Hello again, it is I, iWS2H98769! Sorry about my last Games, but there wasn't enough people to start. But here I am with my new Games, The Video Game Games! Third time's a charm, right? So lets get started!


I really want to start these Games soon, so I'm going to stop with the reapings. I'm sorry if you were waiting for yours!


Yeah, hey, it's me again. Would you guys mind if I made like, some characters have like little romances? Is that okay with you? 'Cause I kinda want to, but I need your opinons...


I just thoguht about this right now, and I felt if I didn't do this, some stuff would go down. So let me say this before it happens.

I, IWant Seddie 2 Happen98769, do NOT own,


Assassins Creed



Animal Crossing

Legend of Zelda




Super Mario



Kingdom Hearts


  1. You can enter unlimited characters
  2. You can spam your own Games as much as you want!
  3. You can send your tribute 3 things
  4. No complaining on how and when your character dies
  5. I will allow relationships
  6. There is no Careers
  7. When decribing their Strengths and Weaknesses, just list them. I don't want detailed paragraphs.
  8. Your Tribute can be a character from the video game or your own OC. Your choice.
  9. Have Fun!


Welp. Its for practice, but what the hell? Here's some fanart I made:


A deep, dark forest with an endless amount of pine trees. Has secret areas if you don't die while looking. There is a tall hill in one of the farthest corners of the Arena with an abandoned mansion with safe bedrooms, bathrooms, buffet and electricity. The sky is always a dark purple with misty clouds and fog and the trees and land is pitch black. At the end of the Arena is a dark black-teal ocean with hidden treasures but is filled with mutts.


  • A giant squid made out of eyes
  • Wolf Muttations
  • Blood Thirsty Owls
  • Blood Thirsty Crows
  • Panthers
  • Mountain Lions

District Genders

Minecraft - 2 Males, 1 Female

Assassins Creed - 2 males, 1 female

Kirby - 2 Males, 1 Female

Bioshock - 2 Males, 1 Female

Animal Crossing - 2 Males, 1 Female

The Legend of Zelda - 2 Males, 1 Female

Pokemon - 2 Females, One Male

Sims - 2 Females, 1 Male

Sonic - 2 Females, 1 Male

Super Mario - 2 Females, 1 Male

Nintendogs - 2 Females, 1 Male

Kingdom Hearts - 2 Females, 1 Male

Character Template



Video Game:

Picture or Appearance:





BB Strategy:

Main Strategy:

Reaping Reaction:


The Tributes - CLOSED

Name Age Video Game Strengths Weaknesses Allies Token
Marty John 14 Minecraft Intelligence, Strong, Creative Hiding, Climbing, Scared too easily Anyone Nether Wart
Catherine Valeff 15 Minecraft Strong, Fast, Trap-Making, Agile, Camoflauge, Hiding, Hand-to-Hand Combat Accuracy, Plant Recognition, Swimming Joey Greic Her Purple Rose
Joey Greic 15 Minecraft Strong, Fast, Accuracy, Good with a Trident, Agile, Camoflauge, Swimming, Hiding Panics Alot and Loud, Plant Recognition, Trap Making, Hand-to-Hand Combat Catherine Valeff His Teal Rose
Linden Darnell 18 Assassins Creed Hand-to-hand combat, mace, sword, can torture people using her mind Edible plants, climbing, can only torture people with her mind after she ate nightlock (weird, right?) District Partners N/A
Brogan Candido 15 Assassins Creed Very good with maces and swords (he never misses), climbing, fast runner Linden being hurt Other Assassins Creed tributes A bracelet made for him by his sister before she was killed (that's why he is so cold)
Colton Blain 18 Assassins Creed Amazing sword fighter and swimmer, fast runner, climbing Edible Plants Other Assassins Creed tributes N/A
Kirby *shrugs* Kirby Swallowing...everything. Great with all weapons. Can get other powers from swallowed things. CAN FLY. gets really hungry. A lot. REALLY hungry Meta Knight or Other Kirby Characters a sock from his good friend Prince Fluff
Starsha Pinkpuf 14 Kirby nice, smart, thinks things through weapons, fighting N/A N/A
Thomas Iwishiwasnthererightnow 17


