18 Bow & Arrow
2 Wesley Ishot Male 17 Crossbow
3 Luna Glitchturn Female 17 Traps
3 Kent Beat Male 17 Axe
4 Gwirren Dariel Female 18 Spear
4 Alexander Snapper Male 16 Trench knife
5 Lux Finalé Female 17 Bow & Arrow
5 Frade Spectrus Male 14 Dagger
6 Lemin Jolice Female 17 Knife
6 Baord Jolice Male 17 Throwing knives
7 Blondie Genesis Female 16 Katana
7 Ferron Clock Male 15 Axe
8 Fabrey Texx Female 17 Throwing knives
8 Tylor Fizbeet Male 15 Shield
9 Nymphadora Volley Female 18 Anything brutal
9 Connor Kenway Male 18 Tomahawk 
10 Huntress Scape Female 18 Bow & Arrow
10 Spiridon Sacarus Male 15 Pitchfork
11 Felicia Carlos Female 17 Knife
11 Sage Elderberry Male 16 Knife
12 Steammie Pic Female 15 Crossbow
12 Mordecai Darah Male 18 Scimitar 
13 Sorcera Spectrus Female 17 Dagger
13 Flippy Twinmind Male 17 Explosives
14 Riven Exile Female 18 Sword
14 Jett Freefall Male 17 Khopesh
Capitol Seraphina Snowlake Female 15 Depends
Capitol Julius De Mort Male 18 Axe

Tribute Gallery


Twist #1: Soul Bound

Tributes will be organized into pairs of two, so alliances will be eliminated. Basically, the tributes are bounded by their partner until said otherwise by a non-existant mental bounding. The bounding is so powerful, that whenever a partner gets hurt, so will the other person but at a lesser extent. Partners are not allowed to kill each other, as that will sever their "soul" as well. So if a tribute were to kill their partner, they will die shortly as well. If another tribute kills a tribute's partner, the person with the dead partner will feel pain that will rise up to intense levels as the days pass by, until they ultimately pass as well.

Training Scores

Excellent = (12-10)

Good = (9-8)

Moderate = (6-7)

Bad = (5-4)

You're in deep shit = (-3)

District Name Training Score Odds
0 Komentia Flores 7 20-1
0 Greyson Darlon 5 28-1
1 Helena Krisp 9 10-1
1 Panthern Agrios 8 12-1
2 Genny Trinklet 8 14-1
2 Wesley Ishot 3 100-1
3 Luna Glitchturn 9 9-1
3 Kent Beat 6 23-1
4 Gwirren Dariel 11 4-1
4 Alexander Snapper 11 4-1
5 Lux Finalé 8 14-1
5 Frade Spectrus 9 8-1
6 Lemin Jolice 10 7-1
6 Baord Jolice 9 9-1
7 Blondie Genesis 9 8-1
7 Ferron Clock 5 26-1
8 Fabrey Texx 7 19-1
8 Tylor Fizbeet 4 31-1
9 Nymphadora Volley 10 5-1
9 Connor Kenway 9 6-1
10 Huntress Scape 10 5-1
10 Spiridon Sacarus 8 12-1
11 Felicia Carlos 8 13-1
11 Sage Elderberry 6 22-1
12 Steammie Pic 7 16-1
12 Mordecai Darah 9 9-1
13 Sorcera Spectrus 8 11-1
13 Flippy Twinmind 4 35-1
14 Riven Exile 11 3-1
14 Jett Freefall 10 5-1
Capitol Seraphina Snowlake 4 31-1
Capitol Julius De Mort 11 4-1


Pair Name Name
1 Komentia Flores (0)

Julius De Mort (Capitol)

2 Greyson Darlon (0) Spiridon Sacarus (10)
3 Helena Krisp (1) Seraphina Snowlake (Capitol)
4 Panthern Agrios (1) Connor Kenway (9)
5 Genny Trinklet (2) Kent Beat (3)
6 Wesley Ishot (2) Tylor Fizbeet (8)
7 Luna Glitchturn (3)

