Hi Guys! Well I just finished my first (technically second) hunger games which I think went relatively well. It was won by Raya Middlegrove, mentored by Happy Meadows. So now i'm doing the follow up to those games. I'm aiming to maybe do a series up till the 215th and then maybe doing an all-stars (borrowing the idea off CIMW and EpicnezzEmily.) So I hope these are just as popular!

Intro ramble yada yada yada Hunger games get reintroduced etc.


  • No fighting. Obviously
  • Do not get mad when your tribute dies. 27 will have to die. Deal.
  • Advise your tribute!!! The main thing that annoyed me about the previous games was that people just submitted their tribute and then never advised them. Don't bother submitting if you don't plan on caring about your tribute. 
  • Be aware that I live in australia and therefore my timing is different from the northern hemisphere. It is not my problem if you miss a deadline or cutoff because you were too lazy to look up the proper time.
  • I will accept submissions, they will last for 2 days then they will be reopened.
  • Max of 3 tributes per user (this may change at a later date.)
  • It will be first come first served HOWEVER this does not mean that your tribute is guaranteed that spot. If a better tribute comes along and wants that spot then I have no problem putting them there. To ensure that this doesn't happen make sure your tribute has a backstory of more than 2 lines.
  • As winner of my previous games, Happy Meadows is able to reserve any spot he chooses, regardless of whether or not your tribute currently occupies it. I'll do my absolute best that there is no clash however.
  • Submit a tribute now.

Tribute Template





Appearance (lunaii)



Weapons (2)

Strengths (2)

Weaknesses (2)

Fears (2)

Token (optional)

Alliance (can be filled out later - be aware that to form an alliance with a tribute not your own you must ask the owner of the other tribute)


District Name Age Weapon User
Capitol Male Scepter Mist 18 Sickle, Spear Hybrid Shadow
Capitol Female Kristabel Truffle 15 Trident Misytmolla
1 Male Lynx Striker 18 Steel Claws, Knife Hybrid Shadow
1 Female Cyrilla Dusk 17 Sword, Axe AxedFox
2 Male Dale Warrington 14 Mace Misytmolla
2 Female Artemis Nightshade 16 Bow, Knife Junior II
3 Male Alec Tromagnet 15 Sword Beetee19
3 Female Olivia Faraday 15 Bow Beetee19
4 Male Myles St. Lucy 18 Axe, Trident Happy Meadows
4 Female Alcyone Aquiver 15 Trident VDA1999
5 Male Dexter Reenolt 17 Trident, Axe AsherMizzou
5 Female Niqita Julienne  16 Dagger, Bow Happy Meadows
6 Male Savage Wrench 18 Mace, Crowbar Hybrid Shadow
6 Female Lillian Pierrot 17 Knife, Hammer EHKnight
7 Male Kai Shadows 15 Sword, Throwing Knife AxedFox
7 Female Lily Dawn 15 Knife, Slingshot AxedFox
8 Male Indigo Rankine 13 Sword, Slingshot Kman528
8 Female Arlynna Likness 17 Machete, Mace Happy Meadows
9 Male Capricorn Winterhart 16 Scythe, Bow Captainsv
9 Female Yazmin Lily 16 Bow JabberJay78
10 Male Hunther Hayes 16 Spear Junior II
10 Female Mimosa Kosc 12 Throwing Knife Ninja Toast
11 Male Brettin Lonnivon 17 Mace, Axe Kman528
11 Female Lavender Tone 13 Throwing Knife, Spear EHKnight
12 Male Knight Castle 12 Sword JabberJay78
12 Female Allie Sun 12 Knife, Sword HungryTeen
13 Male Nucleari Mhoss 17 Scythe VDA1999
13 Female Celia Myer 14 Throwing Axe Misytmolla

Tribute Gallery



Lynx Striker, Cyrilla Dusk, Dale Warrington, Artemis Nightshade, Myles St. Lucy, Alcyone Aquiver, Scepter Mist, Savage Wrench

