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  • I am really awesome

    I need your name, age, gender, district, weapon, strengths, weaknesses, backstory etc...

    Just post in the comments below if you want to be in!

    District 1

    Male: Maroon Cutter- Nommyzombies

    Female: Shimmer Twindlehouse- District3Tribute Sebastian Kalas

    District 2

    Male: David Pierce- ArashiKagami Maroon Cutter

    Female: Amy Sparks- Srish3211

    District 3

    Male: William Undersea- Srish3211 Yasmine Haken

    Female: Maran Bancroft- District3Tribute

    District 4

    Male: Shamus Gartley- ArashiKagami David Pierce

    Female: Lily Darin- Rainfacestar Rister Casrae

    District 5

    Male: Sliver Babhall- 50thGamesFTW

    Female: Lauren Champelli- Asfbn Amy Sparks

    District 6

    Male: Rennac Mardis- Deaphalia911 Silver Babhall

    Female: Jennipher Crayne- District3Tribute Lily Darin

    District 7

    Male: John Drew Adams- KEWLBEN Mad Jack


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  • I am really awesome


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