The Hunger Games have been restarted by Coriolanus Snow's great great grandson due to the capitol citizen's insatiable demand for bloodlust. To make the games fair he has decreed that every district and the capitol each send one young man and woman for the ultimate battle.

Ok WELCOME to my first every hunger games! I am very excited and I hope I don't disappoint you guys.

IT WILL NOW BE FIRST COME FIRST SERVED WITH TRIBUTES. (max three per user). I would like interesting tributes. Please give me something to work with! I can't write with: 

Pete Smith

Likes blood and death.

Hates flowers

Killed his mother.

In return I will do my best to give you an exciting games. I'll try to update regularly but life will sometimes get in the way. I will be writing reapings, group training and then the games. I will not reserve tributes unfortunately, the best tribute gets the spot.

So the date that tribute submissions must be in by is the 7th of December AEST. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND THAT I AM AUSTRALIAN AND THEREFORE LIVE IN AUSTRALIA, MY TIMING WILL BE AHEAD OF AMERICA AND YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE THAT INTO ACCOUNT WHEN POSTING TRIBUTES AND/OR ADVICE. I won't be held accountable for any missed deadlines simply because you were unable to look up the date in Australia.

Tribute Template

With that in mind this is the tribute template I would like you to follow:



District: (three possible districts)


Appearance: (preferably in a lunaii)



Weapons: (only 2)


Token: (optional)

Bloodbath Strategy:


Ok.. Good luck! And may the odds be EVER in your favour.


District Gender Name Age Weapon User
Capitol M
Capitol F
District 1 M Bruce Foster 14 Sword, Axe, Knife DrewlovesKuinn
District 1 F Eva Rhode 18 Blowgun, Axe, Knife DrewlovesKuinn
District 2 M Jefferson Golderness 16 Knife, Axe HungerGamesFanatic21
District 2 F RESERVED EpicnezzEmily
District 3 M Elec Spike 15 Wire, Knife YoungGuy5
District 3 F RESERVED HungerGamesFanatic21
District 4 M RESERVED HungerGamesFanatic21
District 4 F Mindy Coast 18 Trident, Sword Cloveismywife
District 5 M
District 5 F RESERVED Annamisasa
District 6 M Oscar Lambart 13 Crowbar, Screwdriver YoungGuy5
District 6 F Louisa Diemena 16 Spear, Dagger VDA1999
District 7 M Conner Machado 17 Axe VDA1999
District 7 F RESERVED Annamisasa
District 8 M
District 8 F Venetia Caspian 15 Trident, Bow and Arrows ~Poptart~
District 9 M
District 9 F
District 10 M Morolith Dmitry 18 Trident, Mace, Kopis YoungGuy5
District 10 F
District 11 M
District 11 F
District 12 M
District 12 F
District 13 M
District 13 F Claudia Graphite 17 Bow and Arrows, Throwing Knives AxedFox

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