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  • Iamjessa

    Realization (Peeta's POV)

    January 9, 2013 by Iamjessa

    Title: Realization (Peeta’s POV)

    Ok, so this is an old post. I’m kind of bored and wanted to write but I didn’t know what about so I just rewritten this one but on Peeta’s POV this time. And for me, I write better using his perspective. Enjoy.=))

    Written by: Jessa Sta. Ana

                This Tour sucks. I muttered to myself as I step out of the shower. Ever since I came out of the arena everything seems out of place then. Instead of rejoicing because I was alive after all, I feel like I don’t deserved being here now. I was played. Played by… oh, never mind.

                Since lunch just passed, I decided to take a shower and do some things with sense, like painting. As I step out of my room a voice spoke.

                “Hey,” ugh. Here we go again.


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  • Iamjessa

    Clove and Cato... FOREVER

    January 6, 2013 by Iamjessa

    This is Clove and Cato's would-be-story, given they've won the Games...

    This is a fan-fiction.

    By: J. Sta.Ana

    Cato and Clove dated after they won the games. Cato didn't mind taking Clove to the hospital every week so they could check out the hit on her head from the games, she never was the same after it, and he dealed well when she went light headed and fainted, and Clove was fine with soothing Cato when he had nightmares, or jumped at a loud noise. But one day Cato said it was best to break up as they reminded each other so much of the games. Clove was heartbroken. Few months later the Capitol made them go there for Christmas.

    Clove: * gets on the train and sits down*

    Cato: *silently enters the compartment*

    Clove: *looks at the snow out the wi…

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  • Iamjessa

    A Parody... xD

    October 25, 2012 by Iamjessa

    *theme song music of Dora the Explorer starts playing*



    Come on Katniss!




    Kat-kat-kat-kat-katniss! lets go!

    Katniss katniss katniss the explorer!


    Rue and supercool explorakatniss!

    We need your help!

    Grab your arrows!

    And bows!

    Lets go! Vamonos!

    You can lead the way!

    Hey! Hey!





    Foxface no swiping!

    Foxface no swiping! (oh man)

    It's Katniss the explorer! =)))

    --this isn't mine, so credit goes to [[1]] of [Up, Finnick isn't dead, it was a typing-error] (@FaceBook)

    ~Jessa ;)

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  • Iamjessa

    Title: Peeta’s POV during the Reaping day (Part 1)

    Date: April 15, 2012- 10:21 p.m.

    Written by: Jessa Sta. Ana

    Last night wasn’t one of my worsts. I slept well, not even bothering that the next day would be the reaping of tributes for the 74th Hunger Games. Maybe, because I know that the odds would be in my favor. I grew up in a family where the kids don’t have to sign up for the poor tesserae which most of the people on District 12 use to make bread, so we, my older brother and I, don’t have to entry our names on the drawing ball extra times. We’re the district’s baker, anyway.

    When we woke up early this morning, no one seems to be in the mood. Well, who would be? My mother silently arranged our breakfast and as we ate, no one spoke. When we were d…

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  • Iamjessa


    April 17, 2012 by Iamjessa


    Date: April 14, 2012

    Written by: Jessa Sta. Ana

    After the Games, everything changed. We now live in the Victor’s Village five houses apart from Haymitch’s home- that, of course was due to my request. Peeta lives in the house in front of us. Though we often see each other, he still won’t talk to me.

    During the Homecoming and Victory Tour, I can feel Peeta’s pain. He smiled, hugged, kissed me and does whatever Haymitch told him to but when the cameras are gone, he’s all somber again. In the middle of the Tour, I tried to confront him.

    “Hey,” I said as he came out of his room in the train. He stopped and looked at me.


    “Um, Peeta… can we talk?”

    “Isn’t that what we are doing just now?” He said indifferently and began to walk away. …

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