I need your name, age, gender, district, weapon, strengths, weaknesses, backstory etc...

Just post in the comments below if you want to be in!

District 1

Male: Maroon Cutter- Nommyzombies

Female: Shimmer Twindlehouse- District3Tribute Sebastian Kalas

District 2

Male: David Pierce- ArashiKagami Maroon Cutter

Female: Amy Sparks- Srish3211

District 3

Male: William Undersea- Srish3211 Yasmine Haken

Female: Maran Bancroft- District3Tribute

District 4

Male: Shamus Gartley- ArashiKagami David Pierce

Female: Lily Darin- Rainfacestar Rister Casrae

District 5

Male: Sliver Babhall- 50thGamesFTW

Female: Lauren Champelli- Asfbn Amy Sparks

District 6

Male: Rennac Mardis- Deaphalia911 Silver Babhall

Female: Jennipher Crayne- District3Tribute Lily Darin

District 7

Male: John Drew Adams- KEWLBEN Mad Jack

Female: Rister Casrae- Thena.airice14 Mad Jack

District 8

Male: Sebastian Kalas- Justafox Rister Casrae

Female: Lila Maganachi- KEWLBEN Mad Jack

District 9

Male: Jet Miller- Beetee19

Female: Miya Rye- OrangeGreenConverse

District 10

Male: Jackson Jackson- Srish3211

Female: Sanne Smiths- Justafox Maroon Cutter

District 11

Male: Plat Griffey- FHT Emma Lien

Female: Emma Lien- Beetee19

District 12

Male: Tim de Winter- Justafox William Undersea

Female: Yasmine Haken- Justafox Suicide

Training Scores:

Maroon Cutter- 9

Shimmer Twindlehouse- 7

David Pierce- 6

Amy Sparks- 10

William Undersea- 7

Maran Bancroft- 5

Shamus Gartley- 3

Lily Darin- 8

Sliver Babhall- 5

Lauren Champelli- 6

Rennac Mardis- 4

Jennipher Crayne- 8

John Drew Adams- 4

Rister Casrae- 2

Sebastian Kalas- 6

Lila Maganachi- 3

Jet Miller- 4

Miya Rye- 5

Jackson Jackson- 6

Sanne Smiths- 3

Plat Griffey- 5

Emma Lien- 8

Tim de Winter- 7

Yasmine Haken- 6

Will have day 1 ASAP.


The arena is split into 4 parts. Mountains, Forest, Desert, and Lake with small island.

Games, Day 1

The clock starts counting down as the tributes rise up on their platforms. The tributes get a good look at the arena, the weapons, and at each other. Maroon, Shimmer, Amy, and William are the careers this year. Jet, Maran, and Lily also decided to make an alliance. The tributes get ready to run. 5,4,3,2,1 BOOM! The gong sounds. They take off. Amy is the first one to the cornucopia. She picks up a spear and hits Lauren in the chest. BOOM! Lily is next and gets a sword. She chases Silver with it, and Silver trips. Lily is about to behead him when he begs to let him live. She says yes but he has to join their alliance. Instead Lily plunges the sword into Jenipher’s stomach. BOOM! 2 down. Miya steps off her plate and runs. Maroon tries to knife her, but she escapes to the mountains. William grabs some knives and hits Tim in the forehead. BOOM! Yasmine is filled with rage because she had secretly liked Tim. She throws a knife and hits William in the back of the head. BOOM! Yasmine is now depressed, and decides that there is no point in living without Tim. She takes her own life. BOOM! Rennac and Rister both run at the same axe at the same time. Instead of fighting over it, they decide to become allies. They run into the woods together. Shamus is gay, and he likes David. He asks David to be more than friends, and David rejects him. David is so freaked out he stabs his dagger right into Shamus’s heart. BOOM! He sprints to the closest place, which happens to be the desert. Mad Jack runs to the center of the cornucopia and grabs a massive spear. He stabs Lila in the heart. BOOM! Then he chucks it and it hits John in the head. BOOM! He runs toward the mountains and is out of sight. Plat asks Emma if she wants to be in an alliance. Emma agrees with a sly smile on her face. They run toward the mountains. Lily, Maran, Jet, and Silver meet up and walk into the woods. Sebastian finally steps off his plate and is greeted by Shimmer. Shimmer takes him to Amy, who forces him to join the careers. The only other career, Maroon, is busy chasing down Sanne. He doesn’t want to lose another tribute, so he throws a knife and hits her in the leg. She falls and Maroon finishes her. BOOM! 9 dead in the bloodbath. The careers settle near the cornucopia for the night.


Careers: Shimmer, Amy, Maroon, Sebastian: Cornucopia

Lily, Maran, Jet, Silver: Woods

Rennac, Rister: Woods

Plat, Emma: Mountains


Mad Jack: Mountains

Miya: Mountains

David: Desert











Games, Day 2

The Careers wake up to a beautiful morning. They gather up their supplies. Amy says “Let’s go kill some tributes!” Shimmer says “Yeah, let’s go kill some tributes!” “Shut up!” says Amy. “Yeah, shut up!” says Shimmer. “Ugh, let’s just go.” The careers head to the forest.

