1. 2 tributes per person

2. Reservations last 24 hours, no exceptions.

3. No wikia contributors

4. Don't whine to me if your tribute dies or I will never let you join another one of my games

5. Don't be an asshole to the other mentors

6. There will be sponsoring

7. Districts 0-14 will be used

8. If you have been in one of my previous games, enter a different tribute please.


Name: District: Gender: Weapons: User: Element:
Cecil Galaxy 0 Male Sickle YourFavoriteSalmon Life
Hester Winters 0 Female Sherikens Yoonie Earth
Ashton Miles C Male Crossbow, Dagger BaconCanadian Water
Candy Orenson C Female Crossbow, Spear, Mace Pippycat Thunder
David Johnson 1 Male Sword, Throwing Knives MyWorld Earth
Jules Vanity 1 Female Knife, Axe Nommyzambies Fire
Troy Mason 2 Male Mace, Ax, Sword YourFavoriteSalmon Earth
Vanessa Whoreo 2 Female Spear, Sword ViniciusDeAssis1999 Fire
Textil Archeus 3 Male Throwing Knives, Hammer Tehblakdeath Death
Seraphina Oaks 3 Female Sword, Dagger Pippycat Fire
Konami Aretino 4 Male Fangs, Trident, Strength Tehblakdeath Earth
Annelie Elvander 4 Female Crossbow PumPumPumpkin :3 None
James Desmond 5 Male Machete, Trident, Poison ConspiracyKiller825 Earth
Nellie Cougar 5 Female Sickle, Throwing Knives, Poison Biel1458 Fire
Crimson Typhoon 6 Male Archery, Hand to Hand, Sword AwesomeAidan None
Victoria Spark 6 Female Throwing Knives SmilingTribute Water
Jayson Huff 7 Male Axe, Hatchet Nlby001 Earth
Thalia Combe 7 Female Archery, Throwing Knives NommyZambies Water
Manik Spark 8 Male Spear, Mace SmilingTribute Death
Lacey Despin 8 Female Archery, Knife, Slingshot Pippycat Earth
Nick Machlachlan 9 Male Anything AwesomeAidan None
Marissa Caladon 9 Female Dagger Xbilliex Water
Gael Withers 10 Male Spear Infectedvisions Fire
Astrid Night 10 Female Throwing Knives, Cleaver Infectedvisions Earth
Corin Ritter 11 Male Spear Alicerosewright Fire
Lilly Gante 11 Female Blowgun Yoonie Life
Lightning Twist 12 Male Throwing Knives, SIckle Smilingtribute Thunder
Bree Riverbuck 12 Female Blowgun, Stealth, Dagger Biel1458 Earth
Drago Fire 13 Male Fire, Sickle, Iron Knuckles AwesomeAidan None
Emily McClain 13 Female Archery, Dagger MyWorld Life
Spectre Shadow 14 Male Mace, Sickle, Halberd Alicerosewright Thunder
Naomi Islan 14 Female Knives, War Hammer




Careers: Hester Winters (0), David Johnson (1), Jules Vanity (1) Troy Mason (2), Candy Orenson (C), Konami Aretino (4), Victoria Spark (6), Manik Spark (8), Corin Ritter (11), Vanessa Whoreo (2)

Leader: Jules Vanity (1)

Loners: Ashton Miles (C), James Desmond (5), Nellie Cougar (5) Crimson Typhoon (6), Jayson Huff (7), Thalia Combe (7), Nick Maclachlan (9), Marissa Caladon (9), Gael Withers (10), Astrid Night (10), Bree Riverbuck (12), Drago Fire (13), Emily McClain (13), Naomi Islan (14)

0&3 Alliance: Cecil Galaxy (0), Textil Archeus (3)

3,8&11 Alliance: Seraphina Oaks (3), Lacey Despin (8), Lilly Gante (11)

4,12&14 Alliance: Annelie Elvander (4), Lightning Twist (12), Spectre Shadow (14)

TWIST #1:Edit

During traning, your tribute will be trained to master an element. In which they can use to their advantage twice in these games. Each ability that doesn't last all games can be used as indicated below. The elements are:

Life: Healing powers (x1), can bring plants to life (x1)

Fire: Can shoot jets of fire out of hands (x1), can gain a molten shield, protecting them from all damage from the neck below for 5 hours (x1)

