This is not my first Hunger Games. My first was in the Hunger Games Roleplaying Wiki, but then I stopped. Some stuff happened and I couldn't finish. But I am going to try again!


  1. You can have as many tributes as you want!
  2. You can spam your own Games, but only once.
  3. No wars on each other or these Games will end.
  4. I WILL have the Reaping and Chairot Rides, but no Stylists. That takes up too much work.
  5. You can send unlimited gifts to your tribute!
  6. No Lunaiis, just clearly describe your tribute's looks.
  7. Have Fun!


Tribute Format:









Bloodbath Strategy:





Name District Age Strengths Weaknesses Allies Token Appearance
Dustin Henderson One 18 Amazingly strong, extremely fast, can hit bullseyes from behind him 70 ft away, flexible, seductive, plants, hunting, survival skills (fires, knots, etc), fast swimmer, agile climber Afraid of massive spiders (like, 5x bigger than wolf spiders), arrogant, kinda loud Careers a leather necklace with a piece of amber on it. Messy blonde hair, gorgeous emerald green eyes, perfect white teeth, tanned, ripped, tall
Laurell Dunbryll One 17 Climbing, swimming, hiding, she knows which plants are edible or can heal, incredibly strong for a girl, accurate, flexible Afraid of spiders and huge beetles, hates non-careers Careers A small quartz pendant she found with her older brother before he died in the games. She was 5 when she found it, and thought she had found a diamond Petite but not short, flowing Platinum blonde hair, muscular but not grotesquely, thin, gorgeous
Sklieve Legacy Two 18 Wiry, smart, fast, and handy with a spear. Emotionless, ignores his conscious (but he does have one, though), and he's a little clumsy. Careers A necklace with a gold chain and a crimson stone that once belonged to his mother. Slender, not as big as the other careers, still strong as the average career tribute. Black, scraggly hair and tan skin, Sklieve's eyes are a pale, icy shade of blue, and are shockingly hollow, as if one were staring into two, tiny, bottomless pits of ice blue. A few bruises on his face and hands, from where his father hit him.
Demetria Callitor Two 15 climbing, weapons, fast runner, flexible, very likable, amazingly accurate aim, knows plants well, wonderful at acrobatics, stealthy, unbelievable night vision swimming, complete darkness Careers A little stone figure she carved herself with a pocket knife large brown curls with red highlights, hazel eyes, tall, confident, fit, thin, fashionable, beautiful
Enigma Fay Three 18 magnetic to boys and sponsors, impossible accuracy, very strong, small enough to slip through the tiniest spaces with ease, extremely flexible, very quiet when moving, can kill someone with ease, extremely fast, intelligent, swimming, clmbing allergic to cats, asthmatic N/A Obsidian Braclet silky dark brown curls with lighter streaks, flawless milky skin, perfect white, alluring smile that makes boys go crazy, very curvy and fit, petite, muscular, extraordinarily beautiful
Axel Armstrong Four 18 Strong, Fast, Swimmer, Climbing Always tries to mess around Careers N/A Short Blonde Hair with Emerald Eyes, 6' 7
Mistalia "Misty" Caliden Four 17 Swimming, Fishing, Aim, Fast, Felxible, Strong, Heal, Hide, Charmer, and Technically EVERYTHING ELSE. If she gets too attached to someone, she startes caring for them and loving them, and would never be able to hurt them. She always freaks out when she is in a small, dark space. Careers A small seashell with a pearl in it, that her best friend Marina gave to her Tanned, long silky golden brown curls. Petite. Muscular. Thin. Beautiful ocean blue eyes. Gorgeous.
Aria Camelliston Five 16 Great arm for throwing or swinging, flexible, good swimmer, adrenaline rush that makes her incredibly strong and ruthless when extremely angry, beauty causes the power to seem innocent and sweet to reel people in to trust and fall for her , trained with bow and arrows since age 5 by older brother, strong-willed, risk-taking HEIGHTS, very tight spaces, her family being hurt Careers A small blue ribbon that belonged to her mother . Beautiful, brown hair,with blonde and copper-like highlights, very distinctive bright blue eyes, tanned skin, thin, petite bod, 5' 7
Rocket Pace Six 17 She is very fast and sly. She thinks quickly. She can deal with isolation and being alone and she isn't afraid of most things. She isn't that good of a swimmer and alot of people don't like her. She isn't that strong and perfers attacking her enemies form far away because she doesnt like hand to hand combat and isn't good at it. Anyone. A small rubber segment from an old tire. Short strawberry blonde hair, shorter than a bob. Light brown eyes and pale skin. A long nose and white teeth. Plain, thin lips and a skinny figure. Around 5'5"
Jerico Mason Seven 17 Strength, Speed, Fire Making Easily fall for girls District Partner, District 6, 8, 9 Females, District 10 Male A Leaf Necklace Handsome, Blue Eyes, Platinum Blond Hair, 5'9"
Ivy Marie Ross Seven 15 Climbing, jumping from tree to tree, quick, agile, strong, stealthy, camouflage, excellent liar, plant recognition. Can't swim, tight spaces, seeing those closest to her be intentionally hurt, gets very nervous when she hears somebody else scream, easily annoyed. Careers A silver ring with her name on it. Chocolate brown eyes, flawless skin, long red hair, petitie body, long-legged, 5'6".
Marie Highston Eight 14 She can throw a javelin pretty far because it is lighter than a spear. She runs at average speed and learns very fast. She isn't that strong but she's strong enough. She isn't that strong a swimmer. She is scared of hegihts. Anyone she can get. She doesn't really trust the Careers though. Preferably older tributes. a light pink bead attached to a rope braclet. Curly brown hair and blue eyes. She is a tiny person, 5'0". She is very skinny and bony, her nose is small and she has freckles under her eyes going across the bridge of her nose.
Evelyn Makenna Rae Nine 16 Smart, hand-to-hand combat, strong, doesn't trust anyone. Great hider. Has mild depression, can't swim well. Untrustworthy. Hostile. Nobody. Under any conditions. Long necklace with a blue pendant at the end from her father. Light skin, hazel/green eyes, pretty, black hair. 5' 6
Derrick Johnson Ten 17 Strong, Fast, Tae Kwon Do, Fire Making, Good Leader, Smart Fall for almost every girl he meets, Will fights other boys over a girl, Always want to be the leader, Will fight other people over being leader both from 7,and the girls from 6,8,and 9 bull pin handsome,muscular,lean,6'10",golden blond hair,hazel eyes
Rachel Orchain Ten 18 She is very good with all types of knives as she worked with them back home. She is a good climber and she knows animals well. She cannot swim and gets very easily frightened. She doesn't have a very good sense of direcdtion she could be walking around in circles for hours and hours. Anyone that'll take her. If she gets into the Careers then she'll be thrilled, but she would leave them around day 3. A Small Leather Pouch Curly blonde hair and big brown eyes. Slight round bulby nose and pink lips. No freckles pale skin. Around 5'4". Considered attractive.
Priela "Ella" Monty Eleven 15 She is good at making people like her and she is fast. She know plants very wel and is a good climbre. She isn't very strong and she can't swim. She has pretty bad aim and hates blood. She doesn't deal with pain very well. She'd break into tears if she got hurt. Anyone A peach pit. Dark skin and brown eyes. Long dark hair, pin straight nad falls to her waist. Around 5'6".
Candace Rellini Twelve 18 smart, quick, can climb trees, knows plants, hides well, amazing at healing, can find trustworthy allies cant swim well, very impulsive D12, Ella (11), Rachel (10), Marie (8), Rocket (6) A headband she weaved with her mother made of dark purple flowers long blonde hair, bright blue eyes with long lashes. Tan. She is so shy, and keeps her hair in her face, hiding her beauty. She is tall and strong, but always slouches.


