Hey, this is my first Hunger Games. After seeing lots of other people do it, I thought I'd give it a try. And please remember, these are my first games, so I'm experimenting with certain things, but I will try my best!

I would also appreciate it if you give me any sort of feedback on these games!


Ok, so, once you guys enter your tributes, I will start writing The Games.

I'm will include, along with The Games, The Reaping, Chariot Rides, a summary of the Training Days, Training Scores, Interviews, Final 8 Interviews, The Feast, and a Victor Interview. As well as the Victor Interviews, I MAY be doing a Victory Tour and related stuff after the games, but it's not guaranteed.

The way I'll be doing this is giving each tribute a point of view.


The Tributes have been reaped. Let the games begin.

May the odds be ever in your favor.

District Female Place Male Place User
One Lily Star (13) Lee Rock (12) Moon Beam
Two Vannessa Jimanez (15) Alexander Sidorov (16) 26 TotalDramaRox97
Three Shay Disc (16) Circuit Blow (13) Fallen Angell
Four Ronda Grouge (16) Dondo Grouge (18) Brony12
Five Lane Westling (14) Cranell Meneger (16) 23 Sparrow Hazelthorn
Six Soifa Trinks (14) Miles Harrow (15) Fantasyfilm99
Seven Keyllu Vetra (17) Aydan Monarcha (12) Tiki tooki
Eight Kedzie Woods (15) Talon Faust (17) Firecatcher3
Nine Sheila Swift (17) Markus Brown (15) 24 Skybender101
Ten Parker Fernx (12) Venta Jaes (14) 22 DMaddoxx
Eleven Rye Foxglove (12) Mow Rice (18) 25 Tevinh
Twelve Willow Woods (13) 27 Kohl Cyphers (15) Jabberjay78
Thirteen Elizabeth Coin (15) Thomas Adamson (13) Anon....
The Capitol Lumri Caldoni (14) Guffer McPherson (17) 28 NY22GIants22

  • Lily Star - District 1 Female
  • Lee Rock - District 1 Male
  • Vanessa Jimanez - District 2 Female
  • Alexander Sidorov - District 2 Male
  • Shay Disc - District 3 Female
  • Circuit Blow - District 3 Male
  • Ronda Grouge - District 4 Female
  • Dondo Grouge - District 4 Male
  • Lane Westling - District 5 Female
  • Cranell Menger - District 5 Male
  • Soifa Trinks - District 6 Female
  • Miles Harrow - District 6 Male
  • Keyllu Vetra - District 7 Female
  • Aydan Monarcha - District 7 Male
  • Kedzie Woods - District 8 Female
  • Talon Faust - Distict 8 Male
  • Sheila Swift - District 9 Female
  • Markus Brown - District 9 Male
  • Parker Fernx - District 10 Female
  • Venta Jaes - District 10 Male
  • Rye Foxglove - District 11 Female
  • Mow Rice - District 11 Male
  • WIllow Woods - District 12 Female
  • Kohl Cyphers - District 12 Male
  • Elizabeth Coin - District 13 Female
  • Thomas Adamson - District 13 Male
  • Lumri Caldoni - Capitol Female
  • Guffer McPherson - Capitol Male

The Reapings

District 1

Lily Star Today's the day. The day I will finally be recognized. The day I'll no longer be that nice, innocent girl in the back of the crowd. The Reaping. I get up, take a shower, put on my favoite pink dress, do my hair, and by the time everybody else is yawning and just waking up, I'm on my way to the kitchen, searching for something to eat. As I'm finishing up my breakfast, I can hear my sisters arguing over a dress they want to wear.

"I told you I was going to wear this today!" " NO, I was going to wear this today! Mom got it for ME!" Gosh, they're so stuck-up. I don't get how they're so popular, they've never done anything. I'll show them, I'll show everyone, once I volunteer, then they'll care about me. I've been kind my whole life and still, nobody appreciates me. Except my best friend, and only friend, Mace. Oh no! Mace! I can't beleive I never told him! Oh no, oh no, oh no, what will I do!?

What will he think when he sees me volunteer!?

Lee Rock As I'm walking towards the square, all I can think of is my brother. My brother who got reaped when I was little. My brother who died in the Hunger Games. I don't have anybody left now. What else could I possibly lose? Wait..well, there is Lily. Lily Star, the only girl I've ever loved. She won't be reaped though, what are the chances of a rich girl who's only thirteen being reaped? And I know she'd never volunteer, she's not the type. I get to the square, and see some of my friends, we're all age twelve. The newcomers. It's our first Reaping. Most of them look really excited. Not me. How can they be so happy, waiting for a possible death sentence?

As eveyone settles, the mayor says his speech, and the escort walks up onto the stage. When she puts her hand into the bowl to draw the girl's name, and she pulls out a pice of paper, a bunch of "I volunteer!"s ring out across the square. There is some sort of quarrel going on about who said it first, but as that's happening, I see a girl in a bright pink dress with long brown hair hop up onto the stage. No. It can't be. It's Lily. What!? Why would she volunteer!? She's always been so nice and innocent, unlike the others. When the escort pulls the boy's name out of the bowl, I make sure I'm the first one to say,

"I volunteer!"


District 2

Vanessa Jimanez "Wake up, mija! Today is the Reaping!" says my mom, waking me up. The Reaping. When I first moved here from Mexico a year ago, I thought it was some sort of holiday, since everybody here treats it as one. But I don't get it. The Reaping is not a holiday. It's a drawing, a drawing where if you get drawed, you get entered into a fight to the death. Where children fight to the death. They call it, The Hunger Games. How could anyone be excited about getting to be in something so...malo? After me, my twin sister, two younger brothers, and parents got dressed and ready, we head to the town square.

When we get there, the mayor is going on about the games, and he's praising it, saying how proud he is to be the mayor of a district who has won so many games. Then an escort comes onto the stage, in front of two bowls, one designated for the girls, one for the boys. Me or my siblings are not going to be chosen, I've only been here in Panem for a year, and I'm supposed to leave back to Mexico in two weeks. What are the chances? She pulls the slip out of the girl's, and reads out the name. "Vanessa Jimanez!" Uh-oh. I still have hope, someone will volunteer, right!? This is the day they've been waiting for! Their "holiday"! But no, nobody volunteers. I feel empty as I walk up onto the stage and shake hands with the escort.

This is no holiday.

Alexander Sidorov No! Not Vanessa, she can't have been chosen! She was supposed to go back to her home in TWO WEEKS! Oh my goodness, she looks devastated! Why didn't anybody volunteer, they always do in this district!? Why did this happen! She doesn't deserve this! In the year I've gotten to know her, I know that I love her. We understand eachother, me moving here from Russia and all. I have to do something. So when the escort pulls out the boy's slip, I volunteer. I can see Vanessa's face. She doesn't look as sullen as she did, and I can see the blood flow back into her face. It's a good thing she has at least a little hope. Yes! I'm so happy, I'm here to protect her! But, wait a minute. I feel something inside me. It's not just Vanessa. I'm...I'm...excited. Excited to be in the Hunger Games!



District 3

Shay Disc The first thing I hear when I wake up is thunder. Loud and booming. I brush my hair out of my face, get up, and look out the window. I see lightning. That gives me a little hope for today. I love lightning. And today's the Reaping. Another one. UGH! Well, atleast I'm not toally helpless this time. There's a chance that my sneaking out in the middle of the night to practice my knife skills will pay off today. Then I fell a small spark in my tummy, and gain a little more hope. I stand up, and stretch a little, getting the sleepiness of me. I open the dresser me and my two sisters share. I grab an electric blue dress from it. It matches my eyes. Hopefully neither of my sisters were planning on wearing it. I don't care about my hair, everyone's hair is crazy in this district.

I walk into the living room to find my parents and my sisters already ready. "What the..!?" I look at the clock, and see that I've slept in about an hour. Great. I slip on my shoes, and as I'm heading out the door, my mom stops me. "Yes?" I say. "Here, I just wanted to give this to you. For....luck." It's an anklet with a small metal disc on it. "Wow mom, thanks!" I put it on, and feel...well, lucky. This gives me all the hope I need today.

I'll be happy no matter what happens.

Circuit Blow "AGGGGGGHHHHHH!" I jolt upwards on my bed. I wake with a cold sweat. A nightmare. I groan as I get up. It had felt so real. The fire. I've never had such a vivid dream before. I can see my scream woke up the whole house, as my brother and sister are siting upwards on their beds, and my parents are already at my door, looking at me, concerned. "...I had a nightmare. Sorry." I say. They all look away, annoyed. Since we're all awake now, we get ready. My parents and my siblings are ignoring me at breakfast. Really!? On the day of the Reaping!? Wow. I guess I'm the freak of the family. Funny how much damage a non-existant fire can do.

We make our way to the square. The escort is already on stage, flirting with the mayor. When everybody has arrived, the escort is still flirting with the mayor, and then the silence gets her attention. "Oh! Yeah! Sorry!" she says. She sticks her hand into the girl's bowl, pulls out the paper and reads out her name. "Shay Disc." She gets up onto the stage, she doesn't look worried or anything. As she's pulling out the boy's name, she trips on her heels and knocks the bowl to the ground, which causes the bowl to shatter into pieces. A piece gets into her eye and she falls backward, bumping into the mayor. The mayor stumbles backwards and hits the tech man controlling the speakers and elecronics. He falls down, ripping some wires apart, and theres sparks everywhere, which starts a fire on the stage. Everybody on stage quickly hurries off, and after the mayor escorted the escort to safety and firemen put the fire out, he goes over to where the bowl had shattered and picks up a slip. He reads out the name. "Ciruit Blow!" That's my name.

Funny, how much damage a fire can do.


District 4

Ronda Grouge Ok, today is the Reaping. Perhaps the day I've been training for? The year I'll volunteer? I don't know. The games have just always, scared me a little. Not Dondo. I know Dondo will volunteer today. This year is his last chance. Dad would want us to volunteer. Maybe if he wasn't an alcoholic he'd be a real dad. He'd probably kill Dondo if he didn't volunteer this year. I don't know If I will. Wait, no, I can't volunteer. No, that would mean that only one of us could win. Phew, I didn't know if I had the guts to do it.

Ok, the escort is about to draw the girl's name..

Dondo Grouge Ah, my last year of being in the Reaping. The day I've been waiting for. I've trained my whole life. I know I'll win. I know I'll be the best. This is the year I will volunteer. The escort is about to draw the girl's name. I wonder if Ronda will volunteer? No, she knows this year is my last chance. If we're both in the games, only one of us could come out. Ok, and the girl is..."Rondo Grouge!" Oh dang. She looks terrified! What's gonna happen now? Should I still volunteer? Wait, WHAT am I saying!? THIS IS MY TIME, I WILL WIN THIS THING, AND I WILL BE THE BEST! So when the escort draws the boys name, I yell as loud as I can,



District 5

Lane Westling The sun shining on my face wakes me up. I feel a radiating warmth to my side. Looks like my little sister, Rull, decided to join me. I stoke her hair, and notice how big she's gotten. Or, well, I guess I'm just small. I get up. Something's not right. Then I remember. Today is the Reaping. I sigh, what a way to ruin a beautiful day. The worst possible way. I go over to the window, and look out to the sun. It's so bright. I decide to match it. I put on an orangey yellow dress. I do my hair into a braided ponytail over my shoulder. I go over to the breakfast table, and see that my parents have prepared breakfast. But I'm not hungry.

Not today.

Cranell Meneger I'm in my closet. My dad is having another one of his fits. I accidentally burned the toast. He cares about me, which explains why he got mad. Because today is the Reaping. He may lose his temper, but not over some charred bread. He's in a bad mood because he doesn't want to lose me, like he lost my mother. He doesn't want to see me get reaped.

So I put on something formal, and head down to the square. The mayor is just finishing his speech. I guess nobody cared that I wasn't here yet. The escort comes onto the stage. She is drawing the girls name, and this year the girl is, "Lane Westling." She looks so depressed. I can see a little girl, her sister I think, crying, with her parents, as Lane is getting up onto the stage. Now it's the boy's turn. She is picking up a piece of paper and this year the boy is, "Cranell Meneger." Me. As I walk up onto the stage, I feel sorry. For my dad. And, I see something I have never seen before.

My father is crying.


District 6

Soifa Trinks The Reaping is today! Ooh I can't wait! We're getting away today. Me and Miles. What should I wear? Hmm, maybe I'll go with this short green dress! Then my hair, I'll style it into an updo! Ok, what shoes shall I, I don't feel like wearing anything formal, I'll just go with my favorite brown boots. Yay! Now I'm ready. I'd have never thought I'd be excited about the Reapings. Especially with my background. But ever since I met Miles, I've been so much more...spontaneous!

I mean, we're both planning to volunteer!

Miles Harrow I'm wearing my best suit, but it's not much. As I arrive at the square, the mayor is saying his speech. Blah blah blah. He doesn't have anything encouraging to say, as their isn't much victors from our district. Then the escort arrives, all decked out in weird Capitol attire. The escort always seems so cheerful, even though our district isn't successful in the games. Just get to picking out the girl's name already. When she reads the name, I hear, "I volunteer." I know it's Soifa. We had planned to do this, and nobody ever volunteers in this district. I see her walk up onstage and shake the escorts hands. Next thing I know, I've already volunteered, and I'm shaking hands with the escort. I'm standing next to Soifa. She's smiling at me. I hesitate.

She knows only one of us will be able to live, right?


District 7

Keyllu Vetra Ugh, I'm so tired. I'm always a little edgy on the day of the Reaping. I get up, grab a black dress, the one I always wear to formal events. Usually, that's only the Reapings. I put my blond hair in a ponytail, and let my black bangs down in the front. I'm done. We head down to the square. It's all a blur at first, as I'm trying to keep myself awake, then I notice the escorts already drawing the girls name. She says her name. I wait for the girl to go up onstage. Nobody comes up. Then someone nudges me in the back.

"Um, Keyllu, you need to go up on stage."

Aydan Monarcha I'm up early. I'm in the woods. Swinging my axe at a tree. Taking in the fresh smell of the forest. Just like any other day. Except today is the Reaping. My first. I try to shake the anxiousness out of me. Whew, I've been chopping forever. At least, it seems like it. I need to get ready. I put on something decent, and run to the square. I get there pretty fast.

I'm one of the first people there, so I just watch as everybody else arrives. I see some of my friends and school mates. I see Keyllu Vetra. She looks so tired. She's one of last few to get there. The mayor is saying how proud he is of our district. Now the escort comes up, and picks a name from the girl's bowl. It's Keyllu Vetra. Nobody comes up. Where is she, I know I saw her ealier? Then she finally comes up on stage. She looks like she just woke up or something. Probably snoozing during the mayor's speech. Now the escort draws a name out of the boy's bowl. She says his name. He walks up onto the stage.

Well, at least I don't look like Keyllu, as I walk up onto the stage.


District 8

Kedzie Woods I hate the Reaping. Always have. For me, they not only bring me sadnees because of their purpose. They remind me of how I lost someone who I cared about so much. A great friend. Todd. On the first Reaping I was actually entered in, that was the one Todd got reaped in. For him, it was his last Reaping. He died in the games. It's been three years. And every single Reaping since then, I remember him. They never let me forget. The President will never let me forgot. He is the only person I hate in this world. But, he must have good somewhere in his heart. Everyone does. No. I'm wrong. The President is evil. For never letting me forget.

For never letting us forget.

