Ok so my first games were a bit of a fail, I got some really good tribute submissions, but unfortunately not enough to form an entire games. So I am trying again, and hopefully these games will actually get off the ground.

Coriolanus Snow's great great grandson has restarted the Hunger Games and has decreed that each district and the Capitol must send one young man and woman into the arena to compete to the death. 


  1. Do not get angry when/if your tribute dies. 27 will have to die eventually.
  2. Tributes are generally first come first served, HOWEVER, if someone submits a crappy tribute, e.g: a tribute lacking in backstory or one with only one sentence in each area, that tribute will be on probation. If someone submits a clearly better tribute, e.g. 100 words in each area, then the new tribute will get that position. This is in the best interests of everyone as it makes for a far better games.
  3. No fighting, obviously.
  4. You are more than welcome to make plans and where practical I will do my best to follow them. However I reserve the right to ignore them should I choose.
  5. Be aware that I do live in Australia and therefore my timing may be different to anyone in the Northern Hemisphere. This will go for spelling as well.
  6. I will accept reservations but only for 2 days.
  7. Be aware that there may be swearing or sexual references.
  8. I will be writing reapings as well as group training and the games. The reapings may not be overly long however as I want to get on to the training and games quickly.
  9. You will each have $500 in sponser money.
  10. Enjoy the games and submit a tribute ASAP!

Tribute Template




Looks (lunaii)






Bloodbath Strategy


Alliance (can be filled out later)


District/Gender Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Devereaux Wyne 17 Sword, Spear DrewLovesKuinn
Capitol Female Number Five 18 Dagger, Machete VDA1999
1 Male Dragon Lord 17 Katana, Spear HybridShadow
1 Female Georgia Westlake 17 Bow, Spear DrewLovesKuinn
2 Male Cobalt Nickle 18 Sword, Spear TBWTPT
2 Female Metallix Gleam 16 Bow, Blowgun TBWTPT
3 Male Mahruo Firee 13 Bow, Blowgun VDA1999
3 Female Nicca Corcoran 18 Sword, Explosives Happy Meadows
4 Male Blizzard Mount 18 Sword, Trident EHKnight
4 Female Sandy Moral 17 Trident, Net Misytmolla
5 Male Snake Slither 15 Poison, Throwing Knife EHKnight
5 Female Sian Malley 16 Throwing Knife, Martial Arts Annamisasa
6 Male Hawk Falcone 18 Throwing Axes, Machete EHKnight
6 Female Luna Stone  14 Electronics, Slingshot Misytmolla
7 Male Rowan Winter 17 Dagger, Throwing Knife TheMysteriousGeek
7 Female Holly Oaks 16 Axe, Whip Misytmolla
8 Male Zac Ashton 18 Spear, Axe VDA1999
8 Female Raya Middlegrove 18 Knife, Slingshot Happy Meadows
9 Male Elder Thorne 16 Bow TheMysteriousGeek
9 Female Mindy Coast 18 Trident, Sword CloveIsMyWife
10 Male Xander Green 16 Sword, Whip TheMysteriousGeek
10 Female Silvia Cut 15 Knife Misytmolla
11 Male Fletch Richards 12 Scythe TBWTPT
11 Female Deanne Willis-Kyllwood 14 Mace, Machete Happy Meadows
12 Male Linford Putoema 15 Knife, Throwing Knife VDA1999
12 Female Paula Twoson 15 Bow, Awl Annamisasa
13 Male Saber Falchion 17 Kopis, Katana Ninja-Toast
13 Female Serenity Bourne 15 Knife, Spear DrewLovesKuinn

Tribute Gallery



Dragon Lord, Georgia Westlake, Cobalt Nickel, Metallix Gleam, Sandy Moral, Zac Ashton

District 3 and 7 Alliance

Nicca Corcoran, Holly Oaks

District 6 and 8 Alliance

Luna Stone, Hawk Falcone, Raya Middlegrove

District 4 and 13 Alliance

Blizzard Mount, Saber Falchion

Capitol and District 3 Alliance

Number Five, Mahruo Firee

District 7, 9, 11 and 12 Alliance

Rowan Winter, Elder Thorne, Fletch Richards, Linford Putoema


Devereaux Wyne, Snake Slither, Sian Malley, Mindy Coast, Xander Green, Silvia Cut, Deanne Willis-Kyllwood, Paula Twoson, Serenity Bourne

Arena Description

The Cornucopia is in a lush, sloping meadow with a lake directly behind it. The rest of the arena is thick forest and there are several shallow streams that run through it. There are no mutts already in the arena. Wildlife include rabbits, deer, eagles and wolves (amongst others). 


(amended from CIMW's list)

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Fan (to cool tributes down): $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Pitchfork: $150

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Raincoat: $50

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Scythe: $125

Shuriken (set of 3): $150

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Steel Fan: $100

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Whip: $150

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125

Tribute Sponsor Money

Tributes start with $500 and receive $50 per kill.

User Tribute 1 Tribute 2 Tribute 3 Tribute 4

Devereaux Wyne


Georgia Westlake


Serenity Bourne



Number Five


Mahruo Firee


Zac Ashton


Linford Putoema



Dragon Lord



Cobalt Nickel


Metallix Gleam


Fletch Richards


Happy Meadows

Nicca Corcoran


Raya Middlegrove 


Deanne Willis-Kyllwood 0


Mindy Coast



Blizzard Mount


Snake Slither


Hawk Falcone



Rowan Winter


Elder Thorne


Xander Green



Sian Malley


Paula Twoson



Sandy Moral


Holly Oaks


Silvia Cut


Luna Stone



Saber Falchion



Capitol - Devereaux Wyne

"Brrrriiiing!" The university's alarm startles me into consciousness. I sit up and groan, reaping today. I'm really over watching the Capitol tributes die each year, I wish I could change how Panem thinks. Why do we need to sacrifice so many children each year?  Ugh, it makes me sick. I look at the clock, 8am. One hour till reaping. I walk to the bathroom down the hallway, many other kids are doing the same. The younger ones looking scared, some are even crying. I past Professor Tex's door on the way. I shudder. I can still remember the day he died. That day I swore to myself that I would volunteer for the next Hunger Games. These Hunger Games. But I won't. I can't die. I can't. "Let some poor other sucker die," I mumble to myself. The 12 year old next to me in the bathrooms looks up at me in horror and runs out. "Damn," I think, poor kid's already scared out of his mind.

"Ladies and gents, boys and girls of the Capitol, welcome to the reaping for the 210th Hunger Games!" Our idiot escort, Robbie McRob flounces onto the reaping stage. He's wearing a bright green suit that clashes awfully with his blue skin. Ugh, why am I the only normal person in this place? "Now I know the lot of you are excited to see which lucky boy and which lucky girl get to represent the Capitol in the Hunger Games! But you will have to wait, let us remember last years tributes, both of whom died in the bloodbath, and let us hope for greater things for the tributes this year!" Robbie sits down on the stage in a mock yoga pose and prays silently for a minute. I roll my eyes. He does this every year. People find it charming. I don't. The minute over, Robbie stands up, grins maniacally at the audience and struts over to the girls bowl. His fingers waggle apprehensively over the paper. Finally he plucks one out and walks back to the microphone. He unraps it and looks at the name.... and frowns. He looks up, confused, "Number? Number Five?" The crowd murmers in surpise. I don't blame them, what a bloody weird name. The crowd parts and a small girl with red hair and a purple headband walks up to the stage. She looks very rigid, like she is prepared for this and smiles nervously at the audience. "Alright then, and on to the boys!" Robbie screeches at the audience. He pulls out a sheet of paper and walks back to the mike. My heart beats a little quicker, what if it's me? It won't be, surely. Robbie unraps the paper. "Oh Jesus! Um.. Deva.. Dever... Deverex?" My heart stops. Oh god it's me. I walk quickly up to the stage, "it's Devereaux," I snap at Robbie. "Alright then Mr grumpy!" he says as he bustles us into the building. I smile at Number and she just looks at me blankly. She is so weird. What on earth am I in for?

