Wow, I am so bad. Never before have I finished one of my Games, and I've broken any promise to continue one of them. This is my last attempt, and if I don't complete what I've started now, I'm never making another Games. And that might be a promise I'll be able to keep. So for now, read the rules, and pray I won't become lazy and loose all motivation to continue. 


  • No reservations. I'm actually accepting tributes that I like best, and I'm giving you all two weeks to submit as many tributes as you want. Don't take it personally if I don't accept your tribute, but if there's someone I like better, I'm taking that tribute instead. You can also submit as many as you want, but I'm probably only going to be taking 4 per person.
  • No profiles or links. I think you all are more than capable of copy and pasting their information via comment.
  • I will only take finished tributes into consideration.
  • Arguing with other users or negatively criticizing my writing will result in your tributes' deaths, if they're accepted at all.
  • Try to make your tributes as detailed as possible, but not too out of control, like what I do. (Hehehe.) 
  • Swearing and minor sexual references will be mentioned during these Games.
  • There will be twice as many tributes, and the Capitol as well as 0-14 will be participating.
  • In case you weren't aware, District 0's industry is astrology while District 14's one is muttations.
  • Be as active as possible. I'm not asking you to comment every minute or so, just notifying you're still in the running. Cheer for your tributes often, as that will strengthen your chances of victory. Those who seem to be inactive, will have their tributes' lives in danger.
  • These Games will be training scores and the actual Games only. The reapings take a long time to actually do, and I don't think I'll be motivated enough to finish.
  • Don't complain if your tributes die, only one will rise from the series of deaths. 
  • I'll do sponsor questions often, most involving the various twists of the Games. 
  • No. Spamming. Whatsoever. It's annoying, and makes me not want to join your Games. 
  • You only need to do this once, but to prove you've read these rules, either say, "I swear allegiance to the one known as Kronos." or "Screw Kronos, may Krios live on!" Whatever suits your fancy~
  • Enjoy and have fun during these Games. ^w^

Tribute Template

You may choose to follow this one, or use your own. That choice is completely up to you. Things that are needed for all tributes however, are their fears as well as the obvious basics. Everything else is up to you.








Other weapons:







These characters will be revealed as the Games progress.

Cyrus Grell/Head Gamemaker: A mysterious man with secrets of his own. He seems to be a perfectionist, seeing how he wants the Games to be in constant top notch. Other than that, little to nothing is known about him.


Tribute Status Keys

Light green = Alive

Gold = In danger

Crimson = Dead

District Name Gender Age Weapon Fear(s)
0 Lux Jupiter Male 18 Sword Scorpions
0 Duskus Sinrood Female 16 Scythe Loneliness
0 Tamesis Choler Male 17 Brass knuckles Bears
0 Martha Miller Female 12 Knife Blood
1 Zaphire "Zaph" Beux Male 17 Spear Snakes/People that make him weak
1 Shimmer Goldstein Female 17 Throwing Knives Becoming an avox again
1 Alric Gould Male 18 Sword Not being good enough/showing weakness
1 Hilda Luster Female 15 Axe Fire
2 Earl Zoranovic Male 18 Spear Fear
2 Veronica Morderkaiser Female 18 Dagger Fire
2 Travis Touchdown Male 18 Katana Death/Threats
2 Teresa Silver Female 18 Throwing knives Tall people
3 Yuki Kokyu Male 18 Spiked club Betrayal
3 Petra Mines Female 17 Knife Rapist
3 Aston Hughes Male 14 Sickle Socializing
3 Jinny Billtrox Female 16 Throwing knives Killing/Darkness
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Male 17 Whip Losing
4 Nixie Calamari Female 14 Trident Being thought of as a weakling/Boats/Large bodies of water
4 Trigger Storm Male 17 Mace Losing
4 Liv Seasal Female 15 Trident Thunder
5 Shade Spectrus Male 16 Dagger Dying/Being betrayed
5 Celeste Ryder Female 12 Knife Nightmares
5 Theodore Vendetta Male 19 (Reaped as 18) Short sword Spiders
5 Allana Darkbloom Female 17 Knife gloves ???
6 Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte Male 17 Axe Dying alone
6 Ariadne Ballentine Female 15 Blowgun Tracker jackers/Pain
6 Vesta Hubris Male 16 Axe Losing
6 Bailey Starshine Female 18 Spear Losing her dog (Night)
7 Mist Scorchil Male 14 Axe Losing
7 Annastia Bios Female 16 Axe Spiders
7 Riley Apocalypto Male 17 Harpoon Drowning
7 Camellia Winchester Female 16 Axe Something happening to her brothers
8 Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe Male 14 Crossbow Dying
8 Layla Twozone Female 15 Mace Elephants
8 Theo Clair Male 15 Throwing knives Confined spaces
8 Lydia Hollow Female 15 Axe Confined spaces
9 Ike Toussaint Male 14 Machete Dying
9 Wayde Heartby Female 18 Fencing sword People learning about her suicide attempt/Tall people
9 Lucas Sunsong Male 13 Blowgun Canine mutts
9 Jasmine Firethorn Female 13 Scythe Losing someone close to her/Fish
10 Zak Slaughter Male 16 Anything Being away from Mimic
10 Mimic Slaughter Female 16 Anything Being away from Zak
10 Aurora Mendoza Female 15 Bow & Arrow Lizards
10 Shadow Nightshade Male 17 Trident Death
11 Trent Korey Male 18 Spear Darkness
11 Wichita Firehill Female 15 Bow & Arrow Loneliness
11 Sevra Faalu Male 16 Anything Dying in shame
11 Celestine Carnation Female 14 Dagger Drowning
12 Andre de Leon Male 15 Throwing knives Fire
12 Reyna Alvarez Female 13 Axe Having to watch her allies die
12 Twix Cinders Male 12 Spear Fire
12 Valerie Moonshine Female 15 Mace Heights
13 Ares Dos-Santos Male 15 Throwing knives Betrayal
13 Eleith Lightstorm Female 13 Blowgun Death/Being found
13 Radiate Biohazard Male 12 Knife Lightning
13 Karla Flake Female 16 Knife Being touched/Socializing
14 Harley Swoop Male 14 Bow & Arrow Piper dying
14 Julia Wolfheart Female 18 Chained beartrap Animal abuse
14 Oberon Deviant Male 16 Scythe Fire
14 Piper Quinn Female 18 Bow & Arrow Fire/Harley dying
Capitol Jack Cayman Male 18 Sawtooth Sword Fear
Capitol Christina Shatter Female 16 Throwing knives Spiders
Capitol Riddle Maximum Male 17 Steel claws Imperfection
Capitol Esmerella Xenaris Female 15 Lariat Falling in love