weapons, getting rid of people being friendly N/A N/A
Minerva Averett 12 Bioshock Can move things around by using only her mind, can fly, edible plants, swimming, throwing knives Is not a very fast runner, but when you're up in the sky, who cares? :)) Maybe a District Partner A necklance her sister made for her
Avery Elwin 15 Bioshock Great with all kinds of magic, climbing, edible plants Swimming Minerva Averett A picture of his family
Rigel Odell 17 Bioshock Can make any girl fall in love with him, fast runner, climbing, edible plants, swimming Sometimes he is a little TOO confident Any girl he likes A necklance with love potion
Sonny Resetti UNKNOWN Animal Crossing Great with a pickaxe, can borrow underneath everyone, very fast and intimidating, obsessed with disciplining, strong, knows all, sees all(he sees you when you've turned the power off without saving. So watch out), scary Temper N/A Pickaxe Polishing-Cloth
Pete UNKNOWN Animal Crossing Great with knives, can fly, hiding, fast, can live off of bugs and stuff, doesn't need blankets or sleeping bags, can make his own nest, perceptive Clumsy Birds. A Picture of Phyllis
Sable UNKNOWN Animal Crossing Can shoot spikes out of her back, very good at camouflage, stealthy, can do whatever porcupines do, very smart, intuitive, perceptive, can sew very well, quick, doesn't need human food or sleeping bags and stuff Not Very Strong Kirby and Yoshi Pin Cushion
Rachel Conrad 15 The Legend of Zelda Knot Tying, Fast, Agile, Smarts, Plant Recognition, Swimming, Sly, Camoflauge, Hiding, Quiet Lacks Accuracy, Not the Strongest Person No One Yet Her Boyfriend's Guitar Pick
Andreas Calvert 13 The Legend of Zelda Tying knots, fishing, swimming, climbing,edible plants, great with spears and throwing knives Afraid of the dark N/A N/A
Darien Broden 17 The Legend of Zelda Amazing with knives, fast runner, climbing, edible plants, can fly Swimming N/A A bracelet made by his brother
Trent Sun 16 Pokemon Water and Electricity Pokemon, is a great runner and swimmer, can knot very well and knows many things about Edible plants. Can make friends fast and is very trustable. Fire and Grass Pokemon, Can't control himself sometimes, is scared in the dark, and afraid of lightning, Hates legendary pokemons and is very arrogant. Other pokemon trainers A little unusable pokemon ball
Nikki Layla 15 Pokemon Loves Strategy, Very Deadly Opponent, Healing, Plant Recognition, Great Climber, Memorization, Swimming, Fexible, Fast, Strong, Loyal, Quick Reflexes, Fast Learner, Karate. Temper, Spiders Other Pokemon Trainers A small purple rock
Layla Case 17 Pokemon Grass pokemon, hiding and she is smart Not fast, can't swim Pokemon Trainers A chain with her favourite pokemon
Julia Pine 13