Water: Water breathing abilities (lasts all games), increased swiftness in water (lasts all games)

Earth: Increased speed and strength when on solid ground (ex. Dirt, soil, rock, concrete. Lasts all games), can start a 30 sec earthquake (x1)

Thunder: Can summon a lightning bolt (instakill if it is direct hit. x1) Can shoot a bolt of lightning out of eyes (x1) The higher altitude they are at, the more powerful the blast

Death: Can revive anyone they want to help them for a day (x2)

Training Scores+Odds:Edit

Name: District: Training Score: Odds:
Cecil Galaxy 0 9 13-1
Hester Winters 0 5 26-1
Ashton Miles C 5 24-1
Candy Orenson C 10 6-1
David Johnson 1 9 9-1
Jules Vanity 1 10 5-1
Troy Mason 2 10 3-1
Vanessa Whoreo 2 9 7-1

Textil Archus

3 7 28-1
Seraphina Oaks 3 6 17-1
Konami Aretino 4 9 10-1
Annelie Elvander 4 6 21-1
James Desmond 5 10 9-1
Nellie Cougar 5 3 38-1
Crimson Typhoon 6 7 23-1
Victoria Spark 6 8 19-1
Jayson Huff 7 9 11-1
Thalia Combe 7 4 34-1
Manik Spark 8 7 20-1
Lacey Despin 8 5 26-1
Nick Maclachlan 9 3 42-1
Marissa Caladon 9 8 13-1
Gael Withers 10 4 34-1
Astrid Night 10 7 20-1
Corin Ritter 11 9 8-1
Lilly Gante 11 5 30-1
Lightning Twist 12 8 14-1
Bree Riverbuck 12 9 10-1
Drago Fire 13 6 21-1
Emily McClain 13 7 27-1
Spectre Shadow 14 11 4-1
Naomi Islan 14 4 40-1


Cornucopia: The cornucopia lays on a sandy beach in the middle of an extremely large lake surrounding it. The tributes will rise equidistant from eachother to the cornucopia and will be forced to swim, tributes with the water ability will thrive here. The mutts include a fleet of giant, aggressive lobsters. A megalodon shark (70 foot long extinct species), and the seaweed is electrified. The water is salt.

Prairies: Another ring outside the lake area will be a prairie. peach and plum trees litter the giant field, but watch out, some are poisoned. Tall grass, beautiful skies and cool streams of fresh water make this place an oasis, almost. The mutts are gigantic snakes and spiders, reaching unreal sizes. Tributes with the earth ability can thrive here. 

Forests: Yet another ring lays outside the prairies. Forests with large trees with tree houses, bushes ripe with nuts and berries litter the area. Little to no water is found here, unless through a spile. Mutts include ravenous bears, moose, and elk. Tributes with the life and fire abilities can thrive here.

Mountains: The final ring outside the forests is a mountainous region. Snow litters the ground, and the climate is very cold. Avalanches are common. There is no food or water but plenty of shelter. The mutts are packs of angry, flesh eating mountan goats that can tear a tribute to bone in seconds. Tributes with the Earth and Thunder abilities can thrive here
44th Annual Games

Arena, thanks for whoever sent it to me

TWIST #2:Edit

As soon as the gong sounds at the beginning of the bloodbath, a giant invisible dome will be set around the cornucopia and surrounding lake until 10 tributes are dead.

Day 1, The Bloodbath:Edit

Candy Orenson- The Capitol:Edit

Wow.. I can't believe this is really happening to me. I raise up in the arena, and I see Troy smiling at me from afar, I know what to do. The cornucopia is in the middle of an enormous lake. I can see mountains in the distance, and a flat prairie with a few trees littered here and there. I wish i had chosen the Water power now. 

"Hello tributes, your powers will activate after 30 seconds after the gong. Happy Hunger Games!" A loud voice says. Shit.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. GONG! I leap off my platform. I can feel the energy rushing through me. All of the sudden I see the girl from 7 bolt past me deep underwater. She surfaces about 100 feet in front me on the white sand at the cornucopia. She quickly finds a bow and fires an arrow straight into the heart of the boy from 10. BOOM! Only 9 left.