Bold = Leader


Veronica Morderkaiser (2), Lux Jupiter (0), Zaphire "Zaph" Beux (1), Shimmer Goldstein (1), Hilda Luster (1),  Earl Zoranovic (2), Travis Touchdown (2), Teresa Silver (2), Yuki Kokyu (3), Kodai Hitogoroshi (4), Nixie Calarmari (4), Trigger Storm (4), Liv Seasal (4), Allana Darkbloom (5), Layla Twozone (8), Trent Korey (11), Jack Cayman (Cap), Esmerella Xenaris (Cap)


Mist Scorchil (7), Tamesis Choler (0), Duskus Sinrood (0), Shade Spectrus (5), Ariadne Ballentine (6), Vesta Hubris (6), Shadow Nightshade (10), Wichita Firehill (11), Christina Shatter (Cap)

Mixed I

Mimic Slaughter (10), Zak Slaughter (10)

Mixed II

Harley Swoop (14), Piper Quinn (14)

Male I

Riddle Maximum (Cap), Aston Hughes (3), Theo Clair (8), Lucas Sunsong (9), Sevra Faalu (11), Andre de Leon (12)

Male II

Ares Dos-Santos (13), Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte (6)

Male III

Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe (8), Ike Toussaint (9)

Female I

Petra Mines (3), Martha Miller (0), Jinny Billtrox (3)

Female II

Julia Wolfheart (14), Celeste Ryder (5), Karla Flake (13)

Female III

Camellia Winchester (7), Wayde Heartby (9),  Jasmine Firethorn (9), Aurora Mendoza (10), Reyna Alvarez (12), Valerine Moonshine (12)


Alric Gould (1), Annastia Bios (7), Riley Apocalpyto (7), Lydia Hollow (8), Twix Cinders (12), Eleith Lightstorm (13), Radiate Biohazard (13), Oberon Deviant (14)

Character Gallery


Tribute Gallery


I'm not going to reveal any of these right now. In time, they will, but through ulterior means. What these twists are, you'll only have to guess.


Known as: Asylum of Abaddon (Other names: Abaddon, Hell's Labyrinth)

It's an abandoned asylum, full of twists and turns. Vermin, such as mice, rats, and even spiders, keep hidden in walls, ceilings, and the very ground. These pests do little damage to the tributes, and serve only as an annoyance, that is unless a tribute fears any of the creatures that lurk the confined arena. The windows are blocked with strange planks of seemingly unbreakable wood, while red light pours through the cracks made by the planks. Other than the red light, the other source of light are torches. The light emnating from the torches seem to not go off by any possible means, but once removed from it's sconce, the fire from the torch can be put out. The torches still attached to their sconces, however, have the ability to go off at random moments, filling the barren halls with darkness. The red light also seems to suddenly disappear, leaving tributes in a lone blanket of dark. The walls produce little to no real space, and only 2 people can walk side-by-side in the hallways, producing maximum claustrophobic feelings. Most of the rooms appear to be locked, but some aren't. Inside those rooms are things one can only guess, nor I am going to tell you. Much of the items inside unlocked rooms are various and random, but most have relatively no use in the Games. The aslyum is full of numerous, deadly traps that can kill a tribute in an instant. It is impossible to find these traps, and new ones pop up all the time. This isn't the end of the arena, but this is as much as I shall tell you. For now, that is . . .