She can do anything she's told Can't do anything alone N/A N/A
Mason Dark 18


Killing, Weapons, Hiding, Lying Won't be in a alliance. N/A N/A
Eve Laverne 16


Can read the future (and someone's future by only looking at him/her), throwing knives, climbing, edible plants, swimming The Dark None yet. A necklance with a green diamond
Star Blue 17 Sonic sword, mace, getting what she wants She can only see in shades of blue Anyone who treats her like a leader she gets to keep her hair as it is
Jake Gold 16 Sonic very clever, fast, smart Can only use weapons that are gold/have gold plating N/A Gold Coin
Taisie Azure 15 Sonic An amazingly fast runner (you're like WOW because it's almost impossible to see her), throwing axes, finds good places to hide, edible plants, climbing, swimming Afraid of darkness N/A Blue Ankle Bracelet
Kelsey Peaches 15 Super Mario Can fly!, teleporte, run fast, edible plants, climbing, swimming, finds good places to hide, knot tying Afraid of fire, can only teleporte twice an hour N/A A little bracelet made out of fruits (edible! :)
Bowser Pretty Fucking Old :) Super Mario Being evil. Crazy strong, pretty fast, BREATHING FIRE, has spiky shell, razor sharp claws, fast, vicious. Completely awesome. Great swimmer. Comes back to life EVERY TIME YOU KILL HIM. Lol JK. impulsive and partially insane. His minions N/A
Yoshi :/ Hm. Super Mario Fast, very strong, can shoot fire out of his mouth, lays exploding eggs(haters gonna hate :), great at hiding, good at ramming into things, very smart, great fighter, can fly (i think) afraid of penguins. Long story. Kirby and other adorable characters. A Sponge.
Melina Crosswood 17 Nintendogs very fast runner and strong, exercises every day with her dog, flexible, great swimmer and climber, smart and strategic, observant, has amazing senses despite her deafness (can feel a person walking or coming from the ground vibrations, 40-40 vision, etc), very good with a bow Deaf (Can reads lips), Dislikes violence Dog Owners, Pokemon Trainers Buttercup's Collar
Sharon Crosswood 14 Nintendogs great healer, knows lots of plants for eating and healing, smart and logical, great with dogs, can charm the most vicious mutt, brave, not afraid of bugs and spiders like most girls Not Fast/Strong Whoever her sister trusts Pink Ribbon
Diamond Winters 16 Nintendogs very fast and flexible, fit, can throw knives with deadly accuracy, very in tuned with her dog, smart and manipulative, seductive, elusive and stealthy, great swimmer and quicker reflexes than anyone else Cold and Bossy Dog Owners Diamond Ring
Merry Bonsbite 18 Kingdom Hearts Camouflage, fast runner, very taltened sword fighter, climbing, swimming, can read thoughts Terrified of fire, hearing a lot of thoughts can be a bit confusing sometimes N/A A green headband that allows her to choose which thoughts to read as long as she wears it
Luke Porfirio 16 Kingdom Hearts Can talk to animals (and they really like him), great swimmer, fast runner, edible plants, climbing Finds it hard to talk to humans Animals :) A purple feather as a pin
Rufina Sixx 14 Kingdom Hearts Can fly, fast runner, edible plants, can read people easily (so she knows who to trust) Color blind, swimming Not decided yet A photo of her and her sister



Assassins Creed



Animal Crossing

The Legend of Zelda


Trent Sun

Today's the Day! The Reaping Day! As I walk to this sad ceremony, I look down at my belt, which has 6 pokeballs with my Pokemon inside them. As much as I love fighting, I'm terrified and I don't want to get chosen. I sigh, walking into the line of boys crowding each other. After a while, things started to get silent as our Escort walked on stage. It was a very old man with purple, gelled-up hair and green skin. He was wearing a blue and pink tuxedo. Seeing that made me smile. It was very hard to control my laughter, but I managed. "Hello young children!" He spoke, his voice very husky and deep. "Welcome to the Reaping of our 50th VG Games! In our country of Pokemon, we have been told that we are going to have three tributes this year! 2 will be girls and one shall be the boy! To make this slightly faster than it already is, I shall choose a male first!" I nervously watched as he slowly dug his name into the boys jar. As I bit my lip, he pulled out a piece of paper. "Trent Sun!" He called out. From behind, I heard my brother gasp and my mother cry. I faked a grin and jogged up to the stage, where the ugly escort was smiling at me. As I looked down to the crowd of girls, boys, and families, my smile started to fade. I watched my brother hug my mother as she cried. Then I looked down to the line of girls. I really didn't want to fight with any of them since I knew most of them so well! Not that I'm a player or anything... I'm not! I swear! After that, I just watched as the escort called out the ladies' names....

