• Iari 99

    My own Games

    August 26, 2012 by Iari 99

    Please participe in the 95º Hunger Games! You can create yor own 2 tributes!

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  • Iari 99

    The 97º Hunger Games

    August 26, 2012 by Iari 99

    The Granddaugther of Snow is now president, and she reestablished the Hunger Games. You want to participe? Create your own 2 tributes! You will be the mentor of your tributes: you will give them gifts and notes, and more! Leave a coment with this information about your two tributes:









    District 1 Male

    Lush Sparkles District 1 female Spear Dull minded, Sadastic, Proud GlamrousGlimmer

    Sam Flager

    District 2 Male sword, throwing knives sneaky, cocky AsherMizzou
    Lauren Meyers District 2 Female Blowgun Friendly and caring Katy
    Kole Lovett District 3 Male Spear Friendly and caring Katy
    Ruby Hyrglass District 3 Female Throwing Axes and K…

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