Hey! I decided I'm going to try to write my first hunger games! These may not be up to standard as it is my first one. But I will try my best! No getting pissy at me if your tribute gets killed, I will not use I will choose who wins based on the most interesting character and the most detailed character. These are just like any other hunger games, as there can only be one victor. I should be able to update everyday. There will be cussing, detailed gore, and other nasty stuff so if you have a problem with that don't join.

Tribute Template: 




Weapons (max 3):







Name: District Gender: Age: Weapons: Alliance:
Corin Ritter 1 Male 18 Spear, throwing weapons Careers
Evaine Mejai 1 Female 18 Knife, Steel Claws Careers
Esteban Ortiz 2 Male 16 Bow and Arrow, Slingshot Careers
Aylona Green 2 Female 15 Bare Hands, Spear Careers
Brahmos Ion 3 Male 16 Wires, Mines, Poison darts Alone
Dayta Huksley 3 Female 15 Long distance throwing weapons, Axe Susano Tachibana
Oskar Pacific 4 Male 15 Trident, Glaive, Sword Anti-Careers
Oceania Seacrest 4 Female 16 Trident Alone
Johnathan Mikeal 5 Male 17 Sword, Machete, Spear Anti- Careers
Katarina Seacrest 5 Female 14 Axe, treachery, deception Alone
Samuel Johnsonn 6 Male 18 Tomahawk, Cama Knife, Colada Sword Anti-Careers
Rosalina Rockwell 6 Female 13 Bow, Dagger, Rocks Alone
Evan Turner 7 Male 16 Axe, Throwing Knives Anti-Careers
Saadia Gaena 7 Female 12 Knife, Spear Jake Caesarus
Tiberius Cragen 8 Male 15 Dagger, Knife Alone
Sofia Bulgar 8 Female 16 Axe, Bow and Arrows 8, 10, 11
Jake Caesarus 9 Male 12 Sword, Stealth Saadia Gaena
Sienna Renea 9 Female 17  Blowgun, Sickle Alone
Blaine Fitz 10 Male 16 Axe, Throwing Axe, Tomahawk 8, 10, 11
Lavender Morton 10 Female 16 Throwing axe, knife, two-holed axe 8, 10, 11
Rubin Jett 11 Male 17 Sword, Kopesh, Knife 8, 10, 11
Aislyn Latona 11 Female 17 Bow, Sword Anti-Careers
Susano Tachibana 12 Male 13 Bow and Arrow Dayta Huksley
Leona Soleil 12 Female 16 Sword, Shield Careers



District 1- Corin Ritter

Today was my last reaping. And it was time to step up and volunteer. After all my years of training it's time to avenge my fallen sister. I slowly walk over to the 18 year old section and stand up straight.

"Hello Distrct 1! Happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in your favor! Let's start with the boys." Our annoyingly happy escort shouted.

Before she could even shout the name of the poor soul who got selected,

"I volunteer!" I bellow.

"Magnificent! What's your name?" She shouts into the microphone.

"Corin Ritter." I say proudly.

"Well Corin I wish you luck!" She states annoyingly

"Now for the girls! Evaine Mejai!" She yells.

A very calm looking girl came walking up to stage like it was nothing.

"Well Evaine how do you feel right now?" Our escort says.

"Well to be honest i'm a little worried, but i'm sure i'll do fine." She says rather nervously.

Evaine gave off an aura like she was very sneaky. I knew I certainly couldn't trust her. And with that, we loaded into the train and speeded off to our slaughter.

District 2- Aylona Green

I have to say i'm not looking forward to this reaping, due to that damned dye accident last year that turned me into a green monster. If I get reaped, people on t.v will think i'm a damned joke. I sigh as I walk towards the towns square and take my spot with the 15 year old girls. I wait nervously until all the teenagers get filed into their sections. 

"Hello! Let's start with the boys!"

Our escort seems incredibly rushed for some odd reason.

"Esteban Ortiz." our escort said quickly.