Nikki Layla

I nervously watched as the escort inserted his shaky hand into the ladies' name jar. I clenched my fists nervously while he slipped out a small piece of paper. "Nikki Layla!" He cried. No. No! I heard many girls gasp around me as I heard my best friend cry out. As I hear my family trying to calm her down, I sigh angrily and shut my eyes. As I open them again, I sternly look at the escort, who is smiling. This seriously can't be happening. I want to cry, but I can't and I shouldn't. I don't want to seem weak. Turning my face emotionless, I slowly walked up to the stage next to Trent. I look at him. He was about my height, 5'9. His brown eyes looked into mine. I could tell that he knew that I was sad, even though I've only seen him a few times around town. He was a nice guy. He gave me a small smile and nodded to me, his blond hair bouncing a little. I gave him a shaky sigh in return and look back to the crowd. My parents and best friend are gone. I'm not surprised, the parents do this every year. I glare at the escort as he's about to call the next name of the child who's life will be ruined....

Layla Case

The escort slips his hand into the females' jar for the second time. I grin knowing that I won't get picked. I only entered in my name once! As he takes out a name, I smile bigger. "Layla Case!" He calls. My eyes widened and my smile quickly faded away. What??!! NO! This was not right. My name was only in there ONCE! I was not supposed to be called! I hear a sigh next to me and my sister is by my side. She can't look at me, but she grabs my wrist and leads me onto the stage. Before she leaves, she kisses my forehead and gives my a chain with all of my favorite Pokemon. "I love you." She whispers and walks away. Swallowing my tears, I walk next to Nikki and look at her and Trent. They're both giving me looks of pity. I scowl at them. I don't need their pity. Right? "Ladies and Gentlemen! Here are your tributes!" No one cheers. The escort grins and Trent, Nikki and I shake hands. I don't think I'll survive. A girl like me with only 5 Pokemon and is pitied by younger children? Yup. I'm totally a goner.



Super Mario

Kelsey Peaches

I stand nervously in a line with many other girls my age. Today was the day of the Reaping. No one was excited, the only one truly excited was Bowser, and everyone was definite that he would get into the Games, where the Gamemakers liked it or not. Suddnly, every one was hushed as our escort came out. She was not the same as our escort from last year. She had glowing highlight-yellow eyes, orange skin, and forest green hair. "Hello! Today we will choose who's life will be ruined forever!" Wow. So enthusiastic about killing us kids, huh? "Well, as all matters go, ladies first! Oh, and by the way, there is going to be two males and only one female this year!" As she slipped her hand into the jar, I let out a shaky breath. Who was she going to call out? "Aha!" She cried, pulling out a name. "Kelsey Peaches!" She called out. My eyes widened. What? Me?! No! This can't be happening! No matter how shocked I looked, I had to stay calm, I just had to! Holding in my breath, I slowly got out of line and walked up onto the stage, the lady smiling at me. As I walked onto my spot, she looked at me once again with a grin. "The odds aren't in your favor today, little one..." She said, her cheerful voice now low and dark. I watched her in fear as she now called the males' names....


Kingdom Hearts

Merry Bonsbite

'Well, today was the day. The Reaping. I looked at the line of girls. Two of my sisters were in the 12-year-old area and one of them was in the 16-year-old area. They looked back at me nervously and I just gave them a sad smile. Seeing all the tessarae I had signed up for, I was going to be chosen and they knew it too. I turned my head to look at the line of boys. My 17 and 14 year old brothers looked at me. Alester (The 14-year-old) was on the verge of tears. I sighed and looked over at my other brother, 'Cai, who just smiled and nodded. I nodded back just as the young female escort walked onto the stage, drunk and high. "Well, hi, err-body!" She said, throwing herself onto the podium. "Well, t'day is the day where two o' ya get fucked over! But instead, bein' the fuckin' dicks they are, THREE of ya are gonna get fucked over! In'nt great, kiddies?You bet your fuckin' asses it is! Okay. Let's get started!" She flung her hand into the jar then almost instantly pulled out a name. "Merry Bonsbite!" She yelled. Then she started laughed insanely. "That's a fucking retarded name!" She screamed through her laughs. I felt my cheeks heat up, but I remained calm. "Shut the fuck up about my sister!" Alester yelled. "Hey!" The escort said, her laughter stopping completly. "Do you want your life fucked over too?!" Alester just shook his head with a glare. I quickly walked up on stage before any more drama can happen. As the escort looked at me, she nodded. "For a girl with a retarded name, you sure look pretty decent." I just huffed out a tired sigh as she flung her hand into the females' jar once more...