Talon Faust I can't tell you how much grief the Reapings gave me. Becuase of it, my whole life has been ruined. Well, I guess their not entirely to blame for. My father was really the cause of it. He trained me and my sister. My sister, he trained to death. My brother, died in the games. The games that my dad cheers on, as if they're actually a game. And my baby brother, I had to give him away to another family, so he wouldn't endure what I've had to.

I make my way to the square, with my best suit on. My father made me wear it. He'd beat me if I hadn't. They mayor comes up on stage. Nothing great to say, we haven't won much games. I mean, we're the dang textile district for goodness sakes, we're probably the district with the least victors. The escort is up now, and she's calling out the girl's name. It's Kedzie Woods. The Woods. It's her family that took in my baby brother. They're good people. Kedzie doesn't deserve to be in the games, she's the most kindhearted person I know. The escort is pulling out the boy's name. It's me. My dad is cheering so loud for me. The sole person making noise in a silent crowd. Everyone is looking at him like he is crazy. Who would be proud for their son to be in the Hunger Games, especially in District 8? I have nothing left to live for. Almost. I know what I need to do. I need to protect Kedzie.

Even if I have to risk my life.


District 9

Sheila Swift I grab a knife from off my belt. I aim. I throw. It hits the rabbit right in his throat. Breakfast for this morning. I go back home and skin it. Cook it. I share it amongst my family. My mother and two little brothers. This could be any other day. But today is the Reaping.

I'm always so scared. I don't know what would happen to my family if I was reaped, I'm their provider. I've been teaching my little brothers how to hunt, but they can't hunt by themselves yet. I always get so anxious, every year. I'm all my family's got. If I'm the games, they'll suffer. If I win, they could live. But If I die in the games..

Then my family will die too.

Markus Brown The Reaping. Whenever it's the day of the Reaping, I feel fine. Not scared, not worried, nothing. Because if I get reaped, I'd win! My mom taught me how to fight, and I'm totally confident that I'm the most skilled swordsman in all of Panem! I'd never volunteer though. Why would I, I've got all I need here! I'm the richest guy in District 9! Everyone loves me. I already have food, money and fame. But I'm so not scared of the Reaping.

That's why when I walked up onto the stage with Sheila Swift, I was totally mellow.


Districts 10

Parker Fernx I wake up. I can hear the sounds of chirping birds and rustling leaves. I get up, out of my tent, and take in the forest air. I can see squirrels and rabbits, plants of different kinds. It's great! It's only that today is my first Reaping. I hope I don't get reaped. That'd really suck! I hope Venta doesn't get reaped either, he's the only person I know. That'd really suck too. Hmm, I should get ready for it. I'll wear my blue dress and wear my hair in braids! Maybe if I look cute enough, and get reaped, someone would volunteer for me! I always get what I want.

I find the break in the fence along the district and slip through it. I make my way to the square and wait for the escort to draw the names. I see Venta! I smile and wave to him and say hi! The escort is drawing the girl's name. I am still waving to him, when she calls my name. "Parker Fernx!" I walk up to the stage looking all cute and young, waiting for someone to volunteer for this little girl. No one does. I hesitate.

I guess this time I'm not getting what I want.

Venta Jaes I see a hand waving to me from across the crowd in the square. It's Parker, hah, always so cheery. She's still waving to me when the escort calls her name. Wow, she's still smiling! As she's walking up on stage though, her smile fades away. It seems like she was expecting someone to volunteer. The escort draws the boy's name. "Venta Jaes!" No. NO. It can't be me. My sisters, Kery, Leandra, they're crying. I walk up onto the stage, ingore the stupid escort, and stand next to the, now smiling again, Parker. I saddeningly smile back at her.

Atleast someones happy that I'm reaped.


District 11

Rye Foxglove I'm running. Running through endless fields of grain. Something I like to do. But not right now. Right now I'm running, running away from the peacekeepers. They caught me this time, caught me hiding. I camouflage myself to avoid doing the hard work I have to do. The only thing I like to doing is picking the fruit at the top of trees. But everything else, nope, I don't want to do it.

So this morning, my group was working like usual, yes, we work even on the day of the Reaping. I camouflaged myself to blend in with the wheat fields, as I do whenever we're working out there. I was lying down, when I got a kick in the head. I looked up, and a peacekeeper on patrol was staring down at me. He looked pretty suprised.

That's when I started running.

Mow Rice My goodness, this morning was a lot of hard work. My neighbor, who takes care of me and my brother, makes us mow crops ALL the time. Even on the day of the Reaping. Gosh. I don't even get to take a shower or anything before I make my way to the square. The crowd is so huge, looks bigger than last year. Hey, today's my last Reaping! YES! The mayor says his speech, but nobody is listening, many of them look exhausted, they probably had to work this morning too. As the escort is arriving at the front of the stage, I see a small figure running through the crowd. It's a girl. I've seen her before, I think her name is Rye. She works in the fields. Well, she's SUPPOSED to, at least. The escort is drawing the girl's name, and what do you know, it's her. It's "Rye Foxglove!" The skinny girl makes her way to the stage, and as she is, I see a peacekeeper. Haha, it looks like he's been working in the feilds too, he's all sweaty and tired! He looks like he's going after Rye, but Rye starts sprinting to the stage, and she's already made it before the peackeeper can do anything. Now it's time for the boy's name. Hope there's a show this time! But no, there isn't going to be.

Because the boy is me.


District 12

Willow Woods The Reaping is today. The drawing for the games. I've never watched the games, I can't bear it, I just close my eyes and think of something else, something, happier. I couldn't imagine being reaped. It must be devastating. My life here is peaceful, even though many others from my district may disagree. I don't have anything demanded from me. Mostly all the men from this district work in the mines, like my father, but the women don't really do anything, unless they have children, or need to provide for themselves somehow. So, I'm glad my life is the way it is, met taking care of my two younger brothers. I'm happy with what I've got.

I hope the Reaping doesn't take that away from me.

Kohl Cyphers My parents are so distant on the day of the Reaping. It scares me. It scares me because I know that if I get reaped, that they'll be gone. They'll lose themselves. I'll lose them. Just like we all lost my sister in a previous games.

We all walk to the square, solemnly. They mayor says his speech, saying whatever he says about the games. I can see he feels the same way we do. The same way all of us do. He mentions, that our district is special. That somebody from our district years ago pushed all of Panem to do the right thing. To rebel against the Capitol. He calls up three people sitting behind him. An older woman, that I recognize as his wife, and a young man and woman. All four of them, seem so, prominent, so, noble. Descendents of our savior. Well, we need another savior then! Why have we been back in the games for years?

The escort comes up onstage. She's from the Capitol, and she has that quirky personality and everything, but I get the sense she understands our pain. She calls the girl's name. "Willow Woods." Oh gosh, how undeserving. Willow is a quiet, happy girl, with a peaceful life, why has she been reaped? She doesn't deserve this at all. Now the boy is, "Kohl Cyphers." As I walk up onto the stage, I can see my parents. I look into they're eyes. They're gone.

And as soon as I do that, I know that I'm gone as well.


District 13

Elizabeth Coin I'm going into the games. I need to save people for the next rebellion. Only a special group of District 13 citizens know about our plan. Our plan to save tributes from the games, in order to start the beginning of the next rebellion

The plan is to have me and Thomas Anderson volunteer at our ditrict's reaping, seeming just to be eager children wanting to be in the games. We play along until we get to the Capitol. On the Training Days, we try and recruit as much people as people as possible to participate with us. Then we find a way out of the Arena, in a similar method as the 75th Hunger Games. Then we rebel.

Will I succeed, or will I fail?

Thomas Anderson I really don't know if this is going to work. I've tried to explain this to Elizabeth and the others, but they're so persistant. I mean, let's compare this to the Second Rebellion. In the Second Rebellion, they had a symbol. A symbol that all of Panem knew. The Mockingjay. The Mockingjay was a girl, a girl who, in her respective games, managed to capture the hearts of the citizens of Panem. are we going to rebel, when we don't have a Catalyst?

Where's our Mockingjay?


The Capitol

Lumry Caldoni "Well you know what, Ty, I'd rather be in the games than be taken care of by your stupid ass!" Goodness, Ty is really annoying me right now! Ty's my brother, and he takes care of me, and my six younger siblings. Hell, I bet I could take of them myself better than he can! He doesn't even care about me. He should've died too in the fire at the McPherson's restaurant that killed our parents! ....I shoud'nt have said that. I loved my parents so much...if only they'd live, then stupid Ty wouldn't be in charge! UGH, I'm just making myself more mad. It's all that stupid kid's fault, Guffer. If he hadn't burned his own restaurant down, we wouldn't be in this damn situation!

You know, If I did get reaped into the games this year, he'd be the first person I'd kill!

Guffer McPherson Why does the Capitol have to be subject to the Reaping. They make me so scared. Wait, I better man up! I'm 17. My parents are always are always so off their hinges on the day of the Reaping. I can see them shaking, as they serve me my favorite food. Roasted deer with orange sauce drizzled on it, white rice with fresh strawberries mixed in it, and chopped asparagus sauteed in butter and salt. I have blueberry soda with a lemon on the brim as a drink. For desert I have raspberry ice cream with pomegranite seeds sprinkled on it. Yum. I know it's like, a whole day's meal just for breakfast, but today's the Reaping, I deserve something special! After I eat I put on my purple reaping tuxedo, we make our way to the town square.

We walk through the luxurious place, filled with lavish, vibrant colored shops, gleaming windows, opulent stained brick roads, lucious greenery, and people with brightly colored overdone dyed hair, ornate, tinted tatoos, and skin of different hues. As I arrive at the sqaure, I can see the escort, past victors (there's not many), and one empty seat in the middle of them on the stage. There's GIANT televisions around the whole sqaure. As everybody settles, the crowd quiets down. I don't see anybody I know. Well, I don't really know anybody, I'm a shy kinda of guy. I only interact with my parents. I'd only recognize people if they're a regular at our restaurant, McPherson's. All of a sudden the whole crowd goes crazy, and theres applause, cheering, and whistling all over the place. I try and look over the heads of the people in the crowd, but I can't see anything. I know why they're cheering. The President has arrived.

"Hello, citizens of the Capitol! Welcome to the 100th Annual Reaping for the 100th Annual Hunger Games! This is a historic anniversary!" Everybody cheers. Why are they cheering when their children are being entered into a game where they have to fight to the death. Now he gets into this whole speech about our few victors from past games, how he's proud of them, how they've showed our city honor. We watch clips of them from their games.

"How about we get to the Reaping now!" Everyone cheers yet again. Peacekeepers bring out floating bowls with a bunch of slips in them. One marked female, one marked male. The President draws the female's name.

"And our female tribute in the 100th annual Hunger Games is...Lumri Caldoni!"

The crowd roars. A girl with bright red hair and orange tatoos all over her body makes her way onto the stage. I can tell she's upset, but she puts on a charming expression. I think I've seen her before, but for some reason, when I think of her it brings back bad memories. She shakes hands with The President."Now Lumri, get ready to meet your tribute partner!" He sticks his hand into the bowl, and pulls out a slip.

"And our male tribute for the 100th Annual Hunger Games is...Guffer McPherson!"

The crowd isn't as excited as they were for Lumri. I stand there in shock, and look at my parents. They look at me, with sadness on their faces. I walk slowly up onto the stage, barely managing a smile. "Congratulations Huffer! You're parents must be proud!" I'm silent. "Say hello to your tributes for the 100th Annual Hunger Games!" I look over to my district partner, Lumri. She gives me a terribly harsh look. At that moment, I remember where I've seen this girl before.

She's the daughter of the the people I accidently killed.

Chariot Rides

When the tributes arrived in The Capitol, they were introduced to their stylists. The tributes were cleaned up and made presentable by their prep teams. Then their stylists dressed them in their outfits for The Chariot Rides, whether they liked it or not. Some tributes were absolutely stunning, some completely drab. 

District 1 (Luxury Items)

Lily Star and Lee Rock come out in a royal blue chariot studded with diamonds and driven by white horses. Lily is dressed in a long pink gown, black heels, and accesorized in multiple ways with pink gemstones. Her brown hair is done in an elegant updo. She looked a little nervous, but put on a sweet smile. The Capitol crowd loves her! Lee is wearing a fancy deep blue suit with a yellow rose studded with diamonds in his pocket. The crowd likes Lee, but not as much as Lily.

Crowd Rating: 6 out of 10

District 2 (Weaponry and Stone Quarries)

Vanessa Jimanez and Alezander Sidorov came out in a rugged brown chariot driven by black horses. They are standing on a huge boulder. Vanessa is wearing thin purple armor and is holding a sunshine yellow colored scimitar and a black shield. Her face is caked in makeup of bright colors. Her dark brown hair is curly and laid down her back. Her expression is the same as the Reaping, though she tries to hide her tears with her shield. The crowd thinks the outfit is an eyesore, and they notice her upset expression. Alexander is dressed in deep blue armor and is wielding a black mace and shield. His expression is serious. The crowd likes his strong appearance.

Crowd Rating: 3 out of 10

District 3 (Electronics)

Shay Disc and Circuit Blow come out in a yellow chariot that is surging with electric blue currents, driven by black horses wearing yellow crowns. Shay Disc is dressed in an electric blue jumpsuit, wearing sturdy black boots, black gloves, and a large black belt. She has a black necklace surging with elecricity that lights up her face. She's wearing thick eyeliner and blue glitter on her face. Her normally blond hair is dyed electric yellow with black streaks with added extensions, and is in a lengthy braid down her back. Her expression is glowing and she looks remarkably confident. The crowd is going absolutely insane over her! Circuit Blow is just wearing a black jumpsuit and boots, but is holding a flamethrower and is shooting out harmless flames out at the audience. His hair looks like it has exploded and his expression is crazy! The crowd is screaming humorously!

Crowd Rating: 10 out of 10

District 4 (Fishing)

Ronda and Dondo Grouge come out in a sea green chariot adorned with scales, driven by turquoise horses. Ronda is in a mermaid's costume, and she is wearing jewelry made of pearls. Her hair is kept in it's deep red color and is worn down, which gives her the total appearance of a mermaid. She seems to be putting on a show for the crowd, as she seems to be beckoning worringly at Dondo, and she looks really into the part. The crowd is longing for her and thinks she is beautiful. Dondo is dressed as a merman with a large gray beard, and is holding a gleaming golden trident in one hand. He isn't playing along with Ronda and his expression looks very blank. The crowd thinks Dondo is a bit handsome, but don't like his mood.

Crowd Rating: 8 out of 10

District 5 (Assuming it's Scientific Research)

Lane Westling and Cranell Meneger come out in a bland white chariot driven by sickly green horses. Lane is dressed in a grey lab coat that drops to her shins and looks like a dress. She is wearing fancy glasses, and is fumbling with two test tubes containing a weird green liquid. Her red-blond hair is in a bun. Her expression looks disgusted by the liquid and freaked out by the Capitol. The crowd is bored by her. Cranell is dressed in a shorter lab coat and white pants, with huge black glasses. He is holding a blow torch and is aiming it at the green liquid Lane is holding. As he touches it with the torch, it explodes and Cranell and Lane have disappeared. The crowd is astonished!

Crowd Rating: 6 out of 10

District 6 (Assuming it's Medical Reasearch and Supplies)

Soifa Trinks and Miles Harrow come out in a white chariot with a red cross on each side, driven by light brown horses. Soifa is dressed in a nurse's outfit, wearing a nurse hat, with her blond hair in a bun. She seems to be operating on Miles, who is dressed as he normally is. Soifa is holding medical tools and is doing various movements inside of Mile's chest. Miles looks like he is actually injured, and large amounts of fake blood is spurting out from his fake injury and into the crowd. The crowd thinks this is a little gorey but pretty fun!