District 1 - Georgia Westlake

It's pitch black outside when I wake up. Early morning. I would usually sleep for another half an hour or so but I need my makeup to be perfect today, I'm planning on volunteering. I walk to the bathroom in the shirt I wore to bed. I never take off my top unless it needs to be washed - I refuse to let my hair be messed up it is perfect and if anyone messes with it in the games there will be hell to pay. I'm relieved to see that it didn't get messy during the night. "Today will be the best day of my life," I say softly to myself in the mirror. There is a grunt from the bedroom, my best friend Pheobe is still asleep. She has no idea that I'm volunteering today, I couldn't tell her, she'd probably be able to talk me out of it. Tell me I have to swim or something nasty like that. I can't wait to see which pansy tributes I'll be up against! I'm planning on annhilating districts 9-12 first. They're generally the weakest. I want to get the easy kills out of the way and get plenty of sponsers. Then take out the harder districts. Hopefully the careers will be weak this year. I'm going to be the leader, obviously. Although if there is a cute guy in there.... hmm. I make myself more stunning than usual and walk down to the kitchen. Obviously I will not be eating today, I want to be thin for the reaping, so I just sit at the kitchen table until Pheobe comes downstairs. "Shall we go?" I say to her. She looks at me groggily, "the reaping isn't for 2 hours!" "Alright then," I say, "but I don't want my hair to get messed up so we're leaving early," I shout as she wanders back upstairs.

We are the first ones at the reaping and we stand in our allotted section and wait for the others. I make sure that I am right in the front row for the escort to see me first. Everyone else finally arrives and the escort walks out onstage. "Welcome everyone! I am your new escort Theresa Galicia and I can't wait to reap my first district 1 champion!" The crowd goes nuts. "Alright then," she says walking over to the girls bowl, I don't let her get that far, "I volunteer!" I scream out. Several girls around me look annoyed and Pheobe is crying and hugging me. I push her off me and walk swiftly up the stairs to the stage. "My name is Georgia Westlake and I can't wait to be District 1's newest, and prettiest, victor," I announce proudly to the audience. One girl boos and the peacekeepers yank her out of the area. Theresa smiles at me fondly, "I'm sure you'll do well dear," she heads to the male bowl. I'm surprised no one has volunteered. She reads the name, "ooh, our new male tribute is, Dragon Lord!" Dragon? what the hell? The crowd cheers and parts and this - there really is no other way to describe him - this beast of a boy stalks up the stage. Not going to lie, he scares even me. Damn, there is no way in hell this guy will let me be the leader. We sit down on the train and he looks me over, gives a satisfied grunt and stares out the window. I smile, he obviously thinks I'm worthy, flick my hair back and try to enjoy the train journey.

District 2 - Cobalt Nickle

I'm in the training centre at daybreak, practicing my hardest. Perfecting myself even more. Because today is the day that I will volunteer and win the Hunger Games. I pick up a long double-edged sword, my best weapon, and swing it clean through a couple of dummies. "Nice work Cobalt," my dad says, my dad is my trainer. We always clicked and although I hate to admit it, it was our relationship that caused my parents to divorce. I haven't seen my mother or my two older brothers since. But that's ok, I needed to practice anyways. "Maybe you should practice with some weapons that you aren't as good with, just in case they don't have many swords in the arena." "Alright!" I say, I don't like working with other weapons. But he has a point so I pick up a spear and some throwing axes. With the spear I impale three dummies and throw the spear, still loaded with the dummies, to the side. I throw the axes at the targets. All but 1 miss. "Damn!" I'm not good with ranged weapons. But that's ok, I can kill brutally with a sword, and honestly, what else do I need? "Cobalt we better get to the reaping, I want to get a good position so I can see you." "Ok dad," I smile. He's proud of me, I can tell.

The reaping area is nearly full by the time that we arrive. Many other tributes will be looking to volunteer today. Too bad they won't get in. "Welcome welcome welcome district 2!" Our escort, Marissa Morales bounces on stage. Today she is wearing a bright yellow suit. I suppose this is better than last year when she wore a full on lizard suit. "Now firstly some rules! No volunteering until I read the name on the paper. Do. I. Make. Myself. Clear?" District 2 murmers assent grumbily. Half the fun is cutting the escort off! Marissa heads off to the boys bowl. This is my chance. "Ok, Ruben McLachlen." "I volunteer!" Half of the boys scream out, me among them. Marissa scans the audience and finally locks eyes with me. I smile. "You!" She screams out. "Yes!" I walk happily up to the stage. "Cobalt!" I hear screaming behind me. I turn around and there is my dad standing with my mum and brothers, all crying and clapping. They are so proud of me, I blush and walk up the stairs. "My name is Cobalt Nickle," I say to Marissa. "Our first tribute is Cobalt Nickle! Give him a cheer!" The crowd cheers as Marissa heads over to the girls bowl. "Ok the next tribute is Metallix Gleam!" No one volunteers. How weird? The girls are usually more bloodthirsty than the guys. A smaller girl with black hair and hairpins walks slowly up to the stage. She looks surprisingly... weak. Oh well. She can be the token tribute who always dies in the bloodbath. I stare coldly at her and she flinches. We walk onto the train, the crowd cheering our names and Metallix turns to me "I'm not as weak as I look, just remember that." "Yeah ok," I think to myself. 

District 3 - Nicca Corcoran

"Nicca darling wake up!" My mother's ghostly voice echoes into my head. "Nicca! wake up!" More forcefully now. I turn over and slowly open my eyes. It's still dark? Why is she waking me up this early? Oh. Right. It's reaping day today. Great. A ball of nervousness forms in my stomach. I stand at the window and stare at the sky. What if it's me today? I remember the girl tribute last year, a little 12 year old. She died in the bloodbath, impaled by a spear from the District 10 girl. I shudder and head downstairs. "Oh and Nicca, after you get home from reaping, Mr Patch next door has asked if you could fix his clock?" "Of course I will!" I smile, I love helping people. I also love how mum assumes that I will come home. Well, she does have a point, coming from a wealthy family I don't have to take Tesserae like many of the other children.

The reaping hall is noisy, smelly and dirty. I wrinkle my nose in disgust. Our escort, Avery Marlowe stalks onto the stage. He is renowned for being extremely unsympathetic and cold towards his tributes. Just what I need. "Alright let's get this over with. The male tribute is Mahruo Firee!" The crowd doesn't react. I remember Mahruo, he got burned in a factory accident a few years back and was bullied ever since. Even now I see many of the boys laughing as Mahruo walks up the stage. His skin is burned a deep red and he is crying. "Yes yes ok the female tribute is Nicca Corcoran." Oh that's ni- wait! that's me! Oh god. My mum was wrong. I won't be fixing Mr Patch's clock. The crowd still doesn't say anything as we walk onto the train. "Stop that snivelling!" Avery snaps at Mahruo. I feel sorry for him and death glare Avery as he walks away. "Are you ok?" I ask. "Yeah, I'm used to it," He splutters out. I give him a hug and walk him over to the food trolley. This will be interesting.

District 4 - Blizzard Mount

My eyes snap open. It's reaping. I turn to my bedside table and look at my photos of my sisters. Ofelia and Druidella. They were both so pretty and I miss them a lot. Today will be the day that I will avenge them. I immediately hop out of bed and start doing pushups and situps on the floor. 50 reps later and I'm starting to break a sweat. I shower and run downstairs for breakfast. "Blizzard, don't do anything stupid today ok? This is the last year that you can be reaped and we can't lose all three of you," my dad says worriedly. My mum looks at me and bursts into tears and runs out of the room. I immediately feel guilty. Dad grips my wrist "please don't do it. I know you want to avenge your sisters but there is nothing you can do, they're dead and we can't lose you too." "Dad I need to get to the reaping," I say shakily and walk out of the house.

The crowd is restless as the escort walks onstage. Sandra Vulcanata is extraordinarily tall and decorated from head to toe in tattoos of volcanoes. Weirdo. "Yes yes your attention please!" she trills at the audience. She strides towards the female bowl. "Our first tribute is Sandy Moral!" I turn and see a pretty girl walking to the stage. She looks vaguely familiar and quite strong. I'm pleased to have her as a district partner. Sandra walks over to the male bowl but before she can pluck a slip from the bowl I scream out "I volunteer as tribute!" Many other boys look annoyed, they missed their chance. I walk up to the stage. "My name is Blizzard Mount and I can't wait to be District 4's victor!" The crowd cheers and I see Sandy roll her eyes. Fair enough I guess. I see a commotion in the crowd and see my parents fighting their way to the stage, tears streaming down their face. Fortunately Sandra is on a schedule and shepherds us towards the train, I turn back and wave at my parents before the door slams. I sit down next to Sandy and look out the window at the beautiful beach. I truly hope I do get to come back here.