Training Scores

Name District Training Scores Comments on What Happened
Marty John Minecraft 10 You tried flinging a medicine ball at our heads. You hit our fried pig instead. Nice try, but I'll give it to you.
Catherine Valeff Minecraft 6 You made yourself look like a tree. It was very beautiful and great hiding skills, BUT WE WANT SOME DAMN ACTION. STAB SOME CROTCHES FOR PETE'S SAKE.
Joey Greic Minecraft 10 Have fun stabbing crotches with your Trident.
Linden Darnell Assassins Creed 9 You have magnificent skills with maces and swords. 'Twas amazing.
Brogan Candido Assassins Creed 12 Dayum. Your mace and sword skills are fucking amazing. Well done.
Colton Blain Assassins Creed 11 Your sword skills were magnificent. Not like Brogan's, but still pretty damn good.
Kirby Kirby 12 SO. CUTE.
Starsha Pinkfuff Kirby 6 You showed that you were smart, but we only like to see action.
Thomas Iwishiwasnthererightnow Kirby 10 All of our stuffed dummies are now just stuffing. Nice.
Minerva Averett Bioshock 9 You fly. And you have telepathy. AND you stabbed the Head of Mutts in the arm. Hm.
Avery Elwin Bioshock 10 You have amazing magical skills for someone your age.
Rigel Odell Bioshock 8 You have shown your speed and climbing skills. It was okay, but meh.
Pete Animal Crossing 9 You have shown us your terrific skills with knives.
Sable Animal Crossing 11 You terrified us with your 'back-spikes' and porcupine-like skills.
Sonny Resetti Animal Crossing 10 You have shown us your speed and pickaxe abilities.
Rachel Conrad The Legend of Zelda 7 More Action PUUHHHLLEEEEAAASSEE
Andreas Calvert The Legend of Zelda 6 Your spear and knife skills were okay, but not the best.
Darien Boden The Legend of Zelda 9 Your knowledge with edible plants and your flying abilities were terrific.
Trent Sun Pokemon 12 Thank you for eletricuting the remaining Gamemakers who weren't set on fire. You're going to be the first to die in the Arena now. Be proud of what you've done. Be prepared.
Nikki Layla Pokemon 11 I like the way you used your Pokemon to turn all of our dummies into ash [insert smiley face here]
Layla Case Pokemon 10 Your Pokemon is strong enough to slice up metalic weapons. Not good for the people out of the Pokemon region, but good for us.
Julia Pine Sims 2 You just stood wait, as if we were supposed to tell you what to do. You're stuupiiid.
Mason Dark Sims 11 Amazing. Almost murdered me by accidentally throwing a medicine ball up into our area, but still. AMAZING.
Eve Laverne Sims 8 You have shown your climbing and swimming abilities, which were okay, but are you sure you'll still be able to live?
Star Blue Sonic 9 You have fine sword/mace skills
Jake Gold Sonic 3 Though it was funny to see you panic, searching for golden weapons, it wouldn't get you far.
Taisie Azure Sonic 10 You are certainly a fast runner and have surprisingly scary axe skills.
Kelsey Peaches Super Mario 8 Showing us your climbing and hiding techniques by hiding before we can see you then teleporting onto our food is strange, but we'll give it to you. Congratulations.
Bowser Super Mario 2 It is not nice to set half the Gamemakers on fire [insert frowny face here]
Yoshi Super Mario 11 CUTE. Not Kirby cute, but still. CUTE.
Diamond Winters Nintendogs 10 You have amazing accuracy with knives and are very in-tune with your equally amazing canine.
Sharon Crosswood Nintendogs 7 You have shown that you are very smart
Melina Crosswood Nintendogs 8 Just like your sister, you have shown your smarts and amazing senses
Merry Bonsbite Kingdom Hearts 10 Thank you for slicing up the whole training center with your amazing sword skill. It was great, but we now order you to clean up, or you get a 2. Thanks again!
Rufina Sixx Kingdom Hearts 9 You ran towards a wall, ran up the wall, then jumped off and flew backwards. Amazing.
Luke Porfirio Kingdom Hearts 11 Welp. You climbed into our station and beat up the Head of Arena Traps. Nice, but, you're going to die now.