Training Scores

Lime = Excellent (11-12)

Green = Good (9-10)

Yellow = Moderate (6-8)

Red = Bad (4-5)

Dark red = Terrible (-3)

District Name Gender Score Odds
0 Lux Jupiter Male 8 20-1
0 Duskus Sinrood Female 6 43-1
0 Tamesis Choler Male 7 31-0
0 Martha Miller Female 5 51-1
1 Zaphire "Zaph" Beux Male 10 5-1
1 Shimmer Goldstein Female 8 17-1
1 Alric Gould Male 9 10-1
1 Hilda Luster Female 8 19-1
2 Earl Zoranovic Male 10 4-1
2 Veronica Morderkaiser Female 11 3-1
2 Travis Touchdown Male 10 4-1
2 Teresa Silver Female 9 11-1
3 Yuki Kokyu Male 8 18-1
3 Petra Mines Female 8 17-1
3 Aston Hughes Male 3 73-1
3 Jinny Billtrox Female 7 28-1
4 Kodai Hitogoroshi Male 10 5-1
4 Nixie Calamari Female 9 9-1
4 Trigger Storm Male 9 9-1
4 Liv Seasal Female 10 7-1
5 Shade Spectrus Male 10 8-1
5 Celeste Ryder Female 2 81-1
5 Theodore Vendetta Male 8 18-1
5 Allana Darkbloom Female 9 10-1
6 Blanc "Blanket" Bonaparte Male 8 20-1
6 Ariadne Ballentine Female 7 25-1
6 Vesta Hubris Male 9 11-1
6 Bailey Starshine Female 8 16-1
7 Mist Scorchil Male 9 12-1
7 Annastia Bios Female 8 19-1
7 Riley Apocalypto Male 8 17-1
7 Camellia Winchester Female 10 6-1
8 Nathaniel "Nate" Crowe Male 7 27-0
8 Layla Twozone Female 8 21-0
8 Theo Clair Male 6 40-1
8 Lydia Hollow Female 8 18-0
9 Ike Toussaint Male 7 30-1
9 Wayde Heartby Female 9 13-1
9 Lucas Sunsong Male 6 48-1
9 Jasmine Firethorn Female 8 20-1
10 Zak Slaughter Male 10 5-1
10 Mimic Slaughter Female 10 5-1
10 Aurora Mendoza Female 9 11-1
10 Shadow Nightshade Male 7 33-1
11 Trent Korey Male 10 7-1
11 Wichita Firehill Female 8 15-1
11 Sevra Faalu Male 6 39-1
11 Celestine Carnation Female 4 69-1
12 Andre de Leon Male 7 30-1
12 Reyna Alvarez Female 8 17-1
12 Twix Cinders Male 5 56-1
12 Valerie Moonshine Female 9 13-1
13 Ares Dos-Santos Male 8 16-1
13 Eleith Lightstorm Female 5 58-1
13 Radiate Biohazard Male 9 11-1
13 Karla Flake Female 6 37-1
14 Harley Swoop Male 5 50-1
14 Julia Wolfheart Female 8 21-1
14 Oberon Deviant Male 9 12-1
14 Piper Quinn Female 5 55-1
Capitol Jack Cayman Male 9 9-1
Capitol Christina Shatter Female 7 30-1
Capitol Riddle Maximum Male 8 19-1
Capitol Esmerella Xenaris Female 8 16-1

The Games

Day I


It's time. After the success of the 665th Hunger Games, Head Gamemaker Cyrus Grell has been thinking of ways to perfect the Games even more, and this would be the test that would change it all. Staring at the large monitor in front of him, he carried a snide smirk of confidence and readiness. He was anxious. Anxious, not only to see how the shade children would perform, but also anxious to see how all of his work would pay off. He didn't expect for the leader of the Shades to give him four of their own, even though they were hybrids, being a creature of both shade and human blood. Still, Cyrus did not complain as he gladly took the shade children off of their hands. Now was the time to see what they were capable of, and why he decided to take them in the first place. May the "Hunger Games" begin. Or so the tributes think . . .

The arena isn't just the area where the Games commence. It is a death trap that constantly shifts, perfecting itself at a rapid pace, improving any flaws that may trouble the Gamemakers and fail to terminate the lives of tributes. It is a source of dread and sorrow, a place where deaths take place, and where dreams are ruined. This is not just a simple area where the Games will take place. This is the true definition of Hell. The current arena: Asylum of Abaddon.

Named after not only the Devil, but the very embodiment of Hell itself–Abaddon is the inspiration for this year's arena–and it will surely live up to it's given name. The asylum is hardly illuminated, even with the torches to give aid. The lights flickering from the torches seem to disappear out moments, being hesitantly near to going out. The light made by the torches is weak, hardly filling the labyrinth with the very needed light. The windows are sealed with a strange auburn wood, and give almost as much light as the torches. That is to say, hardly any at all. Ghastly, crimson lights slip from the cracks made by the planks, and give the labyrinth an even more eerie sense of feeling.