Mordecai Darah (12)

8 Gwirren Dariel (4) Blondie Genesis (7)
9 Alexander Snapper (4) Fabrey Texx (8)
10 Lux Finalé (5) Nymphadora Volley (9)
11 Frade Spectrus (5) Ferron Clock (7)
12 Lemin Jolice (6)

Baord Jolice (6)

13 Huntress Scape (10)

Steammie Pic (12)

14 Felicia Carlos (11) Sage Elderberry (11)
15 Sorcera Spectrus (13) Flippy Twinmind (13)
16 Riven Exile (14) Jett Freefall (14)

Day I

Once each tribute gets inside their tube, they are lifted into the air. The light is blinding at first, and the majority of them are forced to look away, as the sickly arena was unveiled before them. Numbers of soft gasps and mutters could be heard as their eyes analyzed the dark terrain before them, some even shivering from the scene as the Gamemakers unheard laughter boomed within the Control Room. Their soon-to-be victims amused them greatly with their reactions.

But the children had the reason to be afraid. The new realm was a foreign existence to them, filled with dangerous creatures and even stranger things. The territory lacked regular flora and fauna, as most of the ground before them was uncultivated and harsh, with it mainly compromising of mountain and rigid landscape. Each direction of the compass secretly held a hidden danger, but every single one was as equally treacherous as it's counterparts. The tributes were stuck in the center, circling the Cornucopia, but it was soon to disappear, unbeknownst to them all.

From the east, there is a forest of death, with nothing but dead plants in it's wake. The autumn foliage, however, could veil, making it a possible safe zone. Was it not for the fact that skeletal beats lurked the very foundation of the deceased plantation. These demonic fiends were appropriately named the Umbra by the Capitol, the word for shade in the dead language of Latin. The things only serve one purpose; destruction. They don't care what they destroy as long as it breathes, and has a certain greedy likeness for tributes. Once in the clutches of these practically undead hellions, escape will be a near impossibility.

The west, in comparison to the east, seems much more welcoming with it's crystalline lakes and well-placed caves. In a region of melancholy, this particular sector looks completely out of place in contrast with the deadly expanse around it. But as some would say, not everything is what it seems, and in this part of the arena's case, that saying is spot on. Ravenous, wooly humanoid savages known as Rabies scorn the land they trample on as they searched for something to devour. In spite of being blind, they were still a force to be reckoned with, as their other senses take advantage of it's lack of sight. It's also not picky, slurping on whatever gets trapped in it's mighty grasp.

The north has nothing but darkness, as it was a simple blank pit in the far top of the arena; an abyss named by the Gamemakers the Inferna. There is no monster that hides behind the tenebrous walls that waited for something to fall in it's trap. It's a basic abyssal labyrinth, with twists and turns absolutely everywhere. But what it lacks in beasts it makes up for in the mental damage it is capable of invoking to those who fall in it's boundaries. The silence and pitch blankness is unnerving and unbearable, causing hallucinations and illusions to occur within the minds. Even those with innocence and sanity have the high gamble of falling victim to the demoralizing gloom.

And finally, the south. A desert of sands, bones, and ashes lay within the austral route. Venomous animals, such as snakes, are a common occurrence in the wasteland, but the real threat are not these small vermin. No, the spiders are the real perils here. These lurking varmint, labeled as the Araneo, take the form of colossal ten-legged arachnids that enjoy paralyzing their prey with the barbs on their long, slender legs before draining the thing completely of it's blood. It's a powerful mutt, being surprisingly agile and devastatingly strong, yet lacking in intelligence.

But there was another threat. He smiled thinly on top of a high sierra peak, before jumping down, unharmed and unscathed. He laughed, a loud maniacal sound that reverberated throughout. Now in the shadows, his figure couldn't be seen. Still, an intense aura of death and intimidation could be felt from him, as his yellow eyes glared at the cameras, before disappearing. The tributes did know about the mutts, for they had been told about them prior to their engagement in the arena, but they were utterly unaware of this new-found foe. Only the strong will be able to prevail.

