That's right! Your favorite artificial redhead is making a Games!

But not just any Games!


(I could totally be an infomercial voiceover lady. I'm owning this thing.)

Here's how it works:

There shall be ten tributes. There will be no reapings or interviews because I am lazy. You don't need to bother with making a tribute because you will be competing as yourself. Once we have all ten tributes, I will post a brain teaser under the beautiful "Bloodbath Teaser" heading. The ten tribute will then try to solve the puzzle, posting their answer in the comments. Any tribute who is suspected of cheating will be viciously disqualified and will not receive a participation prize. If all remaning tributes die with no victor, the tributes who have made it to the point at which everyone died will be ressurected and given a new brainteaser. For example, if there were three tributes left and all answer incorrectly, ONLY the three tribute will come back to life, not all ten.

Alrighty then! (I can't believe I just said 'alrighty')

Bloodbath Teaser

A woman celebrates her 25th birthday with her great grandchildren. How is it possible?

I'm warning you, It WILL GET HARDER! Enjoy your life while it lasts. ;)

Day 2

The Capitol audience is dissapointed with the poor turnout of the bloodbath. President Snow has warned the Gamemakers to step it up a bit. After a long strategy meeting, they came up with this:

What could go up a pipe down but could not go ddown a pipe up?

All remaining tributes have 48 hours to submit thier answer.

Day 3

Many tributes were lost during Day 2 due to disqualification, but none were actually killed, which is ticking off The Capitol's citizens. There are now armed Peacekeepers in the control room to scare the Gamemakers, despite the fact that they function no better while terrified. After a ten hour strategy meeting, they decided a few new rules are in order:

'New Rule One: Someone *coughSARAHcough* admitted they have been googling the answers. Because this was not in the origional rules, anyone who has been googling answers will not be disqualified, but as of this point you can no longer do that.'

'New Rule Two: Giving multiple answers is no longer allowed. It's totally fine if you've done it before, but as of now you can't do that anymore.'

They also came up with the latest riddle.

Old mother Twitchett had one eye, and a tail that she let fly, every time she went through a crack, she left a bit of her tail in the trap. What is she?

As usual, you all have 48 hours to answer.


The Capitol is incredibly confused. This has been the most unusual Games any of them ever witnessed. They're all frusterated with the poor turnout of the bloodbath, the gamemaker's terrible riddles, and worst of all, the price of lipstick is up 15%. The gamemakers are shaking in thier shoes because President Snow has made it very clear that the final battle better be good if they don't want to be locked in a room with a riddle and a knife. After a 36 hour strategy meeting, they came up with these terms for the final battle:

  • It is down to KEWLBEN and Rueisthebest.
  • The two will face off in a speed battle in which the first to answer correctly is the victor.
  • As usual, there will be no googling or multiple answers.
  • The riddle is as follows:

Name an 8 letter word that has kst in the middle, in the beginning, and the end.

KEWLBEN is Victor!

Huge congrats to KEWLBEN who won my first Epic Mind Games four days in (15 days in real time). He showed cleverness and bravery leading up to his victory (if it's possible to show these things through comments on a blog). Everyone who played was excellent and clever, and I hope every one of you comes back for *drumroll* MY FIRST EPIC QUARTER QUELL! That'll happen whenever I get off my lazy butt and figure out all the twists and rules, but for sure before the summer (or winter for some of you).

One again, honor, respect, and red hair dye is given to:

  • FOXFACE911
  • RUEISTHEBEST (runner up)
  • KEWLBEN (victor)
  • SRISH3211

Every single one of you deserves more than the badge you got. You all are AWESOME and deserving of worldwide recognition. I love everyone on this wiki, and I'm glad to have shared this experience with you all. (Hmm, I seem to be learning a thing or two about tearful speeches from Mr. V. I BLAME YOU, MR.V!)

'''''THOU SHALL NOT GOOGLE! '''''(That's right, Sarah. That means you. It always means you when there are multiple emphasises involved.)

May the odds (and the brainpower) be ever in your favor.

If the ninja skills don't get you, my army of weiner dogs will! iKayla :) 22:07, April 9, 2012 (UTC)


The Ten Tributes Are:

Status of tribute:

Foxface911.................fallen (Day 3)

Hunger.33/ August35.....................disqualified (Day 2)
Madridgalmagic...........fallen (bloodbath)
GlimmerandSparkle......disqualified (Day 2)

LillianaDistrict11............disqualified (Day 2)

TheKatnissEverdeen........fallen (Day 3)
Careers3.........................disqualified (Day 2)
Rueisthebest..................fallen (Day 4)
Srish3211.........................fallen (Day 3)

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