A boy with blonde hair walked up to the stage. He looked like he was malnourished. Something rare in district 2. But he looked like a formidable opponent for whoever shall be reaped.

"Alright! On to the girls! Aylona Green!"

Just my damn luck. Out of all the people that could have been picked, it had to be me. The girl with the freakish green hair. I walked up to the stange with looks that could kill and stood next to my hopefully fellow career. Esteban looked a lot more muscular up close. We shook hands and then were shuffled off too the train.

District 3- Brahmos Ion

Another one of these nerve-racking reapings. I feel sorry for who ever gets picked this year. I let the peacekeeper take a sample of my blood then take my place with the 16 year old boys. As I look around, I notice everyone staring at me. I'm use to this, as i'm the geek of the district. Oh well, let's see how it works for these idiots when my brains come in handy.

"Welcome District 3 to the 42nd Annual Hunger Games. Lets get on with it now."

Our old escort seems grumpier than last year.

"Alright let's start with you miserable children. Boys first. Brahmos Ion." She said rather dully.

Even though my exterior showed that I was terrified. I wanted this to happen. With me being reaped, maybe I can finally show my father that i'm not just some rebellious teenager. I walk up to the stage and take my place beside the escort. She is looking at me with evil eyes and I stare at her right back. Stupid bitch.

"Little brat... I mean *ahem* let's reap the girl now. Dayta Huksley."

I remember her. She is the girl that burned down that factory a while ago. I mean, she basically went mute after the incident so I don't know how she will do. She walks up to the stage, and as I shake her hand, I notice she has deep burn scars on her palms. I feel sorry for her, and I feel like I want to help her. But I know I can't get distracted. I must win for my father.

District 4- Oskar Pacific

Well. The time is here. The time to volunteer for these games considering my family doesn't even care for me anymore. I wonder how my siblings will react to me being in the hunger games... I let the peacekeeper take a blood sample and then take my place over with the 15 year olds. Everyone towers over me, I hate being so short.

"Welcome District 4 to the 42nd Annual Hunger Games!" Our overly happy escort shouts way too loud.

"Shall we start with the girls?" She says.

She reaches into the glass bowl and pulls out a name. 

"Oceania Seacrest!" She shouts into the mic.

Great. That was that one girl that won a few years ago but for some reason is still in the reapings. Hardly seems fair. I am starting to reconsider volunteering.

"Onto the boys! Colli-"

"I volunteer!" I shout.

I have to jump to be recognized. The peacekeepers come and escort me up to the stage. Where I shake hands with Oceania and board the Capitol train.

District 5- Katarina Seacrest

I'm getting shoved over to the 14 year old section by these damned asylum workers. I heard that my stuck up of a bitch cousin was reaped so i'm looking forward to volunteering.

"Let's just get on with it. Girls first. Samanth-"

"I volunteer!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

As i'm again getting shoved around up to the stage, I see everyone staring at me. They know I'm insane. Crazy. Psychotic. This makes me angry. I see a boy in the front of the crowd staring at me. I lash out and rake my nails down his face. I think I got his eye. He screams in pain as i'm tackled to the floor by the asylum workers. I'm then dragged up to the stage. The escort seems to be keeping her distance from me.

"Well then. That was quite a show. Now for the boys. Johnathan Mikeal."

The boy I went crazy on walks up to the stage with his fists clenched. I knew I shouldn't have done that. The escort tries to force us to shake hands, but he refuses, he just glares at me with blood running down his face.

District 6- Rosalina Rockwell

I'm very happy right now, as my dad has just given me a brand new scarf and gloves to wear to the reaping. They are orange, and I have very low odds as I have never taken tesserae. I really hope I don't get picked. I walk over to the 13 year old section and take my place among my peers.

"Welcome District 6 to the 42nd hunger games!" Our escort shouts in his deep voice.

He walks over to the male reaping bowl and pulls out a slip of paper.

"Samuel Johnsonn." He says.

A talk, lanky boy walks up to the stage. He has dark curly hair and hazel eyes. I feel sorry for him.

"Alright, now for the girls"

He walks over to the table and my heart is thumping out of my chest.