Crowd Rating: 7 out of 10

District 7 (Lumber)

Keyllu Vetra and Aydan Monarcha come out in a forest green chariot driven by deep brown horses. There are two evergreens on the chariot, one with a target on it. Keyllu is dressed in black skinny jeans and a thin green sweatshirt. Her blond hair is done in an a ponytail, with her black bangs hanging loosley down on her face. Her expression is determined, as she throws a long machete straight at the bulls eye on the target hanging on one of the trees. The Capitol loves Keyllu's skill with a machete. Ayden Monarcha is wearing a green hoodie and slim baggy pants. He is chopping at the other tree with an axe, cutting it down at a rapid speed. His expression is also determined like Keyllu's. The Capitol thinks that what they're doing is a little boring, but that the tributes have a hidden provocativeness to them.

Crowd Rating: 4 out of 10

District 8 (Textile and Clothing)

Kedzie Woods snd Talon Faust come out in a red and green tartan patterned chariot, driven by brown horses with black and white cowhide patterned saddles. Kedzie is wearing a red dress made of velvet that falls to her thighs, with deep green snake skin heels and black lace gloves. Her blond hair is laid down in long loose curls. She is waving at the audience like a queen, and has a winning smile on her face. The crowd thinks Kedzie is absolutely magnificent! Talon is wearing deep green twill suit, with a red plaid tie, and a rose the color of wine in his pocket. He is also waving to the crowd, he has a giant smile on his face, and is looking like a king. Both Kedzie and Talon look like royalty! The crowd is gawking at the both of them, jealous of their lavishness.

Crowd Rating: 8 out of 10

District 9 (Assuming it's Metal Factories)

Sheila Swift and Markus Brown come out in a chariot made completely of shining steel with gold accents on it, driven by jet black horses. Sheila Swift is dressed in a dress the color of a nickel, and is adorned with many copper colored accesories. Her shoes are made of glass, and her outfit is gleaming. Her blond-brown hair is worn in a ponytail with bangs in the front. Her expression is sulky yet serious. The crowd loves her look, but are turned off by her expression. Markus is in a light brown blazer and gray dress pants the color of cement. He looks like he is having a great time and is really presenting himself to the Capitol. The crowd isn't crazy over his outfit, but Markus's presentation made it work. The crowd has mixed feelings for the District 9 tributes.

Crowd Rating: 5 out of 10

District 10 (Livestock)

Paker Fernx and Venta Jaes come out in a chariot designed like a barn, driven by horses the color of soil. Parker is in a pig costume. Parker looks very embarassed by this. The crowd's first thought is to laugh at it, but a few moments later, Parker now seems to be giving birth to baby piglets! She starts handing them out to the crowd, and they respond to this with happiness and "Aww!"s. Venta is dressed as a farmer, wearing a straw hat and a rake in hand. He has a canine companion beside him, who is barking playfully at the crowd. The crowd is cheering and screaming "Aww!" and "I want one!"

Crowd Rating: 9 out of 10

District 11 (Agriculture)

Rye Foxglove and Mow Rice come out in a tan colored chariot covered in wheat, driven by horses the color of grass. Rye is wearing a tiered short dress made of rye. She is wearing accessories made of grass blades, and is wearing heels the color of fertilizer. Her black hair has been let down and curled. Rye looks a little uninterested, but appears to be feeling beautiful. She manages a few waves to the crowd. The crowd thinks she's an easy going and comfortable girl. Mow is dressed in a red t-shirt and jean shorts, and he is hoeing a patch of soil on the chariot. His expression is the same as when he is working, he can't wait for it to be done. The crowd likes the illusion of District's 11 Chariot and outfits.

Crowd Rating: 7 out of 10

District 12 (Coal Mining)

Willow Woods and Kohl Cyphers come out in a black and maroon colored chariot, driven by horses the colors of coal and dust. They are both wearing a coal miner's outfit, mining at a large rock on the chariot. The crowd is booing them, when all of a sudden the rock they're mining explodes and sends dust into the air. Once the dust clears, Willow is dressed in a long shimmery black dress, and her brown and blond hair is in a tall updo and on fire. She is also wearing multiple accessories that are on fire, as well as her heels. She is shyly smiling, and looks a bit suprised by how good she looks! Kohl is in a red and black tuxedo, with flaming shoes, a flaming bow tie, and a flaming rose in his pocket. Kohl keeps his expression modest, trying to look cool. But he can't resist a giant smile! The crowd is blown away! Their cheers are deafening!

Crowd Rating: 10 out of 10.

District 13 (Nuclear Technology and Graphite Mining)

Elizabeth Coin and Thomas Adamson are in a white chariot with black accents, with the mockingjay symbol on every side, and it is driven by dark green horses with long flowing manes of brown hair. Elizabeth Coin is in a costume made to resemble a jabberjay, and is chattering her mouth to resemble the muttation. Thomas Adamson is dressed as a mockingbird, making natural wing movements. Even though their "acting" was painful to watch, the crowd thinks that they look great in their costumes.

Crowd Rating: 6 out of 10

The Capitol

Lumri Caldoni and Guffer McPherson are in a hot pink chariot driven by golden horses. Lumri is in a black dress and gray heels. Her skin is dyed an azure blue. Tempory tattoos the color of yellow have been applied to her whole body. Her eyecatching red hair is let down. Huffer McPherson is dressed in a neon green tuxedo, and insead of his skin being his usual pale green, it's been dyed a light red. He also has temporary tatoos, the color of sky blue. Even though they think the Capitol tributes are breathtaking, the crowd is already so used to seaing this in the Captiol themselves. They are also kind of jealous.

Crowd Rating: 4 out of 10

Training Days

The tributes were a bit nervous on their first day of training. Not the careers though. Some tributes have planned what they wanted to try out, some don't even know what to expect. Whether one of them makes an alliance, develops new skills in the training stations, or does absolutely nothing at all, they are all still surrounded by the volatile danger and unpredictabilty of the Hunger Games.


Day 1-2

The tributes are informed of how the Training Days work, and are introduced to all the available stations in the Training Center.

District 4: Dondo and Ronda Grouge, are the first to act. "Woohoo! C'mon Ronda, let's go straight to the trident station! Gonna learn how to kill more effectively with a trident...even though I'm so good already." They remain at this station for both days.

District 13: Elizabeth Coin and Thomas Adamson, not having much knowledge of weapons, head of to various weaponry stations, such as sword fighting, knives, and tridents. "Wow, we really suck with tridents. Not so great with knives either, but the shortswords are pretty fun. We should continue learning how to use them well. It'll aid us in rescuing the tributes from the games." They remain at this station for both days.

District 10: Parker Fernx and Venta Jaes wanted to go to a weapons station, but.."Parker I don't know if we should even fight in the games, it's not our thing. You know about plants, animals, and you're crafty. I know about animals and traps. We can survive in the Arena. How about we go to the camouflage station and hunting stations, so we can avoid any sort of danger or combat in the Arena."

District 6: Soifa Trinks and Miles Harrow are learning how to use a longsword at the sword fighting station, bonding with the District 13 tributes. "So, you guys are planning a rebellion? Sounds interesting. Isn't it dangerous though?" They also go over to the hunting station and have a little fun with their skills.

District 1: Lily Star wants to go to the bow and arrow station, to perfect her skill and teach Lee Rock, her district partner, how to use one. "Lee, let's go over here, You need to learn how to use a bow." They remain at this station for both days.

District 12: Koh Cyphers agrees to go to the plants station with Willow Woods. "I think you should learn more about plants, Kohl."

District 3: Shay Disc wants to teach her district partner Circuit Blow, who developed a friendship with after their successful Chariot Ride, how to use knives. "C'mon Circuit, let's learn some knife skills! We're gonna rock these games!" They remain at this station for both days.

District 5: Lane Westling chooses to go to the wilderness survival station, as she's scared of what the Arena might be. Cranell Meneger is at the sword fighting station, learning how to use a katana, and also chatting with the District 13 and District 6 tributes..

District 7: Keyllu Vetra decides to learn how to use knives, afraid she might not reach a machete at the Cornucopia. Aydan Monarcha, Keyllu's district partner, goes over to the axe training station to learn how to use them more effectively, determined to get one at the Cornucopia.

District 11: Mow Rice determines to try and learn how to use a hammer, scared that he might be killed if he tried to find the weapon he's skilled with, a scythe, at the Cornucopia. His district partner, Rye Foxglove, didn't even show up to training.

District 9: Markus Brown wanted to stay asleep, but decides to at least take a medical class to learn how to keep his fractured arm in okay shape. Sheila Swift, his district partner, worrying about her family and the games, decided to stay and rest.

The Capitol:Lumri Caldoni thought about staying in her room and relaxing, but didn't want to be the typical lazy Capitol tribute, so she figures she should learn how to use swords at first, but the District 13 tributes were acting hostile towards her (which made her cuss them out), so she went to the bow and arrow station. Guffer McPherson stayed in his room however, not doing anything productive.

District 2: Vanessa Jimanez and Alexander Sidorov, not knowing what to do, just sit back and relax "Don't worry Vanessa, we'll be fine. You're good with a scimitar, and I'm good with the mace. Plus, we're smart, we'll know what to do."

District 8: Kedzie Woods and Talon Faust feel like they've got a good chance in the arena, and are feeling a little depressed, so they decide not to attend Training today.


Day 3

Today is the last day of training. Alliances might be made. It is also the day that the tributes have to show their skills to the gamemakers, in order to determine their Training Scores.

District 1: Lily is now an expert with a bow. Lee is fairly good at using one, but has bad hand-eye coordination. They agree to go to the hunting station on the third day. "Well, we need food right?"

District 4: Dondo has basically mastered his skill with a trident, and Ronda has gotten a little better. Ronda wants to go over to the plants station, afraid that they might not have an advantage in the arena, but Dondo whisks her off into the hunting station, with the District 1 tributes.

"Hey, you guys are from District 1, right? Wanna be in our alliance?" says Dondo. "Um.." starts Lee, but Lily interrupts and says "Yes! You should see our skills with a bow and arrow!" She aims at one of the fake deer at the hunting station, and gets it right through the lung. "Wow, you're good! What about the blonde dude, he good!? Dondo says. "He can shoot an arrow, don't worry. He's also pretty good at sword fighting." "Great!" say Dondo. "How about we go check if there's anybody else who's got skills." They all go over to the area where you can practice your weapons with a training partner, Dondo examining the other tributes.

District 2: Vanessa and Alexander decide not to do anything today either, but show up to show their skills to the other tributes to maybe form an alliance. They both head over to the training partners. Alexander can see that Dondo from District 4 is watching. "Vanessa, go over there and practice your scimmy skills with that trainer, and I'll practice my mace skills with this one." Alexander starts swining the mace in all directions at the trainer, and dodges every attack the trainer makes. Vanessa is a little shabby, but manages to disarm the trainer with her scimitar.

"Woah, you guys are an eager bunch. You wanna join our alliance?" Dondo asks.

"Sure! That'd be great." Alexander says. Vanessa just nods.

District 5: Lane has got some good survival skills at the wilderness survival station, and Cranell is alright with a katana after going to the sword fighing station. He also likes the District 13 tributes, and wants to join their plan of rebellion and create an alliance with them. Lane chooses to go to the knives station, to expand on her knife skills, while Cranell sees the District 13 tributes at the bow and arrow station.

District 13: Elizabeth and Thomas did great with the shortwords. Satisfied, they head over to the bow and arrow section, determined to learn how to use them in order to bust the forcefield in the arena and escape. They see Cranell head over. "Hey Cranell, we've been wanting to ask you if you wanted to join us in our plan to rescue tributes from these games. Do you?"

"Definitely! I was actually planning to ask you guys if I could."

District 6: Soifa and Miles hated using longswords at the longsword station, but they loved the hunting station, and, even though they were already good at it, they recieved a few pointers and tips. They found the District 13 tributes and Cranell of District 5 at the bow and arrow station. "Hey guys, we thought about joining your rebellion, and decided it'd be best if we help you guys out. I mean, if we're saving lives then, totally. Let's just hope the Careers don't get us! Hey, Soifa, that means, if we succeed, we both can live!"

District 3: Shay has taught Circuit everything she knows about knives, but Circuit couldn't really get the hang of it. Though, the knife trainer taught Shay some better skills with knives. They've decided to ally with eachother, and Shay goes to the electronics station with Circuit, something he actually knows about. "Circuit, we're allies and everything now, and I don't want anybody else to join us. But...if we ever make it to the"

District 12: Willow and the trainer taught Kohl how to be better with knowing what plants are safe to eat and which aren't, specifically berries. Kohl decides to teach Willow his skill with a bow and arrow at that station, and after, they go to learn about hunting. "You taught me one way to get food, I'll teach you another."

District 10: Venta and Parker did really well in the camouflaging station, and okay in the hunting station. Venta is still keen on not fighting in the arena, and wants to just survive on hiding while hunting and finding plants in the arena. "We should probably head to the plants station, to further your knowledge about them."

District 7: Keyllu did great with the knives, and now feels more safe and secure. She keeps practicing knives. Aydan's motions with any axe are swift, and he feels like he could join the careers. He sees them practicing on some training dummies in the corner. "Hey, I wanna join you guys."

"Well, do you have any skill? Ronda says, taking charge for once. "Yeah, I'm pretty good with an axe, watch this." He swing his double-bladed axe back and forth at the dummy, instantly slicing the dummie's head and torso off. "Wow, you're pretty good with an axe, and you're only twelve too. I like you. Lemme guess, District 7?" asks Ronda. "Yep, and I'm proud of it. Names Aydan." he remarks.

"Where's you're district partner?" Ronda asks. "She must be good too." Aydan answers with, "Oh, she's kind of a lone wolf."

District 11: Rye shows up today, but is really quiet. She just hangs around and plays at the camouflage station, which she's already experienced with. Mow doesn't really like the feel of using hammer, so he starts training at the shortsword station, but soon gives up. But he gets an idea. Since he's slow, and he might not be able to get to his favorite weapon, a scythe, he decides to try and team up with the Careers. He knows they'll probably deny him now, so he decides to trick them into thinking he's good with another weapon at the Cornucopia, and once he's one of them, get the weapon he's actually good with.

The Capitol: Lumri has been doing very well with a bow and arrow. She likes handling weapons, so she goes over to the knife training station. Guffer showed up and went to the plants station, hoping to learn about what he can eat in the arena.

District 8: Talon gets Kedzie to come with him for the last day, convincing her she needs to be in her best shape for the games. "We need to learn how to survive in these games." They both go to the survival station.

District 9: Markus learned how to not put his arm under much strain, but the medical trainer told him that if he doesn't find any medical tape at the Cornucopia, he's hopeless. Even with medical tape, he might not even stand a chance. So Markus just hung around the whole last day, moping about his arm. Sheila went to the survival station breifly, as she has no clue how to survive, but then just threw knives at targets for the rest of the time.


Training Day Reviews

Here are the Training Day Reviews, just in case you missed something, or you just don't want to read the Training Days.

(Note: These are the skills that the tributes have both learned while training, and skills that they already knew yet expanded upon while training. The tributes have other skills not mentioned here as well)

District 1: Lily is now an expert with a bow and arrow, and knows basic hunting. Lee is pretty decent with a bow and arrow, and kind of sucks at hunting. They've both joined the Careers.

