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  • I live in 'merica
  • I was born on December 26
  • My occupation is Drummer
  • I am Male
  • Icanhasnofriends

    Alright so after I realized my previous games were a dud, I felt bad for not finishing and decided to start a new one! These games are a quell, and will have a startling twist. The districts will be from 1-13.

    1. 1-3 tributes

    2. Make the tributes interesting

    3. RP wiki links are accepted

    4. The more involved you are, the more likely you are to win

    Name: District: Gender: Weapons:
    Anders Longtail 1 Male Mace, Spear
    Anais Morrisa 1 Female Warhammer, Flail, Whip
    2 Male

    Carmine Morrisa 2 Female Warhammer, Mace, Flail
    Luxio Sertalium 3 Male Glaive, Shurikens, Axe
    Zoey Proasheck 3 Female Axe, Katana, Throwing Knives
    Luxray Meganium 4 Male Morning Star, Shurikens
    Coralyn Halimeda 4 Female Trident, Throwing Knives
    Welson Dare 5 Male Shocker, Dagger
    5 Female

    6 Ma…

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  • Icanhasnofriends

    Name: Odin Amarth

    Gender: Male

    District: 1

    Age: 18

    Personality: A little cocky, intimidating, kind of quiet, can be social but doesn't like to

    Strengths: Smart, fast, can swim well

    Fears: Drowning and heights

    Weapons: Spear (throwing and close combat)

    Alliance: Careers

    Picture/Description: 6'1, kind of skinny but deceptively strong, tan skin, green eyes, long, dirty blond hair

    Bloodbath Strategy: Find the nearest weapon and kill the nearest tribute that's not a career, then obtain a spear and meet up with the careers after the bloodbath.

    What will they perform in private training?: Spear throwing and close combat spear fighting

    Backstory: Being named after the thunder god Odin, he has always been an avid worshipper of him, always thought about winning…

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  • Icanhasnofriends

    1. 2 tributes per person

    2. Reservations last 24 hours, no exceptions.

    3. No wikia contributors

    4. Don't whine to me if your tribute dies or I will never let you join another one of my games

    5. Don't be an asshole to the other mentors

    6. There will be sponsoring

    7. Districts 0-14 will be used

    8. If you have been in one of my previous games, enter a different tribute please.

    Name: District: Gender: Weapons: User: Element:
    Cecil Galaxy 0 Male Sickle YourFavoriteSalmon Life
    Hester Winters 0 Female Sherikens Yoonie Earth
    Ashton Miles C Male Crossbow, Dagger BaconCanadian Water
    Candy Orenson C Female Crossbow, Spear, Mace Pippycat Thunder
    David Johnson 1 Male Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld Earth
    Jules Vanity 1 Female Knife, Axe Nommyzambies Fire
    Troy Mason 2 …

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  • Icanhasnofriends

    Hello Everyone! I am immidately hosting another games! There will be blood and gore, not so much drama but there will be some. Please take a look at the rules below. 

    1.) No being an asshole in the comments.

    2.) Don't bitch at me if your tribute dies


    4.) There is no required template, BUT. If you make your tribute more interesting, you will have a more likely chance of winning. 

    5.) There will be sponsoring. People that are not in the games can sponsor the tributes. 

    6.) Max 3 tributes for person

    7.) There will be 26 tributes (Capitol and District 13 are in this one)

    8.) Reservations are allowed. They last 24 hours.

    Name: Gender: District:  Age: Weapons: User:
    Alec Roswell-Seacrest Male Capitol 16 Kukri Xbilliex
    Camellia The…

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  • Icanhasnofriends

    Hey! I decided I'm going to try to write my first hunger games! These may not be up to standard as it is my first one. But I will try my best! No getting pissy at me if your tribute gets killed, I will not use I will choose who wins based on the most interesting character and the most detailed character. These are just like any other hunger games, as there can only be one victor. I should be able to update everyday. There will be cussing, detailed gore, and other nasty stuff so if you have a problem with that don't join.

    Tribute Template: 




    Weapons (max 3):







    Name: District Gender: Age: Weapons: Alliance:
    Corin Ritter 1 Male 18 Spear, throwing weapons Career…

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