Vermin–rats, mice, spider, bats, and the disgusting bugs known as larva-inhabit the arena, as if it were their home. These pests pose no relative threat to the tributes, but to those who fear these creatures, can certainly consider themselves in danger. They keep themselves concealed basically everywhere in the asylum, and one wrong simple error can lead one into a swarm of animal, and it would be impossible to escape unscathed once inside. The rats keep themselves hidden in cupboards, drawers, cabinets, practically any place with the conditions to raise a family of varmint. Mice share the same settings of the rats, while spiders create webbing that litter the walls and ceilings. Some of the webs stretch to colossal sizes, making spiders the most dangerous of the five vermin. Still, they serve more as an annoyance than a true threat, as any web can be easily cut down as butter against a knife. Bats slumber on the beams, but tributes must be careful not to awaken the animals, as they can easily wreck havoc through their furious swarms. Larva, made neotenic by the Capitol, occupy every single area of the arena. They leave no place untouched by them, and tributes can easily find themselves in a horrid, grotesque situation if they aren't careful where they step.

It appears there is more to the arena than what meets the eye. You can hear the laughter and cackles of boys reverberating through the hollow hallways. The mysterious sounds produced by unknown anomalies is both unnerving and horrific to those who are sensitive. As the laughs continue, dread seems to grow through out the arena, and darkness take what little control the light has in Abaddon. Insecure and incompetent tributes are more than likely to fall first against the beings of shade.

Unless the tributes desire a meal of raw spiders and rat, there are hardly any source of nutrients inside this chamber of Beelzebub. The rooms might provide items of necessity, but the odds of that happening are close to none, and even then, most of the rooms are locked shut. The same goes for liquids as well. It is said that the average human being is capable of lasting 6-8 weeks without any income of food. But the length of time a person can last without water rounds to at least only a week. In a confined area, time seems to move slower than usual. The tributes have a week to survive, or they will all die trying. All of them are determined to make it out in the end, but it all comes down to how self-discipline and their mentality. Brute strength is useless against the forces of nature, hunger, and death. It doesn't matter how tough they are, but how much they are willingly to endure. Everyone has an equal chance of winning, even a lunatic. But can an insane person truly face their insanity and come out as the victor? A majority would answer the most casual blunt message a person could receive: No.

Finally, with all the tributes stationed and ready, the steady countdown begins.

60 . . .

Earl (2) glared at the beauty of District 2, one of his district partners, Veronica Morderkaiser (2). He was never particularly fond of being upstaged, and especially not by a girl. Earl (2) knew he hated Veronica (2) the moment he set his eyes on her. Discovering that she scored higher than him and becoming the only tribute to score an 11 only fueled his hatred for her. It didn't take long for the two of them to develop a mutual dislike for each other. Veronica (2) soon takes notice of Earl's (2) piercing look, but she doesn't start quivering in fear like how the intimidating boy wanted. Instead, all Veronica (2) does is stick out her tongue towards Earl's (2) direction as she flips the finger. Earl (2) growls, his desire to finish off Veronica (2) growing ever stronger. But even though he is his own definition of crazy, he acknowledges the fact that attacking the leader of the careers during the bloodbath will not only lead to him being forced to handle the fury of a tyrant, but the attention of the other careers as well. For now, he will "submit" under Veronica's rule, but even now he thinks of a plot to defeat her.

45 . . .

The youngest of all the tributes, Radiate Biohazard (13), focuses onto the arena in front of him. He didn't expect the Gamemakers to think of an asylum, of all places, but he still couldn't give a single damn about it. Despite being the most youthful of all the tributes, he surprisingly scored high, achieving a solid 9. Most likely, that score of his has made him a person of interest for the other tributes; especially the careers, as some of their members gained a score lower than Radiate (13). Sure enough, he is given the eyes of a hungry predator from the looks of many. One of the District 4 males, Kodai Hitogoroshi (4), seems especially interested in Radiate (13). He examines him as if he were guessing which way would be most proper in ending the 12 year old's life. Radiate (13) ignores Kodai (4), however. He didn't come all this way to just to die, and even if he does, he'll make sure he shows the Capitol the prideful spirit of a rebel.

30 . . .

Petra Mines (3) analyzes the arena and the tributes before her. The usual golden Cornucopia's light shimmers, being the only, current source of light in the arena. But the girl is no fool to not notice the gravel falling from the ceiling and ricocheting from the Cornucopia. She knows that the gravel could only mean one, simple thing. Most likely, once the bloodbath is over, the gravel will collapse onto the Cornucopia, preventing none from ever reaching it again. In order to cover the entire colossus of gold, the gravel would have to weigh more than several tons in total and it would have to be abundant enough to prevent any from reaching the Cornucopia again. The other tributes seemed oblivious to this fact, aside from Jinny (3) of course. The other female of Petra's (3) district seemed hesitant and she stared into the arena, and at the falling gravel, until she caught notice of Petra's gaze. She seemed somewhat annoyed by her counterpart, trying to ignore her stare. Petra (3) sighs, before mentally preparing herself when the countdown reaches 15.

10 . . .

9 . . .

8 . . .

7 . . .

6 . . .

5 . . .

4 . . .

3 . . .

2 . . .

By the mention of 1, a cataclysm had begun to unfold, until it was logical to say all Hell had broke loose. The first tribute to be released from the confines of his tribute tube is Kodai (4), as he quickly dashes into the Cornucopia, in search of one of his preferred weapons. Little does he realize, however, that behind lurks a tribute, armed with a knife, while Kodai (4) is still empty handed. As he finally finds a whip laced with silver and poison, he doesn't see the blade coming until it nearly slits his throat.

