Title: Peeta’s POV during the Reaping day (Part 1)

Date: April 15, 2012- 10:21 p.m.

Written by: Jessa Sta. Ana

Last night wasn’t one of my worsts. I slept well, not even bothering that the next day would be the reaping of tributes for the 74th Hunger Games. Maybe, because I know that the odds would be in my favor. I grew up in a family where the kids don’t have to sign up for the poor tesserae which most of the people on District 12 use to make bread, so we, my older brother and I, don’t have to entry our names on the drawing ball extra times. We’re the district’s baker, anyway.

When we woke up early this morning, no one seems to be in the mood. Well, who would be? My mother silently arranged our breakfast and as we ate, no one spoke. When we were done, everyone pretend to be busy, just so to kill time until two o’clock comes.

I am not close to my brothers so, when they went out to see the other kids, I made my way downstairs to my father’s bakery. There, I settled things on the table and began my frosting works. I tried my best to make everything beautiful, though I didn’t enjoy it like I always do.

When I was done, I began to prepare myself. My parents met us in the front door, and like what I always see every reaping day, I saw again the uncommon fear in my mother’s eyes. She gave us each a hug while Father and my oldest brother wished us good lucks.

We arrived at the square just in time. Again, I saw everyone with obvious fears in their eyes. And as Mayor Undersee began his long words, something started to bother me inside. It’s this funny feeling in my stomach and my knees began to shake. Then I realized I was nervous too. So, self-denial won’t ever last, huh?

I tried my best to ignore it and the next thing I knew, Effie Trinket’s beginning to draw the girl tribute’s name. When she called it out a girl of twelve stepped out of the crowd and began to walk stiffly towards the stage. I was still a little preoccupied with my feelings so I didn’t bother remembering who she is and where on District 12 she’s from.

What happened next caught my whole attention now. A girl from the sixteens’ began to scream the tribute’s name. “Prim!” She start to make her way through the crowd and the kids moved away effortlessly to give her a straight path towards the stage. “Prim!”

When she reached Prim, she pushed the girl behind her as if to protect it from harm. “I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!” And that’s when I realized who she is.

“What’s your name?” Effie Trinket asked.

“Katniss Everdeen” I blurt out the same time she answered Effie.

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