"Rosalina Rockwell."

I... I can't believe it. He just called out my name, I can't help but start sobbing silently. I probably look weak right now but I don't care, I slowly walk up to the stage with my face red and tears streaming down it. I shakily look at Samuel and walk towards the train. I can't believe it.

District 7- Evan Turner

Well, another reaping for District 7. I have a larger chance of being reaped this year as I have taken tesserae for 4 years now. I take my place over by the 16 year old males after giving a small sample of blood to the head peacekeeper. I tend to peer over everyone due to my height.

"Welcome to another shitty hunger games." Our old escort shouts. I think he's tired of his job.

He slowly walks over to the male reaping bowl and pulls out a piece of paper with an unlucky souls name on it.

"Evan Turner." He says weakly.

Well, I guess i'm the unlucky soul. To be honest i'm not surprised. I had about 30 slips in there and District 7 doesn't have many people in it. I make the walk of shame up to the stage with a blank expression on my face. I am confident in my skills though. My superior intellect and skill with the axe should bring me to victory.

"Saadia Gaena."

I just realized they just picked the girl tribute as I was spacing off thinking of my strategy. The only thing I have heard about the little 12 year old is that she killed her father in self defense a while ago. She walks up to the stage looking rather glum. Which I would expect. I shake her tiny hand and board the train.

District 8- Tiberius Cragen

Look at all these pathetic creatures. Ready to be stabbed in the back, I think gruesome thoughts as I walk over to the 15 year old male section and take my place with my peers.

"Welcome blah blah. Let's pick a dude first. Tiberius Cragen." Our young and stupid mentor says.

Well then. Wasn't expecting that. I think I will fare off well though. I'm crafty with a dagger and can manage with knife. I walk up to the stage and take my place by our idiot mentor. He fumbles around in the female bowl until he manages to pick a piece of paper out.

"Sofia Bulgar." A girl from the 16 year old section walks up to the stage. We shake hands and board the humungous train.

District 9- Sienna Renea

Here it goes. The dreaded reapings. I don't know how I could fare being seperated from my mom again. She's my only family and the only one I trust. My dad left when I was born so she is the only one I have left. I take my place with the 17 year old girls and terrible memories flood back to me from when I was kidnapped 3 years ago. I can believe I have the possibility of being seperated from my mother again.

"Welcome to the 42nd Hunger Games! Shall we start with the boys?" Our escort shouts with the wind whistling through her pink hair.

She fumbles through the bowl going for a slip of paper, she slowly utters the name:

"Jake Caesarus"

A trembling 12 year old boyslowly walks up to the stage with tears in his eyes. I feel pity for him. 12 year olds never win.

"Now for the girls! Sienna Renea."

I can't believe it. I can't even move my feet up to the stage. Everyone is staring at me, knowing I have been reaped. I finally mamage to get my feet to move and I slowly walk up to the stage and take my place by the 12 year old boy. I now know what he was feeling. Right before I board the train I turn back to my crying mother and bravely say:

"May the Amber waves of this District, chant my name until I return and claim the Victor’s Village as my home.”

District 10- Lavender Morton

I'm dreading today. I remember back to the good days when my family was around. Now all I got is my grandma. I give her one last hug and kiss goodbye before heading off to the town square for the reapings. I let the peacekeeper take a blood sample before squeezing in with the rest of the 16 year old girls. After the boring capitol video we finally get to hear our escort with her annoying squeeky voice say:

"Ladies first!"

She wobbles over to the female bowl. She obviously isn't familiar with heels.

"Lavender Morton." She says annoyingly

Was that really my name? Everything seems to be moving a blur. I can only manage to make my feet move up towards the stage with a blank stare I could only describe as deadly. I take my place by our escort, standing tall. I want to seem strong for the capitol so hopefully I can get good sponsors.

"Now for the boys! Blaine Fitz." Our escort half yelps.

A nervous looking boy walks out from the 16 year old male section. I know him from school, he has a few friends but for the most part is very shy. He could be a valuable ally. His black hair is blowing in the wild wind. He walks up to the stage and we shake hands then turn away from the silent crowd.

