Chapter One - How The October Games Began

Exactly one year ago is when my mother said this horrible thing happened. Us districts were all living peacefully, working with eachother, until one day, District October began to rally against us. They got the help from the August, December and September districts, but all the others fought against them. Finally, after March, January, July, May, February, June and April got defeated, one district was left. November. That's the district Im from. We eventually persuaded August and December to join us, and we defeated September, but October got bigger forces we ever imagined. December, August and our district have been treated cruelly, and September is treated like royalty, but we all know October is on top. To remind us that October is still in charge, however, they made "The October Games" where 3 members of each district have to go into the games and battle to the death. But October participates too! They send in their children because they think their children will beat us and it is good for "personal growth". Thats what they tell us anyway.

But lets get back to the story, its the day of the reaping, where three of our names get called out. Each year we take it in turns to see which gender will have to send in two. This year, it is male. I go to my best mates house, Francis Jalesworth, when I notice that the mayor, Sharlene Carlson, is setting up the podium. I go up to her and ask her a really odd question. "Where is your daughter?" I asked rudely. "My what?" she replied, obviously startled. " Your DAUGHTER, Mayor Carlson!" I say loudly, "Or did you not understand me?". "I understood you very well young Luca, but I dont know why you need to see Teresa on such a horrible day!", she stammered.

"Oh, sorry miss, I just needed to return her back-pack, she left it at school and I accidentally took it", I said guiltily. "Well if you MUST know, she is out in the meadow picking daisies with her little sister Vivviene", she said almost forcingly.

Francis and I quickly hurried over to Teresa and Vivviene, where Teresa obviously was waiting for us. Teresa and I quickly gave each other a quick kiss on the cheeks, before Francis and Vivviene knew what was happening. It is the first time for our names to be in the reaping, but Vivviene still had two more years. I finally figured out why Mayor Carlson was so edgy about. She was nervous about her daughter being put into the October games. I quietly laughed about this. I dont think the mayor's daughter would have the sligtest chance of being called in.

A few hours later, and Teresa and I part ways to get ready for the reaping. I ran home, and quickly got dressed. My brother, who is too old to go into the October Games, is waiting there, obviously amused about the whole thing. Zachary has never had to do anything in his life. Never clean. Never work. Never put his name down for the October Games. I almost pity him.

After Im ready, I head down to the District Centre. I find Francis and wait in my age section. After about twenty minutes, everyone is there and Mayor Carlson is on the stand, making her speech. Finally, she gets out the clear spheres, with about 500 names in there. Three of them say Luca Traposki. Sharlene first goes to the girl sphere. she dips her hand in right to the bottom, and pulls out a bright pink card. Inside it said Teresa Carlson.

Chapter Two - Welcome To District October

You can hear a strangled cry from the podium, obviously from Mayor Carlson. I am in a painful shock aswell. I thought she would be safe. How could she have been called out? I take a deep breath and wait for the mayor to ask for any volunteers. No one answers. You cant volunteer for opposite sex. The next sphere comes out. The first name that gets pulled out is Konrad Viveksha. I have seen him around at school, but he is a sullen type. No-one volunteers either. Finally, the last name is getting pulled out, and with a quick turn of pain, I am in complete agony. The name that got called was Francis Jalesworth.

I quickly run out into the middle of the District Centre. I run up the stairs and I scream out to everyone "I VOLUNTEER!". Everyone is in complete shock. No-one would have thought someone would volunteer in a million years! I have shocked myself, and the thing that pulls me into reality is when Francis gives me a sharp punch.

"WHAT WAS THAT FOR?" I scream at him, then I realized we were on camera. Francis must have noticed too, and said like a civilised person "How could you, I cant let my best mate go into the October games! You will get killed out there!". "Better than you dying, and all I want is for Teresa to come back home!". I cant talk anymore, because Mayor Carlson and the November District representative Gracie Cayars, take us into the Mayor Building.

Once we are inside, Teresa and Sharlene break down. They both hug each other and after a few minutes, Sharlene had to leave to inform the rest of November what was happening. This was the first time Gracie talks to us. She has a small voice, but very forcefull. She must hate having to be on the most dispised district. "You will all be waiting in seperate rooms while your loved ones come to say goodbyes. They will each have 10 minutes tops, and you will have an hour before we have to leave to October." says Gracie.

I get put into the room closest to the front of the building, and it feels more like a cellar to me. The first people that come is my brother and mother. "See you round, Luca" Zachary mumbled. My mother broke down and started crying. She told me how this was all unfair and how it was barbarian and we shouldn't be doing this. I had to remind her about three times that I volunteered.

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