• ILovePeeta00

    ( you all know about the Capitol and Panem and the Games so i'm not going to explain all of that )

    • = note: This is after Katniss' games, but i'm pretending Katniss never existed.

    Chapter 1

    Zaharia woke up and yawned, the new day dawning on her. The smell of seaweed and saltwater drifted through the window, and a few moments of bliss were granted until her brother charged into the room.

    Struggling not to slip back into her plesamt dreams, Zaharia sat up, smoothed her silky black hair back, and adressed her younger brother. "What is it Brat?" her younger brouther pouted. "Mom said you have to call me by my real name." he protested, coal black eyes hard. "Fine. Braxton." Zaharia sighed. "What is it?" she repeated, greatly annoyed. "Mom wants you." …

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