District 7 Alliance

Kai Shadows, Lily Dawn

District 5 and 6 Alliance

Niqita Julienne and Lillian Pierrot

District 10 and 13 Alliance

Mimosa Kosc and Nucleari Mhoss

District 8 and 11 Alliance

Indigo Rankine and Brettin Lonnivon

Girls Alliance

Olivia Faraday, Arlynna Likness, Lavender Tone, Celia Myer

Boys Alliance

Dexter Reenolt, Capricorn Winterhart, Knight Castle


Kristabel Truffle, Alec Tromagnet, Yazmin Lily, Hunther Hayes, Allie Sun


The arena will be a forest surrounding the cornucopia which is in a meadow. The forest will vary in thickness. There will be streams and rocky outcroppings dotted around the forest, with a lake to the south of the cornucopia. All streams are freshwater. Wildlife includes Eagles, Wolves, Rabbits, Deer etc


(amended from CIMW's list)

Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Camouflage Paints: $100

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Fan (to cool tributes down): $50

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Knife: $75

Mace: $125

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Parka (large coat for extreme warmth): $150

Pitchfork: $150

Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (12): $25

Raft: $250

Raincoat: $50

Rocks (10) [usually for slingshot]: $25

Rope: $25

Scythe: $125

Shuriken (set of 3): $150

Sickle: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Snowshoes: $100

Soup: $75

Spear: $125

Spile: $75

Steel Fan: $100

Sword: $125

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $200

Trident: $275

Water: $100

Whip: $150

Wire: $75

Wooden Club: $125


Capitol - Kristabel Truffle

That bitch of a woman stabbed my finger. It still hurts! Ugh. I stand with the other 15 year olds as Robbie McRob flounces on stage. He's colour blind. I hope. He's wearing a fluoro orange suit. I can't wait to volunteer to find my mum. I'm going to do better than the girl last year, and she made it to the final day! Robbie heads over to the boys bowl. "I volunteer!" Robbie looks pissed. The boy heads up to the stage. He looks scary! "I'm Scepter Mist" the crowd cheers. Of course they do, he looks like he could win. Robbie stalks over to the girls bowl. "I volunteer!" I scream. Robbie looks furious and shoves the microphone in my face. "Kristabel Truffle."I smile at the audience. We get on the train and Scepter looks at me and smiles to himself. "What?" "Nothing, you just look weak." I knee him in the balls and sit down. Weak pfft! The train takes off and he is still rolling around on the floor. Karma.

District 1 - Lynx Striker

Grr. The smell of all these humans is making me nauseous. Only Hunter. Hunter is the only one I like. Theresa Galicia walks on stage. I don't know why. District 1 didn't win last year. Not even a career won. A disgrace that I plan to rectify. She babbles on about how proud she was of Dragon and Georgia, last years tributes. Ugh just get to it woman. Finally she walks to the woman's bowl. "Cyrilla Dusk!" A pretty girl throws her hair back and struts to the stage, almost pushing over a 12 year old on the way. She stands beside Theresa, who heads over to the male bowl. "I volunteer." I growl.  "What! No! Lynx you can't! Don't go up on the stage." It's Hunter. I sigh, I should have told him. He's struggling with the peacekeepers and I hear a BANG! What?! peacekeepers don't shoot district 1 citizens! I hold Hunter's body. Crying. They prod me with their guns, I look at the one who shot him. And I rip his throat out. Blood still dripping off my fangs I head onto the train. Cyrilla looks scared. I smile bloodily at her. She just flicks her hair back and stares out the window. Nice. She might actually be powerful.