District 2: Vanessa and Alexander didn't learn any new skills. They've both joined the Careers.

District 3: Shay is now an expert with knives, but learned nothing about electronics while she was at the station. Circuit sucked with knives, but is now a master with electronics. They've formed an alliance together.

District 4: Dondo became a master with a trident, and Ronda has gotten better with a trident. Them both are in charge of the Careers, Dondo being the head career.

District 5: Lane is now advanced with knives, and knows basic survival skills. Cranell is now decent with a katana, but sucked with the bows. Cranell is in an alliance with the tributes from Districts 13 and 6, and they plan to rescue tributes and escape the arena.

District 6: Soifa and Miles are okay with longswords, and added a few more hunting tips to their knowledge of it. They are in an alliance with District 13 and Cranell of 5. They plan to rescure tributes and escape from the arena.

District 7: Keyllu is now pretty good with knives. Aydan is now a master with any axe. Aydan has joined the Careers and Keyllu is on her own.

District 8: Kedzie and Talon are both a little better with survival skills. They've formed an alliance together.

District 9: Markus learned how to take care of his fractured arm in the Arena, but won't be well off if he doesn't find medical tape at the Cornucopia. Sheila has mastered her skills with throwing knives, and learned some things about survival. They're both on their own.

District 10: Venta Jaes and Parker Fernx have learned how to camouflage themselves, and Parker is now very experienced with plants. They took hunting training, but only Venta is good with it because he had a previous knowledge with snares. They've formed an alliance together.

District 11: Mow doesn't like the feeling of using a hammer or shortsword, so he devises a plan to trick the careers into thinking he's one of them, and when he has the chance, take his favored weapon, a scythe, at the Cornucopia, and then ditch the careers. Rye hasn't learned anything new. They are both on their own.

District 12: Willow braught Kohl along with her to the plants station, and both learned a few things about certain plants, and Willow taught Kohl some things about berries. Kohl braught Willow to the hunting station, and they both learned how to hunt, and Kohl taught Willow how to use a bow, but she's not that good. They've formed an alliance together.

District 13: Elizabeth and Thomas learned how to fight a bit with a shortsword, since they've had no experience with weapons. They also learn how to work a bow and arrow, planning to use it to escape from the arena. They've formed an alliance with District 6 and Cranell from District 5.

The Capitol: Lumri is now good with a bow and arrow, and Guffer learned about edible plants in the arena. They are both on their own.


Training Scores

Female Score Male Score
Lily Star 9 Lee Rock 4
Vannessa Jimanez 7 Alexander Sidorov 8
Shay Disc 10 Circuit Blow 9
Ronda Grouge 8 Dondo Grouge 12
Lane Westling 6 Cranell Meneger 3
Soifa Trinks 7 Miles Harrow 8
Keyllu Vetra 11 Aydan Monarcha 10
Kedzie Woods 9 Talon Faust 7
Sheila Swift 9 Markus Brown 7
Parker Fernx 8 Venta Jaes 5
Rye Foxglove 2 Mow Rice 3
Willow Woods 5 Kohl Cyphers 8
Elizabeth Coin 7 Thomas Adamson 7
Lumri Caldoni 9 Guffer McPherson 2

The Interviews

It's time for the tributes' interviews with the one and only, Mr. Flickerman. Mr. Flickerman is always dressed in something flashy, and changes his color scheme every year. This year, he is wearing a dazzling bright green jumpsuit, with his hair dyed a matching lime green. 

The tributes are again readied and dressed, this time though it's more casual, yet classy, fit for an interview. The tributes make their way to the stage, sit down in their designated seats, and wait as the female tribute from District 1 sits down with Mr. Flickerman and gets interviewed. 


District 1

The crowd is cheering lightly as Lily Star and Lee Rock sit down to be interviewed by Mr. Flickerman.

Lily is wearing a short pink dress, lots of shiny jewelry, black sandals, light, purple makeup, and her brown hair is in a ponytail. Lee is wearing a blue button-up shirt and dress pants and shiny shoes.

Flickerman: "Hello, Lily and Lee! You guys look great! I bet you're excited to be in the Capitol! What do you like most about it?"

Lily: "Thanks! The Capitol is so great, I love it! I'd have to say I really love the colors and the shops!"

Lee: "I love the Capitol! I think the residents look really interesting."

Flickerman: "Yep, that's what the Capitol is known for! So, how about you tell us a little about yourselves?"

Lily: "Oh, well, I'm just a nice, loving girl, but nobody in my district is like that, which makes me kind of upset. So I decided I'd volunteer for the Reaping, so I could finally be noticed."

Lee: " in a previous games. I have nothing left. But Lily, she's the reason I volunteered. her" *Lily blushes when Lee says this*

Flickerman: "Oooh, sorry about your brother. But, there seems to be a romance brewing! So, what do you guys think about the games?"

Lily: "It scares me a little, kids fighting to the death, but, Im going to show my family I'm important. I can win."

Lee: "I hate them. They've taken all I love from me. But I will fight for what I have left."

Flickerman: "Fight for your love, Lee! And hear that, the Star family!? Lily is going to win! So, how do you guys feel about your training scores?"

Lily: "I'm so happy I got a 9! I just showed what I could do with a bow and arrow!"

Lee: "Eh, I'm kinda bummed I got a 4. I wanted to try my bow skills Lily taught me, but I did bad because I was kind of nervous. But I'm really good with sword fighting! I should've showed the gamemakers that!"

Flickerman: "Nice! Don't worry Lee, I'm sure you guys are going to do fine in the games. So, Do you miss anyone back home, anyone special?"

Lily: "Well, I kind of miss my family, but, I don't really care, they never showed their love for me. I do miss my best friend Mace very much though, I hope he's not mad that I volunteered. I forgot to tell you, Mace!"

Lee: "I don't have anybody left, but Lily, that's why I'm here."

Flickerman: "That's great Lee, but I think Lily can already take care of herself! Okay guys, that's the buzzer! You guys were great!"

The crowd cheers and whistles at Lily and Lee. They're interested in Lee's love for Lily.


District 2

The crowd claps as Vanessa Jimanez and Alexander Sidorov sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Vanessa is dressed in a strapless yellow frock, brown slip-ons, no makeup, and her brown hair is let down. Alexander is wearing a black shirt, grey coat, and rugged shoes.

Flickerman: "Nice outits! Hey, Vanessa, and, may I call you Alex? How are you enjoying the Capitol today?"

Vanessa: "The Capitol is only what I've dreamed of. But I'd rather be back with my family."

Alexander: "Sure, call me Alex. The Capitol is great! But I guess it's a little too...colorful and shiny."

Flickerman: "Oh, sure, there's no place like home! So, what's it like back home? Tell me about yourselves."

Vanessa: "Um, I have a twin sister and two younger brothers. I came from Mexico a year ago. I'm only in Panem because of my mom's job. I was actually supposed to go back to Mexico in two weeks.."

Alexander: "I'm from Russia. I came to Panem when I was 7. Me and Vanessa are very close, we can relate."

Flickerman: "Oh, so you guys aren't originally from Panem, great! So, how do you guys feel about the games?"

Vanessa: "They're stupid. There's no point to them. They take innocent children away from their families."

Alexander: "I think the same. Why would someone be entertained, watching children die!?"

Flickerman: "Yes, the games are...very brutal. On another note, are you guys happy with your scores?"

Vanessa: "I did well. Does it really matter? I'm probably gonna die anyways, along with 22 other children."

Alexander: "Don't say that Vanessa! She's good with a scimitar, I'm good with a mace. One of us will win."

Flickerman: "Cheer up, Vanessa. Alex thinks you've got a god chance. So, do you guys miss anyone back home?"

Vanessa: My parents, my sister, my little brothers. Of course, I miss my family. Who wouldn't.

Alexander: "I miss my parents back home. I hope they're doing okay."

Flickerman: "There's the buzzer. Good luck, to the both of you. C'mon, give a round of applause for District 2!"

The crowd claps again, with some sympathy for Vanessa, and are touched by Alexander and Vanessa's bond.


District 3

The crowd is roaring as Shay Disc and Circuit Blow sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Shay is wearing a black skirt dress with spiralling yellow stripes on the skirt, yellow heels, black eyeliner, and her blond hair is in a curled ponytail over her shoulder. Circuit is in a yellow button-up shirt, black shorts, and shiny black shoes.

Flickerman: "Wow, Shay, you look dazzling! How are you guys? I bet your loving the Capitol!"

Shay: "The Capitol is beautiful! I love the clothes. I have to thank my stylist for making me look so good!"

Circuit: "The technology here is astounding! You can have anything by just a touch of a button!"

Flickerman: "Yes, it's just wonderful, isn't it? You must be amazed! So, I'm sure the Capitol would love to know some more about you guys!"

Shay: "Well, I'm not the typical District 3 person. I hate being inside, I'd rather learn more about...the outside!"

Circuit: "Hmm, well, I guess you could say I AM the typical District 3 person. I lam fascinated by anything to do with mathematics or science."

Flickerman: "Wow, you guys are complete opposites then! You seem like good friends though! Are you guys nervous about the games?"

Shay: "I'm not nervous. Maybe a little scared, but I think I have a chance at surviving."

Circuit: "I'm intelligent. I've got a pretty good chance. You'd be suprised with what I could do. You should've seen what I showed to the I got my training score.."

Flickerman: "Oooh, tell about your guys' training scores!"

Shay: "I got a 10! I showed them my skills with knives! It impressed them for sure!"

Circuit: "A 9 must be good. I think I should've gotten a 12! Considering that I made an electrified longsword. Well, maybe I didn't get a 12 because, once I crafted it, I couldn't use it.."

Flickerman: "Wow! Shay, you must be pretty skilled with knives! And Circuit, an electrified longsword! Goodness! You must be talented! Your parents at home must be proud. Speaking of home, anybody you miss?"

Shay: "I really miss my two sisters, and my mom and dad. My mom gave me this anklet, before the Reaping."

Circuit: "I do miss my siblings, and my parents."

Flickerman: "Maybe, one of you will make it back home to see them. There's the buzzer, good luck to both of you!" Keep electrifying us!"

The crowd is screaming, amazed by Circuit's talent, and charmed by Shay's bubbly personality.


District 4

The crowd is yelling as Ronda and Dondo Grouge sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman. Ronda is wearing a sea green sundress, she is barfeoot, wearing no makeup, and her red hair is let down over her shoulder. Dondo is dressed in a sailor's suit, and is holding a large golden trident.

Flickerman:"Wow! You guys look stunning! Nice trident, Dondo! How are you guys liking the Capitol?"

Ronda: "Oh, it's nice! It's very colorful."

Dondo: "I bet this place has a large selection of weapons!"

Flickerman: "Yes, it is very colorful indeed! I'm sure there are many weapons as well. So, tell us about yourseles!"

Ronda: "Being from District 4, I've hauled fish for years. I love using nets and snares!"

Dondo: "Well, let's just say, if you get on my bad side, you'll regret it. I'm the best with a trident!"

Flickerman: "Interesting! Let's hope I don't insult Dondo! So, how are you guys feeling about the games?"

Ronda: "They make me a little nervous...but I'm prepared."

Dondo: "I'm gonna dominate them! I will be the victor! I'll kill Ronda if I need to! Hahah, just kidding!"

Flickerman: "Woah there Dondo, don't get too ahead of yourself. Just because you got a 12 in your training score doesn't mean anything! How do you guys feel about your scores, you must be pretty happy!"

Ronda: "An 8 is okay. I'm happy with it."

Dondo: "WOOO! Hell yeah! I got a 12, the best score possible! I'm the best! Wait 'til I'm in the arena!"

Flickerman: "Woah there! Pretty excited, huh? Your family must be proud! Anyone back home you miss?"

Ronda: "Well, I kind of miss my dad,'s a relief to be away from him."

Dondo: "Yeah me too. Dads a drunk. I hate him. But, he's my father. I..... I love him."

Flickerman: "Good for you guys. There's the buzzer. I wish you luck! Good luck to the brother and sister duo!" The crowd is yelling and cheering, growing attached to the District 4 siblings.


District 5

The crowd is cheering lightly as Lane Westling and Cranell Meneger sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Lane is wearing a plain green dress, white slip-ons, purple lipstick, brown eyeshadow, and her red-blond hair is in a bun. Cranell is dressed in a brown suit, and weirdly, some black sneakers.

Flickerman: "Nice dress Lane! And, um, you look good, Cranell! Enjoying the Capitol?

Lane: "The Capitol is so, wow. It must be great living here."

Cranell: "It'd be great is every district had food, better shelter, and luxuries like this place."

Flickerman: "Yes! Well, I wish that was possible. Um, tell us something about yourselves."

Lane: "There's not really much to say."

Cranell: "My mom died giving birth to me. My dad has a bad temper problem, so I'm not close with him. My life now really sucks, since I was taken and whisked away into these stupid games. I'm just worthless, aren't I?!"

Flickerman: "It's okay, Cranell, calm down."

Cranell: "Look, this whole Hunger Games thing, is stupid. The President is killing innocent children for The Capitol's own entertainment! It's wrong, it needs to be stopped!"

Cranell walks away, and Lane, confused, just sits there.

Flickerman: "Um, well then. I think we should just go on to District 6 now, what do you think, Lane?"

Lane: "Um, sure, I don't mind."

The crowd is silent, thinking Cranell must have a temper problem, and that Lane is awfully shy.


District 6

The crowd cheers as Soifa Trinks and MIles Harrow sit down to be interviewd by Marcus Flickerman.

Soifa is wearing a short, white, lacy dress, white heels, red lipstick, and her blond hair is down. Miles is in a blue dress shirt, and black slacks.

Flickerman: "Hello, District 6. Woah, Soifa, you're dress! Looking good Miles! How's the Capitol today?"

Soifa: "The Capitol is so cool! It's a district resident's dream!"

Miles: "Hahah, yeah, me and Soifa think it's nice here."

Flickerman: "It is nice here, isn't. Apparently, Cranell from District 5 doesn't think so! Is it nice back home?"

Soifa: "Oh, back home, it's, okay. I live in a rich family, and I got bored of it. So one day, I met Miles, and we started hun...I mean, hanging out, with eachother!"

Miles: "Yep! I got bored of studying medicine, so I created a group that hu...hangs out, a lot. It's fun!"

Flickerman: "Oh, I see. Have you guys talked about how you feel about the games together?"

Soifa: "Oh, yeah, actually, me and Miles volunteered for these games, we wanted to test our hunting skills."

Flickerman: "....Why? Wouldn't both of you guys...die?"

Miles: "Well, yes, and Soifa found out a way to deal with that.."

Flickerman: "Oh...okay. So, about your guys' training scores, are you happy with them?"

Soifa: "Oh, yeah I'm good with a 7. Showed them my knife throwing."

Miles: "An 8 is good. I mean, they're good, but, I know that we're better than what we got. Better at hunting."

Flickerman: "Is that so? That's great. There's the buzzer. Well, good luck to you two. Stay together!"

The Captiol cheers and whistles, captured by Miles and Soifa's close friendship.


District 7

The crowd cheers and claps as Keyllu Vetra and Arydan Monarcha sit down to be interviewd by Marcus Flickerman.

Keyllu ia wearing a short brown strapless dress, black boots, no makeup, and her blond and black hair is braided over her shoulder. Aydan is in a brown suit, also wearing black boots.

Flickerman: "Hey guys! You guys look tough! How are you enoying the capitol today?"

Keyllu: "It looks pretty expensive."

Aydan: "It's unreal, how cool this place is!"