The countdown was now reaching it's conclusion, as the voice of announcer Cicero Sparklight made a resonance as he finished off, "0! May the 100th Annual Hunger Games begin!"

And it was during that moment the earth fell silent, as the children of all ages dashed towards the Cornucopia. The first one to escape the captivity of his pedestal was Frade, who had made a quick effort to be the one to first spill blood on the gravel. He had tackled Tylor easily, and ignoring the boy's desperate pleas to spare him the hand of death, he struck him with a nearby stone. A sickening crack could be heard as rock clashed with skull, almost instantly killing the weak male from 8. Frade merely chuckled as he bashed him again and again, leaving his corpse unrecognizable to the district and Capitol audience.

And due to the passing of his partner, Wesley fell to the ground screaming, a burning mark appearing on his forehead. Similar to the appearance of a clock, the hour hand was stuck exactly on 12'o clock, but for how long? He struggled to lift himself from the ground, and was only able to do so thanks to pure will power and strength, as he angrily roared and sprinted toward Frade, who was currently staring at his kill in awe. But Wesley newly found boost of will did not last long. Just as he was about to strike the boy from 5 down, he stopped abruptly, coughing up crimson fluids until he fell to the ground. Dead.

A knife had made an appearance in the fallen boy's back, as Ferron reeled himself back in horror of the murder he had just committed. Frade's heart was beating fast due to having made a kill, and had nearly been killed himself, but his face showed no fear. Instead, he looked at Ferron with a sort of amusement in his eyes, as if his partner's reaction of killing a person interested him. And it did. Nonetheless, the two quickly recollected themselves, as they began to raid the Cornucopia.

Luna grabbed what she thought was necessary from the interior of the golden abundance; A water canister, strips of dried meat, a bag of apples, two knives, and a belt and pack to store them all in. She worked urgently, but not in a careless way. She wanted to escape with Mordecai, who was foraging for a weapon, but she also couldn't afford any mistakes. Flaws could lead to a person's death as easily as a blade could slit a man's throat.

Finally done with her procedure, she got up quickly as she hung the pack over her shoulders. Mordecai, it seems, had managed to salvaged an axe from the weaponry racks, his usually pale skin now slightly tanned thanks to training outside in the Capitol. With the sun reflecting on the Cornucopia, his skin seemed to shimmer lightly under the intense light, causing Luna to blush slightly. It also caused her to not notice the knife flying at her until it was too late.

It lodged itself right next to her, causing Luna to nearly scream. Nymphadora appeared, another throwing knife in hand, although she seemed to pout at Luna as she drew closer. She was disappointed the dagger didn't reach it's target. The small expression soon turned to a mad grin however, as the maniac from 9 advanced towards Luna, who stared and quivered at her assailant with fear. Nymphadora smiled, as she raised her knife towards Luna, when her arm fell off. She screeched as the bloody, severed limb fell to the ground, as Mordecai glared daggers at her. She took a step back, as if to run away, but ultimately tripped on her own appendage. Mordecai sighed, before delivering the final blow. He swung his axe with a strong thrust, decapitating her, causing her liquids to run rampant in a steady stream.

Mordecai let his grip on the axe loosen, as he attached it to his belt. He brought down a hand to help hoist Luna up, but she hastily denied him, although secretly she was shivering all over after nearly having her life taken. But that moment of pandemonium, whether she liked it or not, had been a blessing in disguise, for she had stumbled across one of the two maps of the arena while Mordecai was finishing off Nymphadora.

Jett had finally found the only khopesh of the Cornucopia after spending much of his time ferreting for it. It was a jet-black blade, fitting to his name, that had a crescent like a sickle. He adored the curved sword, and was grateful that he could find one. Sickle-swords, such as the one now in is hands, were hard to come by in the Hunger Games. The wicked blade seemed eager to spill blood.

