Hello, and welcome to the 750th annual Hunger Games! Please leave a character in the comments below so we can start. This is a roleplaying Hunger Games, up until the point the games start. Then I take over. You don't have to enter a tribute. You can enter a stylist, mentor, or escort. If you want to be a mentor, you must post your ideas for your tribute, and the Games that you won. Also, if you die, don't start screaming at me. Please take note, and to show that you read this, please write Noted in your comment.

Thank you, and happy Hunger Games!

And may the odds be ever in your favor!

Female---------------------------- Male --------------------- Mentor ------------------- Escort

1 Caylin Gold-9__Carson Silver-8______________________________________________________________

2 Radiance Vixen-8__Hephaestus Mason-10_____________________________________________________

3_Aletta Sifonios-6______

Roland Mount-5______________________________________________________

4__Misty Caliden-9_______Trent Lai-9_________________________________________________________

5_Ashlynn Gertoupe-7____Ezekial Anderson-4___________________________________________________

6_Katy Rose-5____Amazon Parfum -3_______Katy's dead. Wiki just won't let me cross her name out.________

7_Honey Checkford-9____Brad Pier-6_________________________________________________________

8__Amy Gold-7___Pamline Falcone-10________________________________________________________

9_Allie Whittle-6_______Alex Donaque-4_______________________________________________________

10_Evanna Miranda-8__Alder Thompson-6______________________________________________________

11_Lauren Hill-7___Eric Myer-8________________________________________________________________

12_Jane Sybella-7___Andrew Byron-5_________________________________________________________

The Twist

Two tributes of the same gender can win!

The Arena

There will be 4 sections of a swamp, one with anaconda mutts, another with crocodile mutts, one with mosquito mutts, and one with leech mutts. In the center will be the Cornocopia,

Training Scores

Wil be posted next to tributes.

The Games

The Bloodbath

Hephaestus's POV: 60, 59, 58, 57 I see the clock ticking. I look to my left and see Lauren(11). I look to my right and see Ashlynn(5). Around us is a swamp seperated into 4 parts by a brick wall about 1 foot high. Ahead is the Cornocopia. Oh, I can't wait to get my hands on that sword. Something tells me that the Bloodbath will be bigger than normal this year. 49, 48, 47, 46

Jane's POV: 45, 44, 43, 42, 41 The clock ticks away, each tick getting closer to my death. I look around. My mentor, Mathew, told me to find water. The problem is, there's so much of it, I'm not sure how much of it is drinkable. 36, 35, 34, 33, 32

Pamline's POV: 32, 31, 30, 29 Fun fact: I don't need a weapon to kill a tribute. That Amy girl from my district looks like fair game. She's only about 3 tributes away. I motion to her, waving my hand towards me. She nods. Hmph. Not only is she weak, she's guillible too. 22, 21, 20, 19, 18

Misty's POV: 15, 14, 13, 12, 11 Ok, 4 sections of a swamp, divided by a low brick wall. I'll bet you anything there's mutts in there. I think I'll just stay here with the rest of the Careers. 9, 8, 7, 6, 5

Honey's POV: 3, 2, 1, GONG! I start to run towards the Cornocopia. I almost make it, But Hephaestus(2) Knocks me over. I see a bag of rocks come towards my head, and everything goes black. BOOM!

Amy's POV: I run towards Pamline. He knocks me over. I say "I thought we aere allies." "If two tributes of the same gender can win, I don't need some girl standing in my way." He knocks me up pretty badly, breaking my legs and bruising me pretty badly. I think I might of also gotten cut, but I'm not sure. I whisper "Pamline" as everything fades to black. BOOM!

Roland's POV: I have a sword. I hear someone come up behind me, and I turn around and stab them. "I just wanted to be your ally" Oh my gosh. It was Alex(9). "Alex." I whisper. "I'm sorry." I look up. There stands Carson(1) "Sorry to crash the funeral, but these are the Hunger Games" He smiles, and every thinng goes blurry. BOOM! BOOM!

Trent's POV: Oh, the pain. That Katy(6) girl cut off my right leg, and it won't stop bleeding. We've captured Katy and made her treat it. Nothing's working. Everything starts to go blurry. I look at Misty. "Kill her," I whisper, and everything goes black. BOOM! BOOM!

Evanna's POV: Lucky me. I got a fish, and my ally, Jane(12) got nothing. She's agreed to not turn on me if I kill her district partner. Good thing we know where he is. I run over the plan one more time. " You'll walk into his camp and ask to be allies. Whether he says yes, or no, tackle him. Pin his arms behind his back. I'll come in and choke him with the fish. Got it?" "Yes" "Good." She walks into his camp and begins the plan. He says yes. She pins his arms behind his back. I run in with the fish and shove it in his mouth. His face turns blue, and he goes limp.BOOM!

Day 2

Lauren's POV: Well, I survived the first day. Now I'm left to starve to death on public television unless I can find food. Water's not a problem. In the pack I got, I found some iodine. I also got a knife, but I'm not sure what to do with it. I can't throw it, and I'm not quiet enough to sneak up on someone. Oh well, better get used to being vegetarian for a while.

Carson's POV: Hephaestus and I have it all worked out. When it gets to about the final 8 or so, we'll start killing the others in their sleep. That way we'll be the two to win. They'll never see it coming.

Allie's POV: I can't believe Alex is dead! I was starting to like him. Not boyfriend like, but friend like. I'm deep into my thoughts when I hear a rustling sound. I quickly climb a tree. It's Pamline(8)! I just hope he didn't hear me. Maybe I could drop this sword I got (while the Careers were busy) on his head. I'll try it. I climb up to where I'm right above him and drop the sword point down. It slices into his skull and he's dead. I climb out of the tree and spit on him. "That's for Amy." I say, after retrieving my sword. BOOM!

Ezekial's POV: Ashlynn and I are doing fine. We've got food and water, but nothing to purify it with. Ashlynn has a slingshot, and I have a spear. Neither of us are good with the weapons we got, so we've been practicing on some of the trees in the area. I'm not sure how to break it to her, but I don't want to be allies. I know she's nice, but if I'm going to win this thing, she can't be in my way.

Amazon's POV: I just heard the cannon. That leaves 16 people. Maybe it was a girl. That would leave 8 boys and 8 girls. But, it could've been a boy. that would leave 7 boys and 9 girls.I'm not sure. I was never good at math.

Radiance's POV: Those boys seem to think that we're deaf. Misty(4), Caylin(1), and I know what they're planning. They're going to kill us in our sleep. Suddenly, my thoughts are interupted by a rustling sound. Evanna(10) and Jane(12)! "Get 'em!" I yell. Carson(1) throws a spear. Evanna dogdes it. I run up to Jane and stab her with my knife. She falls to the ground. "Jane!" Evanna yells, and runs off. "Anyone hurt?" "Not yet." That's a relief. BOOM!

Brad's POV: Here comes the boom. I've been watching the careers battle it out with Evanna(10) and Jane(12). Radiance(2) comes in for the kill... and.. aww, she got Jane. Oh well. At least it wasn't me.

Aletta's POV: The end of Day 2. Another day I'm alive. Let's see who died. The anthem starts playing. Pamline(8) and Jane (12). Funny. You'd've thought that on Day 2 more people would've died. Now cameras, Let me mourn Jane in peace.

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