Flickerman: "Oh yes, I'm glad to live here! So, tell me a little about yourselves."

Keyllu: "I don't really like talking about myself."

Aydan: "Well, I'm just a normal kid in District 7. Been choppin' trees my whole life."

Flickerman:"Okay then, great! Are you guys anticipating the games?"

Keyllu: "I'm not anticipating them."

Aydan: "Well, I think I can make it. I'm allied with the careers!"

Flickerman: "Well, I'm expecting you guys to go far, I mean, you did get the highest combined training scores! Tell me more about how you obtained your scores."

Keyllu: "I'd prefer not to tell."

Aydan: "I got an 11! I guess I'm pretty good with an axe. Double-bladed axes!"

Flickerman: "Nice, great, Aydan! Well, looks like that's the buzzer. Goodbye, and good luck!"

The crowd cheers, bored a little by Keyllu, and impressed with Aydan. The crowd still thinks they are both, somehow, appealing.


District 8

The crowd is screaming, as Kedzie Woods and Talon Faust sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Kedzie is dressed in a blue, satin cocktail dress, shiny black heels, warm colored makeup, and her blond hair is curled into an updo. Talon is in red, tweed tuxedo, and fancy leather shoes.

Flickerman: "Wow, how magnificent! You guys are definitely dressed well! I exprected it, you are from the textile district! You guys make all of our clothes! So, how are you guys feeling about the Captiol?"

Kedzie: "It's great how the people wear the clothes our district makes! I think they look...lovely."

Talon: "Yeah, I agree. It's cool, I guess."

Flickerman: "Oh, you guys, you make them great! So, tell us a little about yourselves!"

Kedzie: "Um, well, I have lots of siblings! When my mother left, I was the one my family relied on, even my father relied on me. So, yeah, I provide for them, as much as I can."

Talon: "My brother and sister...they're dead. My parents, they don't care. I had to give away my baby brother, to protect him, from our own family. My baby brother is in a good place. He's with Kedzie's family."

Flickerman: "Wow, that's very interesting. On another note, how do you feel about the games?"

Kedzie: "I....I don't wanna talk about it. They don't make me feel good."

Talon: "It's okay, Kedzie. I don't care what happens in the games, I just, know I need to protect Kedzie."

Flickerman: "That's very thoughtful, Talon. Let's talk about your training scores, how are you feeling about them?"

Kedzie: "I'm very happy with a 9! I'm glad they thought I was that good with a bow and arrow."

Talon: "Hoping for something better than a 7, but, whatever. It's good."

Flickerman: "That's good. So, is they're anybody you miss back home?"

Kedzie: "I do miss my whole family. I hope they're doing okay.."

Talon: "Nope. Everything's good. Well, of course, I hope Kedzie's family is safe."

Flickerman: "Great guys, and, there's the buzzer. Good luck, you guys!"

The crowd cheers, touched by Talon and Kedzie's companionship.


District 9

The crowd applauds as Sheila Swift and Markus Brown sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Sheila is wearing a long white dress that falls to her ankles, shiny brown heels, and her brown hair is in an updo. Markus is dressed in a black suit and shiny gray shoes.

Flickerman:"Hello Shiela and Markus! So, are you guys liking the Capitol?"

Shiela: "Yes, the Captiol is just beautiful! Theres countless..shiny things!"

Markus: "It's pretty cool, but, whatever. It looks crazy, not cool."

Flickerman: "Yes, Sheila, don't you just love it!? Markus must not! How about you guys tell us about yourselves!"

Sheila: "Well, my family is poor. My dad...passed I provide for my mother and my two little brothers."

Markus: "Unlike Shiela, I'm pretty rich. My family is the richest family in DIstrict 9!"

Flickerman: "Markus, have some respect for Sheila! Gosh. Are you guys feeling nervous about the games?"

Sheila: "Definitely. My family isn't going to do well, with me being...gone."

Markus: "Eh, nothing to worry about. I'm probably the best kid here."

Flickerman: "Oh, sorry, Sheila. And Markus, you're probably not going to get far with that arm of yours..."

Markus: "Oh, whatever. I'll find some medical stuff in the arena..."

Flickerman: ", tell us about your guys' training scores."

Sheila: "I got a 9. That's pretty good, right!? I just threw some knives around....dangerously."

Markus: "A 7 for me. Inaccurate score, considering my unbeleivable skill with a sword! Pfft.."

Flickerman: "Great Sheila! And, yeah, Markus. There's the buzzer. Good luck to you, Sheila!"

The crowd cheers at Sheila, thinking she's cool, and boos at Markus, thinking he's selfish and rude.


District 10

The crowd cheers loudly as Parker Fernx and Venta Jaes sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Parker is in a cow print sundress, dirty brown boots, and her blonde hair is in a braid down her back. Venta is in a denim suit.

Flickerman: "Why hello! Nice dress Parker! And I love your suit Venta. So, how's the Capitol!?"

Parker: "It's so different than back home! No animals and, not as much greenery!"

Venta: "Yeah, I agree with Parker. It's nothin' like back home!"

Flickerman: "You guys must be enjoying the Capitol! So, tell us a little about yourselves."

Parker: "Um, well, I'm kind of a loner. I live in the forest by my district. Venta is the only person I know."

Venta: "Yep, Parker is a good friend o' mine. We both love the outdoors."

Flickerman: "That's great guys, it must be nice, out there in the country. How do you feel about the games?"

Parker: "Um, I don't like them. Who does? They scare me."

Venta: "I'm with Parker. They're not right."

Flickerman: "Okay. How about we talk about those training scores of yours?"

Parker: "An 8 is wonderful. I'm proud of my knowledge of the outdooors and nature."

Venta: "A 5. Guess I'm not as smart as Parker is with plants 'n animals 'n stuff."

Flickerman: "Parker must be pretty good then! Is there anyone you miss back home?"

Parker: "Thanks Marcus! And, well, there's nobody to miss back home..."

Venta: "I do miss my younger twin sisters, Kery and Leandra. And my father too.."

Flickerman:"Hope you guys do okay. There's the buzzer, may you guys do well."

The crowd is cheering and applauding, thinking the District 10 tributes are interesting and fun.


District 11

The crowd cheers as Rye Foxglove and Mow Rice sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Rye is wearing a dress made of weaved wheats, shoes made of wood carved from oak trees, and her black hair done in multiple braids. Mow is in a suit made of different grasses, and dirty brown boots.

Flickerman: "Hey, Rye and Mow! How are you guys!? Enjoying the Captol!"

Rye: "The Capitol is amazing."

Mow: "Yeah, I agree. I would have never thought the Captiol was this awesome!"

Flickerman: "I know, right!? So, how about you tell us a little about yourselves!?"

Rye: "Um, I don't really like to talk much.."

Mow: " Well, me, I'm really into plants. I mean, us District 11 residents work with plants everyday!"

Flickerman: "Really!? Sounds interesting! Speaking of interesting, how do you guys feel about the games?"

Rye: "I wish I could just, run away from them."

Mow: "They are pretty brutal. I wish I weren't part of them, but, whatever."

Flickerman: "Yes, I know, I know. How about we talk about your training scores. Are you happy with them?"

Rye: "I didn't feel like showing my skills to the gamemakers."

Mow: "I don't care if I got a low score. I've got skill with a scythe, and I'm sure we're both skilled with plants, but, I guess, we just didn't want to show them our skills."

Flickerman: "Well, okay then! Part of a bigger plan? Anyhow, is there any family you miss back home?"

Rye: "My parents.."

Mow: "I really miss my brother, and I hope my neighbor, who takes care of me since my parents died, is doing well."

Flickerman: "Oh, well, hang on too your hope of seeing them again." There's the buzzer. Good luck!"

The crowd cheers loudly, thinking Rye is very shy, and Mow is very outgoing and charming.


Dictrict 12

The crowd is roaring as Willow Woods and Kohl Cyphers sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Willow is wearing a billowing black gown with various red accessories, red heels, makeup the color of a sunset, and her brown and blonde hair let down. Kohl is in a black suit adorned with light-reflecting gems.

Flickerman: "Wow, you guys are glowing! I bet you're loving the Captiol!"

Willow: "I do really love the Capitol, it's better than I imagined."

Kohl: "Yeah! It's so cool! I love this place!"

Flickerman: "Yes, it certainly is pretty cool! So, tell me something about yourselves!"

Willow: "Well, honestly, I've never really watched the games before. I've just closed my eyes whenever we have to watch them, so I know nothing about them."

Kohl: "Hmm, I'm just a normal guy. I'm not poor, not rich. Dads a merchant child, moms from the seam."

Flickerman: "Interesting, Willow. Nice, Kohl. How do you guys feel about the games?"

Willow: "I'm terrified of them. I don't even know what goes on in them. How am I going to survive..."

Kohl: "My sister...she died in them. I'm going to avenge her."

Flickerman: "Oh, you guys will do well in them, I'm sure. On another note let's talk about you training scores!"

Willow: "Oh, um, a 5 is good I guess. All I could show them were what I knew about edible berries. I have a couple of other skills, but.."

Kohl: "...A 7 is pretty good. I'm good with a bow and arrow, as well as knives."

Flickerman: Nice, guys! So, anyone you miss back home?"

Willow: "Yeah, I do miss my family, especially my two younger brothers."

Kohl: "I hope my parents aren't worried about me.."

Flickerman: "Well, good luck to both of you. There's the buzzer, goodbye, District 12!"

The crowd is cheering, having pity for the District 12 tributes.


District 13

The crowd cheers lightly as Elizatbeth Coin and Thomas Anderson sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Elizabeth is in a black and white striped ball gown, white heels, gray makeup, and her black hair is let down. Thomas is dressed in a gray suit.

Flickerman: "Why hello, District 13 dwellers! How are you guys today!? Are you liking the Capitol?"

Elizabeth: "The Capitol is absolutely beautiful, heheheh! But it's also sick and twisted."

Thomas: "Yep, you guys are disgusting."

Flickerman: "Well, well, well, doesn't seem like District 13 is in a good mood today..."

Elizabeth: "Look, Flickerman. The President is killing innocent children, for his own entertainment! Then he forces all of Panem to suffer even more, by forcing us to watch it, televised! You realize how messed up that is, don't you?"

Flickerman: "I'm sorry Elizabeth, but the President re-established The Hunger Games for the good of Panem."

Thomas: "For the good of Panem? How? The games are not needed, The President needs to be taken down!"

Flickerman: "Um, Peackeepers, please escort these tributes back to their seats."

The crowd watches, astonished, as the District 13 are dragged to their seats by the Peackeepers. They think the District 13 tributes are crazy with their idea, but are headstrong.


The Capitol

The crowd is cheering loudly, only because the tributes are from the Capitol, as Lumri Caldoni and Guffer McPherson sit down to be interviewed by Marcus Flickerman.

Lumri is wearing a deep red mini dress, red heels, red lipstick and makeup, her red hair is let down, she is red everything! Guffer is in a dark green tuxedo.

Flickerman: "Hello! Fellow Captiol tributes! Both of you look awesome, and very brightly colored! I know you're enjoying the Capitol today, so how about you guys tell me about yourselves!"

Lumri: "Well, me, I come from a family of six kids. I'm the second oldest, and my older brother, Ty, takes care of us, and UGH, he's so annoying. My parents died in a fire at McPherson's, due to stupid Guffer over here!"

Guffer: "Lumri, I swear, it was an accident! I'm just really clumsy, really, it wasn't an intention!"

Flickerman: "Oh, a little rivalry going on here, huh? Don't get carried away! So, you guys anticipating the games?"

Lumri: "Oh yeah, definitely, I'll show Guffer a thing or two with my my skills I learned during training..."

Guffer: "Aw man! That just makes me even more scared of the games.."

Flickerman: "Calm down, calm down. Guffer, you surely must have some sort of skill, working at your your restaurant and everything? And tell us about your guys' training scores."

Guffer: "I do have some skills with knives because of it..but I only got a 2. I didn't show them my knife skills.."

Lumri: "Hah, I got a 9! I showed them my bow and arrow skills I learned at training. It's funny, how you, Guffer, got a MUCH lower score than me, even when you had previous knowledge with weapons!"

Flickerman: "Now now, Lumri, don't make fun of Guffer! Anyways, is there anybody you're going to miss here?"

Lumri: "I really miss my brothers and sisters, but not Ty. He doesn't care if I die in the games, he only cares about how many mouths he has to feed.."

Guffer: "I'm really going to miss my parents."

Flickerman: "Well good luck guys! There's the buzzer. I hope you guys do okay."

The crowd cheers loudly, thinking Guffer is a wimp, and Lumri is a loud, strong girl.


Mr. Flickerman: "This concludes The Interviews of the tributes with me, Marcus Flickerman! Tomorrow, the tributes will embark on their mission. Their mission to become the victor in I.J's 1st Hunger Games!

The Arena

  • Inner Forest
  • The Lake
  • The River
  • Plains
  • Desert
  • Outer Forest
IMG 6307

The Arena



The arena this year is almost circular, with the cornucopia in the middle of the arena. Around the west, north, and south side of the cornucopia is the inner forest. To the east of the cornucopia are plains with many hills, and to the east of the hilly plains is a scorching hot desert with multiple caves and cactuses. Surrounding all of this is a river that connects to a huge lake to the north. The whole arena is surrounded by an outer layer of gloomy forest. The whole arena is 4 miles wide and 3 miles long.


The Cornucopia

The cornucopia is located in the center of the arena. There are items located in the cornucopia, as well as around it. The closer you get to the cornucopia, the more valuable the items will be.


Longswords, shortswords, scimitars, katanas, knives, throwing knives, machetes, scythes, axes, throwing axes, double-bladed axes, tridents, spears, hammers, maces, clubs, flails whips, bows and arrows, and switchblades.

Medical Supplies

Bandages, medical tape, pain-relievers (morphling), wound medicine, burn medicine, and antidote.


Poison, wire, bug repellent, water purifier (iodine), gloves, and socks.



Tracker Jackers - Wasps, visibly gold in color, that are genetically coded to kill and destroy. If anyone disturbs their nest, they will track them down. Their venom brings on hallucinations that can drive a person to madness. The are stung is known to swell up to great sizes. They have a weakness to smoke. These mutts are located everywhere in the arena.

Bloodbugs - Bugs that resemble a fly, and are very red-ish in color. They suck blood instantly on contact. They can suck blood at a rapid rate. They can suck enough to make anyone unconscious, anywhere from five mintutes to an hour. These mutts are located everywhere in the arena.

Sharpedos - Their apperance is of a miniature shark, about the size of a cod. They eat flesh and travel in swarms. These mutts are located in all water sources in the arena.

Wallowolves - Looks just like a wolf. However, it can stand up like a humanoid. When it comes into contact with a human, it's characteristics (size, fur color, eye color), will morph to match the the human's most loved person. These mutts are located only in the outer forest of the arena.


The Costume

A breathable dark green shirt for the boys, and a breathable dark green tank-top for the girls. Slim tan pants that can be unzipped into shorts, a sturdy black belt, a very thin gray hoodie that reflects body heat to an extent, and durable dark brown shoes worn over thin low cut white socks, designed for running long distances in some environments, but mainly forest ground. And of course the appropriate undergarments for the boys or girls.

The Games

Audiences across the nation of Panem watch eagerly as the 28 tributes of I.J.'s 1st Hunger Games rise from the ground and into this year's arena, surrounding the Cornucopia on their metal plates. The audience has quite a few fan favorites this year. The tribtutes from District 3 were favorites because of Shay Disc's personality and Circuit Blow's intelligence. Dondo Grouge of District 4 and Aydan Monarcha of District 7 were heavily supported because of their strength. The District 1 tributes were also supported because of Lee's love for Lily.