Kodai (4) is suddenly covered in red, blood drips from his neck to the floor. But this crimson doesn't belong to him. It belongs to the same person who tried to kill him only seconds earlier. Alarmed, he quickly turns around, only to see a platinum-stained golden sickle sticking out of the neck of a female tribute. Her mouth is gaped open, as if she died during mid-scream. Kodai (4) recognizes her as one of the District 8 females, Lydia Hollow (8). The one carrying her corpse via sickle is none other than Veronica (2), who carried a semi-satisfied smirk. She was also drenched in blood.

Veronica (2) quickly ripped the sickle from Lydia's (8) neck from the side, and her corpse fell with a sickening, loud thump. Veronica (2) didn't seem completely done with the body of Lydia (8) just yet, however. She quickly scanned around until she found just the weapon she needed: A large steel, medieval battle axe. The axe now in her hand, she slashed the unprotected torso area of Lydia's (8) body with the behemoth of a weapon. With the weapon's sharpness and the brute force of Veronica (2), Lydia (8) was practically cut into two halves, the flesh of her back being the only thing that prevented that from being considered. Blood oozed from the newly given crater in Lydia's (8) body, and Veronica (2) cackled in pure delight. Kodai (4) just snickered, before going off in search of his own tributes to mutilate.

But before leaving, a blood-coated Veronica (2) yelled at him, "Don't let your guard down like that, I thought District 4 was the most balanced of the careers!"

Kodai (4) grumbled a few insults to himself, trying his best to ignore Veronica (2), as he continued to scan the arena for any possible kills.

Celestine Carnation (11) hesitates before getting off her tribute tube. Being blind, she doesn't know what to expect to happen during the bloodbath. She might've trained herself to rely on her other senses, but the powerful metallic stench of carnage and gore prevents herself from relying on her scent, and the screaming and yells produced by tributes stops her from depending on her sense of hearing. Celestine (11) never trusted her feelings of touch, as most of the time it led to her being placed in problematic situations. She slowly makes her way to the Cornucopia, or so she thinks. She is suddenly tackled by the large bulk that is Jack Cayman. (Cap)

She gasps for air as stars begin to dance around her head. Jack (Cap), with a cruel sneer on his face, towered over the small frame of the District 11 female. In his hand, he carried a spiked mace, the spikes of the weapon being laced with silver barbs. He grabbed the blind girl by her hair, holding her up as if he was a magician grabbing a rabbit out of a hat. Celestine (11) didn't know who her offender was, but she knew she was in trouble. She could feel as if she was being lifted from the ground, and her hair tugged at her scalp. Jack (Cap), with the brutual movements of his powerful arms and wrists, slammed the young girl against the fragile floor of wood. The already rotting wooden boards instantly shatter against the added weight of Celestine (11).

It collapses under her, leading for her to fall to her ultimate demise. Hidden away by the flooring, a whole swarm of larva dwelled under the very surface the tributes moved on. Jack (Cap) wrinkled his nose in disguist, as the larva made no time to waste as they devoured the soul and body of the fallen female. Celestine faced a slow, painful death from the insects, who crawled into her through her mouth, eyes, and other suggestive areas. She was being killed from the inside out, and nothing could save her now. Her screams could not be heard from the maelstrom of pest on her, and finally she grew silent. Moments later, the larvae crawled away, their famish defeated. All that remained of Celestine (11) now, was a lone skeleton.

After witnessing the gory death of Celestine, Radiate (13) made sure to be cautious as he ran from his pedestal, and into the Cornucopia. Inside, Radiate (13) took quick glances at the various items before him, deciding what would be of use and what wouldn't. Finally making his decision, he grabs a scythe and a pack, it's contents still unknown to him. He doesn't bother running, knowing that the ground could fall apart at any given moment, and with everyone still occupied in battle, he felt as if making a mad dash would be a waste of energy. But moments after leaving, a trident soars directly over his head as it slams against the walls of the Cornucopia. Kodai (4).

Radiate (13) curses his luck as the blood-drenched career appears in front of him, a mad smile on his face. The bloodlust in Kodai's (4) eyes is nearly horrific, and even Radiate (13) with his heart of stone feels moderately intimidated. Moderately. In his hands, the beastly career carries a jagged dagger, the curved sides of the blade seemingly begging to be stained with the blood of Radiate (13). The mighty career bares his fangs in a literal fashion, before charging towards the 12 year old.

But it's apparent Radiate (13) was underestimated. Kodai's (4) attack was random, with many flaws that could easily be exploited. He was only armed with a dagger, with nothing else to protect himself from attacks. Radiate (13), being a tribute from a district of discipline and tactics, was taught how to defeat opponents with minds similar to Kodai's (4). The career may have the advantage in strength, but the child was the sole victor when it came to logic.

As Kodai (4) stretched out his arm to stab Radiate (13) in the chest, he quickly moved out of the way, before grabbing hold of Kodai's (4) out-stretched arm. The element of surprise given to Radiate (13) had assisted him, and all Kodai (4) could do was have his mouth open in shock and anger as Radiate (13) dislocated his shoulder in one, swift movement.