Along with the sword, he had also packed up on another necessities; food, water, a sleeping bag, and a jacket. He carried all of these in a large pack, leaving him slightly sluggish, but not entirely vulnerable. He knew he had excellent and superb survival skills, yet, seeing the arena uncovered while on his tribute pedestal had left him slightly unsure. He wanted to make sure he had the rations to survive more than a couple nights, as the Capitol is an unpredictable fox, with ulterior motives that can leave a person's mouth gaping open.

His soul and district partner, Riven, appeared behind him. She carried a sword, similar to his but without the curve, and also had a pack over her shoulders. She seemed to be scowling under the light of the scorching sun, and looked even more irritated when she saw the abundance Jett was carrying, before finally shrugging. She didn't want to bother with this situation now, out of all times, as the only thing she looked forward to at the moment was escaping the bloodshed the bloodbath invoked on the tributes. Luckily for them, they seem to be one of the fortunate of tributes, as they are able to escape the bloodbath unscathed and untouched as they enter the west zone. Still, they should not overestimate their skills, as only the Gamemakers know what will happen next.

Kent and his partner, Genny, wasted no time as they began to scour through supplies, taking only what they could manage. Genny felt slightly unfortunate that she was paired up with somebody who got a measly 6 for his training score, although Kent paid no attention to her scowl. He was too busy trying to pull a slip of paper from a crate. Usually, he wouldn't have risked trying to get something like a mere vellum, was it not for the fact his mentor Hadley had mentioned that he and Luna should search for one, as the possibility of it being a map was always high.

It was only a stroke of luck for Kent to have found a map so quickly, but he took advantage of this. Finally, he pried it from the crate, and held it triumphantly in the air when he was unexpectedly flipped into the air. The vicious District 4 female Gwirren flashed a mad grin at him, while Genny could do nothing but stare in fear as her partner fell to the ground. He gasped for air, his heart beating more hurried now, as the 4 female strolled towards him. Her attention slipped from beating the little District 3 nuisance to death, on to the map. She smiled, before speaking, "I've seen you've gotten your hands on something. I'm afraid I'm going to have to take it from you now, dear. So sorry."

But Kent, although breathing heavily, awoke from his daze. As Gwirren brought her hand down to pluck the marked vellum from his hands, he grabbed a nearby knife, and struck it directly in Gwirren's boot, piercing the leather and striking her foot. She cried in pain, as she kicked her offender in the face, nearly causing him to pass out as she fell to the ground. Genny, finally slipping from her astonishment, grasped a club in hand, before slamming it against Gwirren's face. Her death is almost instantaneous as her body grew cold. Genny felt a wave of unease began to overcome her as she looked at her first kill one last time, before she bending down to help Kent up. Together, with their supplies and map, they left the bloodbath and into the safety of the north zone. For now, that is.

Julius and his partner Komentia arrived inside the Cornucopia. Komentia's priority wasn't really getting a weapon, for she sought necessities instead. Not worried for her, Julius instead focused on the weaponry racks. He had knowledge of using a number of weapons, although he preferred an axe. Mordecai had taken the first axe, leaving a good number of three behind. Smirking with delight, he flicked one up with a simple move of the wrist, before catching it. He had been practicing his skills for a while now, and will surely use his strengths in order to prevail through the hellhole known as the arena.

He returned his attention to Komentia, who was helping a blond girl regain her balance. Lux. A hideous Stygian clock-like mark made it's appearance on the center of her forehead, like the one on Wesley's body. She seemed to be a sickly and unsightly experience in contrast to the beauty she was before, and Julius should know. He had looked at her with the intent of committing sins of lust more than more during training. He then recalled Nymphadora's corpse in the Cornucopia. Of course, he thought. It's only natural there's one to this twist than simple pairings.

Seeing Julius, Komentia looked at him gravely. "It's Lux, Jules . . . I think she's dying, she needs our help." Julius wrinkled his nose in disgust from the nickname she gave him after learning the two of them were going to be partners. He's also not surprised by the fact that Komentia would recommend such a thing. During training, he had learn of her compassion and kindness, something he liked destroying in the women he raped and tortured. It irritated really, but he realized he could take advantage of this situation. After all, two is better than one right? He faked a smile. "Very well, but we must get going."