But having fans won't help. There are no sponsors this year, so every tribute is on their own.

As the anxious tributes settled on their plates, Claudius Templesmith V's voice boomed over the loudspeaker, "Let I.J's 1st Hunger Games Begin!"

Day 1 - Part One - "The Bloodbath"

Rye Foxglove, D11, Conucopia Plate

I'm waiting for the gong to sound. I quickly look around me. Behind me is a forest. That's where I'll be running after I grab my weapon. The cornucopia is about 40 feet away. It seems like the tributes are arranged on their plates in order of their district. On the other side of the cornucopia I just see some hilly plains. I look over to the cornucopia, and I don't see my weapon, a crossbow, anywhere in sight. Hmm, I'll have to make do with a bow and arrows. I spot a bow and a sheath of arrows about 20 feet away, maybe I can grab them. I am the fastest person here, probably.

Dondo Grouge, D4, Cornucopia Plate

The gong should be sounding right! As i sprint to the cornucopia, I see the girl from 11 on the other side of the cornucopia dash towards it and grab a bow and arrows then run back into the forest behind her crazy fast. Damn. I'm at the cornucopia now and I grab a trident I see inside. I spot the guy from the Capitol and quickly throw the trident at his chest, instantly killing him. Hahah, my first kill! I see my sister Ronda has made her way here too, as she is also weilding a bloody trident, having stabbed Willow from District 12. Hah, the careers are going to dominate these games!

Talon Faust, D8, Cornucopia

The district 4 siblings have already killed two tributes, so me and Kedzie decide to just go for the backpack and knives about 15 feet away from us. We grab them and qucikly make our way back to the forest behind us. "Talon watch out!" I hear Kedzie say, and I see Alexander from District 2 running straight at us. "Not on my watch." I readily throw a knive straight at his forehead, blood gushing out all over his face. "C'mon Kedzie, we better get away before there's any more people trying to kill us."

Vanessa Jimanez, D2, Cornucopia

NO! Alexander is dead! The boy from 8 killed him and ran off into the forest with his district partner. Why did he die!? I cannot believe it. What now? I remember we allied with the careers at training, so I rush over to the front of the cornucopia where Dondo and Ronda, have already killed two tributes. "Alexander died, guys." "Oooooh, I'm sorry Vanessa." Ronda says, but Dondo interrupts, "Look, there's 28 tributes running all over the place, and we have to kill! Get over it!" Angry, I listen to Dondo, and pick up a scimitar I see lying next to the cornucopia. I see the guy from District 11 making his way to the cornucopia, I run up to him and with one swish of my scimmy, his head has been chopped off, spurting blood all over me. "Is that what you're looking for, Dondo?"

Aydan Monarcha, D7, Cornucopia

I can't believe I actually allied with the careers! Am I really that good with a weapon? I must be! I run as fast as I can to the front of the cornucopia, and find the rest of the careers there already. I don't see Alexander though. "Hey Aydan, here's your favorite weapon." Ronda throws me a double-bladed axe, and a few seconds later, I see my first chance for a kill. A redish-brownish haired guy, from district 5 I think. I don't know if I can do this. He's grabbing something not that far away from me. I look anxiously over to the careers, and Dondo gives me a stern nod. I have to do this. I run over to the boy, who sees me and quickly turns back around. I dart towards him, being faster than he is, and with a mighty swing, I've split his whole body in two, straight through the middle. Woah. Oh my god! What have I done!? "Great job Aydan! Awesome kill!" I hear Dondo shout. I'm in shock over what I've just done. I never realized I had such power. Am I really that great!?

Shay Disc, D3, Cornucopia

Oh. My. Goodness. The boy from 7 just chopped a boy in half! "Did you see that Circuit?" I say. I don't get an answer. I look to my side, where Circuit was just a second ago. I panic. I look around, and I see a boy with crazy black hair running to the cornucopia. It's Circuit. "Circuit, no! The careers will get you!" I shout, but he doesn't listen. He grabs something small, and looks satisfied, but then spots a backpack, and decides to bring that along too. That wasn't a good decision. It slows him down, and gives the girl from district 2 enough time to throw her scimitar straight at Circuit's back. "NO! Circuit!" I close my eyes, dreading the sight of Circuit dying. Slowly, I open my eyes, but now someone's grabbing my hand and hurryingly leading me into the plains. It's Circuit, and he's carrying both the backpack and the small thing he grabbed, which appears to be a coil of wire. The scimitar I thought had hit him, is speared through the backpack. "Oh, Circuit..."

Lane Westling, D5, Plains

At the sound of the gong, I'm running into the plains behind me as fast as possible. I look back at the cornucopia. The careers have killed three people already. I look away. I'm running still. These plains are very hilly. I look back at the cornucopia a second time, and the sight I see is horrifying. The boy from 7 has just literally split my district partner, Cranell, in half. Poor Cranell. The district 7 boy must have unbelievable strength. It's a good thing I fled. I shift my view back to in front of me, and find a huge slope in front of me, and the next thing I know I've tripped and I'm rolling over and over again on the grassy land. Ow. I reach the bottom, and as I try to get up, I quickly fall back down. OW. Gosh, I think I've sprained my ankle or something. I hesisitantly give my foot a little twist. Ow! Ugh, what now. I'm injured in the middle of a terribly visible region, great.

Sheila Swift, D9, Plains

When the gong sounded, I didn't know what to do. I had seen Markus, my district partner with a fractured arm, take his chances and weakly run to a gleaming longsword near the cornucopia. He's was going to get killed by one of the careers for sure. I saw a belt with 12 shiny thorwing knives 20 feet away from me. I made a decision. I darted over to them and quickly sling them over my waist. I grabbed a knife, and aimed. My target was Markus's head. I threw the knife, it hit Markus in the back of the head, and he fell to the ground. I knew that my district wouldn't be mad if had killed Markus, everyone hated him. I then quickly sprinted past the cornucopia to the other side, grabbing the sword Markus was trying to get. As I was running, I saw the careers executing their kills. I had reached the other side of the cornucopia unharmed. Now I saw nothing but hills ahead of me. This is how I ended up at my current postion. Right now, I am still running through the hilly plains, when I see a strawberry blond girl dragging herself across the ground. I go up to her, with sympathy. "Wanna be allies?"

Venta Jaes, D10, Forest

Me and Parker are running through the forest. Our plan is to get as far as possible from the rest of the tributes, and hunt and scavenge plants to survive. We'll climb trees for shelter. We're running, when I hear something swish past me, and a gleaming knife buries itself into a tree in front of us. I hear another knife coming, and it lodges itself into my thigh, and I tumble over onto the forest ground. Parker is hesitating. "Parker, just run! Go, save yourself! Trust me!" Her eyes are swelling up with tears, and she runs of into the forest. I look at my assailent, and it's the girl from District 7. She looks disappointed. She takes out a machete, and just as she's about to slit my throat, I realize why she was upset. She didn't want to see my face when I died.

Keyllu Vetra, D7, Forest

I just killed the boy from 10. I'm still in awe. I don't understand how someone could kill someone like this. This guy, lying dead in front of me, is only my first kill, and I don't know if I could do it again. It makes me wonder about the girl who was with him, Parker, and how she feels right now. I get up, wipe of the blade of the machete on my shirt, and run. I'm kinda fast, so I run for about a mile in, decide to rest. Ugh, now I regret not grabbing any resouces at the cornucopia. I get up, and search for a place for shelter. I find an area with multiple bushes, grab some tree branches and leaves, and lay down in the them. It's only been like, 20 or 30 minutes or so since I left the cornucopia., but I get the feeling that there won't be much bloodshed, everyone seemed to run instead of take their chances, probably beacuse of Dondo, the most ruthless career anyone's ever seen. I think about the kill, I've made, and how bad I felt after. How can Dondo not have any feelings after killing someone? I don't know, but me, I hate it, I don't want to kill anymore. But I'm going to have to if I want to win these games.

Day 1 - Part Two - "The Settling"

Lily Star, D1,​ Forest

Me and Lee are on our own now. Originally we planned to ally with the carees, but we decided to escape instead. They're too brutal for us to handle, we don't want to kill, we just want to survive. "Well, what now, Lily?" Lee asked. "I think I see water far north, and I bet the careers are headed there." We look back at the Cornucopia. Not much Careers, only four of them. "Wow, only a few careers." I say. "But we still better not take our chances north, they'd kill us. Fast, considering what they've already done. The four of them. We should remain in the forest, maybe make a quick trip back to the Cornucopia and take the leftover supplies." "Where should we head than?" Lee asks. I reply "Let's head west. We can round the perimeter of the Cornucopia for a while until the careers leave. We should watch out for other tribtues too." "I'll protect you." Lee says. We start walking.

Miles Harrow, D6, Forest

Me and Soifa are walking together, behind the other half of our alliance, the tributes from District 13, Elizabeth and Thomas. They're pretty experienced. They were on the other half of the Cornucopia, and they got over here to us fast and unharmed. Makes me believe that they can actually execute their plan. "Do you really think we can do this, Soifa? Break out of this Arena, save ourselves?" I ask her. "And save the rest of the tribute alive, if possible. Yes, we can. It's been done before, hasn't it? It's what started The Second Rebllion. We can do this." she answers. "Okay guys, what are we going to do?" Elizabeth answers. Apparently she's the leader. "I was thinking we head east, to the plains, I don't think many tributes are going to go that way, so it's the best direction we can go without anybody getting in the way of our plan. You guys agree?" We all nod our heads.

Thomas Adamson, D13, Plains

We were already on the border between the plains and the forest. So it wasn't a long journey to get to them. I feel very unsafe though, being so, exposed. I think Elizabeth made a bad decision. We can see the Cornucopia still, and luckily no ones heading our way. Yet ahead of us, I can see two figures in the distance. "Hey guys, look!" I point ahead of us, and we all look at the figures, moving considereably slow. "Tributes. One of them looks injured. Maybe a mile, half a mile away?" Soifa, our District 6 ally states. "Should we kill them?" "No." Elizabeth buts in. "Remember, our mission is to save tributes, as much as we can. We only fight if there is a threat." We continue walking. And I hope those tributes don't turn out to be a threat.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Forest

The female career from District 4 killed her. Killed my district partner, Willow. I just can't believe it, she was such a nice, smart girl. It reminds me of.....when my sister died. That unbeleivable feeling that a close friend, or loved one, has died. It happened right after the games started. We both went to grab a pack of supplies we saw, when Willow tripped. I turned back, and my mind went numb. I ran, as fast as I could into the forest. I didn't give up. Because I knew what I was going to do. What I'm on my way to do right now. Avenge her.

Lumri Caldoni, The Capitol, Forest

Once the games started, I didn't even consider going to the Cornucopia. I don't need to get weapons or supplies there. Because I have a secret. When I got reaped, and I was making my way onto the stage, President Azazel whispered something in my ear. Go north. That's what he said. Obviously he wants a Capitol tribute to win. I've been running ever since the games started. So I'm heading north, and I know that whatever's there, It'll have everything I need! And I'll be able to fight whoever, or whatever gets in my way! Speaking of that, as I'm running, I see a boy, far to my left. I stop, to take a better look. He's tired, like he's been running. And crying, he probably lost someone. I pause.......should I take advantage of this easy kill, or keep running. Hmmm.....well, I mean, I'm not THAT mean-spirited enough to kill a crying guy, am I? Well....I guess I'm going to help him, since I'M SO NICE! So I walk over to him, and decide I might as well ally with him.

Day One Review

Day One Total Deaths: 7

Guffer McPherson (Speared with trident by Dondo Grouge) PLACED 28TH

Willow Woods (Stabbed with trident by Ronda Grouge) PLACED 27TH

Alexander Sidorov (Stabbed with thrown knife by Talon Faust) PLACED 26TH

Mow Rice (Decapitated with scimitar by Vanessa Jimanez) PLACED 25TH

Markus Brown (Stabbed with thrown knife by Sheila Swift) PLACED 24TH

Cranell Meneger (Split in half with double-bladed axe by Aydan Monarcha) PLACED 23RD

Venta Jaes (Throat slit with machete by Keyllu Vetra) PLACED 22ND

Current Alliances

The Careers - Dondo Grouge, Ronda Grouge, Aydan Monarcha, Vanessa Jimanez

The Rescuers - Elizabeth Coin, Thomas Adamson, Miles Harrow, Soifa Trinks

In Pairs - (Shay Disc, Circuit Blow) (Kedzie Woods, Talon Faust) (Sheila Swift, Lane Westling)

(Lumri Caldoni, Kohl Cyphers)

Alone - Keyllu Vetra, Rye Foxglove, Parker Fernx

End of Day One

Day 2 - "The Lake"

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Forest

".....You want to ally with me?" I'm in shock that the girl from the Capitol wants to ally with the District 12 loser. District 12 and the Capitol are basically mortal enemies, besides District 13. But, we're all thrown into here, no matter where we're from. It's the morning after the bloodbath now, and I'm hungry and kinda cold, I need a partner. So I decide that I will ally with her. "I could kill you instead, you want that!?" she says. "No no, I'll ally with you! I could use a partner anyways, after...." I veer off. The Capitol girl breaks the silence, saying, "You lost your District partner, huh? It's alright, I know how you feel. Well, maybe not, but.....the name's Lumri." "I'm Kohl." I say. Now we're allys. "Okay, so what shall we do now, than." Lumri asks. I know the answer already. "We're heading north. That's where the Careers are headed. I'm getting revenge." Lumri replies, "Ahh, just where I wanted to head, but not because of the same reason as yours. There's something up there. Something good. I just don't know what yet." I then say, ".......what?"

Circuit Blow, D3, Plains

That was a close call yesterday at the Cornucopia, but I needed to grab the stuff I needed. The roll of wire, to make me and Shay's secret weapon. Luckily, I have the scimitar that the District 2 girl tried to kill me with in my backpack, so I can use that. Now me and Shay are in the plains, hidden between some deep hills, the morning after the bloodbath. Hmm....there wasn't anything in the sky last night, the Capitol didn't report the deaths, though I'm sure there was a lot. Well, whatever, might as well figure out how to make this weapon...."Circuit! Now's not the time to be fiddling with your little project! We need to get out of this place. Even though we're kind of hidden, it's still the open plains. If someone finds us, there's going to be nowhere to run. We must find a place to hide, then you can create your contraption." Shay is obviously a little mad at me, but I must get this finished as soon as possible, so we can defend ourselves, if there is ever a time when we need to. But I guess I agree with her, and we make our way to find shelter.

Parker Fernx, D10, Forest

Venta died! He was right in fron of me when it happned! Oh my goodness, what will I do now! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, Venta's gone, this can't be happenning, it can't be, my friend, my friend......he's gone. No. No. No no no no no's unbelievable. Ugh....I'm not feeling good......I'm getting dizzy.....I see a rustle in the bushes in front of me, and see a small dark figure. Then I pass out.

Rye Foxglove, D11, Forest

I heard the voice of a girl, sounded young around my age, 12. I ran past these bushes, and found the girl who made those sounds, just after she passed out. I go up to her, stealthily, just in case this was some sort of trap. It seems like she's really passed out, and starving. I quickly look around, find some edible berries, and force them into her mouth. These berries should help her regain conciousness at least.