Kodai (4) bellowed in pain and anguish as he grasped his arm, allowing Radiate (13) to deliver his final move. His scythe still in hand, he lashes with it upwards at Kodai's (4) back. This surely would've finished off the career, if he wasn't protected by the think leather jacket he wore on him. Kodai (4) flinched as he felt the metal go through the stygian fabric, by the shock knowing that he had been bested by a younger tribute of a lower class district filled him with anger. He tried getting up, but Radiate (13) gave him a hard kick to his head, knocking him out temporarily. Radiate (13) sighed, but he knew he was lucky to survive unscathed. If Kodai (4) had any means of knowledge, most likely it would be Radiate (13) on the floor, and he wouldn't be breathing either. Radiate (13) decides not to kill Kodai (4), feeling merciful, as he left the battle.

Alric (1) had watched Kodai (4) be defeated by the 12 year old he recognized as Radiate Biohazard (13). He had heard that the boy was the child prodigy of District 13, being one of best students to ever enter the District 13 Academy. Alric (1) was impressed by the boy's will, but he knew he had the spirit to make it out alive as well. Or so he thought.

Moments after securing a sword, pack, and knife, he was sent sprawling to the ground by a sudden hammer swing to his stomach. Even with the leather jacket on, it did little to absorb the damage given to him by the heavy steel. The clanging metal against his body had him fall into a daze, which made his vision unclear and blurry. Bile began to raise in his mouth, and he began to cough up what little he had already eaten. Alric (1) was lucky that his fall failed to do any breakage against the still, fragile wooden boards. As his sight began to finally clear up, he was filled with dread and fear to see the person who attacked him. Mimic Slaughter (10) of District 10 stood over Alric (1) with a malicious grin of insanity.

She threw the hammer she used to hit Alric (1) at the ground, making a small crater to appear in the ground. No larvae appeared, but it was clear that the spot would soon become a nesting ground for the never-growing insects. To replace the weapon she lost to the floor, she took notice of Alric's (1) sword. A vicious look on her face, Mimic (10) picked up the weapon by it's solid white handle, the blade glistening against the Cornucopia's light. She paused to admire the handicraft of the weapon, it surely was a sight to behold. But it missed something. The stains of death.

With a single movement of her wrist, she brought the full force of fury onto the blade as she cut through the neck of Alric (1). The sword easily phases through Alric (1), and a spray of dark red liquids spilled through the wound like a fountain. In no time, Mimic (10) becomes soaked with the blood of her kill, as she laughs manically. The head of Alric (1) slowly slips off the blade, until it falls to the ground with a powerful splat. Mimic (10) plops the head of Alric (1) onto her blade, as she goes off to hunt more tributes with her brother, Zak (10), who was eagerly watching his sister's demonstration.

Mist Scorchil (7) was surprised to see Alric (1) of District 1 to be defeated so easily, considering he got a high score and odds. He did expect Alric (1) to die, knowing how he betrayed the careers and all, but the fact that he was killed by a tribute from a lower district so smoothly was shocking for Mist (7) to witness. He know acknowledged the fact that if he let his guard down for even a second, he might not make it out alive. Underestimating tributes will also get him no where, seeing how even though Kodai (4) achieved one of the highest scores, he was easily defeated by a 12 year old. Mist (7) had actually attempted to recruit Kodai (4) into his anti-career alliance during training, but Kodai's (4) insanity prevented from any neogation from occurring. Mist (7) sighed as he recalled their encounter. He would never look at pineapples the same way ever again.

But even with so much apparent competition, he knew that he shouldn't be discouraged. Mist (7) has his own dreams he wishes to accomplish, and he'll make sure the Hunger Games don't change that. Whether he lives or die, Mist (7) will show the Capitol why he deserves to be called one of their favorites.

The District 7 male grips the tomahawk handle in his hand tightly. Being the one weapon he managed to take from the Cornucopia, he would not let it escape his grasp. Mist (7) attempts to search for his other anti-careers when a battle axe nearly splits his head in half. He quickly ducks out of the way as he sees the flying projectile fly at him, causing it to hit air until it skids across the floor, causing another crater to be made. Inside of the expected larvae, rats by the dozen crawl out of the hole, and Mist (7) tries his best to avoid the swarm. With little scratches on his body, he looks up as if to see his attacker. But the only thing he sees, is a bulky fist that sends him to the ground.

The ground doesn't cave in, but already, a few cracks are visible. Mist (7) groans, but he quickly regains focus when he sees the knife in the person's hand. He recognizes that the multiple scars and cuts on the hands of his attacker could only belong to one person: Lux Jupiter (0), one of the District 0 males. While the other male, Tamesis (0), had joined Mist (7) and the other anti-careers, Lux (0) became a career. Mist knew he was in trouble now, as the tomahawk he once had in his hand had disappeared somewhere. Lux (0) held Mist (7) by his hair in a similar fashion Jack (Cap) did to Celestine (11). The cruel-minded boy spit in Mist's (7) right eye, before bringing the knife near the throat of Mist (7). The beaten boy closed his eyes, awaiting his demise . . .