I seriously can't believe I forgot this, but can you please enter your character(s)'s personality? It'd really help a lot and I don't want to write your characters in the wrong way and stuff!!!!

Death Chart. You will truly be missed.

Name District Cause of Death The Murderer
Jake Gold Sonic Exploding The Capitol
Diamond Winters Nintendogs Stabbed in forehead Nikki Layla
Rigel Odell Bioshock Stabbed in chest Rachel Conrad
Melina Crosswood Nintendogs Burned to death Bowser
Julia Pine Sims Stabbed in chest Linden Darnell
Mason Dark Sims Heart and Brain Exploded Linden Darnell

le Games!

Day One - The Morning - The Bloodbath

Linden Darnell

I am in the last room I may ever see with my stylist, Alex. He's a pretty chill guy besides the sea blue eyeliner he wears on his left eye. He looks at me in my District's Arena Uniform. I am wearing a tight white shirt, a flowy red miniskirt, black leggings, black knee-high boots, a thick leather and gold belt, a white and silver hoodie, and to top it all off, a long red cloak. I look down at myself, then back at Alex, who's smiling and chewing on his pen. I send him a glare and he just chuckles. "I don't care how thick and long this uniform is. You look fine and you'll be fine. Mind torture, okay?" He says putting his hand on my shoulder. I give up being so merciless to him and sigh. He's not like the others, so its not fair. It's time. We both look at the tube which sends me to my death, then look back at each other. Alex chuckles again. "Good luck, Linden." He whispers, brushing his lips against mine. I'm not fazed by it, Capitol people do it all the time. He sends me off and I walk into the tube, not looking back at him. As I finally reach the Arena, I am a little shocked. It's different than what I imagined. The shy is a dark shade of purple and the land is black. I am not scared. I will win these Games.

60, 59, 58, 57, 56, 55.....

Jake Gold

I am in the dark Arena. It's pretty scary, but nothing I can't handle. But wait... WHERE'S THE GOLD?! I look around frantically. Then, I see the cornucopia and the large gold sword. It is probably over 100 feet wait. That's just too much for me. This is the Video Game Games, right? It's not like the others! We're different! I'll be fine! As I run out of my platform, I hear many gasps. What?


Taisie Azure

45, 44, 43, 42, 41, 40......

No... I hold my breathe as I look around. Its dark.... the whole arena is probably my worst nightmare... Isn't there any light somewhere?! I look around somemore. In the farthest corner of this hell hole, there is a bright and large mansion. I need to there there, no matter what it takes. If I don't, I'll probably go insane...

39, 38, 37, 36, 35....

Marty John

I sighed, squeezing the Nether Wart I had. This was so stupid. I knew I wasn't going to win anyways, so what's the point? I look around and laugh. Its full of retarded kids who want to win, especially that Jake Gold kid. All he wants is gold. I remember him in the training center, freaking out histerically about the lack of gold weapons. I just watched him die over gold too. That guy was a mess, I'm actually happy that he died. That's one less of an idiot I have to slaughter. Although, I do wish that I had my diamond materials or TNT again. That would instantly make me a winner. I would just greif everyone and everything; blow up the whole arena, it'd be a blast! Literally! I can't wait until I'm able to get off of this stupid platform...

24, 23, 22, 21, 20.....

Julia Pine

I look around. Everything is so dark... I'm so excited! I just need to find a leader who will tell me what to do.... Anyone would do! I just need to make a good impression... I look at the boy to my left. He's squeezing a red squishy ball. He looks interesting in his stale teal shirt and dirty blue jeans. He actually looks kind of cute. I grin and wave to him. He looks at me and laughs. Is that a good sign? I hope so. I look to the girl to my right. She's on her butt, gripping onto the platform and is either doing a silent scream or a wheeze, her eyes darting everywhere. I slowly turn away. I don't think she'll make a good leader. Infact, not to sound rude, but I don't think she'd last very long, especially with the way she's looking at the arena... I guess I'll just follow around that cute guy instead.

