The Time Has Come


Author's Note

 Perhaps I should explain myself; I still have yet to finish a single Hunger Games, and to admit that in itself is frustrating. Every time I believed I was finally motivated to write, a sudden storm of discontent and unwillingness rolled over me and it had succeeded in overwhelming me during countless incidents.
 Not to mention I felt as if no one cared at times, as no left me messages to continue really, and only few commented when I didn't write on certain days.
 A probable factor to blame for all of this is what I claim to be a lack of support, although I bear no offense to those who had continued to cheer. I apologize it was all for naught. This time around, I will make myself finish these. But with my own support.
 I will create a new series, but the genesis shall start with my own tributes, rather than those of the community. I acknowledge without arrogance that this fact will disappoint some of you; especially those who always join my Games, regardless of the odds of them being completed. Sorry.
 Nevertheless, this will be a lengthy project I've been slowly putting together in my mind. Even though these characters may not be yours, I urge to follow along.
 Now, without further ado, I present to you: The 175th Hunger Games.
 May the odds be ever in your favor.


  • Do not submit tributes.
  • Do not be offensive in general; otherwise I will ban you from my Games indefinitely.
  • Do not criticize my writing if I do not ask for criticism. That goes for proof-reading as well - I have to find those mistakes by myself, so your assistance isn't necessary.
  • You may sponsor a total of three tributes, although it's up to me whether or not those items are sent.
  • Profanity and gore are unavoidable, but that should be about it unless something comes up.
  • Note: While this isn't really a rule, this is just a small notice I shall include in all of my possible future Games: Rather than simply emphasizing on gore like most of the time, I think it's about time for me to move on from simply bloody madness. I will still include some scenes that are quite descriptive of course, except I shall be focusing on other elements more often as well.


 Panem is a shattered nation. Ruled with an iron-fist by a devilish dictator, this country has gone through countless revolutions. The first rebellion - a failure - eventually led to the second one, which although successful at first, followers of the deceased President Coriolanus Snow eventually overthrew President Paylor Jean, and a bloody fray soon ensued. The Panemian War took the lives of many victims, and a new president was crowned.
 He was Titinius White; grandson of a fallen Gamemaker and a loyal admirer to Snow. With Panem now in his clutches, he quickly ordered his acolytes to slaughter any threat - be it man, woman, child, or elder. This included Rye and Willow Mellark; children of the former victors, Katniss Everdeen-Mellark and Peeta Mellark.
 How did he win the war? A simple, yet malicious strategy. With a team of scientists on his right, and the equipment on his left, he released whatever he could to startle the population. Be it a wicked plague, an horrendous gas, or a tyrannical beast, his failure was as likely as Panem's success. He could not be beaten. He could not be found. And he was victorious.
 President White was a brutal man, and reinstated everything about Panem. He was eager to revive the Hunger Games naturally, and had every person he could to rebuild the arena. Those who fell to the labor were whisked from their posts, swiftly whipped, and thrown back to continue. This continued for days, and eventually became weeks, months, and years and even decades.
 It wasn't until he was at his deathbed were the Hunger Games ready to begin again however. The nation of Panem nearly experienced the joys of freedom once more until it was revealed who would take White's place; his nephew, Nero Caligula Gray.
 President Gray was even worse than his uncle, and had the Hunger Games begin once more almost instantly.
 His lineage continued to follow for decades up to the current President; a woman named Lucretia Fulvia Gray. And she is destined to break those unfortunate to be reaped.
 May the odds be ever in your favor.