Lily, Jet, Maran, and Silver are sitting by a fire in the woods. Jet knows how to make a smokeless fire. “So, what’s the plan?” asks Lily. Silver says “Let’s get moving. Staying here won’t do us any good. Plus, we are out of water. We need to go to the lake.” Jet says “Okay, you to go ahead. Maran and I will gather the supplies. He winks at Maran. Silver and Lily go. Jet and Maran have been secretly dating since they met in the training center. Maran says “We better hurry so we can catch up.” Jet says “Whatever you want. Anything for you.” “Maybe we can stay a little longer.” “I love you.” “I love you too.” They start kissing. Suddenly, there is screaming. There two canons. BOOM! BOOM! They hear running. “Uh oh,” says Maran. Silver comes out of the woods with a knife in his arm. He has tears in his eyes. “What happened!” screams Jet. “Lily is dead!”

Rister is walking through the woods. “If only I could have saved him” she thinks over and over. Her and Rennac were walking through the woods when they saw Lily and Silver. She threw her knife and hit Lily straight in the head. Silver turned red with anger and ran at Rennac. I threw another knife at him but it was low and it hit him in the arm. He stabbed Rennac in the heart with his sword and fled. Now at least I get my own axe. But I still wish I had an ally.

Plat and Emma found a cave to stay in in the mountain. Plat says “Do you want to go try to kill some tributes, or do you want to stay here and let them kill each other?” “I kind of want to go find some tributes. I actually have one in mind…” says Emma. “Who?” “You!’ Emma stabs her district partner in the chest. BOOM! “Bye!” Emma suddenly hears a loud boom sound, not like a canon, but an explosion. She decides it is nothing. “Who’s next?” she taunts.

It is nightfall. The careers didn’t find any tributes, and they are angry. They force Sebastian to take first watch. They forced him to carry the supplies, and he is very mad at them. As soon as the careers fall asleep, he takes a sword and a bottle of water. He is about to leave when he remembers how annoying Shimmer is. He grabs a knife, stabs her through the forehead, and runs for his life toward the mountains. BOOM! 4 dead today.

If your tribute wasn’t mentioned that means nothing important happened and they are doing fine.


Careers: Amy and Maroon: Cornucopia

Jet, Maran, and Silver: Forest


Emma- Mountains

Rister- Woods

Mad Jack- Mountains

Miya- Mountains

David- Desert



Lily Darin

Rennac Mardis

Plat Griffey

Shimmer Twindlehouse

Games, Day 3

It is early morning, and Silver is keeping watch of his alliance with Maran and Jet. They are in the same sleeping bag together. Since Lily died, Silver has been feeling more and more like a third wheel. Maran and Jet do everything together, and he is left out. He makes the decision to leave the alliance. He doesn’t want to kill them, so he just leaves. He goes toward the lake.

Maroon and Amy wake up to find Shimmer dead and Sebastian gone. They eventually figure out that Sebastian killed Shimmer and fled. Maroon says “Honestly, if Sebastian hadn’t killed her, I probably would have.” “She was the most annoying person on Earth.” They laugh. “Come on, the careers had no kills yesterday, we have to get someone.” They take off.

Miya is looking for somewhere to stay. Her old cave collapsed on her leaving her with nothing but her sword. She has looked all night and is tired. She finally finds a cave and notices that it feels a little too warm inside. But Miya’s exhaustion overtakes her and she takes a step in. And Miya comes face to face with Emma. Emma has a knife raised. But then Emma does something unexpected. She drops the knife and asks if they want to be allies. Miya says yes because Emma has enough supplies for 2 people…it seems weird to her, but this is the Hunger Games. Miya goes right to sleep.

Sebastian is feeling pretty good about himself. He has a kill, plenty of food, and a weapon. He isn’t paying attention, and runs right into a battle between Mad Jack and Rister. He brings up his dagger and gets ready to throw it. Both Rister and Mad Jack have the same idea with their axe and spear. Rister throws her axe at Sebastian. Sebastian throws his dagger at Jack. Jack throws his spear at Rister. Time seems to be frozen as the weapons come toward them. BOOM. BOOM. Only 2 cannons. One person has survived. But who? A crazy laugh comes from Mad Jack as he takes his new axe and dagger. Jack isn’t losing that easily.

David is sitting in the desert. He has had no action in the since he killed Shamus. The heat is starting to get to him, and he keeps seeing tributes everywhere. Mad Jack over here, Emma over there, and look, here comes Maroon and Amy. Oh wait, that is Maroon and Amy. David realizes it too late and Maroon stabs him in the back. BOOM! 3 dead today.


Careers: Maroon and Amy: Desert

Maran and Jet: Forest

Emma and Miya: Mountains


Mad Jack: Mountains

Silver: Forest


Sebastian Kalas

Rister Casrae

David Pierce

P.S. Congrats to the final 8!

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