Welcome to the Potter Games! I was recently reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (wonderful book, btw) when it hit me. Why not do a Harry Potter Hunger Games?! There will be 24 tributes, 6 from each of the 4 houses. 3 male, 3 female. The houses are (for those of you who don't know): Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. No perfect tributes. I will look on profiles.

Tribute template: Name Age House Weapon Skills(add 3) Weaknesses(add 3) Token Appearance Optional: Backstory

Ravenclaw Female: Maple Tree

Ravenclaw Male:

Ravenclaw Female: Demetria McCallum

Ravenclaw Male: Russel Murphey

Ravenclaw Female: Brynn Oxford

Ravenclaw Male:

Slytherin Female: Symphony Emerson

Slytherin Male: Benny Oakling

Slytherin Female: Katelynn Huxley

Slytherin Male: Beech Tree

Slytherin Female: Olympia Willings

Slytherin Male: Arron Pert

Hufflepuff Female: Vixen Rhodes

Hufflepuff Male: Rory Lemner

Hufflepuff Female:

Hufflepuff Male: Demitri Bens

Hufflepuff Female:

Hufflepuff Male: Tom Foulry

Gryffindor Female: Zanna Vinland

Gryffindor Male: Nick Lovizio

Gryffindor Female: Jane Socha

Gryffindor Male: Lee Grimes

Gryffindor Female:

Gryffindor Male:

The Arena

Hogwarts. Where else would it be?

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