District 2 - Artemis Nightshade

The reaping area is buzzing. Literally, it got invaded by bees so we are inside a mountain. Our escort Marissa Morales walks on stage and delivers her usual speel about not volunteering until she is done. Haha idiot. This is district 2. Half of these people will volunteer. She talks about the tributes from last year, Cobalt and Metallix, and how they could have done better. Cobalt I agree with. But I think that's a bit harsh for Metallix, she surprised everyone. We all had bets on how quickly she'd go in the bloodbath. Marissa finally walks over to the male bowl. "The male tribute is Dale Warrington!" A small, young looking boy walks up. No one volunteers, wait, what?! That runt is going into the games. "And the female tribute is Artemis Nightshade!" Oh no. I walk slowly up to the stage. District 2 looks less than impressed, two smaller tributes. I'll show them. Dale and I walk onto the train and sit down. It's awkard. And I have to be loyal to this guy!

District 3 - Alec Tromagnet

I casually fly my hovercraft to the reaping. Everyone stares. I don't know why, this is district 3, everyone does mechanical stuff. I get my finger pricked and walk to the 15 year old area. Avery Marlowe, our escort, stalks on stage. He grunts a few words about how the tributes from last year, Nicca and Mahruo were terrible. I thought they did quite well for district 3. He walks swiftly over to the female reaping bowl. "Olivia Faraday!" he grunts at the crowd. A nerdy girl wearing glasses walks up to the stage. I think I know her from school or something. "Alec Tromagnet!" Oh! Great. I'm going to die. Aw who will take my hovercraft? Olivia and I get on the train and she turns to me,  "I saw you had a hovercraft. We are going to be good friends." Cool. I think. Do I want to go up against a friend in a fight to the death?

District 4 - Alcyone Aquiver

Ugh this salt air is ruining my makeup! Why on earth is our reaping area a beach?! Sandra Vulcanata walks on stage. She trills at us about how disappointing district 4 was last year, and how ashamed she was of Blizzard's betrayal of the careers. Whatever, who cares, he was just trying to survive. She struts across to the male bowl. "Myles St. Lucy!" I look around and see a gorgeous boy looking upset. Hmm I wouldn't mind being stuck in the Hunger Games with him. Then he turns around and kisses who I presume is his boyfriend. Damn! All the good ones! He gets to the stage as Sandra walks to the female bowl. "Alcyone Aquiver!" Damn, looks like I'm getting my wish. We head on to the train and we hug, both of us know we don't want to be there. I think I just made a new best friend.

District 5 - Dexter Reenolt

The district 5 reaping area is crowded and hot. We are all really restless and want to get this over with. Shane Hilderbrand our escort appears at the mike. He talks about how Sian and Snake from last year did really well, and he hoped that we could get that far. I hope so, I hope I get further. I'm planning on volunteering. He heads over to the female bowl. "Niqita Julienne!" A sly looking girl with weird eyes walks up to the stage, she looks like she could be a threat. "And the male tribute is..." "I volunteer!" The crowd gasps as I walk up to the stage. "My name is Dexter Reenolt" The crowd claps for us and we head onto the train. Niqita gives me a shifty look and heads to the food cart. Alrighty then...

District 6 - Lillian Pierrot

The district 6 reaping area is disgusting. There are congealed puddles of grease in the corners and spare vehicle parts everywhere. It really just makes the Hunger Games even worse. Especially coupled with the fact that we never win. The girl last year made it to the final day. Against all odds. But she died. I'm over how cruel and heartless this world is! Matty Cordenne, our escort walks on the stage and heads straight for the male reaping bowl. I'm glad he doesn't dwell on last years tributes, that would just be depressing. "Savage Wrench!" Wtf? What a weird name. I look around and see this absolute beast of a person walking up the stage. He looks like a brute. Oh god I don't envy the female tribute this year. "And for the women we have Lillian Pierrot!" Oh crap. Why?! Haven't I had enough pain in my lifetime! What did I do in a past life to deserve all this. I walk slowly up to the stage and Savage gives me a once over. He nods to himself and looks satisfied. Huh. If he's impressed wiht me maybe I can actually win.