District 5 - Sian Malley

"Sian wake up!" Nicole shakes me awake. "What is it?" "We have to get ready for the reaping," she replies. Crap I forgot what day it was. Hopefully I won't get reaped, I don't actually mind watching the suckers that do dying. I've analysed all their strategies and if I do get reaped I know what I will need to do to win. Nicole, not so much. She is the only person in District 5 that I would even comprehend volunteering for. She is my best friend and I love her dearly. I get ready and head downstairs where Nicole has prepared breakfast. "What will you do if I get reaped?" I ask her. "Cry. A lot. And then I'd be ok. Because I know you'd be coming home." She replies. I smile. "I think I'd do the same if you got reaped." We both laugh.

The crowd shuffles into District 5's reaping area. The people look dirty, angry and sad. District 5 has not exactly produced many winners to date. The closest we ever got was a girl known as Foxface, who died over a century ago. "Welcome everyone to the District 5 reaping for the 210th Hunger Games!" Our escort, Shane Hilderbrand is standing at the mike. No one ever hears him approaching he's that quiet. "Ok let's reap some tributes." He heads towards the male bowl. "Ooh our male tribute is Snake Slither!" I remember Snake. No one has seen him in ages, he just hides out in the forests on the edge of the district. I feel sorry for the tribute that has to be pared with him. Nicole looks at me and grips my hand tightly. She is sweating nervously. "Ok and the female tribute is..... Sian Malley!" Oh no. I concentrate on blanking my face out and give Nicole a hug. She is crying profusely. "I'll see you soon" I say to her. I walk coldly up to the stage, ignoring the pitying and sympathetic eyes that I pass. "Ladies and gentlemen give a cheer for your tributes in the 210th Hunger games, Snake Slither and Sian Malley!" The crowd musters a half-hearted clapping. I look at Snake. He flicks his tongue between his teeth and hisses at me. No alliance there. Oh well. I sit down in the train and practice my poker face. Time to go into combat mode.

District 6 - Hawk Falcone

The dripping of oil onto my nose wakes me with a start. Damn, fell asleep under the helicopter again. I pick up my spanner and wire and continue to fix the engine. I have no idea if it's even day or night. The factory where we all work doesn't have windows, and we aren't allowed outside, so the rebels can't look at or get any information about the Capitol's helicopters. The factory doors open with a crash. "Ok everyone between the ages of 12 and 18 needs to shower and come with us, it's reaping day today," the factory foreman says. Oh, so I guess I won't be tinkering with the helicopter for the morning. That'll be a nice break. Unless I get reaped. I stand under the blasting jets of the shower and try and scrub the oil off my body, if the Capitol sees it I'll be screwed. No dirt allowed in reaping.

The reaping area for district 6 is located in a huge train warehouse. Everything is grey and greasy, nothing green anywhere. I'd be screwed if I ever got reaped. "Alright everyone! Welcome to the District 6 reaping!" Our escort, Matty Cordenne has walke on stage. He is well known in the area for sticking with district 6 when he could have been promoted. This makes him a favourite here and we are usually a bit more responsive to him. His welcome manages to get a small applause. He heads over to the male bowl. I cross my fingers. This is it. He unraps the slip. "And our male escort is Hawk Falcone! Come on up!" Oh no. I uncross my fingers, fat lot of good they did. I see the factory foreman at the edge of the crowd looking annoyed. Well, at least someone will miss me. I shake Matty's hand and stand to the side whilst he heads to the female bowl. Hopefully I at least get reaped with someone hot. "Luna Stone!" he screams at the crowd. The crowd parts and a young looking blonde girl walks shakily up the stairs. She looks like she is about to burst into tears. "Not a good way to start off, makes you look weak," I think to myself. We head onto the train, district 6's applause ringing in our ears. As soon as the train doors close Luna bursts into tears and hugs me. I awkwardly pat her back, trying to comfort her. This is gonna be a looong train journey.

District 7 - Holly Oaks

I grin evilly. Today is the day that I will start my destruction of all that is bad. People are bad. Very bad. My religion says so. I can't wait to feel their blood running all over me. Maybe I'll spare one. In the beginning at least. Everyone will die and I will be crowned the winner. I would be so proud of myself. So would everyone else. I would make them see. Make them understand just how bad the people are. So bad... I shower and brush my unruly brown hair so it looks partway decent. If I don't look ok then the escort won't pick me. Although I don't expect much competition from District 7. But we usually do pretty decently in the games. Everyone here can use and throw an axe. I remember our girl last year came second, beaten only by the career leader from district 2. This time the career leader will be my first target. 

I hop on the train to the reaping area. Because district 7 is so big they run special trains to all areas of the district to get the children to the reaping on time. I'm joined by a few lumberjack's children, all boys, they look pitifully weak and I hope my district partner isn't among them. The reaping area is located in a forest clearing, naturally. Everyone in this bloody district is obsessed with them. My idiot parents decided to name me after two different ones. Why? who knows. "Attention attention district 7. Yes yes shut up now." Our escort Isla Finch heads onstage. She hates us and wan'ts to be promoted to a career district. So she is horrible to us now, but she usually pulls through one on one later. "Ok let's get this over with! Our male tribute is Rowan Winter!" Yet another tree name. How original. I see a weak looking boy wearing a hat walking up the stage. Hmm maybe I'll take out the career leader after that weakling. "And for the girls we have..." "I volunteer!" I scream at her. People all around me gasp in surprise. I head up to the reaping stage, glare at Rowan and say to the audience. "I'm Holly Oaks and I can't wait to kill everyone and win." The crowd looks shocked. I don't know why.. career districts cheer when their tributes say that. Ugh. Weirdos. I turn and storm onto the train. Rowan trotting behind me. "So.. that was pretty full on. " He says to me. "Listen up weirdo, if you don't shut up then you will be my first target. Got it?" I snarl at him. "Got it.." he says shakily as he heads to another cart. Good. I need to watch the reapings and peace and size up the competition.

District 8 - Zac Ashton

"Bang!" "Shiiiiiit!" I look around. My dad is standing there with a cap gun. "Get up son! GET UP NOW!!" He barks at me. "Yes sir," I somehow manage to drag myself out of bed and give him a salute. "Good! I'll expect you downstairs and dressed in 20 minutes." He marches out of the room. The problems of having the head peacekeeper as a father. He is currently on this -Zacmustbetrainedforthehungergames- rampage. Despite my chances of being reaped being negligible he somehow got it through his head that I would volunteer. I'm not - my mother pleaded with him enough to make him see sense. But he still insists on the training. And this means early morning runs and combat practice. Even on reaping morning. I get downstairs and he is already jogging at the doorway. "Let's go!" He turns and sprints out into the lightening world. I trudge miserably behind. We jog for an hour then spend half an hour doing kickboxing, somersaults, sprints and tree climbing exercises. "Alright, let's go back, you need to get ready for the reaping." I can barely breathe let alone figure out what I will wear.

The district 8 reaping area is hot and humid. Inside a large textile factory. The escort is Angela Alegna. Her parents were unimaginative. She herself is the most boring Capitol person I have ever seen. She is wearing a brown dress and she hasn't even coloured her hair. It's brown. "E-e-ex-excuse me? Hello? Quiet now please." We can barely hear her over the crowd breathing. She heads over to the male bowl and I hold my breath. "Our male tribute is... Zac Ashton!" What??? How on earth could this happen? My name is not in there nearly as much as the other kids. Omg omg omg. I start hyperventilating on the way up to the stage. Then the realisation hits me. I will die. I look out at the audience and I see my dad. He gives me thumbs up and mouths "win." It makes me feel better. I have the skills to win. Certainly more than many other districts I would imagine. Angela has headed over to the female bowl, "our female tribute is Raya Middlegrove!" A very pretty girl slinks up to the stage. She looks pretty, but also sly and athletic. I can tell she is a huge threat. She gives me a smile and my heart melts. I could stare into her amber eyes for ages. We head onto the train and she turns to me, putting her hand on my arm, "Zaccy, be a dear and get me some fruit please? I'm absolutely famished!" She bats her eyelashes at me and I turn, mouth agape. I'm pretty sure I just drooled. Oh God.

District 9 - Mindy Coast

My alarm goes off loudly. Much too loudly. I slam the clock and peel off my eyemask. It is so bright!!! Girl! That sun just be too damn bright! I quickly slip out of my silk sheets and head straight for the tanning bed. I'm getting too pale. I think the word for it is tanorexic? I dunno. I just call it fierce. Especially with reaping today! Not that I'm gonna get reaped but, you know, a girl gotta look hot! "Mindy!" My mum shouts up the stairs, "get out of that tanner! You'll get cancer and die and the Capitol won't fix you." I roll my eyes. Mum's paranoid. Just because she likes pale skin. Half an hour later and I'm looking bronzed and like i've just spent a day laying in district 4. I put on the prettiest and most expensive dress I have and walk out the door.

