I told you I was doing a quarter quell, so, um, I HAVE DONE IT! BOW DOWN TO MY EPICNESS!

How it will work:

Those of you who love/stalk me (so basicly all of you jk) know I do riddle Games. There are ten tributes who play as themselves, with no interviews or anything like that. You don't have to make a tribute. I post a riddle, and those who do not answer correctly DIE!

The specialness of the Quarter Quell:

I have added some evil details to make my Quell more quellish.

  • There is an arena this time: It is a giant middle school, with the cornucopia in the cafeteria. (Emotionally scarred much? :P)
  • There will be fatalities from things other than riddle failure. How that will work is that I will pull the name of a tribute from a hat, as well as a way to die. (The hat looks like Jake from Adventure Time.) That tribute will then die. MUA-HA-HA-HA!
  • You can try to make yourself immune to accidental fatalities (ones I pull from the hat) by opening a locker.
    • You just tell me that you want to open a locker, and give me a locker number 1-100.
    • I will check a predetermined list to see what is in the locker. All lockers have something. Most have supplies that make you immune to accidental fatalities. Some have a piece of paper or something like that. And a few have popular girl mutts that stab you to death with their eyeliner.
    • If you get a supply, you can not die from an accidental fatality (you are not immune to riddle fatalities). If you get something useless, nothing will happen. If you get a mutt, you die. MUA-HA-HA-HA!

The rules:

  • All riddle answers must be submitted by email. If you answer the riddle as a comment to this post, or on my talk page, I won't count it and you will die. (MUA-HA-HA-HA!) You can sign up or request to open a locker by commenting, though.
  • (This is so you can't see each other's answers.)
  • Send your answers to'.'
  • If you don't have an email adress, or it contains personal information you don't want to share, feel free to make one that's just your username. (Yahoo asks for less persoal information than gmail, and neither seem to be able to tell when you make something up.)
  • When you email me, be sure to put your wiki username in the subject line.
  • You can't google (or yahoo or bing or anything like that) to find out the answers.
  • You can't give more than one answer.
  • I shall post everyone's answers after the standard two day answering window has passed.
  • If you fail to answer, you die. MUA-HA-HA-HA!
  • And if you are suspected of cheating in any way, you also die. I reserve the right. :P

Everyone who plays gets a cute little prize (Which WILL be different from the last one!)

Note: There will be eleven tributes instead of the origional ten because I'm bad at saying no to people.

My Victims!
Tribute Status Cause of Death
Fallen (Bloodbath)
No Answer
KEWLBEN Fallen (Bloodbath) Dropped Out
Rueisthebest Fallen (Bloodbath) No Answer
Theworldscolliding Fallen (Day 3) Burned to death underwater by bitter Gamemakers
Srish3211 Victorious
"Ashie" Fallen (Bloodbath) No Answer
Amani452 Fallen (Bloodbath) Incorrect Answer
Deaphalia911 Fallen (Bloodbath) No Answer
CassiePizzaPeeta Fallen (Final Battle) No Answer
Mbakdewi Fallen (Bloodbath) No Answer
Polianarose Fallen (Day 3) Stabbed to death with eyeliner

Day 1

The cornucopia lies in the very center of a giant middle school cafeteria- prime seating for priveleged individuals like the capitol audience. The tributes from one, two and four are closest, reflecting their cool kid status. The poorer districts, such as ten and eleven, are shoved to the very corners where they hope to be left alone. The District 12 tributes eat alone in the library, and by the time they reach the cornucopia, all that will be waiting for them is a career with a plastic knife. Claudius Templesmith finishes the countown and the gongs ring out, but before anyone can even move, an announcement is made.

"Everything in the cornucopia before you is fake. Everything inside only looks real, and will fade away as soon as you touch it. Much like many of the students who used to attend this school, it is all a facade. The only way you can survive these Games is to have quick judgement, pracical thoughts, and a clever mind. You will have two days to complete each riddle. The first is as follows:

A red house is made of red bricks, a blue house is made of blue bricks, and an orange house is made of orange bricks. What is a green house made of?