Kedzie Woods, D8, Forest

Me and Talon are exhausted. We ran all day yesterday. We decided we'd sleep today, regain our energy, and then run some more tomorrow. We found these trees with these green fruits on them, and considered them safe to eat, so we've been eating them. They're really good, and juicy, so we don't crave water or anything, which is good, cause there isn't any sign of it near us. "Hey, Talon," I say. "Yeah." he replies, finishing up another fruit. "What made you decide to give your little brother to our family. Before you got reaped." I ask. "Well, my father, he wasn't a good man. You saw how he cheered when my name got chosen. My brother would die living with him. I knew he'd be better off with you, from what.....Todd told me....before he died." Talon answered. "It must've been hard, losing both of your brothers. At least you know one of them had the chance to be safe." I lean over, kiss him right on the lips. He looks into my eyes, a moment so peaceful, something that nobody would ever believe someone could feel in the games. But it ended as fast as it had started. His eyes turned to fear, as a girl with black and blonde hair, was running towards us. "Run Kedzie! Run!"

Keyllu Vetra, D7, Forest

I'm running with all I've got. It was such a hard decision to make, killing innocent people. I hate kiling, but It's the only way to become victor, and not get killed yourself. The tributes in front of me, from District 8, look so scared, it hurts me inside. I expect them to scramble away, but to my suprise, the boy grabs a sheath of knives and quickly begins throwing them, me quickly dodging them, deflecting some with my machete. I'm almost--OW! A shot of pain came out of nowhere to my left shoulder. I divert to the right, running away now, them chasing me, the boy still throwing knives. I look to my left, and I see the smooth metallic handle of a knife poking out of my shoulder. It hurts with every step. I need to make a plan. Knives are still being thrown at me, and I quickly swerve around the tree, yank the knife out of my shoulder, almost falling because of the sudden pain, and throw it straight at the boy. The sight of the knife going straight through his neck is almost more unbearable than the pain coming from my shoulder. And then the girl, her expression, her shock, it kills me. I.........I can't do this anymore. I'm running away from this scene. I cannot bear it! I look back. Just a second before, her expression was true pain, loss. Now, it was pure hatrid.

Lane Westling, D5, Plains

Me and Sheila are walking, well, me limping across the plains. Ow! I wince in pain, having put to much weight on my bad leg. "Sit here. I think we should rest now, don't wanna injure your leg further." Sheila insists. So we sit down, and decide to rest for a while. "Sow, how's your leg?" Sheila aksed. "It's fine. Just hurts a little worse." I answer. Shelia asks again, "How'd you sprain it anyways." "Fell down a hill." I answer. We both start laughing. "Gosh, I could really use some food right now." I say. "Or at least some water." Sheila gets up, goes behind the hill we just passed, and comes back with some berries in her hand. "What, berries?" I never saw any berries while walking. Sheila answers, "They're not out in the open, actually just saw them as we came to rest down here, hidden in some wildflowers. Dunno if they're safe, but might as well eat them, or we'll die of hunger instead." So she hands some to me, and WOW, are they great. They taste like....summertime. I quickly finish my handful, and before I even ask, Sheila gets up to get some more herself. "These are grea-" Sheila stops in the middle of her sentence. She comes running back to me. "Get up, we've gotta go." "Why?" I ask. She answers briskly, "Tributes, 4 of them. About 300 feet away. Look pretty strong too." I get up ask fast as I could, worried. I wonder if they're bad, if they...kill. I dont want to die. I start walking as fast as I can, with Sheila's support, and just as we are on top of a hill, I feel a sharp prick on me bad leg, and unable to keep stable, I fall. Owww, I know it's not the sprain, it's something else, but my leg still hurts. Badly. "Lane! What happened! Oh no, no! They're coming! We've gotta move!" Sheila says. "I can't walk any further! I don't think I can even stand up! Who knows, maybe those tributes aren't bad?! They might be able to help us!"

Elizabeth Coin, D13, Plains

We just finished eating what we had in the packs me and Thomas got at the Cornucopia yesterday. We didn't even eat yesterday, so we emptied through one whole pack. Miles and Soifa ate most of it though. They better not slow us down. The obscure figures of the tributes that we saw ahead of us are now fully in view only about 300 feet ahead of us. They've stopped walking, seem to be panicking a bit. They're both girls, as we can see know, a blond one, on the ground looking injured, and a brunette, who seems to be pleading with her or something. "Guys. We're going to go over there, and see what's up with those tributes." I say. All three of them break answer quickly and hesitantly. "What if they're bad?" "It could be a trap!" "We should just ignore them." I answer, "Look. It looks like one of them's hurt, they both look innocent, and I don't think they'd be crying wolf out in the middle of these open plains. We should go help them, if they need us. Maybe even get them to join us. The more people, the better." They look at eachother, seem to agree. "Okay, but what if they DON'T need help, and it actually is a trap, or they don't want to join us." This comes from Miles. "If it's a trap, we can take them on. There's four of us, two of them. They'd be dead in seconds. And if they don't want our help, which I doubt, than, we just carry on." My answer seems to convince them. "Fine. Let's go then." Miles says. We start running towards them.

Soifa Trinks, D6, Plains

Running towards those other tributes wasn't a good idea, as they seem to be panicking now. Ugh. To show them that we are friendly, I do a sign that involves putting three of my fingers to my lips, and raising them into the air. It's a gesture of, peace, or respect, you could say. They seem to calm down, and it takes about 5 minutes to get to them. The blonde is injured. The brunette looks hesitant as she comes up to us. "Can you guys help us?" She looks at all of our faces, scanning us, like she's looking into our past, who we are. "We sure can, if you'll take it." Elizabeth says. "...Great. You guys have any medical supllies? Lane here is having some trouble with her leg." Sheila answers. "Heh, looks more than just some trouble..." Miles says as-a-matter-of-factly. Lane answers, talking for the first time, "It's just sprained, smart alec. Ughhh, and it's making me drowsy.." It did look like it was sprained, but looking closer at it, I saw a small red speck on her ankle. "Wait guys." I go up to her to her. "Lemme take a look." Lane was suprisingly okay with me touching her leg. I scan her ankle, and that small red speck, was a bloodbug. "There's a bloodbug! On your ankle!" I scream. Thomas, who finally seemed to join this dilemma, came to take a look himself. Out of nowhere, he smacks her ankle harshly, leaving her leg a bruising red, and there was also a splotch of red liquid, from the bloodbug. "Ow! What the heck was that! My leg is kind of injured you know!" Lane screams. "It need to be killed! It would've sucked your blood until you were shriveled like a prune. Well, not that dramatic, but it could leave you unconcious." Thomas stated. As if triggered by Thomas's statement, Lane's face grew pale, and her body collapsed unto the grass.

Miles Harrow, D6, Plains

"And there she goes..." Wow, an onconcious and injured girl, in the middle of the terribly visible plains. This isn't good. "What now?" Sheila says worriedly. "How are we going to move with someone who's not only unconcious, but has an injured leg? Even if she awakens, she'll just collapse again." Elizabeth comes in again, being the leader she is, and says, "Thomas, Miles, pick up her body. Soifa, please get the medical wrapping out of our pack, and give it to Sheila to wrap Lane's leg with, we don't want her leg to get hurt any more than it already is. Meanwhile, I'll look for some berries around here so we won't run out of food. Lane's going to want it once she regains conciousness." "Ooh there's some berries near those flowers over there!" Sheila exclaims. And so I listen to Elizabeth, and carry on with her orders..

Ronda Grouge, D4, Lake

It takes us until sunset to get all of the supplies we've salvaged from the Cornucopia to the Lake. I'm putting the last of the supplies in the pile, when Aydan emerges out of the forest. It appears he has some news. "There are two tributes in the forest. I was chopping some firewood when I heard voices. They've made camp about 200 feet away." By the time he finished, Dondo and Vannessa had come over after eating what seemed to be chicken. "Well it's just two tributes, right? We could take 'em out easily." Dondo says, propping up his trident. I say, "Well, what if they've got a trick up their sleeves? They would have gotten here before us, with all this supplies we had to haul here, yet they're still in the forest. They know we're here." I smirk in pride of my smarts, but Vannessa cuts at me with her words. "Shut up, Ronda. Two tribtues wouldn't even think of doing anything to FOUR careers, that's just a death wish. They can't know we're here." I roll my eyes at her remark. She's wrong, but I give up on trying to make a point. My allys won't listen. But Aydan shoots me a look of belief, it seems. He camly says, ", we going to kill those tributes?" Dondo replies with a quick, "Yes. C'mon."

Vannessa Jimanez, D2, Forest

Hah, that dumb Vanessa doesn't know what she's thinking. Stupid. Dondo is her brother, yet he still listens to me, so obviously I'm right. Hah! I'm trying to hold in my satisfaction as we make our way into the forest from our camp at the lake. "How far did you say they were, Aydan?" Dondo asks. Aydan replies, "I'd say maybe 200 feet. Not far at all if we run." "Good that. Let's run over there and get this over with guys." Dondo roars, progressing into a sprint. I like Dondo. He's very leader-like. It's charming. I'm consumed by his desirabilty, when the next thing you know, I hear shouts, and I've tripped facefirst over some rocks and into a sizable ditch. I regain my thoughts, shake my head and look up. Dondo, Ronda, and Aydan are looking at me. I swear I see Ronda smirk, which makes me hate her even more. "Vanessa! Didn't you hear us? We warned you that there was some ditch you were about to go over, but you went straight into it." This is Aydan saying this. Apparently my mind was elsewhere. Well, what now? Just sit here and lay in a 20 foot deep hole? Uhh, this must of been the work of those two tributes. Damn it.....I guess I was wrong and Ronda was right then..

Lumri Caldoni, Capitol, Forest/Lake

Hah! Atleast one of the careers fell for it! Me and Kohl are running to steal their supplies, while they are too busy trying to get that dumb girl out of our hole! Haha, dumb careers! "We came up with a good idea, didn't we Kohl!" I say, even though I came up with it myself. "Yep! Can't wait to finally eat tonight.." he answers. It's getting dark, so hopefully they won't see us after we steal they're supplies. We've reached their pile, and start taking all the food we can take, when I see a gleaming bow in the center of the pile. I decide to grab it, as well as a few knives for Kohl to use, just in case. We start running, when we hear footsteps approaching us a while a way. "Oh no! Lumri, they're coming back already! We've gotta hide!" Kohl says. Oh great...."What are we going to do with these supplies?" I ask. Kohl answers, "Just hide it for now, behind the tree over there. Lumri, we're going to have to hide, now! I suggest we climb this tree." He points to a tree about 5 feet away. I'm thinking I won't be able to climb, but I follow him, drop the supplies, and say "Kohl, I don't know how to climb trees!" I'm panicking, the careers are only about 20 feet away. "Your'e going to have to try!" Kohl says. He easily scales a branch, grabs my hands and helps me up. He climbs very high easily, while I just linger towards the bottom branches, trying to keep my balance. I hope I don't fall.

Aydan Moncarcha, D7, Forest/Lake

I knew we should've listened to Ronda. She knew what she was talking about, obviously, as when we came back after getting Vanessa out of that hole, we found that some of our supplies were missing. And some weapons. "Guys, if they took our weapons. They could be planning to attack us now." I say. Dondo answers, "Look, Aydan, they wouldn't try to take us on, there's four of us and two of them. They wouldn't stand a chance. They've probably ran away already." Just then, we hear a crack of a branch, and then the sound of someone running. "Over there!" I say, pointing to a girl with bright red hair running away.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Forest/Lake

Dang it! Lumri fell out the tree! And now she's running away, having abondoned me in a tree the careers are just about to find out I'm in. Aw man, aw man, I'm gonna die! The careers are just running under my tree, when they split up, two of them after Lumri, and two of them staying here to handle me. "Well, well, well, what do we have here?" a girl says. She's the one who fell in the hole. "Someone trying to hide from us?" I hesitate, not knowing what to say, or do. "You won't be able to get up here, you'll just fall out like Lumri did. You won't kill me," I finally get out of my mouth. The girl who fell in the hole, the other boy with her calls her Vanessa, then says, "Oh, you mean the girl who just abondoned you? The one who didn't even care about you? She might've fell out, but I won't. Watch, I'll go up there and-" Her sentence is suddenly interrupted by the sound of an arrow puncturing her in the neck. Along with the sounds of her choking in her own blood. "What the hell!" I hear the boy below say. He runs away before he can get shot by whoever shot Vanessa. After he runs away, there's silence for a while. Until I hear footsteps approaching me, and I panic. They get closer and closer, until they stop under my tree. I look down. "Hey Kohl. Hahah, I really showed those careers, didn't I?" Lumri says.

Lee Rock, D1, Forest

After the careers left, we scouted around the Cornucopia for extra supplies, but came up with only a few items, just a few packs of jerky and a hidden backpack they must've not seen. They took everything. We are headed west, seemingly far from the other tributes. Sitting on a log, we take a break to go through our bag and come up with a plan. "Okay, well..", I begin, stating to rustle through the pack, "We have some matches, a small knife, a tarp, and some metal rods. Hmm...well if we pitch the metal rods we could tie the tarp over it, maybe with some vine, and make a shelter..."

"Lee, what's our plan? If we decide to make a shelter then what's our objective after that? We pretty much have no food, no water at ALL, and we don't really have the skills to acquire those things. I'm scared for us, Lee," Lily says.

Thinking, I settle on an idea. "We keep heading west. There has to be something, water, fruit. Maybe we can even manage to kill some animals? No.....we can't. All we have is a stupid knife. Lily......we're from District 1. I think we have to come to the fact that....."

"What, Lee?", Lily says with a scared, slightly helpless face. She knows the answer already.

"Lily, we might not make it through this." Silence overtakes us. We both look down, at the greenest grass. After what I just said, life seems unusually surreal now. I don't know what I mean by that, but, something is different. I feel Lily now knows the feeling too. We both know where we actually are now. And, we know the chances of actually becoming victor. The chances are slim. Also we know that only one of us can win. I am weirdly unaffected by this conclusion. I turn to Lily. Sensing me looking at her, she turns to me, her brown hair swishing acoss he shoulder. "You know, I volunteered to protect you.", I say.

"You knew you were going to die.", she says. And then, I lean over and kiss her. She doesn't say anything for a while. But, eventually, she says, "How about we set up that tarp now?" We do so, and I catch the smile on her face.

Day Two Review

Day Two Total Deaths: 2

Talon Faust (Stabbed by thrown knife by Keyllu Vetra) PLACED 21ST

Vanessa Jimanez (Shot with an arrow to the neck by Lumri Caldoni) PLACED 20TH

Current Alliances

The Careers - Dondo Grouge, Ronda Grouge, Aydan Monarcha

The Rescuers - Elizabeth Coin, Thomas Adamson, Miles Harrow, Soifa Trinks, Shiela Swift, Lane Westling

In Pairs - (Shay Disc, Circuit Blow) (Lumri Caldoni, Kohl Cyphers)

Alone - Keyllu Vetra, Rye Foxglove, Parker Fernx, Kedzie Woods

End of Day Two - "The Lake"

Day 3 - "The Split"

Parker Fernx, D10, Forest

I blink my eyes open. "BWAAH!"

"Woah! Calm down it's okay. I'm a friend," says a small dark-skinned girl with gleaming black hair, standing over me with big, brown eyes.

"Uugh, what happened? Where am I and....who are you?" I say, recovering from the initial shock.

"My name is Rye. I heard some screaming, then ran to find you unconscious. The sounds you made, you seemed to be a little out of it," Rye says.