The district 9 reaping area is disgusting. Grain everywhere! Can't a girl walk anywhere in this place without being surrounded by damn carbs! I don't really do grain. At all. The escort bounces on stage. It's an extraordinarily obese woman. Her name is Bertha Chop. "Should be chomp!" I thought to myself. Even now Bertha's lips are munching on something. "Welcome district 9! Ok let's get this over with. Lunch is soon." She somehow manages to drag herself over to the girls bowl. "Our female tribute is Mindy Coast!" What?!?! I can't be reaped!! What if the games are held somewhere cloudy! How will I tan? "Um! no thanks! Someone else can go," I say to the escort. She looks flabbergasted. In response the peacekeepers carry me up the stage. Ok fine, I'll go! Sheesh. "And the male tribute is Elder Thorne!" A weird boy in all black slinks up the stage. He's weird. And pale. We get onto the train and Bertha barges past into the dining cart. "So like, um where is the tanning bed?" I ask Elder. He looks at me and walks swiftly away. Damn that boy can move quietly. I stare around me. It's ugly. I sigh. This is going to be tough.

District 10 - Xander Green

The gentle mooing of cows wakes me, sun streaming through the curtains. I stretch and turn to look out the window. It's a beautiful day. The cows are looking restless in the field at the back of my house, i'll go out and milk them soon, but I want to enjoy the morning. Who knows, it may be the last morning I have in district 10. I'm dreading the reaping, granted my name is in there a lot less than other people, but if I am reaped, I'm dead. I lost my right arm in a bull attack a few years ago. With only one arm to defend myself, I'm as good as dead. I sigh, and head downstairs. The cows won't milk themselves! With that job completed I finish getting ready for the reaping. My mum kisses my forehead and sends me off to the reaping. If I do get reaped, I will miss district 10. I've heard that 7 is beautiful, but I think 10 is even nicer. The rolling fields and the gentle sounds of cows make it really peaceful. It does smell.. but you get used to that.

The district 10 reaping area is located in a recently mowed paddock. All of the district 10 children are crammed into this small area. So it's a bit hot. "Welcome District 10!" Our escort, Shane Finchel, walks on stage. Compared to most Capitol people, he's relatively normal, apart from a huge facial tattoo that covers his entire forehead. "Ok let's reap some tributes!" I cross my fingers as he walks to the girls bowl. "Our first tribute is Silvia Cut!" Oh wow, I feel sorry for the guy reaped with her, she has a huge reputation around the district as being evil. She purses her lips and glares at the crowd below her. "And our male tribute is..... Xander Green!" Oh no. How could I have been reaped? I'm doomed. I will never see district 10. Tears start rolling down my cheeks. Blurrily I see many of the other people giving me sympathetic looks. The know. Silvia rolls her eyes when she sees that I'm missing an arm. Great. So I won't have an ally in her then. "Please give a big round of applause for your two tributes from District 10 in the 210th Hunger Games!!" We get a few half hearted claps. I don't blame them. Who are they going to cheer for? Everyone hates Silvia, and i'm not going to last very long. District 10 deserves better. We head onto the train and Silvia pokes my stub. "You're screwed," she sneers at me as she walks into the other carriage. I sit down and start crying harder. She's right. I'm screwed.

District 11 - Deanne Willis-Kyllwood

I wake up to a large banging on my door. That's the orchard owner, wanting me to start work. Well screw him. It's reaping day. I'm sleeping in. Ever since my parents essentially abandoned me I've been living in this run down shack on the edge of the orchard where I pick fruit. It's tedious and mind-numbing but at least I get money and I get to keep to myself, which I like. I manipulated the owner into letting me work. Threatening to expose his not so legal activities. Panicked, he hired me on the spot. He hates my guts, but at least I know I have the power over him. He bangs again, harder. Dust comes sprinkling down from the roof. I open the door and he is standing there glaring at me. "Get to work!" He screams in my face. Spit slides down my cheek. That's it... Wham! I roundhouse kick him and he goes flying. Sprawled on the ground I death glare him and walk back inside, slamming the door. From the window I see him scuttle off to the office. Hmmph serves him right. I go back to sleep.

I arrive five minutes late to the reaping. The lady who takes my blood is very rough with me, obviously angry at having to be there still. The escort, who I've never seen before, is banging on about how last years tributes failed to live up to expectations. Well fair enough! They were from the rich part of 11, how the hell were they meant to survive in a desert? I'd say this escort has been demoted from somewhere, she's obviously angry about being here, one of, if not the poorest district in Panem. She finally stops and stomps over to the boys bowl. "Fletch Richards!" She barks at the crowd. A small boy with red hair walks shyly up to the stage. I've never seen him before, but he looks like he is from the more wealthy part of town. "Deanne Willis-Kyllwood!" She yells out. What? Me? I look around and see the orchard owner smiling menacingly. That little... my blood boils. But I hold it in. I'll show him. I'll win. Then have him killed. I smile. I can win this. I'm powerful. I know about the wilds. I hope the arena is a forest! I walk up the stage and smile at the crowd. They smile back. They know i'm powerful. There are even a few claps. We walk onto the train and Fletch turns to me with a nervous smile, "wanna ally?" He says hopefully. Aw! He seems sweet but allies can be a hindrance. "I'm planning on going these games alone I'm sorry! But thanks anyway." He seems a bit let down, but I give him a comforting smile and say "i'll agree to a no attack pledge?" He smiles and shakes my hand. "Agreed!" Good, that's at least one tribute I wont have to watch out for. I settle down to watch the reapings and see my competition. District 1 is first and the male tribute is reaped. My mouth drops open. "Holy........."

District 12 - Linford Putoema

I wake up at the crack of dawn to the sounds of birds. The gobbling of turkeys, hooting of doves and hammering of woodpeckers makes quite a loud sound for those awake to hear it. I grab my plant bag and head towards the door. My sisters Lucy and Luccia are still sleeping. I smile, lucky them, they are too old to be reaped. Me on the other hand... I shake the thought out of my head and head to the forest. I spend a couple of hours gathering plants that we use in our medicine and some that we make into perfumes for the wealthy of the district. I also gather a couple of poisonous plants. Just because. This is my one advantage in the Hunger Games, plant identification. I'd have to team up with a powerful ally if I'm reaped. I head back to the house to wash the dirt off my body and get ready for the reaping.

The district 12 reaping area is located in the middle of the seam. Being from the merchant area, I don't really have much cause to venture down here, but it's where most of the population live so I suppose it's fair that the reaping is here. Our escort trudges on stage. It's well known that William Wallace hates district 12, because we generally don't preform too well. "Alright then come on come on settle down now. One would have thought you were a career district the way you lot are carrying on." No one is saying a word. He's such a loser. "Ok let's reap our male tribute." He walks slowly to the male bowl. I cross my fingers. Surely it won't be me. Most of the grimy kids around me will have been in there so many times by now. "Our tribute is a boy with the odd name of Linford Putoema!" I shudder and hang my head. I walk slowly up to the stage. I have a few weapon abilities sure but nothing compared to what district 2 and 4 are sure to offer up. William pats me on the back and walks to the female bowl, "Ok Paula Twoson!" A pretty blonde walks up to the stage. She looks like a merchant like me. I give her a weak smile and she grins back. She looks happy? That's weird. She's bound to die. We head on to the train and Paula heads to take a shower right away. Fair enough, she probably doesn't have water. I sit down and stare out the window. My one wish is to last past the bloodbath.

District 13 - Serenity Bourne

My eyes mystically open at precisely 6 am and I sit down in the lotus pose on my woven reed mat in my cubicle. I detest district 13. I prefer the out doors and being clos to nature. I peer into my crystal ball. The clouds are murky today. That's not good! I hope I'm not reaped or something. That would be disastrous. I mean, yes I can sense metal coming towards me but what if someone uses a wooden arrow? I muse on the possibilities. The time comes for me to get ready for the reaping and I stand up and using a tiny comb, comb through my large eyelashes. My beautiful purple eyes are now fringed with black. I put on my favourite purple shirt. It's weird that purple is my favourite colour, I mean, Sapphire is my name...