Seraphina looked around nervously as her partner Helena packed their supplies into two satchels; one for each of them. Out of all the tributes to be paired up with, Seraphina had feared Helena the moment she laid eyes on her. That fear only grew stronger when she learned that Helena's hair was dyed with blood. She shivered from the thought of it, distracting herself so she didn't notice that the girl from 1 had been handing her a bag.

"Oi, Sera," Helena sighed. "Snap out of it." Seraphina, now awaken from her train of thought, flushed slightly as she took hold of her satchel. Throwing the strap over her shoulder, she and Helena began to move on when Helena spoke again.

"Stop for a sec, I see someone getting supplies."


"So what? Obviously I'm going to try get myself a kill, genius."

Seraphina looked at Helena more gravely now. She hadn't expect her to say something like this. Helena shrugged, before taking a silver dagger from her belt, as she approached the hurrying figure silently. It was Greyson, the District 0 male. He was busy trying to place his items within his bag, and it was this distraction that would prove to lead to his death. Helena put a hand over his mouth, making his eyes go wide, before slitting his throat.

Blondie struggled to pace herself. After the death of her partner Gwirren, the clock mark had been placed on her forehead, giving her a feeling of unexplainable constant pain. Every step was filled with more pain, making it difficult for her to not stop and end herself of this eternal suffering. But she knew she couldn't do so. She needed to press herself, as it would be selfish of her not to. She had a family back home, and although her father may be bastard, she couldn't leave him with her beloved mother and sister.

She only a knife and a small pack she salvaged from the Cornucopia, leaving her with scare resources. Luckily for her, everyone was too busy either escaping or dying to notice her, but this only made things only slightly easier. The road to survival is full of perils. While limping, she thought of where to go, when she tripped. She caught herself before colliding with the earth, but this still made her vision even more dazed and pained, until she finally noticed what made her almost fall. Spiridon, the District 10 male.

Like her, after the death of his partner Greyson, he was left with the clock mark. He groaned and moaned, not being to get himself up and running again it seems. Blondie pitied him, but she couldn't allow herself to be distracted. She forced herself to look away and move on when he muttered something at her in his daze that stopped her dead in her tracks. "Kill me . . ."

Biting her lip, she released it while sighing. Ending Spiridon's life won't give her any satisfaction nor sponsors, but she knew in spite of that, she had to honor his request. She would rather end his life than watch him continue to groan until he finally died. That would be inhumane of her. She bent down to Spiridon, saying nothing, as she stabbed him in the heart, ending him.

Sorcera looked at Flippy uneasily. He had been quiet for a while now, and she was starting to get worried. The two were in the Cornucopia still, and almost all of the tributes had escaped, leaving them and a few others together. Suddenly, he got up, causing Sorcera to nearly flinch. A mad look was in his eyes, causing her to shiver with unease and adoration. She was obsessed with this mien of his, as she always found it seductive whenever he acted like this.

He got up, a smile of insanity stretched across his face before abruptly disappearing, as he shook his head in discontent. Sorcera frowned. While she did like it when Flippy became mad, whenever he stopped being so, all of his allure seemed to evaporate like smoke. He looked perturbed, bothered, as he picked up a knife from the ground. In the light, Sorcera noticed itʻs red glow, signifying it to be stained with blood.

It would also be the last thing she would ever see. A sword entered her throat, causing her to hack up crimson fluids as she began to choke on her own blood. Her vision seemed to fade into black, as she struggled for breath and oxygen. She fell to the ground, as the saber released itself, causing more vital fluids to make the gravel a bitter scarlet.

Flippyʻs own hand went to his throat as he groaned, as he turned to see his partner and admirer on the flooring. Eternally deceased. That was the last straw. He laughed for a while, as he looked up to connect with the eyes of the culprit. The one who handed Sorcera the death blow was Steammie, the District 12 female, who stared at the corpse of Sorcera in horror and disbelief while her partner Huntress muttered something blunt.