Only to hear the loud screams of pain coming from Lux (0) as he dropped the knife to the ground. Blood poured from a wound in his head like lava flow, as if someone slammed a brick against it. Or their fist. Rushing to Mist's (7) aid, Tamesis (0) helped Mist (7) up. Tamesis (0) had also found the lost tomahawk of his colleague, and as he handed it back to him, he explained that Shade (5) and the rest of the gang had already gone ahead, and that Tamesis (0) was sent to see what was taking Mist (7) so long. Mist (7) sighed in relief, but it was short-lived.

Lux (0) had already recovered from the damage given to him by his district partner, and his cruel sneer was now replaced with the raging look of a demon. He growled inhumanely, his voice full of fury and the need to kill. Even Tamesis (0), the boy who fights bears back home in his district, was intimidated by the malicious aura Lux (0) was producing. Lux (0) reclaimed his fallen knife, and with a force strong enough to break the rotting wooden floor, he charged at the two allies.

Even though his attacks were at random, Tamesis (0) and the weakened Mist (7) had trouble evading all of Lux's attacks, who seemed to be putting all of his brutual force into each of his moves. If they stopped dodging even once, their death is more than likely to happen. And with Tamesis' (0) brass knuckles that can only prove to be useful while the user has the upper-hand and Mist (7) already being considerably weakened by Lux (0), it was hard for them to exchange any blows at all. After 5 minutes, Mist's (7) pace slows even more, and Lux (0) is about to drive his knife inside Mist's (7) head . . . until Tamesis (0) jumps in the way.

The metal blade marks the shoulder of Tamesis (0), who cries out in pain once the dagger enters him. Blood courses through his wound madly, and he looks as if he's going to faint from blood loss or even die from all the fluids he is losing. Lux (0) laughs madly from his accomplishment, clearly proud even though he didn't take out his intended target. He rips the knife from the Tamesis (0), causing him to cry out, before licking the blood from the blade. It's clear Lux (0) has lost his mind, one could tell easily from his eyes. Lux (0) brings the knife towards Tamesis' (0) throat, about to finish off the dazed boy. He's about to shove it inside him, when Mist (7) brings his weapon upon Lux's (0) head.

His tomahawk smashes the skull of Lux (0), practically flattening it. Bits of bone, blood, and brain matter fly from Lux (0) and onto the bodies of Tamesis (0) and Mist (7), as well as the floor. Staining the ground red, Lux's (0) corpse stumbles, before falling to the ground. His carcass is heavy enough to break the wooden boards, and a family of rats begin feasting on the mangaled remains of Lux (0). Taking his eyes away from the horrid scene, Mist (7) carries Tamesis (0) by giving him a piggy back ride. Tamesis (0) had already entered a state of unconciousness and is currently loosing blood like crazy. Mist (7), who also went against the wrath of Lux (0) and just barely managed to survive, didn't like so hot either. They are both injured, with few items, being forced to face the emptiness of the asylum. If they don't get some help soon, they are not expected to last long.

Earl (2) was irritated by the fact that he had yet to receive a single kill, while Veronica (2) had gotten the first death of the Games. He desired to give a tribute a death twice as stunning as Veronica's (2) little stunt, she needed to know who was the true superior career. He saw Veronica's (2) score as nothing but a simple fluke, as he believed no one could do better than him. The fact that Travis Touchdown (2), another one of Earl's (2) district partners, had managed to gain the exact same score and odds as Earl (2) also filled him with anger. Earl (2) believed his district partners, as well as the Capitol, should be aware that Earl (2) is the true dealer of death.

He dashes into the Cornucopia, securing a pair of dual spears. He scans the area for any possible victims for him to kill, before noticing that Oberon Deviant (14) and Julia Wolfheart (14), both tributes from District 14, are still currently searching for items of their own. He thinks for a bit, deciding which he should kill, with both having a relatively high training score. Finally, he locks his aim for Julia (14), and with a powerful thrust, his weapon flies in the air, eager to spill blood.

But Julia (14), thanks to her primitive senses, is able to sense the weapon coming towards her. In a desperate attempt to save her life, she quickly evades the flying pointed staff as it hits another tribute instead. Earl's (2) spear collides with the head of Oberon (14), as he coughs up sanguine fluids. His eyes flutter, before he falls to the ground, his life taken from him.

As his blood stains the wooden ground an horrendous platinum red, Julia (14) escapes the Cornucopia with a bag of apples and a knife, her loud stomps causing the floor to creak as she dashes away. Earl (2) shrugs, satisfied with his kill, as he pulls his weapon out of the head of Oberon (14). He grins cruelly under the golden light, before dipping his hands in the ichor of the fallen tribute. He dabs his face with it, as if it were war paint, before heading off in search of more lives to reap.

Piper Quinn (13) of District 13 quickly jumps off her pedestal, as she rushed through the midst of the battle, and into the ends of the Cornucopia. She gains a pack full of pineapples and jerky, as well as a pack of throwing knives. She shes no bows in the Cornucopia, only countless of arrows. She sighs, grumbling slightly, as she slowly sneaks out of the area.

She observes the turf in search of Harley (13), her ally and closet friend from District 13. But as she leaves the confounds of the Cornucopia, she is pinned to the ground, by a figure with blonde hair so golden and lustrous, it could only belong to one person. Hilda Luster (1).