I walk down to the bottom floor, where the reaping area is held. I get my finger pricked and stand silently and still as the area fills relatively quickly. The district 13 escort heads onstage, Icicla Ice is a very cruel, cold hearted person. It is weird that she isn't a career escort. I feel empathy for any who is reaped. "Alright let us reap some tributes. For the men we have Saber Falchion!" A black haired boy walks swiftly up to the stage. He looks powerful and muscly. Good, someone district 13 can root for. "And for the women we have Serenity Bourne!" Serenity? I haven't heard of anyone named Serenity. "Serenity!" Icicla shouts. Oh! wait. Something flickers deep in my memory... Am.. I Serenity? I head up to the stage and Icicla gives me a chilling glare. We head onto the train. "Why have you no token?" Icicla snaps at me. I pull a golden button off my shirt and hold it up at her. She sniffs in disapproval and stalks down to the other end of the carriage. Saber gives me a friendly smile. Great. Just what I need. Someone wanting to be my ally.

Group Training

Day 1

Capitol - Number Five

Atala finally dismisses us for training and the tributes are heading off to the various training areas. I use the opportunity to scope out my opponents. My district partner is weak as all hell. That much I know. The careers look scary, the 1 male is the biggest guy i've seen in a while. Although the pair from 2 look very very weak for careers. The 4 male also seems a bit detached. Like he doesn't want to be there. The 3 pair look weak, although I suspect the female may be more powerful then she's letting on. The five pair look incredibly cold hearted, 6 and 7 weak. I'm also strangely impressed by the females from 8, 10 and 11. The boy from 9 is a freak and the male from 13 also looks decent. "Hi" I turn. It's Mahruo from 3. I gaze at him silently, waiting for him to speak. "Um sorry, but would you like to ally, it's just I haven't got an alliance and I noticed you don't so..." He trails off. I look him up and down. Weak. But I need weak. I need someone to manipulate. "You are accepted. Let us train." I walk off to the sword station. Mahruo trotting behind.

District 6 - Luna Stone

Hawk and I decided earlier on that we would be in an alliance. I look up to him like a big brother, he's so cool! We decide to go over and try the gauntlet. The girl from 8, Raya, I think her name is, is behind us. "Hey sorry, excuse me, but do you guys want a third person in your alliance?" Hawk and I stare at each other, we hadn't really discussed it. I decide to make the first move, "yeah sure, that would be great!" Raya smiles excitedly, she's soo pretty. Hawk however looks at me surprised and then narrows his eyes at Raya, he doesn't trust her I don't think. We let Raya go next on the gauntlet and she surprises me. She is incredibly fast and agile. Her long legs mean that she can easily evade the trainers. Hawk looks surprised. Raya finally completes the course and comes over to us panting. "Ok, you can be in our alliance," Hawk states arrogantly. Raya looks slightly surprised, then insulted. This is going to be one awkward alliance to be in.

District 10 - Silvia Cut

Everyone here is stupid. The 8 girl did amazingly well on the gauntlet and i'm surprised. Frankly I didn't think she was anything special. Guess she should be my first target after that boy from 1, Dragon? Something stupid like that. I walk over to the knife throwing station and start practicing. I'm not that good, I generally don't throw them. I just stab with them. The ugly boy from the Capitol, Devereaux, walks over, "hey do you want to be in an alliance?" I stare at him angrily and he backs off. "A simple no would have been fine, geez." My eyes narrow. Looks like I have a new target.

District 5 - Snake Slither

I'm at the camoflauge station, blending into a forest setting. It's fun and gives me a chance to size up the competition. The only other person I actually like is Sian, my district partner. She's pretty cool. And evil like me. But I would never ally with her. I don't do alliances. The girl from 12, Paula walks past. I stick my tongue out at her and hiss. She screams and everyone stares. I quickly melt back into the forest and everyone looks at her like she's crazy. She can't even see me now. Did she see me? Or is she going insane.

District 1 - Dragon Lord

That idiot blonde from 12 just made us all stop training. God knows why. Who knows why people from 12 do anything. I'm the leader of the careers, and Georgia is my second in command. It wasn't hard to take control. The 2 pair are weak and Blizzard from 4 is really annoying. Sandy is sort of cool. I guess. Zac from 8 also joined the careers but I didn't want to allow him. He's not that good and he's from an outlying district. Sure he can wield a sword, but who can't? I would have preferred the 10 girl. She's actually decent. I sigh. I just can't wait to kill all these losers and win the game. Just then Atala calls us for lunch. Good! I want to see who's teamed up and who's going solo. This will be interesting.

District 13 - Saber Falchion

Lunch is pretty good actually - for Capitol cooking. I look around the lunch hall. There are quite a few small alliances everywhere, the careers, and a larger alliance of all boys. I'm sitting at a table by myself. No one actually wanted to go into an alliance with me, or approached me. Which sucks big time! Then I hear shouting from the careers table, Blizzard is apparently leaving them. Georgia, Cobalt and Sandy look pissed off majorly. Dragon is smiling slightly and Metallix is just looking at her food. I'm so surprised when Blizzard stomps over to me and sits down opposite me. "Wanna be an alliance?" he looks at me. "Um.. sure?" I act confused but secretly I'm so happy. We silently eat our food. It's a little awkward. But who cares? I just got a career as my ally!

District 9 - Elder Thorne

We quickly finish our meals and head back to training. I'm still camouflaging myself. I was actually doing it this morning with Snake from 5, but he didn't see me. I'm a ninja. In fact I'm pretty confident that not many people actually know I exist. Which I'm ok with. The afternoon goes by pretty quickly because I'm absorbed by watching the other tributes and figuring out their weaknesses. I can tell that there are no obvious weak targets which really sucks. It's so much easier when you know who to kill first! Atala dismisses us for the day and I go back up to my room with Mindy. I need to figure out my plan for the games. 

Day 2

District 7 - Rowan Winter

We are summoned early for the last day of group training. Later on we find out our training scores! I'm so excited. I feel that I have a good chance in the games. I'm in an awesome alliance with Fletch, Elder and Linford and we are the largest alliance apart from the careers! I meet up with them and we head over to poisonous plants. Linford and I already know most of this stuff. But Fletch and Elder not so much. Linford and I exchange glances. I can already tell that we will have a closer alliance than the other two. Which is good. You need at least one person out there that you can trust completely.

District 12 - Paula Twoson

I can't believe I'm all alone here! I thought I would have lots of allies, I'm not weak or anything. It's just weird. I did approach the girls from 5 and 7, but Sian spat in my face and Holly already had an alliance with Nicca from 3. God knows why I couldn't have joined that alliance! I'm waiting in the line for the gauntlet at the moment. Metallix from 2 is on there currently and she does better than I thought. She's more of a threat in that she's not outwardly strong. But she is speedy and agile. Great! We couldn't even get a weak career.

District 4 - Sandy Moral

Metallix just did surprisingly well on the gauntlet. I'm impressed and now I actually see that she is worthy of the careers. Not like my stupid district partner. Blizzard went off to some kid from 13. He could have had glory and kills with the careers, but no. He throws all that away for an outlying district? Weird. I'm even tempted to break the general rule of "don't kill your district partner..."

District 3 - Mahruo Firee

I can't believe I'm in such an awesome alliance! Silvia may be a cold-hearted bitch but hey at least she's on my side right? We are currently sizing up the competition. Surprisingly there aren't too many overly weak tributes. Silvia's district partner is one armed and pathetic and so is the all boys alliance. But everyone else seems strong. Mindy from 9 is currently killing it at the sword station and Holly is throwing axes everywhere. Even Luna from 6 can wield a slingshot with enough force to decapitate a dummie. I feel a little out of my depth.

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove

I know Hawk doesn't trust me completely. But frankly I don't even care. He'll probably die in the bloodbath. I'll stab him in the back if I have to. Obviously not letting Luna know. She's such an adorable little thing and I look at her like a little sister. She's pretty powerful too. Thank god. I couldn't deal with an all-out weakling. Deanne from 11 is currently ahead of us at the weapons stand and damn is she powerful! It's so weird. Coming from 11. She finally finishes and I'm up. I take a knife and perform a series of moves with it. The blade moving so fast that no one can see it. The dummie suddenly collapses in a series of parts. I'm impressed. All of a sudden I realise that there is no sound. I turn around and everyone is staring at me. Uh oh! Most look threatened. The careers look angry and so do the pair from 5. I think I just made a target of myself...

District 11 - Fletch Richards

That girl from 8 was incredible! She must have trained for ages! Not like me... I feel weak and inadequate. I can already tell that Rowan and Linford are more loyal to each other than to me and Elder. Like an alliance inside an alliance. But Elder is really weird. I can't even see him sometimes. Sigh. Why did this happen to me. Deanne from my district is really powerful too which just makes me look worse. I start crying. Oh god that did not just happen.