District 7 - Kai Shadows

I shuffle nervously into the reaping area. District 7 is so beautiful I don't want to leave. I see a girl smile nervously at me. I think her name's Lily? Weird. She always looks at me. Isla Finch, our escort walks onstage. She talks about last years tributes Rowan and Holly and how they did terribly for district 7 and how badly it had reflected on her. Selfish cow. She walks over to the boys bowl. I hold my breath. "Kai Shadows!" Holy... I walk up the stage and Isla looks at me in disgust, like she wanted a stronger tribute. She picks a girls name out. "Lily Dawn!" That girl walks up to the stage, smiling at me. Oh well. It could be worse. At least I can be stuck with a friend. We head onto the train. Lily turns to me "You know Kai, I've had a crush on you forever." That makes so much sense! Why she's always looking at me. I don't know how to respond, so I smile and sit next to her. This could be really awkward or really amazing.

District 8 - Arlynna Likness

The whole of district 8 floods into the massive factory that is our reaping area. Angela Alegna our escort walks timidly onto the stage and with her comes last years winner Raya. The crowd cheers for her. Raya was the first winner from district 8 for a while so she is incredibly popular. I don't particularly like her. She wasn't the most powerful or sneakiest tribute there. Frankly I don't know how she won. All I know is if I get reaped I'll be winning. Angela finally heads over to the boys bowl. "Indigo Rankine!" A young, weak looking boy walks shyly up to the stage. Oh god. "And our female tribute is Arlynna Likness!" Shit. Ok. Relax. I tell myself. I can see Raya looking at me shrewdly. I smirk to myself. She can tell I'm a winner. We head onto the train with district 8's applause ringing in our ears. Raya immediately takes us to the couch and we start watching the other reapings, sizing up our competition.

District 9 - Capricorn Winterhart

The crunch of grain is loud as district 9 files into the reaping hall. The peacekeepers are especially tough here and everyone is scared. District 9 generally does the worst out of the districts in the hunger games. No one wants to be reaped.  Last years tributes did horribly. Both died early, as do the majority of our tributes. Our escort Bertha Chop waddles on stage. She's gotten fatter. She goes to the male bowl. "Capricorn Winterhart!" Omg I can't get reaped! I'll die. I walk slowly up to the stage. People give me sympathetic looks. They know. Bertha drags herself to the female bowl. "Yazmin Lily!" A pretty black haired girl walks swiftly to the stage. She actually looks quite strong. Hmm maybe she has a chance. We head onto the train and Yazmin turns to me "looks like District 9 might actually have a chance this year!" I smile and we sit down and chat, I'm going to do my best to win.

Group Training

District 10 - Mimosa Kosc

The gong goes and training begins. I turn around and see a few pairs of tributes running off to the different stations and the careers heading straight to the weapons, great they will control them for the entire training session then. Suddenly a long-haired guy walks up to me, I think he's from 13. He shakes my hand and says his name is Nucleari and offers and alliance. Remembering what my mentor said to me I shyly hang my head and say yes. He smiles and walks off to the gauntlet, me trotting behind. A wicked smile spreads across my face. Soon he will believe that I am dependent on him. 

District 1 - Lynx Striker

The careers are so powerful this year! We have picked up Scepter from the Capitol and Savage from district 6, both adding a bit of crazy to the careers. But I am the craziest! I let out a massive roar in celebration and Lily from 7 at the next station screams. I chuckle at her weakness. Speaking of weak I think the weakest of the careers this year are Dale and the 4 pair. Lucky we have brought in the others to replace them. They'll probably die in the bloodbath. If not I might have to take care of them myself.

District 3 - Olivia Faraday

I'm all on my own! This is the worst possible situation for me. I look around nervously and decide to start playing at the camouflage station by myself. Everyone always avoids camouflage but if I can hide my way to the end, I'm going to! I'd love to have an all girls alliance and there are enough solo girls to do so, but I'm too nervous to ask. I guess I'll have to learn how to fight on my own.