District One

Dustin stood proud and tall just like almost every other eighteen year old boy in District One. He knew he would win. Just like every other Career. They just annouced the girl's name. Laurel Dunbryll. He had seen her around. If he wasn't in a Career District, he'd probably think that she was beautiful, but being in the Career District he was in, she looked average compared to anyone else. They were just about to announce the boy's name.

Angel Spipnoza.

No. NO. He was a scrawny little 12 year old kid who barely trained for his whole life!

"Any volunteers?" Dustin shot his hand straight up into the air. Peacekeepers guided him to the stage, but before they could guide a relived Angel off of the stage, Dustin shoved him off, smiling strongly.

"These are your District One tributes everybody! Wish them luck!"

District Two

Demetria couldn't be happier. Why? Well, because it was Reaping Day! She mentally laughed at all the other lower Districts who were all probably crying their eyes out today. The pink-skinned escort trotted up onto the stage in her 12 inch high heels.

"Happy Hunger Games!" she announced. "May the odds be ever in your favor! Now, ladies first; shall we?"

She dipped her hand into the stained-glass jar and held up a name.

"Demetria Callitor!" I squealed with happiness. I looked at my friends who were cheering for me and I giddly ran up to the stage. The escort smiled at me and I cringed a little. Her teeth were pure blue! She slipped her hand into the boys' jar and read out the name.

"Sklieve Legacy"

Oh. I was expecting someone else. Sklieve was this weird kid who's like some human robot. He shows no emotion whatsoever and always has a bored or blank expression. As he came up to the stage, I tried to smile at him, but his blank expression made me feel like he deeply hated me on the inside.

"These are you tributes, District Two!" She announced. Everyone cheered. I shook hands wih him only to find that he is ice cold. *sigh* And I thought the lower District kids were weird.

Chariot Rides!

Coming Soon!


A snowy Tundra with deep forests around the perimeter. The Cornucopia is on top of a large volcano which will explodes 30 minutes after the start of the Games. The weapons and supplies are located in the middle which is cracked and very dangerous.


  • Bloodthirsty Polar Bears
  • Killer Whales
  • Snow Leapords and Tigers
  • Leapord Seals
  • Penguin (Which are infused with poison through their veins)

The Games!

Coming Soon!

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