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

The boy from 11 is crying his eyes out. Even though I'm not cold hearted like the other careers. All now laughing at him. I have to admit. That boys alliance is so pathetic. I sigh. I want to be in Raya's alliance. She seems cool and chilled out. Not like the careers. It's literally an ego fest up in here. Cobalt, Georgia and Dragon are all monsters and Sandy and Zac just seems like cold-hearted bitches. What's worse is that I know that they will kill me first once everyone else is dead. Which majorly sucks. I should probably get some kills. The final bell tolls for the day. What? we didn't even get lunch! How cheap. On the positive side, I can't wait to see what training score I get!

Training Scores

District Name Score
Capitol Devereaux Wyne 4
Capitol Number Five 7
1 Dragon Lord 11
1 Georgia Westlake 10
2 Cobalt Nickel 10
Metallix Gleam 9
3 Mahruo Firee 5
3 Nicca Corcoran 8
4 Blizzard Mount 10
4 Sandy Moral 10
5 Snake Slither 7
Sian Malley 8
6 Hawk Falcone 5
6 Luna Stone 4
7 Rowan Winter 4
Holly Oaks 7
8 Zac Ashton 9
8 Raya Middlegrove 9
9 Elder Thorne 7
9 Mindy Coast 6
10 Xander Green 3
10  Silvia Cut 10
11 Fletch Richards 5
11 Deanne Willis-Kyllwood 9
12 Linford Putoema 7
12 Paula Twoson 6
13 Saber Falchion 9
13 Serenity Bourne 6

The 210th Hunger Games



District 9 - Mindy Coast

As I rise up through the tube I smell the scent of pine and grass. What a beautiful arena! 59, 58, 57, 56, 55.

District 8 - Zac Ashton

I can't wait to start killing!! I scan the tributes and decide to go after a threat. I'm targeting the girl from 11 first. 48, 47, 46, 45.

District 3 - Nicca Corcoran

I look around and spot Holly. I point to the forest and she nods. 30, 29, 28.

District 6 - Hawk Falcone

I look for Raya and Luna. They are both staring at the supplies. I sigh. Guess I'll be going in. 24, 23, 22.

District 10 - Xander Green

I'm so nervous! I got the lowest training score so I hope people will leave me alone and go after the other threats. I spot a sword that I can use one armed. I'm going after that. 19, 18, 17.

Capitol - Devereaux Wyne

Why on earth am I here? I just want to go home! 14, 13, 12.

District 1 - Dragon Lord

Yess! Nearly time! I spot the boys alliance gesturing at the supplies and forest I look at Cobalt and grin. Big mistake. 9, 8, 7.

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

I sigh. Nearly time. I take a deep breath. 6, 5, 4, 3, 2.

District 11 - Fletch Richards

Gong! I jump off my platform and spring into the middle of the bloodbath.

District 7 - Holly Oaks

As I run in I look around for Nicca. I spot her gathering supplies and she runs towards me. I see Sandy behind her and I gasp, thinking she's going after Nicca. But she hurls a trident into Mindy's throat, pinning her to the ground.

District 10 - Silvia Cut

I look around and see Dragon impale Devereaux on his spear, blood rushing down the shaft. Devereaux tries franticly to pull himself off but its no use. Dragon slams him into the ground and stabs him through the head. I grab a backpack and run to the Lake.

District 13 - Serenity Bourne

I grab a backpack and run into the forest. I see Snake following me for a time but I think I lost him. I come to a stop near a forest stream and stop to take a break.

District 11 - Deanne Willis-Kyllwood

I'm in the middle of the bloodbath, grabbing supplies from everywhere. I kick Xander out of the way as he goes after a sword and I headbut Fletch away from a backpack. I grab all the supplies I need and turn to go. Zac is standing in my way and he grabs me in a headlock. Luckily I'm flexible! I knee him in the balls and he releases me. I grab a machete and swing it clean through his neck. He won't be bothering me again. 

District 7 - Rowan Winter

I see Georgia firing arrows at several alliances running into the forest. Nicca and Holly escape into the forest. Raya, Luna and Hawk are a little slower, weighed down by a tonne of supplies. As arrows land near them, Raya drops her backpack and elbows Hawk out of the way, just as an arrow comes straight through his arm. He shrieks in pain and Luna and Raya drag him into the forest. Georgia looks pissed.

District 5 - Sian Malley

I grab a pack of throwing knives and throw one into Xander's head. I look around and see Cobalt slitting Fletch's throat whilst Metallix gathers supplies in the background. I run to the forest.

District 13 - Saber Falchion

Blizzard, Paula and myself are the only tributes left at the bloodbath. We gather supplies and look around to see the careers advancing on us. Blizzard and myself sprint to the lake and I look back to see Georgia wringing Paula's neck. I grimace and turn around.

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

Gong! the bloodbath is finally over. We count 6 gongs. A decent amount. Most of those were killed by careers but a couple of other tributes really proved themselves today. "Did you see that way he was whining on my spear!" Dragon is gloating. Again. I roll my eyes and go and grab a blowgun.

District 5 - Snake Slither

I look up at the darkening sky as they play the anthem. First up is Devereaux (C), then it's Zac (8). Wow! That means all tributes from 1 - 7 survived. Pretty impressive. Then comes Mindy (9), Xander (10), Fletch (11) and Paula (12) rounds out the dead. I'm surprised that Mindy, Zac and Paula died. They were all pretty powerful. I followed the girl from 13 to this forest stream but now I can't sense her nearby. Damn. I curl up under a clump of ferns and slowly drift off to sleep.

Day 2

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove I wake up early to the beeping of parachutes. I excitedly grab mine. But there's nothing in it. Just a note. I read it and smile. My mentor has a good plan. I see that Luna also has a parachute, but Hawk has nothing. I stash a small amount of food and water inside my pack, hidden. I then get out my poison capsule and sprinkle some poison on my knife and in between the blades of my steel fan. That way if I snap it open my enemies will be blinded in a shower of poison. God I'm clever. I can't put any on my slingshot because I have no rocks for it. I'll have to go scouting later. I also pour some poison into my canteen and, leaving the cave. I put it near a bush a few metres away from the camp, with my empty parachute container. I hope someone finds it!

District 4 - Sandy Moral

I read my mentor's note and smile. They clearly thought the same as me. Don't trust Metallix and Dragon. We decide to head out hunting. Dragon's lips are curled over his teeth in a grimace, almost as if he is smelling them out. He creeps me out. We walk towards a forest stream and suddenly Serenity bursts out of a bush and sprints away. Georgia fires an arrow at her but Serenity dodges and disappears. Damn!! We head back to the cornucopia. Angry at a poor morning's hunting.

District 9 - Elder Thorne

We are just having a chilled day, only Linford's mentor bothered to send advice and that was to stay in the same spot. Thank god. I didn't want to have to move today. We saw Sian earlier, moving around, but we didn't attack her. Obviously. That chick scares me. Suddenly, I hear something. It sounds like a tribute moving around. We all stay silent and see Number and Mahruo. That's a weird combination. I hear running and see Linford and Rowan sprinting away. I can do nothing but stare helplessly as Number runs up to me and sends her dagger straight through my eye. BOOM!

District 4 - Blizzard Mount

Saber and I are still down at the lake. We aren't going to look for trouble until the amount of tributes in the arena dwindles. We saw Silvia go off somewhere earlier but other than that we haven't seen anyone. Saber's mentor sent him bread and Saber poisoned a piece and put it with his parachute in Silvia's camp. I hope she eats it. I see the careers come out of the forest and past Silvia's camp. Cobalt points to the parachute and sprints for it. He grabs it and smiles greedily when he sees the bread. Saber grins at me. Cobalt swallows the bread. Then his eyes bulge and he spasms. Georgia, Sandy and Metallix scream. BOOM!

District 1 - Georgia Westlake

Cobalt just died and I don't really get how. He just ate bread. Like what? Anyways. He was an idiot so i'm glad he's gone. I wish Metallix had died too. Sandy and Dragon are the only careers I trust and Dragon will probably turn on me in the end. Maybe Sandy and I should team up to take him out. 

District 6 - Luna Stone

I stash a large part of our food and water away, close to Raya's bag. Hawk comes back from somewhere and immediately starts arguing with Raya. I wish they would just stop! Hawk stomps out again. Soon I hear a BOOM! Raya grins and I hug her in fear. What if the tribute who killed him comes in here? I don't hear anyone however and I'm relieved. I think I can trust Raya.