The female career smirks as she examines her possible kill, grinning with a brutal edge. She shows no haste as she brings her dagger towards the throat of Piper (13), who closes her eyes, bracing herself for an end . . . that didn't come.

Suddenly, a spew of crimson pours from the throat of Hilda (1), staining Piper (13) with dark vermilion. Hilda (1) releases a small gasp, before collapsing near the side of Piper (13). Harley (13) pulls his knife out of the neck of the once beautiful career, before throwing it to the side. He seems shaken up, feeling the after effect of actually killing someone, before pulling Piper (13) up.

He grips her hand tightly, determined to never let her go. Piper (13) blushes slightly, but this is not notable with her face smeared with dark ichor. She had lost her pack earlier when Hilda (1) tackled her down, as the pineapples roll near the unconscious body of Kodai (4). Harley (13) had another pack, but it's contents were still a mystery to him. As they held each other hands, they escape the battle together, and into the darkness of the unknown.

Martha Miller (0) had scrambled off of her pedestal, before falling against the wooden pavement. She groaned, as she attempted to stand. She didn't know the exact location of her allies, as it was hard too see through the battling figures. She sighed hesitantly, before carefully and accordingly slipping into the golden walls of the Cornucopia.

But just before she can remove a pack full of supplies off the ground, her sable locks are suddenly grasped by a towering figure. Her eyes widened, as she released a short weak gasp, just before the sickle slit her throat.

As her dark rose-like fluids flows from the cut given to her, Zaphire (1) of District 1 grunts as he releases the fallen tribute's hair from his iron grip. Nodding in approval from his kill, he attaches his sickle to his belt, before taking one last look at the dead body of the District 0 female.

Wayde Heartby (9) of District 9 jumps off of her pedestal swiftly, gracefully landing on her feet before dashing towards the hollow of the Cornucopia. She attempts to make a quick and easy solemn approach towards the Cornucopia, but her efforts were wasted once she accidentally tripped on the heel of Zaphire (1).

Zaphire (1) doesn't seem to notice her, as he runs past the unconcious body of Kodai (4), crushing pineapples with the brute force of his feet as he aids his allies in battle. Unfortunately for the District 9 female, however, her fate has been sealed. By falling, she activated one of the deadly gamemaker traps kept hidden from the naked eye.

She tries brushing the debris off of her body, but a colossal-sized hammer colidies into her. The bludgeon practically crushes all bone in her body as she basically flies through the air. She engages herself in a horrendous dance of crimson as her body is lifted from the ground and into the domain of the gods. A gasp could be momentarily heard as her skull impacts against the heavy concrete walls.

What remained of her head is long gone, flattened by the very foundation of the asylum. She doesn't come crashing to the ground either, as she just sticks to the walls like a human sticker. Blood oozes from her from all areas imaginable, as she finally begins to slowly make her way down to the ground. It's a grotesque sight to watch as she slides as if she were a sponge sliding until it reaches the terminus. When she finally touches floor, her corpse is impaled by a series of pikes, another trap.

Yuki Kokyu (3) just witnessed the gruesome death of Wayde (9). His face contorts with disgust from the scene, as he shakes his head and moves forward. The Capitol is truly demented for thinking of such an horrendous trap.

In his hands, he carried a large mace, swinging it like a mad man. No one dared to stand in front of him; Yuki was a tank that seemed to intimidate everyone. Even now, someone trembled from his might. The other District 3 boy, Aston (3), was forced to cower in a corner as Yuki (3) threatened to strike him. It was a strange sight, especially considering the two were from the same district, but Yuki (3) was not one to show mercy to just anyone. He raises his arms, about to kill Aston (3), when his head falls off his shoulders.

A crimson tainted blade hovers over his head instead. The killer reveals himself from the tenebrous shroud, and Aston gasps. The unfortunate 19 year old Theodore stood over him, as he lowered a hand to help Aston (3) up. The boy nods, and they guide each other out of the onslaught. And what they hope is safety.

Final Alliances

Death Chart

Ranking Name District Killer Method
64th Lydia Hollow 8 Veronica (2) Mutilated via sickle and axe
63rd Celestine Carnation 11 Jack (Cap), Larvae Beaten via close combat (Jack) and eaten (Larvae)
62nd Alric Gould 1 Mimic (10) Decapitated via sword
61st Lux Jupiter 0 Tamesis (0), Mist (7) Beaten via brass knuckles (Tamesis) and skull smashed via tomahawk (Mist)
60th Oberon Deviant 14 Earl (2) Skull skewered via spear 
59th Hilda Luster 1 Harley (13) Throat punctured via knife 
58th Martha Miller 0 Zaph (1) Throat slit via knife
57th Wayde Heartby 9 Traps Mutilated by gamemaker traps
56th Yuki Kokyu 3 Theodore (5) Beheaded by sword

Rueflower: ??? for Shimmer Goldstein

FeiLong: Medication for Aston Hughes

Mistfire333: Condom for kinky butt sex with Tamesis Choler Pineapples Healing syrup for Mist Scorchil 

District3: ??? for ???

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