15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10.....

Joey Greic

This was it. The final ten seconds. Oh god, I'm terrified. I know that I'm going to die. I look over at Catherine. She keeps looking at the wilderness and the cornucopia. She looks over to me with a terrified look. I point to the wilderness. I'm not risking my life for some weapons. I know how to fight. It's not that hard. Then I see the girl to my left look at me. She sees that I want to go to the wilderness. She turns back to the cornucopia. I know her. She's the girl who could kill people with her mind. Fuck.

9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.......

Trent Sun

I jump off of my platform, which explodes right after I get off. Before I can let out any of my Pokemon, I see a young boy clutch his head as he falls off of his platform. The girl with him screams and watches him suffer. He tells her to leave him as another girl stands over him, glaring right into him. That's probably Linden, she can torture people with her mind. She's pretty cool. Suddenly, I feel a knife sink into my left arm. I moan in pain and look to see who it was. It was Diamond Winters, that weird loner chick from the Nintendogs District. Her dog leaps to attack me. I brace myself, then hear a whining noise. I open my eyes to see her dog on the ground and Nikki holding a bloody dagger. Diamond screams and attempts to tackle her. Nikki just holds out her knife and it sinks into Diamond's forhead.


The ground shakes with her cannon. Nikki and I instantly rush off to try to find another Pokemon tribute.

Rigel Odell

I run off of my plate and run to the nearest girl. Ooh, she's a good one! She has silky brown hair matched with brown eyes and light golden skin. It was Rachel Conrad, from the Zelda district. She looked so cute in her little adventure dress and hat. I stop her from running up a hill. I see that she's carrying pack of knives and a bow with some arrows. "Please... don't kill me..." She whispers. I smirk. "I won't hurt you...." I whisper back. I caress her cheek. This ought to work. "I just want an ally... and some spare weapons if you won't mind..." I say, stroking my finger on one of her knives. She scowls and stumbles back, holding up a knife to her chest in defense. Her whole face was red. "I have a boyfriend" She said sternly. I walk up to her with a confident grin and tilt up her head. "Well I'm sure he won't mind if I did this." As I start to lean in, I feel my chest on fire and something popping out of my back. The last thing I see is her fading face of terror.


Andreas Calvert

I'm so scared. It's dark, and I'm terrfied of the dark. I also just heard heard a cannon. I wonder who died. In my blur of fear, I bump into someone. She screams, and so do I. I sigh. It's just Minerva, the girl from the Bioshock district. We spoke a little bit and training, and she was really nice. She hold up a large knife, her hands shaking. "I'll kill you!" Her eyes were glowing a dull yellow. I shush her and grab her wrists. "It's just me." I say, trying to calm her. She relaxes and the glow from her eyes fade. "A-Andreas?" She asks with a shaky voice. I chuckle and nod. "Yeah, it's me." She sighs and I let go of her. "So where were you going?" I ask her. She shrugs. "I don't know. Wherever." She says. I chuckle again. "Okay, lets go." I say, walking up the hill. Suddenly, I feel her wrap her arms around my waist and fly into the air.

Sharon Crosswood

As I jump off of my exploding platform, I see Melina point to the cornucopia. "Go Buttercup! Get a bag and come back!" She says to Buttercup. She quickly runs off and grabs a pack. But as Buttercup is running back, Bowser sets her on fire, and she dies. "NO!" Melina screams and runs off to her now dead dog. As soon as she reaches Butercup, she gets set of fire too and burns to death.


Oh my god. I just watched my own sister die. Still not aware of what just happened, I pick up my own dog and walk away from this nightmare, towards a lake and walk into a near cave.

In just a mere 10 seconds, my sister and her loving dog was taken away from me. Why?