District 3 - Nicca Corcoran

Holly has decided to designate me leader. Which I'm ok with. I start making traps to secure our camp. In the late afternoon I stop and Holly and I return to our camp. Soon I hear a scream and and I think someone got caught! We rush back and it's Serenity. Holly smiles menacingly and walks up to her. "You're going to die. You know that right? Like the bad person you are..." Holly stops talking suddenly and I walk over to her. Her eyes are wide open and then I notice the spear sticking out of her throat. Serenity yanks the spear back out and Holly collapses BOOM!. She looks defiantly at me as I stab my sword straight into her heart. BOOM! I collapse in tears. I didn't want to do that. Holly was my best friend in the arena. What am I meant to do now?

District 10 - Silvia Cut

I return to my campsite and discover an empty parachute. Weird. The anthem comes on and I look at the sky. First up is Cobalt. What? A career this early? Wow. then it's Hawk, Holly, Elder and Serenity rounds out the death list. No huge surprises there. I snuggle up in my bed and hope that I'll get to kill tomorrow.

Day 3

District 5 - Snake Slither

I wake at Dawn and decide to go hunting. I haven't heard from my mentor in a while. I hope I get some advice soon! I walk along the forest stream, when I sense someone sleeping in a bush nearby. I get out my matches and set the bush on fire. I hear screams and then a BOOM! I sneak over to see who it was and I see the charred body of my district partner, Sian. What?! No! I sit down with my head in my hands. I had no idea. I feel horrible.

District 10 - Silvia Cut

I read my mentors note. It makes sense. I always knew I was unemotional and now I know why I like knives so much. I put my parachute away and walk into the forest. I'm going hunting. A few steps in and Deanne sprints out from behind a tree. I throw a knife at her but it just whizzes past. Damn! 5oo metres onwards and I see Mahruo and Number sitting under a tree. Perfect! I get a knife out and throw it at Mahruo. BOOM! He slumps to the ground and the last I see is Number looking around franticly. I laugh and sprint away.

District 4 - Blizzard Mount

Saber and I are just chilling around camp today. Not doing much. Our trap killed Cobalt yesterday so we are pretty impressed with ourselves. I'm lying by the lake with my eyes closed when all of a sudden I hear running feet. I look up and Saber is running away with a terrified expression on his face. Suddenly I feel rough strong hands around my neck. The last thing I hear is a menacing laugh and the crack as my neck breaks. BOOM!

District 11 - Deanne Willis-Kyllwood

I'm following my mentor's advice by running swiftly and not staying in the same place twice. I'm getting bored though. I want action! I see Rowan nearby and think, Why not. I quickly run up behind him and roundhouse kick him. He flies into the air and I hear his terrified scream as he smashes into a tree. His body slides down the tree. I notice his head is missing. I look up and there it is. Impaled on a tree branch. I turn around and see Linford vomiting. I feel guilty all of a sudden and run away.

District 1 - Georgia Westlake

Sandy's mentor had a great plan this morning and me, Sandy and Metallix all left the careers. Well. We left Dragon. He was just too weird. He caught us just as we were running away and Sandy copped a sword to the arm. She's alive but hurt badly. She'll need instant relief so she doesn't die. Dragon is gonna be pissed though. I can only hope he doesn't come after us.

District 6 - Luna Stone

I decide to leave the cave and go for a walk. I only take my slingshot. Raya is having a nap. But i'm too hot to sleep. I walk around for a while and then I see Nicca. She's just sitting on the ground. I take a big rock and slot it into my slingshot. I aim and fire. BOOM! I run back to the cave crying. I can't believe I did that!

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

I'm so relieved I left the careers! I want to take out Georgia and Sandy as well. I wish my mentor would advise me on what to do! Sandy will be an easy target... The anthem starts and we look up to see who died. Mahruo (3) is first, followed by Nicca (3), Blizzard (4), Sian (5) and Rowan (7). Wow. I'm so surprised at Blizzard and Sian's death. I snuggle down beside Georgia to sleep. I'm glad I'm still alive.

Day 4

District 1 - Georgia Westlake

BOOM! I instantly snap awake. It's still dark and I listen for footsteps. I don't hear any. Thank god. That's when I realise. I can only hear one other person breathing. I turn to look at Sandy. She's dead, bled out during the night. I'm sad briefly. But then it hits me. One less career. One less threat. Now I just need to kill Dragon. After that Metallix is no threat. I snuggle down and go back to sleep.

District 12 - Linford Putoema

I read my mentor's note. Right I'll go and find Deanne. She might be hostile to me, but it is in my best interests that I have an alliance. I walk through the forest and at the edge of a clearing I see her. She's standing in the middle staring at me. Suddenly she recognises me and runs for me. Machete in hand. Crap! I sprint away as fast as I can. I'm looking back at her when suddenly I slam into something. I look around expecting to see a tree. Instead I see the smiling face of Dragon. BOOM!

District 5 - Snake Slither

I read my mentor's note and grin. Perfect plan. I camouflage myself and slither to the cornucopia. Dragon isn't there for some reason so I steal a few supplies and hide down in the reeds near the lake. I see Saber crouching down in the bushes near the edge too but he doesn't see me.

District 6 - Luna Stone

I don't know what's gotten into Raya. I pulled out a knife and she thought I was going to attack her. She was out of there so fast. Man that girl can run! Now I'm by myself in this lonely cave. I'm going to stay here for another night and hopefully no one finds me.

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

Georgia and I are just chilling in camp when we hear footsteps. Loud footsteps. Suddenly Dragon appears from one side of the clearing. I'm gone immediately, sprinting away from them. I have a few supplies, but I lost a fair bit. I see Georgia running away down to the lake. Suddenly I hear fire and I know Dragon has set our supplies on fire. Damn!

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove

I head down to the lake after fleeing from Luna. The girl was going to kill me. I'm really well armed, especially thanks to my mentor, who sent me even more weapons! Right now I've got my poisoned throwing knives strapped to my sides and my poison filled fans in my pocket. I'm wading in the shallow water, watching the water glisten off my long legs when I hear running. I turn around and see Georgia sprinting towards me. Panic and fear all over her face. I go into action and snap out my fans, whirring a cloud of poison into her nose and eyes. She inhales and her eyes roll back into her head. She falls into the water and a few minutes later BOOM! I crouch down in shock. I just killed a career!

District 10 - Silvia Cut

There's been a lot of action down by the lake today. A few kills. Damn that 8 girl is talented. I know the 5 and 13 guy are down here somewhere too. But I don't know where. I hear a rustle from behind me and suddenly I'm slammed face down into the water. I scratch at the hands holding me and I see flecks of green paint floating off. I think I know who's killed me. BOOM!

Capitol - Number Five

My mentor gave me awesome advice and I've just stayed out of the way all day. I look up at the sky to see the anthem. First is Georgia, then Sandy, Silvia and Linford. OMG! All incredibly powerful tributes. These games kinda just got blown wide open. Anyone could win. Then the loudspeaker comes on "Attention tributes! There will be a feast tomorrow. I highly recommend you attend... Something invaluable will be placed inside your bags that could very well make you win this game. Those who choose not to attend.... Beware." Damn. A feast?! Dangerous. I close my eyes. I have a sneaking suspicion tomorrow will be the end.

All tributes get +$50 for making the top 8.

  • MENTORS! YOU NEED TO POST IN THE COMMENTS YOUR TRIBUTE'S FEAST STRATEGY, AND THE ITEM THAT WILL BE IN THEIR BAG.* Keep in mind bag items must come from the items list. You can have as many or as little as you want, however they will come out of your allotted money for each tribute, as tomorrow will be the last day.

Day 5 - Feast

District 5 - Snake Slither

I wake up to a parachute coming down from mentor. I read it and grin. Then I take out my brand new bow. What good is this without arrows? Luckily they made an amazing plan. I quickly sprint to the cornucopia and camoflauge myself into the side of it. I see Saber enter the cornucopia with two sticks and a rope and then sprint out later. I wonder what he did?

Capitol - Number Five

I'm stressed! I take the time to eat my food, drink my water and sharpen my dagger. Then I read my mentor's advice again. Right aim for Saber's bag and watch out for Dragon. Got it. I walk to the edge of the forest in the twilight and wait.