Flippy stepped back, still cackling like a freak, as his hands reached for another knife. Steammieʻs eyes went wide, as she tried to take grasp of her sword again, while Huntress prepared to load her bow and arrow, but they were far too late. Flippy howled, as he charged the two females with the speed of a rampant beast. In one swift movement, he slashed them both, slicing Huntressʻ bow string in half and causing a deep cut to appear on Steammieʻs forehead.

The girl fell to her knees, while Huntress, seeing the desperation of the situation and own need to survive outweighing her compassion, raced away into the east sector. But Flippy would pay no attention to her regardless. The only life he wanted to end at the moment was the girl in front of him. She trembled in fear as the maniac grabbed her by the hair, before slamming her head against his own. Flippy felt no pain from this, anger being more stronger than agony, but Steammie screeched like a banshee as her assailant bashed his skull against her own.

But he wasnʻt done yet. Muttering in a nonsensical language similar to gibberish, he jabbed his knives into each of her shoulders, pushing her to the end. A clot was developing as Flippy continued to stab her in a symmetrical pattern, only stopping to spit her eyes. Flippy kicked the near-dead Steammie to the ground, as she struggled to crawl away, but unfortunately for her, she was not easily pardoned. Flippy finished her by grabbing the sword she used to kill Sorcera, killing her in a similar way she did to Sorcera as well. He thrust the blade within her windpipe, finally killing her once and for all.

As a finishing touch, he also used the blade to write on her back with cuts and blood, "FOR SORCERA." He turned back to his normal self shortly afterwards, before stumbling into the west zone. He had survived, but for how long will he?

Finally, the bloodbath was over. The head Gamemaker Cornelius Redlark smirked with delight as he pointed to the Cornucopia. Cracks began to develop near the center of the arena, causing the earth around the Cornucopia to shake violently. Other tributes, including Lemin, noticed the tremor. She looked at the sky curiously, wondering what had just happened.

The Cornucopia, once serving the purpose as a haven and safe zone for the tributes, had been banished to the far earths. Truth be told, this certain Cornucopia was indeed a haven, as it was still full of supplies and no mutt would dare venture near it. But now, it was gone. And whether the tributes know it or not, this only made them more vulnerable, as the muttations were never fond of the golden lights it reflected during night.

The true Games had now begun and the surviving tributes will be pushed to their limits. And only one can live until the end.

Fabrey struggled for breath as she and Alexander continued to break across the meadows of the east sector. How long have they been running? It could've been long, as they had noticed a Rabies only moments ago. Still, in spite of the fact they had a good distance between it, Alex had taken off. Fabrey tried to follow as suit, but her partner was an athletic wonder. There was no doubt in her mind this was thanks to the intense Career training he must've took while in District 4. Back home in that dump called District 8, all she could do was work in a smoking factory for her entire life, sewing clothes for the vicious Peacekeepers. What an horrendous way to live your life.

Finally, Alexander stopped at the sight of a cave. It seemed entirely abandoned, and a good place to set up base as well, was it not for the fact the cavern seemed dangerously ominous and unnerving. The unknown was to always be feared, and Fabrey knew this. She took a step back, wanting to leave the access as soon as possible. For all they knew, a herd of Rabies could be hidden among the horrid darkness of the chamber.

But that didn't stop Alexander from strolling silently inside it's interior. Fabrey gasped. Is he trying to get them killed? But there was no point in turning back now when Alex was already inside. She sighed in grief, as she tried her best to keep up with him. Their steps echoed across the hollows, sending shivers down Fabrey's back, making her feel uneasy. Alex, on the other hand, looked surprisingly calm.

They had no means of light, making Fabrey wonder if Alex was getting them lost on purpose as she placed her hand on his shoulder in order to not loose sight of him. After walking for what seemed like eons, they had reached a sharp turn, leading up to another access filled with light. Anxious to leave behind the gloomy shade, she started off into a run towards the light. She stared in wonder at what she saw.