You must submit your answers by email. You may use the computers in the library to do so, but don't even try looking up the answers. We implanted filters in the system, and if you try to google the answers (or update your facebook status to "fighting to the death"), you will recieve an electrical shock that will really hurt. And it will kill you. Starting now, you may submit answers or request to open a locker. Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favor."

There will be no accidental fatalities on day one.

You may open a locker any time you like. 40% of them contain supplies that offer a 2-day immunity, 46% contain nothing of real use, and 14% contain mutts.

Day 2

As the Gamemakers predicted, over half the tributes perished in the Bloodbath. Those that remain are scattered across the arena. Srish set up base in the art room, TWC remained in the Cafeteria, Cassie is in the gym, and Poliana is in an empty classroom. Nobody has attempted to kill each other, and the Capitol is getting frusterated. The Gamemakers need to drive everyone together, so they compose another riddle. Sort of. Once they finish it, they make another announcement:

" There have been no fatalities since the bloodbath. "

Someone in the distance yells, "THE BLOODBATH WAS YESTERDAY!"

" Well, we're getting bored. Yesterday you learned that those who do not act do not live. You must put your all into this.

Finish the sequence: O, T, T, F, F, S, S, _ _ _

We're incredibly proud of finding this online coming up with such a great riddle. You have two days."

Day 3

The Capitol audience is getting a bit bored. Nobody died yesterday, and they like it when people die. Because they are just mean like that. The Gamemakers understand this, and they won't dissapoint the audience. *coughHINTcough* They have come up with a new riddle, but are having a strategy meeting right now that involves figuring out how they can get a fire to burn underwater. *coughTHERE'S A REASON FOR THATcough* The Gamemakers take a break from their meeting to make an announcement.

" We are in the middle of a strategy meeting. So don't bug us."

The same voice from yesterday calls, " WHY ON EARTH WOULD WE BUG YOU? "

" You just did. anyways, we have a riddle for you. "


" We are still in the middle of a strategy meeting. It wouldn't be that hard to plan something for you. Anyways, here's the riddle.

A man cuts a pizza into eight slices, but only makes three cuts. How? "


" The kind that we hope will kill somebody. Have a terrible day. "

As usual, two days will be given to complete the riddle. The Gamemakers are planning something for the sarcastic tribute now. *coughWHY DO I KEEP HELPING YOU PEOPLEcough* I don't know who it is but I will once I pull a name from my hat.

Lockers 44, 7, and 13 and are no longer available, but the rest still are.

I just realized that everyone but one person has immunity, and that's not fair, so the Gamemakers will be spending some time strategizing as to how to deal with this.

The Final Battle

Four tributes are left- Theworldscolliding, Polianarose, Srish3211, and CassiePizzaPeeta. Early in the morning of Day 4, Rose opens locker 59 hoping to find more immunity (which, to be honest, I suggested to you all to do that), and, even though the odds are in her favor, she opens the locker to find a popular girl mutt inside with her eyeliner held up like a dagger. The gong rings out (and Kayla is sad). Then, the Gamemakers are getting really bitter about being sassed during thier announcements. They demand someone be pulled from the hat. Theworldscolliding's name comes out of Jake's cranium. The gong rings out (and Kayla is sad). It's down to just Srish and Cassie. There is one more day for them to answer- one already has. Soon we will know if there will be a fourth riddle. Good luck to my finalsists, and may the odds be ever in their favor. :)

As the two begin planning out their strategies, an announcement is made:

"There are only two of you left."

There is an akward silence in which the Gamemakers wait for a sarcastic "O RLY?" There is none.

" There will be one more riddle. The first of you to answer correctly is victor.

When you remove one letter from a seven letter word in the english language, it is still a word. If you keep removing letters, each new result will still be an english word that can be found in any dictionary, all the way down untill one letter, which is also a word. What is the origional word and all the words that are made by removing a letter?

If this is confusing, here is an example:


- C




Keep in mind that this is only an example. The answer to the riddle will be completely different. You have two days... but I'd get to it if I were you. "

Once again, everyone waits for sarcasm. It doesn't come.

The Victor

The Capitol audience is thrilled with the outcome of these Games. They loved the drama, the suspense, everything. Srish came out victorious in the final battle. Everyone will be recieving thier prize as soon as I get them made. :)


Coming soon to a computer near you! *dramatic music*

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