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove

I read my mentors advice and smile. Then I head right to the edge of the forest and hide myself in a tall tree. I take out my water and pour poison into it. Damn I'm creative with weapons! I can't wait to throw this in someone's face. 

District 13 - Saber Falchion

I went to the cornucopia early this morning and tied a rope across the entrance. Hopefully someone trips on it! Now I'm hiding down by the lake. In the reeds. I think most of the other tributes have underestimated me but who knows. My mentor sent me Instant Relief too. I think I'll need it.

District 1 - Dragon Lord

My mentor is so funny! He wrote his advice like I would think it and it was spot on. God I can't wait to kill that bitch Metallix. Same with Snake. Who camoflauges themselves into the cornucopia. Seriously. It's made of metal. Are people metal? No. Idiot.

District 6 - Luna Stone

I creep out of my cave for the first time in a day. I'm scared. I sneak into a tree and hide my ropes in the bushes at the base. I see Number nearby and rustle the bushes, hoping she'll come investigate. But she ignores it. Damn!! My mentor sponsored my throwing axes as well. I hope I can throw them well! I don't have a clear shot at Number otherwise I'd try them out.

District 11 - Deanne Willis-Kyllwood

I'm pumped and ready to go! My mentor is right, I have a real chance in winning this. I mean my only real threats are Dragon, Raya and Metallix. But I want to get to the table first so I head to the forest edge and hide myself in a cluster of rocks. I can launch myself from here.

District 2 - Metallix Gleam

My mentor didn't send me any advice. I saw parachutes coming down for everyone else! This upsets me and I feel like I don't know what I should do. I walk to the edge of the forest and hide. What else can I do? I see the table start to rise out of the ground. Oh god. Here we go.

Capitol - Number Five

The table rises and immediately everyone except Raya, Snake and Saber sprint out to the table. I look at the table and see my bag. It's pretty small. That's no surprise it's a dagger and a throwing knife. What is a surprise is the Metallix and Luna have empty bags. But then I see that Luna has three new axes strapped to her legs. Well at least she got something. I spot Sabers bag and grab the poison out of it and sprinkle it on Dragon's bag. His bag is already leaking something so the extra moisture won't be noticed. I look around and see Dragon and Metallix fighting. He stabs Metallix with a spear and she crumples to the ground BOOM! He then kicks her corpse. I take my chance and throw a knife at him. It lodges in his shoulder. Damn! I look around and see a rope, so I cut it.

District 5 - Snake Slither

I'm enjoying seeing the fighting. Raya finally made an appearance and is trying to sneak around everyone else who is fighting to get her bag. It looks like Instant Relief. I'm still camoflauged, I'm about to get my bag but I'm busy watching the fighting. Luna is fighting Saber. She throws an axe at him wildly but misses. It comes spiralling towards me and before I can react it hits me. BOOM!

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove

Snake just peeled off the cornucopia with an axe in his head. Damn I didn't even see him! I grab my bag and it's Instant Relief. Yes! Dragon also grabs his and it's a head! Ew! I immediately see that someone has poured poison onto it but he doesn't seem to notice and it trickles into the cuts on his hands. Dragon already has a dagger sticking out of his shoulder and I take a chance and throw my fan into his other shoulder. He roars in pain and crouches on the ground. I avoid him and hide in the cornucopia.

District 13 - Saber Falchion

I finally run out of my reeds and only Number doesn't see me. I quickly stab her with my sword. BOOM! I ignore my bag. It's only got poison in it. In fact, looking at it, it seems someone has opened it already. Weird. Dragon is crouched down by the table. Even though he's down he is certainly not out. A fact that Luna has ignored. She slingshots a series of rocks rapidly at him. All but one hit him and cut his head open. The last one he catches and throws at her. Hard. It snaps into her neck. BOOM!

District 11 - Deanne Willis-Kyllwood

It's down to the final four. We all circle warily around each other. All of a sudden Saber stabs Dragon in the chest. He collapses on the ground and Saber backs away. I throw a shuriken at Dragon and it stabs his ankle. Damn! First miss. Saber finally jumps and lands on the sword in Dragon's chest. BOOM! Finally! He's dead. I see a tonne of other injuries on his body, caused by many other tributes. Rocks from Luna, poison from Number... Suddenly Saber fills my vision and there's a sword in my stomach. I look down in shock. BOOM!

District 8 - Raya Middlegrove

Finally it's just me and Saber left. He looks confident. I throw my water at him but it just splashes his shoes. He laughs and throws his sword at me. I jump and avoid most of it. It nicks my arm and blood pours out. His mouth drops open. Damn right I'm agile. I sprint towards him and stab him with my knife in the arm. He yelps in pain and drops to the ground. I take Deanne's machete and stab Saber but he rolls out of the way. He trips me and grabs the machete. He leans over me and is about to slice my throat. He forgot that I have more than one weapon. I stab him in the throat with one of my throwing knives and blood pours over my face. BOOM! Trumpets blare. What? It's over? I didn't see everyone die. "Congratulations to the winner of the 210th Hunger Games, from District 8, Raya Middlegrove!" I'm still in a daze as I head to the hovercraft. Stepping over the bodies of those who died at the feast.

Post Games Interview

Interviewer: Welcome Raya Middlegrove from District 8!

Raya: Thankyou!

Interviewer: So Raya, you weren't a favourite going into the games, do you feel that that was an advantage to you?

Raya: Not really, no. Favouritism doesn't have that much of an advantage. Dragon was the favourite in these games and he still died. Although it did take 5 people to kill him...

Interviewer: Ok now for a harder question. Why did you ditch Luna?

Raya: Well my mentor said at the first sign of danger run. Luna pulled out a knife. I ran. Though looking back she was probably just sharpening it. I feel a bit guilty about that.

Interviewer: Are you upset about killing any of the tributes, you did take out a few, Hawk, Georgia, Saber and Dragon. All powerful.

Raya: It's The Hunger Games. No. Well actually, I'm upset about Saber. He fought really hard. Really hard. If it had been any other circumstance I actually think that we would have been friends.

Interviewer: Well congratulations once again and enjoy your life in the victor's village!

Raya: Thankyou!


Raya returned to 8 and rescued her sister from the evil clutches of their father. She then returned to the Capitol to get psychological help for her sister. Her father was reported and is currently in jail.

Raya and her sister lived in her house in the victors village for ever after.

Raya helped many other tributes from 8 win and 8 eventually became a pseudo-career district, with many powerful tributes.

Current Status

Please note that career tributes will automatically have access to everything that is at the cornucopia. I.e. everything on the items list. The items listed next to their names below are just the items that are on their person and which they always have access to, even away from the cornicopia. Also any tribute that is located at the forest stream or lake has automatic access to clean, fresh water. Even if it is not listed amongst their supplies (however this water does still have the potential to be poisoned by other tributes.)

District Name Alliance Locations Supplies
8 Raya Middlegrove

Death Chart

Place Tribute District How? Who?
28 Mindy Coast 9 Trident through neck Sandy
27 Devereaux Wyne C Impaled on spear Dragon
26 Zac Ashton 8 Decapitated by machete Deanne
25 Xander Green 10 Knife in head Sian
24 Fletch Richards 11 Throat slit Cobalt
23 Paula Twoson 12 Neck wrung Georgia
22 Elder Thorne 9 Dagger through eye Number
21 Cobalt Nickel 2 Poisoned bread Saber
20 Hawk Falcone 6 Poisoned water Raya
19 Holly Oaks 7 Spear in neck Serenity
18 Serenity Bourne 13 Sword in heart Nicca
17 Sian Malley 5 Burned alive Snake
16 Mahruo Firee 3 Knife in back Silvia
15 Blizzard Mount 4 Broken neck Dragon
14 Rowan Winter 7 Decapitated Deanne
13 Nicca Corcoran 3 Rock in face Luna
12 Sandy Moral 4 Bled out Dragon
11 Linford Putoema 12 Suffocated Dragon
10 Georgia Westlake 1 Inhaled poison Raya
9 Silvia Cut 10 Drowned Snake
8 Metallix Gleam 2 Speared in chest Dragon
7 Snake Slither 5 Axe in head Luna
6 Number Five C Sword in back Saber
5 Luna Stone 6 Rock to neck Dragon
4 Dragon Lord 1

Knife to shoulder

Poison on hand cuts

Rock to head

Fan in shoulder

Sword in chest

Shuriken in ankle






3 Deanne Willis-Kyllwood 11 Sword in stomach Saber
2 Saber Falchion 13 Knife in throat Raya
Winner Raya Middlegrove 8 Alive Alive

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