Day One - The Night - Getting Settled

Luke Porfirio

Its really dark and spooky out here, especially knowing that you can die at any moment. I remember watching Melina and her dog get set on fire and die. I remember her poor sister's face when she saw it too. She just picked up her dog and ran. Just then, I hear rustling bushes and I quickly turn towards them. I brace myself, then see as a black and brown dog come out. It's probably Sharon's, the girl who saw her older sister die. I wave and say hello. It quickly says hello back and runs into a cave. I feel the urge to follow it. Where was Sharon anyways? That was her dog, right? As I make my way into the end of the cave, I see a girl crying. Sharon. I freeze. Its really hard for me to talk to humans. Animals, sure, but humans? I don't know whats wrong with me. I stuff my hands into my pockets and sigh. "H-hi..." I whisper. Sharon looks up then roughly wipes her tears away and snarls. "What do you want?" I take one step back. "I don't want to hurt you..." I say softly. She turns her head away and lets out a dry laugh. "That's what Rigel said before he nearly molested Rachel. I saw it happen." She says coldly. Just then, her dog playing runs up to me, tail wagging. I smile. "Your dog seems to like me." I say. She doesn't say anything back. She's probably thinking about her sister. I cough. "If it makes you feel any better," I walk closer and sit by her. "I can talk to animals. I can calm mutts. I could tell you what your dog says." She looks at me with a sad look. Then, after a while of staring, she smiles. "Tiny. My dog's name is Tiny." I smile back at her.

It may not be so hard to talk to humans after all.

Rachel Conrad

I curl myself into a ball as I sit by the foot of a large tree. I can't believe I killed someone... But... I had to. He was going to molest me. Suddenly, I see a glint of shimmer in the sky. A silver parachute. I stand up to catch it. It was a Golden bow with silver arrows. With it was a note.

Hey babe,

I snicker. My mentor could be really weird at times.

I saw you almost got raped. Jim (Your boyfriend, of course) got pissed off and broke his TV. Now he's living with me so he could watch. Here's some weapons. Protect yourself, 'kay? I don't want Jim breaking my television. Good Luck.

Your Mentor, Sawyer Blint

I smile as I hold onto my new weapons. I need to survive.

Day 2 - Exploration

Linden Darnell

I am still in the Cornucopia with Brogan and Colton. The boy from the Minecraft District is still here too. He's been lying on the ground for the past 9 hours. I look at the two sleeping boys next to me. They look dead. That's nice. I look around. It's still pretty dark, considering it's morning. I get up from my position and start walking. Suddenly I freeze as I hear a voice.

"Where are you going?"

I look behind me and grunt. It's just Brogan.

"Why do you care?" I ask him. He shrugs.

"I don't want you dead on the second day." He says emotionless. I scowl and walk away again. He doesn't stop me. I guess I should look for food. I take out my knife from my little brown leather bag. After a few minutes of walking, I find two tributes. I know them. They're Mason Dark and Julia Pine. Julia isn't actually near Mason, but still pretty close, like as if she was stalking him. I'm not a cannibal, but I stick my knife in her chest anyways.


Oh fuck. Well that was a mistake. Her loud cannon shakes up the Arena and Mason quickly wakes up and sees me.

"How the fuck did you find me?" he asks in a low, deep voice. I take one step back. But right before I can use my knife on him, I hear rustling from the trees behind me.

"Linden!" i hear Brogan yell. Oh, god damn it. Can this morning get any worse. I see Mason smirk.

"Oh, so you brought back up? Well, so did I!" He brings out a large golden sword that was probably meant for Jake Gold. I laugh at him and use my mind to torture him. He groans and holds his head. I watch as cuts start appearing on his arms and face. Suddenly, I hear something squishy pop and I know I'm done. As I release him, he collapses dead on the ground. I smirk in satisfaction. I turn around and suddenly see Brogan charging at me.

"Don't fucking touch Linden!!!" He yells as he stabs me in the stomach. As my vision fades, I hear his gasp. Suddenly everything goes to black.

But my cannon doen't go off.

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