Spectre Shadow- District 14Edit

A loud buzzer goes off and I'm assuming we can use our powers now. I scramble up the beach and summon all of my energy into thinking about a lightning bolt. All of the sudden a flash of lightning comes out of the air, and goes straight into the water, electrifying it. BOOM! I see my district partner, Naomi rise to the top, dead. She never stood a chance anyways. I grab a sword and a bag and dive under water again. Prairie here I come. All of the sudden, a large metal dome encloses over the surrounding water and cornucopia, they're keeping us here? Shit. I swim back to shore and prepare for the onslaught.

Corin Ritter- District 11Edit

I pick up a sword from the back of the cornucopia, I see Troy battling the girl from District 0, the girl has a sword and Troy only has a knife. All of the sudden Troy yells and tenses his body. A rumbling begins. A crevice opens up in the ground, and down goes Hester. BOOM! Troy collapses, exhausted. The boy from 13, I think his name is Drago Fire, takes his chance and slashes down at the throat of Troy. I block his strike with my sword and command a jet of fire out of my hands, straight into Drago's face. He falls screaming, with molten fury all over his face. He crawls for the water but I kick him in the chest. He falls and I use one more jet of flame to finish him off. BOOM! Drago Fire, and he died from fire. How ironic.

Konami Aretino- District 4Edit

All of this steel. Waiting for me. 4 cannons have sounded already. I sprint and pick up a trident near the water, time to get to work. I spot the girl from 6 darting around in the water. She's fighting the girl from 5. And is clearly winning. I'm sure she has the water ability and can breathe under water. She wraps her arms around the girls stomach and pulls her deep under. BOOM! I turn around and find the boy from 7, in a fury, bellowing like a psychotic bull with an axe in his massive hands. It seems all he has is strength. He swings hard at my neck but I duck just in time, I stab with my trident but it only grazes his arm. I step back and trip over a crate. Shit. He raises his axe and I close my eyes, waiting for death. But I hear a cannon. BOOM! The massive boy falls to the ground and I see the dainty little body of Jules from 1, with a bloodstained knife in her hand. 

  "You're welcome." She says in her angel like voice.

She just saved me.

James Desmond- District 5Edit

I glance over my shoulder and see the capitol boy get decapitated by Vanessa from 2. BOOM! I walk timidly around the back of the cornucopia and I see the boy from 9, wounded. I dart back around the corner, as I am weaponless. I grab a nearby machete and get to work. I raise it in a stabbing motion and thrust the blade into his chest. BOOM! And I feel a thud of metal on metal. Did I just stab through the cornucopia? Oh yeah, super strength. Forgot.

David Johnson- District 1Edit

This is great. Everywhere I go, there is slaughter. I spot a group swimming over to the edge of the dome, waiting for it to disappear. 2 more deaths I think. I scoop up a sword, and luckily, the girl from 11 charges me, with an axe in her hand. I slash her stomach effortlessly, blood seeps from the wound. A fatal cut, she falls and I leave her for dead. I see the girl from 3, rummaging for supplies IN MY cornucopia. I walk, gripping my sword in anger, and I feel an unbearable in my back. I fall and the girl from 11, is glowing green. She healed herself. Fuck, I should have known. The last thing I see is the unforgiving axe blade. BOOM! 

Manik Spark- District 8Edit

Luckily I am a fast swimmer and was one of the first people to the cornucopia besides the water tributes. I managed to get a mace and a backpack. I sling it over my shoulder. I hear crunching sand a swing around to see the boy from 6, running towards me with trident he probably has no idea how to use. I swing the mace like a baseball bat at his knee, I hear the boy crack and he drops his weapon and starts rolling on the ground. It's a menacing sight really. I put him out of his misery with a swift swing to his head. BOOM! The metal dome finally raises and tributes dart of the island as fast as they can, towards the lushious green fields. Oh this should be fun.

Death Chart:Edit

Tribute: Placing: Killer:
Gael Withers (10) 32nd Thalia Combe (7)
Naomi Islan (14) 31st Spectre Shadow (14)
Hester Winters (0) 30th Troy Mason (2)
Drago Fire (13) 29th Corin Ritter (11)
Nellie Cougar (5) 28th Victoria Spark (6)
Jayson Huff (7) 27th Jules Vanity (1)
Ashton Miles (C) 26th  Vanessa Whoreo (2)
Nick Maclachlan (9) 25th James Desmond (5)
David Johnson (1) 24th Lilly Gante (11)
Crimson Typhoon (6) 23rd Manik Spark (8)