Hi! These are my first games, and I hope they will be good. I will go to profiles, and this is what the tributes need to have.

I will just do the games!


1. I will accept 6 tributes per user, but you will be able to submit as many as you like.

2. Alliances will be made by your choice.

3. These games will contain 1-13 districts, and the Capitol

4. Dont be mad if your tributes die

5. Lastly try to follow this tribute guide as best you can

6. And if you're ready this, you have to submit a tribute.


District: (3 in order of preference)






Weapon: (less then 3)

Strength: (2 non-weapons) Weakness: (minumum of 2)

Allies: (stay with team, form smaller alliance, or go alone)

Bloodbath Strategy:

Token: (optional)


District Gender Name Age Height Weapons User
District 1 Female Sapphire Gold 16 5"9 Knife, Sword Peeta556
District 1 Male Colt Raptor 17 6"1 Sword, Spear The Panda Assasin
District 2 Female Angela Dagger 15 5"5 Dagger, Bow FrostSnake
District 2 Male Herman Monstrate 15 5"6 Bow, Knives VDA1999
District 3 Female Sapphire "Sapph" Mannore 17 5"4 Knives, Axes HungryTeen
District 3 Male Edmund Delly 13 5"1 Sword Peeta556
District 4 Female Adelaide D'eye 18 ? Bow, Axe EHKnight
District 4 Male Poseidon "Poe" Cerulean 17 5"8 Trident, Sword D1Obssesed
District 5 Female Olive Cameron 14 5"8 Poison, Bow Kawaii Manga
District 5 Male Lucas Viridian 14 ? Knife, Blowgun EHKnight
District 6 Female Mirella Wintersong 12 5"0 Bow Peeta556
District 6 Male Neil Fog 15 5"10 Dagger, Bow FrostSnake
District 7 Female Selena Kyle 17 5"6 Whip Prezziesnow
District 7 Male Harvey Dent 17 5"8 Crossbow, Knife Prezziesnow
District 8 Female Winter Pine 14 ? Bow, Dagger FrostSnake
District 8 Male Hutch Rye 13 5"4 Slingshot Peeta556
District 9 Female Delainey Heath 17 5"7 Knife Kawaii Manga
District 9 Male Shen Seraph 16 ? Sickle, Knives ThePandaAssasin
District 10 Female Aurora Anderson 17 ? Bow, Dagger EHKnight
District 10 Male Sun Lost 12 5"2 Sword FrostSnake
District 11 Female Maya Kenneth 14 5"6 Bow, Slingshot D1Obsessed
District 11 Male Rain Log 14 ? Knives FrostSnake
District 12 Female Holly Wintercrest 15 5"6 Throwing Knives, Machete FrostSnake
District 12 Male Josh Echo 16 5"9 Machete Peeta556
District 13 Female Idalia Summers 12 4"11 Bow Kawaii Manga
District 13 Male Fire Donk 18 6"3 Spear Peeta556
Capitol Female Pilkinia "Peacock Girl" Corrett 17 5"2 Darts, Axe Kawaii Manga
Capitol Male Raden Skylar 16 5"8 Dagger ThePandaAssasin


Day 1


The tributes are raised into the arena, some bloodthirsty, others scared.

30... 29...

Fire looks across the desert worriedly, taking in the harsh arena, one side desert the other tundra. All of a sudden, Rain jumps off his pad, smiling, and he blows up, the other tributes staring in shock.

10... 9... 8...

Angela and Herman exchange glances while Colt glares at the Capitol tributes.


Colt sprints off his platform and grabs a sword, and swings it around, decapitating Idalia. Her head rolls across the ground, and Maya grabs two bows and 2 quivers and tosses a bow and a quiver to her ally Winter. Winter fires an arrow that hits Josh from 12 in the chest and he falls down coughing blood. Maya fires two arrows in rapid succession, one killing Lucas, and the other hitting Harvey in the arm. He runs at the duo, who are both picking up backpacks when a dagger appears through his pack, and Angela stands there looking for her next target. The 2 girls flee, while on the other side of the cornucopia, Raden and Olive flee together. Sun and Shen crash into eachother fleeing into the tundra. Shen stabs Sun in the head, and he is dead. As he is fleeing, Fire gets stabbed by Poseidon, and the girl from 1 walks over to Sapph from 3 twirling her sword.

"Just for having the same name as me," she growls, "You will die!" She lunges forward and stabs the poor girl from 3 in the chest and turns around, looking for more tributes to kill. Weakly, Sapph picks up a knife and chucks it into the girl from 1s back.

"Then you will die too..." She whispers, as Selena and Mirella flee into the desert. Both Sapphires fall dead.

Adelaide kills Hutch and Herman kills Neil. All the other tributes are gone.



The careers consisting of Colt, Angela, Herman, Adelaide, and Poseidon reside comfortably counting their supplies.

Winter and Maya are in an igloo and warm, with everything they need.

Edmund is freezing in a snow bank without allies, and the sub-zero temperature quickly gives him frost bite. All of a sudden, a polar bear eats him. BOOM!

Olive is with Raden, and they sit happily in a pyramid in the desert, when Selena shows up armed, and Olive shoots her with her bow and the girl from 7 dies. BOOM!

Mirella is safe but by herself, and wishing she had made allies.

Delainey is wandering through the desert, and she sees a snake, and she is hungry, but before she can react, it bites her and she dies BOOM!

Shen is alone and cold.

Aurora, Holly and Pilkinia are allied and safe.

