Odin Amarth- Primary Districts: 1 and 14

Name: Odin Amarth

Gender: Male

District: 1

Age: 18

Personality: A little cocky, intimidating, kind of quiet, can be social but doesn't like to

Strengths: Smart, fast, can swim well

Fears: Drowning and heights

Weapons: Spear (throwing and close combat)

Alliance: Careers

Picture/Description: 6'1, kind of skinny but deceptively strong, tan skin, green eyes, long, dirty blond hair

Bloodbath Strategy: Find the nearest weapon and kill the nearest tribute that's not a career, then obtain a spear and meet up with the careers after the bloodbath.

What will they perform in private training?: Spear throwing and close combat spear fighting

Backstory: Being named after the thunder god Odin, he has always been an avid worshipper of him, always thought about winning the games in the glory of Odin ever since he was a young boy. Therefore, he has always been tireless training for the past 12 years of his life. Thus making him very expierienced with his preferred weapon (spear). His mother died during childbirth and his dad is a peacekeeper.

Token: Golden ring of a lightning bolt

Based off of: Various elements of Norse mythology

Nile Sebek- Primary Districts: 1 and 2

Name: Nile Sebek

Gender: Male

District: 2

Age: 17 Weapon: Metal staff

Secondary Weapon: Scimitar

Strengths: Extremely fast, strategic, smart, can confuse people easily, climbing

Weaknesses: Swimming, very quiet, not a wide weapon variety

Alliance: Careers

Apperance: 6'1, black hair, dark skin (like an egyptian), golden eyes, rather thin but deceptively strong

Personality: Nile is often ignored in groups, making him very quiet. He can kill without a problem, but feels pity for everyone else. He is very arrogant, thinking of himself almost as a god. He sees himself better than others, but because of his almost mute presence, nobody would ever know that.

Volunteered or Reaped: Volunteered

Backstory: Nile has always been very quiet. His teachers and parents thought he was mute for the first 7 years of his life. Finally, he started speaking at age 7. But very rarely. He would merely listen, this gave him a vast intellegence, which he highly valued. He noticed that nobody had eyes like him. He assumed himself to be a chosen one of the Egyptian God, Sebok. He trained tirelessly day and night. But not the traditional way. He trained through meditation and practiced with odd weapons. The staff was his favorite, a simple weapon, yet so deadly. Another favorite was the scimitar. The curved blade and hand protector made him feel on the offense as well the defense. He volunteered when he was 17, surprising everyone considering he never spoke.

Bloodbath Strategy: Take the traditional career strategy. Run in a grab a weapon, preferably a bladed weapon or a staff, then kill the weaker. Regroup and sort out supplies

Interview Angle: Very quiet, intelligent, serious, determined

Private training session: Will do a series of staff combat techniques, bludgeoning many dummies. Then will maim a large amount of dummies with a scimitar

Token: Egyptian Anhk pendant

Based off of: Various elements of the Technical Death Metal band "Nile"

Kalmah XXIV- Primary Districts: 4 and 12

Name: Kalmah XXIV 

Gender: Male

District: 4

Age: 17

Personality: Bloodthirsty, a little insane, sadistic, anti-social

Strengths: Very fast, strong, close combat fighting, reaction time

Fears: Spiders

Weapons: Trident, Machete, Spear

Alliance: Careers

Picture/Description: 6'2, medium length black hair, gray eyes

What will they perform in private training?: Close quarters trident combat and trident throwing

Backstory: Kalmah has always been a little twisted in the head. His father was a very wealthy scientist. So Kalmah used his labratory. Around age 10, people started noticing that people's pets were disappearing. At age 14, Kalmah started using his superior size to kidnap homeless people to perfrom live experimintation, thus giving him a lot of knowledge on killing blows, how to kill quickly, and how to stop severe bloodloss. All of this sick, twisted, scientific knowledge was all put forward for the games, he planned to volunteer when he turned 17

Bloodbath Strategy: If he has an alliance, follow them. If he does not, get something on the outskirts and make a swift retreat.

Interview Angle: Silent, dark, insane

Feast strategy: If optional, dont go. If mandatory, kill anyone and everyone

Token: Pentagram necklace

Based off of: Basically some crazy mofo I came up with

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