District 8 - Indigo Rankine

I've formed an alliance with Brettin from 11. We both get along really well. It's a pity only one of us can survive. But I'm glad I'm going in there with a partner that I can trust implicitly. We are running on the gauntlet. I make it through relatively quickly, but Brettin trips. I hear people laughing behind us and I turn around angrily. Yazmin from 9 stares back at me coldly. I jump and turn back. I can't make her mad, she's powerful. Damn! If it had been the pathetic 3 pair it would have been a different story. 

District 13 - Celia Myer

I'm currently at the poisonous foods with Arlynna from 8 and Lavender from 11. We are having a fantastic time all giggling together. Olivia from 3 comes over and I can't help but give her a hug. She is just so adorable! We then all look at each other when Lavender speaks up and suggests that since we all get along so well why don't we just form an alliance. And so the girls alliance is made! We all hi five and go back to learning about poisonous berries. Apparently they killed some chick from district 5 years and years ago, and she was a threat to win. Damn, i'm a threat to win and I'd hate to die from some fruit! I'd better listen.

District 2 - Dale Warrington

I'm the weakest in the careers which makes me nervous. Cyrilla and Lynx are the self-elected leaders of the careers. Cyrilla is cold hearted and Lynx is just insane which makes me nervous. Neither of them would hesitate to kill me. I'm trying to stick close to Myles because he seems the nicest. Maybe the two of us could become a duo and survive. But I know he'd never leave Alcyone, his district partner.

District 9 - Yazmin Lily

That punk from 8 tried to stare me down. Haha! Weak little bitch. He doesn't know how easily I could snap his neck. Ugh. Pretty people are always the most dangerous, he should've learnt that by now. I also hate that bitch from 1. She's stunning. I'll have to find a way to get her alone and kill her in the arena. I'm not too worried about any of the other tributes outside the careers, the majority seem weak. Although the capitol girl looks like she could be a bit of a problem and the 13 boy looks quite strong. I still think I can take them.

District 12 - Knight Castle

Dexter from 5, Capricorn from 9 and myself have all decided to form an alliance. Just out of pure necessity, none of us want to be alone out there. Capricorn is the strongest of us and I am the weakest. It all seems so futile. I may as well stab myself here and now. I'm getting so depressed and it's just the training. How am I going to survive in the arena?

District 11 - Lavender Tone I've formed an alliance with Arlynna, Olivia and Celia and I'm so happy! I thought i'd be the odd one out because I have purple hair but everyone gets along so well. We are currently practicing in the weapons area and Arlynna, Celia and myself have proven ourselves to be really strong. But when Olivia gets up there she literally flings her arrow in the air. She completely misses the target! Oh god...

District 4 - Myles St. Lucy I'm in the careers at the moment. I really don't want to be. I want to be in an alliance with Alcyone, but I'm too scared to get out of them. Savage and Lynx would literally eat me though. Ugh. Maybe I can flee in the bloodbath and hide from them. That might work.

District 7 - Lily Dawn Kai and I are so in love. We are sharpening our axes together. Shopping trees together. Sitting by the fire together. At least in my mind. In reality we are learning about poisonous plants. I already know all this! It's so obvious I can't believe no one else knows this. Hmm maybe that can be my advantage.

District 13 - Nucleari Mhoss I'm in an alliance with Mimosa from 10. She seems cool but weak and I don't see her lasting much longer than the bloodbath which sucks for me. I should really start looking around for a new ally.

District 1 - Cyrilla Dusk I can't wait for the games! Killing people is so my forte. That and being pretty. Damn I hope I can be both in the arena! Maybe a sponser will send me a hairbrush? Pretty please? God I'm fierce.

District 6 - Savage Wrench I hate everyone in the careers. Luckily they will all die eventually. If I have to rip their throats out myself I will. I will win.

District 5 - Niqita Julienne

District 10 - Hunther Hayes

District 12 - Allie Sun

Capitol - Scepter Mist

District 11 - Brettin Lonnivon

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