Still working on the Clock Tower series, I just felt like making another Games as I had this amazing idea that I just can't keep locked away. I hate secrets (that belong to me), okay? Okay. :P


The Games were said to be the creation of the Devil himself. The Capitol ruled over the smaller districts with the glare of fear, none could escape it's wrath. Countless rebellions occurred over the years, hope driving them to their max. Hope was all they had now. Sadly, the outcome, however, was always the same. The sun glinted over the horizon as night turned away, the carnage of war revealed. Death was everywhere, the bodies of fallen rebels littered the ground of Earth, blood stained the soil crimson. Every rebellion lasted 6 days, although that was because of the president's thought of fun. After the death of Snow, the one to take his place was the van Hell family, Satan I van Hell being the first representative of the family of red. The van Hell family were more than blood-thirsty, they broke the boundaries of sadistic. Cruel to their very core, they are the biggest supporters of the Hunger Games. In fact, it was Satan I van Hell that suggested the idea to him. When Coriolanus was still alive, the van Hell family were the only family that had the same riches of value. They were capable enough to gain sources more complicated and accurate than any of the dead president's, they could've easily surpassed him. But they didn't. Instead, they made themselves loyal to Snow, in order to deceive him. They were full of insanity, that was true. But just because they enjoyed the taste of blood didn't mean they were a band of idiots. They carefully planned everything about, their desires to rule nearly blinding them, but their tactics of survival prevented them from reaching their limits. They needed to make themselves not look like a target, but as a client of information. All they did, they did in accordance. If anything proved to bother them, they would eliminate it. If a certain someone sparked a rebellion, they would watch in secret as the cataclysm unfolded. They waited for the right moment to strike, to take away when all least expected it. Those who had a part in Snow's death was killed. Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Johanna, Annie, all of them. Their kids were kidnapped, and violated. Soon, they too would be tortured to death. The van Hell family will never forget their day of triumph. Any one that, before, would try to stop them was now dead. Any one else that seemed to be a threat was also killed. The van Hell family danced in around in the chaos around them. Satan I van Hell was now in charge, and he reinstated the Hunger Games, his original ideal. Even now, after more than 500 years they still rule over the souls of the people. The current president, Satan VI, is getting bored of the usual death traps. The time for the 666th Hunger Games is nearing, and he wants to make this Games an even bigger show than all the other Games before it. The Devil is hungry. He craves flesh.


  • 2 normal and 2 reincarnated tributes per user.
  • Reservations last 2 days.
  • No profiles.
  • There will be swearing and some sexual scenes. If you are disgusted by either or both, leave now. This blog is not for you.
  • Only District 1-13.
  • Be active and if I don't update for a while, bug me to update. That's one of the reasons why I stop updating so many of my Games.  You're making me think you don't care so why do it?
  • Don't be rude, keep those comments to yourself.
  • Enjoy the Games!

A Twist

Satan IV has decided to "reincarnate" previous deceased tributes from various Games. They have a chance of winning as well.

Reincarnated tributes won't have any memory of their past, other than being in the Hunger Games and dying. They will be released during the night of Day 1. The longer they survive, the more memories will surface. Including ones they never had or experienced before . . .


N. Tribute Template






R. Tribute Template





Games and how they died*:

Note: * = Do not use any games mentioned by the books or movies. An obvious example would be the 74th Hunger Games. You could use +76th Hunger Games, but I won't supply you with any information. Use your own imagination. :P


District Gender Name Age Weapon
D1 Male Alric Gould 18 Sword
D1 Female Melane Host 17 Throwing Knives
D2 Male Xavier Sifonis 14 Kaskara
D2 Female Reserved by Julia
D3 Male Darran Pelters 17 Knife
D3 Female Pandora Raven 16 Whip
D4 Male Alexander Snapper 16 Trench Knife
D4 Female Aella Freedome 17 Battle Axe
D5 Male Lucian Froylan 16 Dual Maces
D5 Female Reserved by Anna
D6 Male Reserved by  Erlend
D6 Female Reserved by Claudia
D7 Male Furry Anderson 17 Throwing Knives
D7 Female Jonell Trillur 16 Axe
D8 Male Fury Blaze 18 Spiked Club
D8 Female Lace Crossford 15 Shuriken
D9 Male Josh Luric 14 Knife
D9 Female Jasmine Firethorn 13 Scythe
D10 Male
D10 Female Faith Lunar 14 Stealth
D11 Male
D11 Female Ariselle Moonreaver 17 Throwing Sickles
D12 Male
D12 Female Reserved by Erlend
D13 Male Windsor Sulfur 14 Mace
D13 Female Jondrette Thena 17 Throwing Knives

Reincarnated Tributes

District Gender Name Age Weapon
D1 Male
D1 Female Reserved by Erlend
D2 Male Suzuki Hickey 16 Machete
D2 Female Yuki Hickey 13 Knife
D3 Male
D3 Female Reserved by Claudia
D4 Male
D4 Female Reserved by Josh
D5 Male Reserved by Ryan
D5 Female Reserved by Ryan
D6 Male
D6 Female Aria Falcon 14 Knife
D7 Male Cole Asher 15 Knife
D7 Female Reserved by Claudia
D8 Male
D8 Female Kalina Thread 12 Throwing Knives
D9 Male
D9 Female Reserved by Josh
D10 Male
D10 Female Reserved by Anna
D11 Male Brettin Lonnivon 17 Spiked Club
D11 Female Reserved by Kiki
D12 Male
D12 Female Reserved by Kiki
D13 Male
D13 Female Reserved by Julia


Bold - Major Character

Satan VI van Hell

Lucifer van Hell

Beelzebub van Hell

Mammon van Hell

Asmodeus van Hell

Leviathan van Hell

Belphegor van Hell

Ziz Skyridge

Behemoth Crush-Bell

Tribute Gallery

Character Gallery





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