District Name Gender Age Weapon
0 Vesper Graymark Male 17 Sword
0 Esther Starkweather Female 14 Throwing knives
1 Lorcan Madden Male 13 Throwing knives
1 Auriel Chrysaor Female 17 Throwing axes
2 Roman Teilo Male 18 Sword
2 Lila Highsmith Female 18 Steel claws
3 Redmond Tau Male 17 Traps
3 Rosalind Bree Female 15 Knife
4 Delta Bourne Male 16 Trident
4 Mew Windlass Female 12 Knife
5 Kier Meyers Male 18 Sword
5 Lucinda Kidd Female 16 Blowgun
6 Jagger Crain Male 15 Brass knuckles
6 Maven Rhodri Female 15 Knife
7 Teak Vitae Male 17 Knife
7 Silvia Pinecrest Female 16 Axe
8 Oxford Roope Male 17 Knife
8 Flossie Twyla Female 15 Blowgun
9 Lyman Milton Male 16 Sickle
9 Farina Fae Female 14 Scythe
10 Dempsey Corbett Male 18 Axe
10 Bella Mustang Female 15 Bow and arrow
11 Shylock Bloodroot Male 18 Sword
11 Bryony Seer Female 17 Sickle
12 Lorne Coleridge Male 15 Pickaxe
12 Emery Branwell Female 15 Throwing knives
13 Vine Swithun Male 17 Knife
13 Bluebell Pax Female 16 Knife
14 Fang Baris Male 18 Sword
14 Faline Silvester Female 16 Poison
Capitol Furcifer Soror Male 18 Knife
Capitol Luana Dorcia Female 17 Dagger

Gallery (Lunaii)

Gallery (Real Life)

Chapter 1: The Pre-Games

 By tomorrow, the reapings will have passed in Districts 0 and 14. As they were the farthest districts in the Capitol, with District 0 barely a part of the region, and District 14 spread across small islands amongst a vast blue, a schedule was developed to maintain a balance. All of the tributes will reach the Capitol at the same time, but the reapings will take place depending on a district's location.
 On Sunday, tributes from Districts 0 and 14 will be reaped as planned. On Monday, tributes from Districts 6, 8, 9, 11, 12 and 13 will be reaped as they are close in proximity. Afterwards on Wednesday, tributes from Districts 2, 5, 7, and 10 can count themselves to be in the Games. Once it is Thursday, Districts 1, 3, and 4 can be accounted for. And finally, the regal Capitol in all of its glory, shall have the honor of the final reaping on Friday.
 By Friday night, all of the tributes will finally be at the Capitol, and the chariot rides will take place. Citizens of the Capitol and other Hunger Games aficionados will watch with eagerness as the floats are unveiled. Although sponsors are already considered by the time of reapings, the chariot rides are usually where the tributes garner their most powerful support. Failure to impress can damper their chances of survival as a result of this.
 Training officially begins the day after on Saturday. It will last from Saturday to Monday, although once the dawn of the final day is revealed, the tributes will have to react with haste as the Gamemakers will be watching them perform separately that day. Training scores will commence on the ultimate day of preparation.
 It is recommended for tributes to take advantage of these three days to become acquainted with one another. Alliances, enemies, and strategies can all be determined in a short period of forty-eight hours. That length of time cannot be wasted, unless a tribute expects to perish. Strengthening your brawn and soul is important, but the real purpose of training together is to distinguish each other as either an ally or a foe to stick your knife in.
 Training scores will be uncovered that Monday night. As this segment isn't broadcasted to the Capitol, citizens can only guess what havoc had been wreaked and which tributes decided to sit it out. Nevertheless, most people can begin to garner an idea of the brawny and the weak, and which tributes will surely be targeted.
 Afterwards, stylists will have to make their assigned district's tributes beautiful and peppy in preparation of the interviews on Tuesday. They aren't quite as long; each interview lasts a good two or three minutes, although it solely depends on how interested the Capitol is in a certain tribute. The interviewer's name is Tiberius Goldlock; a witty and charming individual with a spunky sense of humor. He's an intelligent young man selected by the pre-Games Gamemakers for not only his appeal, but also the way he speaks and responds to questions.
 And all that remains is one good night's rest until the Hunger Games begin on Wednesday morning. In a short ten days, thirty-two children will be sent to kill each other in an arena, be it in the most merciless or macabre ways. This is the way of the Hunger Games. The way to a life's Hell in less than two weeks can only be discovered through entering these dreaded games of death . . .

Chapter 2: The Reapings

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