The fallen:

Sapphire Gold - 1

Sapphire Mannore - 3

Edmund Delly - 3

Lucas Viridian - 5

Neil Fog - 6

Selena Kyle - 7

Harvey Dent - 7

Hutch Rye - 8

Delainey Heath - 9

Sun Lost - 10

Rain Log - 11

Josh Echo - 12

Idalia Summers - 13

Fire Donk - 13

Day 2

The careers wake up, eager to hunt for tributes. They decide Poe and Adelaide will go to the tundra to hunt for tributes and Herman and Angela will hunt in the desert. Colt will stay on guard at the cornucopia and he grips his sword tightly as he watches his allies leave.

Aurora, Pilkinia and Holly are sitting around and chatting, sitting on a sand dune, their portable fans going, when all of a sudden, two careers step out grinning, the girl armed with a golden bow slung over her back, and a silver dagger in her hand. The boy is armed the same way, but instead of a dagger, he has a slightly shorter sharper knife. The girls get up and start running, but the duo from 2 works together and lunges after them. They tackle the the slowest one, the Capitol girl, and she stares up at them wide eyed and begs them not to kill her. Angela smiles cooly at her, and stabs the dagger into her heart. BOOM! Herman and Angela high five, and walk back to the cornucopia where they tell colt about their kill and he congratulates them.

Maya and Winter sit in their igloo chatting, and Maya realizes that Winter isn't treating her differently even though she is blind in one eye, and realizes that Winter is a true friend. They haven't been attacked, and don't need anything.

Adelaide and Poe are walking through the tundra, looking for any lone tributes, when something launches its self from behind a snow bank and tackles the 4 female to the ground. It's the 9 male and he smiles wickedly as he plunges his sickle into her chest, as Adelaide screams her last scream, and BOOM! Poe doesn't have time to grieve for his fallen ally, and Shen hasn't seen him yet, so he hurls his trident, and it impales Shen's shoulders and he falls to the ground, writhing in pain. He isn't dead yet, but the boy from 4 walks over, footsteps crunching in the falling snow, and yanks the trident out of the boys back. Blood flows even more, staining the ground red, and Poe raises his sword, and brings it down into Shen's chest. Blood flies everywhere, and another cannon echoes through the arena. The 3rd one today. BOOM! Poe begins the long trek back to the cornucopia.

Olive and Raden are sitting there in the heat, enjoying themselves, and getting to know each other better, when the walls start shaking, and the pyramid collapses. Olive makes it out, but begins to cry because Raden didn't, and his cannon sounds. BOOM!!

Night falls, and all the tributes get settled. The anthem plays and the fallen is shown.

The Fallen:

Adelaide D'Eye - District 4

Shen Seraph - District 9

Pilkinia Corret - Capitol

Raden Skylar - Capitol

Day 3

It is early morning, and it's still dark. Poe is back with the careers, and Angela and Herman decide to ditch. They grab all the supplies they can take and run into the desert.

Poe and Colt wake up to see the district 2 pair and a lot of supplies gone. Colt throws a fit, and Poe calms him down.

Olive is wandering through the desert, distraught over the death of Raden. She comes upon the alliance of Holly and Aurora, who are sleeping , and she knows she has to get home. She takes her bow, and shoots an arrow that pierces Holly's head. BOOM! Aurora wakes up, and grabs her knife and kills olive, who is know free of her misery. BOOM! Feeling the pain Olive had felt before, sobbing Aurora walks across the desert, until Herman sees her and throws his knife, which kill her immediately. BOOM!

When Angela hears a cannon, she panics and thinks it may be Herman, and they find each other, and Herman tells Angela that he loves her. Angela tells Herman that she loves him too. They kiss for most of the evening, and nothing else happens.

The fallen:

Olive Cameron - District 5

Aurora Anderson - District 10

Holly Wintercrest - District 12

Day 4, The feast

"There is 7 tributes left," the announcer booms. "Today there will be a feast. You have to attend."

Colt and Poe cheer, because they are at the cornucopia, and can get revenge on the 2 lovers who abandoned them.

Mirella is ready to show her skills, and heads to the cornucopia.

Winter and Maya gather their stuff and head towards the cornucopia.

The lovers are prepared for battle against their opponents.

Mirella reaches the cornucopia first, and engages in battle with Colt and Poseidon. She is better than they thought, and she stabs Colt and he dies. BOOM! Enraged, Poe draws his sword and slices Mirella's chest open and she falls to the ground in immense pain, and a few minutes later she dies. BOOM!

Just then, Maya and Winter show up at the cornucopia arrows notched and began firing at Poe. He's tough, but one of Winter's arrows goes through his forehead, and he crumples to the ground. BOOM!

The District 2 pair arrives, and they draw knives from the supplies table the Capitol dropped off. Their opponents grab knives as well. The battle is started, when one of Winter's arrows goes whizzing by Angela's head. Angela and Winter fight at long distance, while Herman and Maya are locked into a deadly knife duel. The battle is stopped short when Winter's arrow hits Angela in the stomach, and Maya is stabbed in the stomach. The two will die soon, but not at the moment, and their shocked allies rush over to their sides, and mutts charge up the hill at them. Winter and Herman reach a silent agreement, and put the 2 injured girls in the middle as they defend them from the charging mutts.

Eventually the mutts give both Herman and Winter injuries like Maya and Angela, and it will be who lasts the longest. They decide they would rather all die at the same time then suffer any more, and they are all about to stab themselves when the announcer comes on and announces them all victors.



Herman and Angela get married after the games, and they open a music studio.

Maya gets her eye fixed, and makes up with her mom, and her best friend is Winter.

Winter got her dads medicine, and they were happy again, and she got married to her boyfriend Frost, and Maya is her best friend, along with Star and Elliana.


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