This is Clove and Cato's would-be-story, given they've won the Games...

This is a fan-fiction.

By: J. Sta.Ana

Cato and Clove dated after they won the games. Cato didn't mind taking Clove to the hospital every week so they could check out the hit on her head from the games, she never was the same after it, and he dealed well when she went light headed and fainted, and Clove was fine with soothing Cato when he had nightmares, or jumped at a loud noise. But one day Cato said it was best to break up as they reminded each other so much of the games. Clove was heartbroken. Few months later the Capitol made them go there for Christmas.

Clove: * gets on the train and sits down*

Cato: *silently enters the compartment*

Clove: *looks at the snow out the window*

Cato: *clears throat*

Clove: *looks at him* hey...

Cato: *looks straight in Clove's eyes* so what's up?

Clove: Not much... And you? *she heard rumors he got a girlfriend*

Cato: not so well, really

Clove: *nods*

Cato: have you heard the rumors?

Clove: yeah, I think

Cato: *sits beside her* look... that's just Reg, an obsessed girl who can't get over with my sexiness...

Clove: Oh...

Cato:*tries to hold her hands* Clove, I've made a mistake

Clove: What do you mean?

Cato: I mean I think we should've never broken up. I’m an idiot

Clove: *looks down*

Cato: *copes her face and lifts it up* I love you.

Clove: *stares with teary eyes* I love you too...

Cato: *smiles widely* you mean you forgive me?

Clove: *nods and smile lightly* I guess

Cato: *hugs her* I’m so sorry

Clove: *hugs back*

Cato: *breaks away and held her face with both hands, saw her crying* you're hurt

Clove: No I'm not... I just missed you

Cato: I’ve missed you too, more than you ever know *wipes away tears* *kisses her*

Clove: *kisses back*

Clove and Cato: *hug*

…Arriving at the Capitol...

Clove: *sobs*

Cato: shh... don't cry.

Clove: i don't want to go back there

Cato: me neither... but we don't have any other choice

Clove: I can't take it anymore... this is too much

Cato: hey, I know you can. you did it once right? and now i promise you i will never ever leave you. i will not give up on us so easily just because of that stupid Capitol. I'll be here by your side. Together we can make it. I know it Clove, you can, we can.

Clove: promise?

Cato: promise. *kisses her*

Clove and Cato: *start to walk out of the train*

Clove: hey... *holds his hand* i love you.

Cato: *smiles* forever Clove...

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