Giant, shimmering crystals littered the foundation of violet earth. Near the purplish soil lay a clear lake, that was thankfully enough abundant of fish. Colorful carps swam alongside each other, swimming in perfect unison as a group before bursting into an array of vibrancy. Vivid blossoms also made an appearance. Hues of azure, madder, indigo, ivory, and violet stuck together in an amazing diversity that could never exist in District 8.

The entire scene would've been beautiful was it not for the fact it was a terrible lie. Fabrey began to faint as soon as the small illusion-inducing serpent slithered away, as Alex cried her name.

But her vision was already fading to black.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

The cannons go off simultaneously. Connor counted them off, one by one, as he recalled the deaths he witnessed during the initial bloodbath. He recollected the facts of the first demise of the Games, the District 8 male, Tylor Fizbeet. He was a seemingly good and innocent child, one who didn't deserve to perish by the brutal hands of Frade. The very mention of the demonic male from 5 brought discomfort to Connor. Frade acted like a complete lunatic during training, especially when he nearly cut off the scalp of the head trainer, a fit man named Caius Ridblade. At first Connor had written off that moment as a freak accident, or perhaps a sign of nervousness from him. But now he was more than certain Frade Spectrus was truly the sociopath he acted like.

Other than Tylor's death, he had hardly paid attention to the rest of the apparent seven murders. He was far too busy trying to keep his own beastly partner, Panthern from District 1, under control. He acted as if he was an animal, and was an utter mongrel. Even now, under the quickly setting sun, he was busy poking at the corpse of a Rabies they had killed earlier. He even looked as if he was anxious to eat the thing, as his mouth watered upon noticing the large oblique cut on it's back.

Revolted, Connor dusted up. Currently, the two were literally on the border of the east and north zone. Connor felt as if he didn't want to stick around in the open for too long, as night was closing in surprisingly fast. To be on the border must surely be a risky move on his part, as whatever could be around the east part could attack them, while the bitter tenebrous unlit dark from the north zone threatened to advance towards them as well.

The dark may appear as if there was no danger, but Connor had paid attention during training. He remembered what Caius had said, about the horrid delusional effects this certain area had on the tributes. It didn't affect anything or anyone else but them, as when the tracker was implanted within them, it had also brought something else along with it. The shot was made specifically for the paranoia and horribleness the north zone brought along, as the never-ending abyss was perfect for triggering despair and grief within their tributes.

The Capitol is truly a disgusting branch. Connor sighed, as he bent down to retrieve a water canister from their multiple supplies. Along with the water, they had also obtained a sword for Connor and a knife for Panthern, although he didn't seem to happy about getting just a simple small blade; dried fruit, which Panthern refused to eat, and bandages.

But as Panthern didn't want to eat the dates and plums, they were lacking in foods still, and Connor worried he attempted to devour him. Panthern certainly doesn't come off as the logical type. As Connor gulped down one last sip of water, he noticed that his partner had disappeared. Worried, but knowing he couldn't be dead yet, he let the canister fall to the ground as he searched for him. He couldn't have gone far.

Certainly enough, it didn't take long until he arrived upon witnessing the savage brutally devouring a deer he had killed. Bloody bits of meat hung from his teeth as he crunched endearingly through the raw flesh of the doe, sending waves of disgust to ripple through Connor's body. At least he didn't need to worry about Panthern's appetite getting the better of himself now.

Death Chart

Placing Tribute District Killer Method
32nd Tylor Fizbeet 8 Frade (5) Skull smashed with rock
31st Wesley Ishot 2 Ferron (7) Back hit with throwing knife
30th Nymphadora Volley 9 Mordecai (12) Chopped off limb and decapitated with axe
29th Gwirren Dariel 4 Genny (2) Skull crushed with club
28th Greyson Darlon 0 Helena (1) Throat slit with dagger
27th Spiridon Sacarus 10 Blondie (7) Mercy kill by stabbing heart with knife
26th Sorcera Spectrus 13 Steammie Pic (12) Throat punctured with sword
25th Steammie Pic 12 Flippy Twindmind (13) Violently mutilated

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