• I Heart Glimmer

    Hi! These are my first games, and I hope they will be good. I will go to profiles, and this is what the tributes need to have.

    I will just do the games!

    1. I will accept 6 tributes per user, but you will be able to submit as many as you like.

    2. Alliances will be made by your choice.

    3. These games will contain 1-13 districts, and the Capitol

    4. Dont be mad if your tributes die

    5. Lastly try to follow this tribute guide as best you can

    6. And if you're ready this, you have to submit a tribute.


    District: (3 in order of preference)






    Weapon: (less then 3)

    Strength: (2 non-weapons) Weakness: (minumum of 2)

    Allies: (stay with team, form smaller alliance, or go alone)

    Bloodbath Strategy:

    Token: (optiona…

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