And then it hits me again. dead. The only person I knew back in District 10. The days I had with him, laughing, in the forest, my home. I remember, at the bloodbath, a knife making its way through the air, straigh into his heart...

"Here, eat some berries, they should make you feel a bit better." Rye offers me a handful of berries, and I gulp them down fast. They make me feel better.

"How long was I out?" I ask.

"A day. I've been watching over you. Luckily nobody has found us.....yet." I start to grin, until I see dark figures moving behind Rye.

"Rye, Rye. Run! Now, careers are right behind you!" I scream. Without skipping a beat, she runs toward the nearest tree, leaps, and climbs like a squirrel to the top. Luckily, I can climb too.

The careers appoach the tree, stopping. A huge, red-haired guy shouts, "Climbing up a tree won't help you! Hah, stupid girls. Aydan here is from District 7, he can chop this tree down as fast as you can climb it." A young boy with a big build steps up. He looks a little reluctant, but he starts hacking at the tree.

Rye is ahead of me, and as we climb I can see her losing her balance because of the tree vibrating with the swings of the axe. She reaches a branch, steps, and it snaps. "Rye!"

She is falling, trying to grasp protruding branches, but can't get one. Its as if its in slow motion. I look down, and watch as her back slams into the ground. I hear a loud crack, and the life goes right out of her eyes.

"Rye! Rye! No! stupid careers! How could you?!" I yell.

"There is a reason these are called The Hunger Games, honey." This comes from the big red-haired guy again. The boy from District 7 looks unaffected, but still doesn't join in the taunting. "And now, its your turn to die."

I panic, but don't know where to go. My mind is shrouded in a cloud of despair. I don't feel right. I have to think straight, in this moment at least. Okay. Parker. Jump from this tree. Jump to another.

And so I leap off a branch. I fly, and land on the tree beside the one I was just on. And I jump again, to another. And jump again, leaping over and over, escaping.

I can hear the careers screaming. "Hey! Get back here you stupid girl!" But my mind is numb. I am not right.

Shay Disc, D3, Plains

"Shay, we need to go back to the Cornucopia," Circuit says. "I need to dismantle the mines in the pedastals for some electrical parts to make this weapon." We are in the plains, not too far from the Cornucopia. We've been here since the first day, there are some really deep hills that hide us well. Circuit has been fiddling with the weapons he is creating. Wire, which he nearly died trying to obtain at the Cornucopia, is wrapped intricately around the scimitar that almost killed him.

"Oh, Circuit, how are you going to make an ELECTRIFIED sword with dismantled mines? When would we even.....use the weapon? I just think that you're getting a little ahead of yourself with this," I say.

Circuit, a bit annoyed, says, "Shay, I made one during my session with the Gamemakers, its not hard. Well, it is, but im smart, I know what I'm doing. But look, this weapon would be invaluable. We'd be so far ahead of everyone in the Arena with something like that. I just need the mines from the Cornucopia, and I can do this. I will do this."

Considering this, I say, "Hmm........okay, Circuit. I trust you. But be careful. Well, lets head now then. Hopefully theres no trouble waiting for us."


We approach the ring of open space carefully. The gold Conucopia is gleaming and empty after being ransacked, presumably by the careers, of supplies. I round the gleaming opening of the horn, and peek inside. Nothing.

"Okay Circuit, looks like the area is clear......"

Circuit Blow, D3, Cornucopia

We proceed to the pedestals where us tributes stood on the first day of the Games.

"Okay, the mines underneath these are inactive. All we need to do is dig them out and then I'll proceed with harnessing the energy from them for the weapon. While the process is going to be-" a knife whistles past my ear. Me and Shay look up. A girl with blond and black hair stands yards to our left and is ready to launch another knife.

"Ciruit, dig out the mines, I'll take care of her!" Shay says to me, pulling out the scimitar from our bag and charging at the girl. I don't have time to stop her, so I keep digging. These mines are very deep. By the time I'm done one of them will be dead. Dirt fills the nailbeds of my fingers as I dig furiously. I glance towards them; the blond and black haired girl-I believe she's from District 7-has pulled out a machete and is in an intense swordfight with Shay. I keep digging. My fingers hit hard metal. Scratching up dirt from around it, I pull the mine out. I settle for one and quit digging to look at Shay and the District 7 girl. Shay is gone, and the other girl lies there unconscious.

"Circuit, over here!" Shay, whos face is covered in blood, is right outside the forest behind the Cornucopia. I run over to her. "I hit her in the head with my sword but not hard enough for her to be out for long. I think she'll regain consciousness soon." As Shay says this, I can see the District 7 girl starting to stir. "C'mon, let's go!"

We run into the forest. I'm afraid we won't have enough time before she wakes up and comes after us again. "Listen Shay," I say. "I can construct this weapon considerably fast. All I need to do is get the device from the mine and-"

"No, Circuit!" Shay interrupts. "I'm not going to let her get you while you make that, that, weapon of yours! I can still go and-I can kill her right now and we could both get away!"

"She can throw knives, and she's about to get up now!" I yell. "You'd be dead by the time you got there! Just-lets go hide until I can get this weapon working. And once I'm done, the weapon's yours and....I'll distract her from getting to you. This sword is going to be capable of so much; you could win, Shay." I let my words sink in.

"....okay. I trust you." Shay says. I can see her eyes watering.? "Now....let's hurry and get this done-I think she's about ready to get up." We hide a fair distance away, and we see the District 7 girl stand on her feet near the Cornucopia, walking drowsily towards our direction. She doesn't know where we are yet, but if we were to run, she would here us and kill us in seconds.

I begin immediately. I grab the coil of wire from our pack and begin wrapping it around the scimitar, still wet with blood. I grab the mine and flip it over. On the underside is a small compartment. I click it open, and there lays a small rectangular, battery-like device. Grasping the device, I pinch the ends of the wire and insert it into the hitches on the side of the device. The wire pulses with energy, and I can see a faint glow in the loops around the weapon. I wrap some extra wire around the device to secure it. Relieved and satisfied, I stand up. I look over towards the ring of clear land surrounding the Cornucopia, and the District 7 girl is still walking towards us-the hit on her head must have made her dizzy and uncapable of running-and is just entering the forest. She's spotted us. If we ever had the chance to escape, that chance is gone now. I tremble with anxiety at what I'm about to do. Shay looks at me with tears welling up in her eyes.

I yell urgently, "One last thing Shay. This switch right here-" I point to the device, "-is turned to 'off' right now. When switched to 'on', the sword will electrify and-well, I didn't have the chance to test it out during training, but, I'm sure you can guess what it will do." I turn and see the girl running now, just about to approach us. I hand the weapon to Shay. "Go now," I say. "Run!"

As I turn to face my executioner, I try to find something beautiful to look at before I die. I catch a glimpse of Shay's long, platinum blond hair flowing behind her as she runs, before the District 7 girl shoves a knife through my chest.

Keyllu Vetra, D7, Forest

Another kill. I am not proud of myself, but....I know what I need to do to


I can't do this anymore. Its hard to think with my wound on my left shoulder from Talon yesterday and the bruised cut on my head from that one girl from District 3, but I know what I'm going to do. Killing people isn't what I do. These games will not make me do that. And so that is why I am going to travel to the farthest part of the Arena, where nobody is. Nobody I will have to kill.

Elizabeth Coin, D13, Plains

"Guys, we have some important issues to address," I begin. "Lane is obviously in a critical state of health, and we also have minimal resources. It would probably be best if....of we left Lane behind and proceed through the Arena without her." The group is quiet, until Sheila breaks the silence.

"No! You guys are just going to leave her behind?" Sheila is adamant. "I thought that your objective here was to preserve the lives of as many tributes as possible and escape the Arena. We're not leaving her behind. Not surprised by her reaction, I tell them, "....Of course, I was anticipating this response, so me and Thomas," I glance at him. He's giving me a blank stare. "We have decided we can bring her with us in our persuit for resources. We must find food and water."

"Where are we going?" asks Soifa.

Thomas replies, "We are heading East. We need to find a river, or a lake, or something. And we need to get to the edge of the Arena...for our mission." The group nods silently in agreement.

"I'll carry Lane." says Miles, walking to pick her as he gives me a bit of a sinister glance.

"Thank you." I say. "It would be great if everyone helped carry our bags and gather some berries for the trip as well." And then we make our way East in these seemingly endless plains.

Thomas Adamson, D13, Plains

Elizabeth is really getting ahead of herself here. There is nothing to the East, at least as far as we can see. This is basically suicide, especially with Lane who is unconscious and has an injured leg. 

...Will we even be able to do this? Break out of the Arena....the idea seems so much less realistic than it did back at the base in District 13. How are we going to do this? We don't even have the resources we need to accomplish our goal, and we're heading East where nothing even lies. I think Elizabeth needs to realize what we are getting ourselves into.

Miles Harrow, D6, Plains

And off we go. I'm hauling Lane on my shoulder, Soifa is at my right, Sheila on my left, and Elizabeth is with Thomas far in front of us.

"Guys, what do you think of this plan?" I ask Soifa and Sheila.

"What else are we going to do?" chimes Sheila.

"I hope we don't die before we find water." says Soifa.

"Look, lets just think positively for now, alright?" I say. "We can do this. We'll survive."

Kedzie Woods, D8, Forest

Its been a blur ever since Talon died. The only thing I've been doing, or at least what I can remember doing, is eating fruit, and occasionally hearing a scream or a yell.

I wonder how many people that District 7 girl has killed. She's going to pay. Just wait. I will avenge Talon

Dondo Grouge, D4, Forest

Heh, that dumb District 10 girl. Who cares if she runs, she'll die at our hands soon anyways! Just like her District 11 friend. 

Me, Ronda, and Aydan are preparing to rest for the night. I lie on my back, waiting to see which loser tributes die today. My eyes are just starting to shut, when a dark figure moves in the trees above me. I get up.

"Who's there!" I yell. Ronda and Aydan wake up. "I saw something, watch your back!" We are in a tight triangle, our backs to each other, circling and watching the perimeter. 

A few minutes pass by. Ronda says, "Dondo, theres nothing there, you were probably just dreaming or something."

"I know I saw-" Some branches rustle up above and a large figure lands on my back. Rondo and Aydan turn towards me to see her, the same girl from earlier, Parker, running up another tree. I recover from her landing on me, and laugh. "Hahahahah! You think jumping on me will hurt me? Hah, I knew you'd turn up eventually for me to kill!" She makes her way up another tree, and it is quiet again. "You can't hide from me!" I yell.

Then I hear some rustling to my right.

"You might be able to take her, but you're not going to be able to take us." I hear a girl's voice say. I can distinguish her snobby Capitol accent, so I know it's Lumri, again, along with Kohl."

"Oh yeah? How about you show yourselves instead of hiding behind some bushes!" I shout at them.

"Okay." Lumri says, and she and Kohl approach us. The moonlight shining on their faces highlightes the wide smirk on Lumri's face; she is weilding a bow with an arrow nocked, ready to find a target. Kohl is carrying a sword he can hardly carry. She catches the frown on my face. "Aww, miss the weapons and resources you had at the lake? Sucks. They're ours now."

I grit my teeth in rage. ".....Take us on then! Ronda, Aydan!" We all approach Lumri and Kohl. "Three to two. The careers versus a Capitol snob and a scrawny District 12 boy. Doesn't seem like a fair fight, does it? Hahahah!"

"..Eh. We can take you." Lumri says, and she launches an arrow and it wizzes right past my face. 

"Its on!" I yell. I charge towards Lumri with my trident. She dodges it and runs around a tree, getting another arrow ready as I aim the trident at her. She lets the arrow go and I let the trident fly out of my hand. The arrow grazes my left shoulder leaving a fleshy crimson gash. I watch as the trident almost completely misses her; the trident cut her right leg and I can see blood running down her leg as she drops her bow. 

I scream. I cannot believe I missed her!

Ronda Grouge, D4, Forest

I'm currently fighting off Kohl. I don't have a weapon; I left my trident back near the Lake when Lumri and Kohl ambushed us.  That damn Captitol girl, how has she managed to not get killed yet? Capitol kids usually are the first to die. Well, good thing I'm about to take out her partner...

I launch a punch at Kohl and get him in the stomach. It hits him good and he almost stumbles. I'm pretty strong from hauling fish back home. He tries to swing the sword at me and misses, again. "Not that good with a sword, huh?" I land another punch to his face as he tries to swing the sword at me again. 

"I didn't exactly have my choice weapon, there was only one bow, and Lumri has it," he says, wiping blood off of his lips, "But that doesn't mean I can't still kill you and avenge Willow!" He yells.

"Oh yeah, I remember killing her! Was that your district partner? Sorry!" I say sarcastically. Kohl is provoked by what I said and lifts the sword and brings it down on my foot.

The instant, searing pain is unbearable.

I fall to the ground on my right. I can hardly breathe and black spots are masking my vision. I look down; the bottom half of my right leg is gone. Blood is spilling out and wetting my pants are getting soaked in the red liquid.

I glance up, and I see Kohl with a satisfied look on his face. He draws the sword up high, and plunges it straight into my stomach.

Kohl Cyphers, D12, Forest

Killing Ronda was completely satisfying. I don't enjoy killing, but I avenged Willow. 

I look around me and see Dondo and Lumri just as he throws his trident at her, cutting her leg. I run to go and help when I remember-

Aydan Monarcha, D7, Forest

I swing my axe with all of my force at Kohl's neck. I hear the slash and his head falls to the ground. 

"Thats what you get for killing Ronda, Distsict 12 scum!" It doesn't feel right saying this, its not like me, but I ignore the thought..

Lumri Caldoni, The Capitol, Forest

I'm crawling backwards on my hands and legs as Dondo gains on me. He grabs his trident from the ground. He's getting closer and closer, and I try crawl faster, twigs and pebbles scraping my palms.

"Hahahahah! Look at the Captiol girl now, struggling for her life," Dondo starts saying. "You know, its sucks that you've been pampered and catered to for your whole life; you can't even defend yourself! Well, don't worry, I'll put you out of your misery!" He gets ready to spear me with his trident, when I hear rustling and a crazed scream from above.

I glance above and its that Disrict 10 girl, Parker! She's holding a knife, and she jumps on Dondo, the knife finding its way into his back. Unfortunately, its a small knife and it doesn't hinder him much, but it gives me time to escape. An shrilling yell comes from Dondo, and I make my escape. I get up on my feet and try to run, but as I step with my right foot, pain shoots up my leg. The cut from Dondo's trident prevents me from running, so I limp as fast as I can way from the scene. I look back, and Dondo has wrestled off Parker.

He then drives his trident straight through her chest.

Day Three Review

Day Three Total Deaths: 5

Rye Foxglove (Fell off a tree because of Aydan MonarchaPLACED 19TH

Circuit Blow (Knifed in the chest by Keyllu VetraPLACED 18TH

Ronda Grouge (Sword shoved into chest by Kohl CyphersPLACED 17TH

Kohl Cyphers (Decapitated with double-bladed axe by Aydan MonarchaPLACED 16TH

Parker Fernx (Stabbed in the chest with trident by Dondo GrougePLACED 15TH

Current Alliances

The Careers - Dondo Grouge, Aydan Monarcha

The Rescuers - Elizabeth Coin, Thomas Adamson, Miles Harrow, Soifa Trinks, Sheila Swift, Lane Westling

In Pairs - (Lily Star, Lee Rock)

Alone - Keyllu Vetra, Lumri Caldoni, Shay Disc, Kedzie Woods

End of Day Three - "The Split"

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