District 11- Rubin Jett

Today, 2 years ago, my poor brother was reaped. Today, I shall avenge him by entering the games and making him proud. I walk into the town square with my head held high, feeling confident. I take my place with the rest of the 17 year old males. I begin silently mouthing what I will say during the interviews. I have been practicing for a while now.

"Welcome, District 11 to the 42nd Hunger Games! Ladies first!" Our escort shouts too close to the mic, which gets some groans from the audience.

"Aislyn Latona."

A small girl walks out of the 17 year old female section with her flowing brown hair following behind her. It is a very windy day today.

"Now for the gentlemen. Isai-

"I volunteer as tribute!" I shout louder than I ever have.

I get surprised looks from just about everyone as I walk up to the stage without a doubt in my heart I will win. I'm the quiet one and nobody was expecting me to yell like that. I stand tall next to Aislyn, I then proceed to shake hands with her, and board the Capitol train.

District 12- Leona Soleil

I remember it like it was yesterday. The click of the trigger, the bang of the gun, the thud of my sister's lifeless body hitting the stone floor. She was executed, because of me. I will show them their injustice, they will pay. I walk into the towns square with a dark expression on my face. Nobody is used to this, on reaping day, I am not my usual happy self. I am a dark, evil shell. 

"Hello District 12 and welcome to this years games!" Our crazy ass escort shouts. 

"Shall we begin? Ladies first! Leona Soleil."

Well, I guess this is my punishment for the injustice I brought upon my sister so long ago. A chance to die in these hellish games. Well I will show them the price for their evil ways. I will show them the price for their injustice.

"Time for the boys! Susano Tachibana."

A tan boy with dark hair marches up to the stage and stands by me. We shake hands and lock eyes for a moment. I can see he will be a serious competitor in these games. I feel fear inside for one of the first times in my life.

Training P.O.V #1- Saadia Gaena (7)

I walk into the large metal room. I see at least 20 different stations, most with weapons lined as far as the eye can see. The instructor highly recommends we do knot tying and plant excercises. So I head over to try my luck at the knot tying first. There is already a boy over there that looks like he's my age, maybe he could make for a potential ally! I walk up to him and introduce myself he looks at me with bright eyes and says:

"My name's Jacob Caesarus. But you can call me Jake." 

I ask him what kind of knot he is trying to tie, he says a noose, which I happen to already know how to do. I guide his hands to do the correct maneuvers.

"Thanks!" He says with a smile on his face.

I ask him if he wants to go try some knife fighting, he agrees and we walk across the large gym over to the knife fighting area. The instructor teaches us some basic manuevers and some slashing techniques, then . tells us to partner up, so of course me and Jake partner up. We trade slashes with the rubber knifes they give us, he makes a slash at my neck. I duck under it, spin around and stab him in the stomach, he tries to stab me in the back but I roll away and stab him again in the ribs and heart.

"Wow...That was really good. Say, you wanna be allies in the arena? I'm pretty sure nobody else wants us and we are both the same age, what do you say? He says

"I think that would be a great idea." I say with a smile on my face.

Training P.O.V #2- Susano Tachibana (12)

As I walk into the huge training room, I am immidately greeting by a massive array of weapons. Swords, spears, tridents, knives, bows, glaives, halbreds as far as the eye can see. All polished and looking extra lethal. I decide to go try my luck with the tridents, I have always thought they were an interesting weapon. I pick up the three pronged spear and hurl it at a dummy, the bottom point peirces the stomach while the other two hit the ribs. I take a few more throws and realize I might have a feel for this weapon, but I decide to ocme back to it later. I walk over to the bow and arrow to show my true skills. I pick up a silver shiny bow and quiver of perfect symmetrical arrows and begin the slaughter. A dummy pops up behind me and I send an arrow into it's throat, another one appears behind me, I turn around and shoot a volley into it's head, 3 arrows hit. Two more start moving towards me, I roll to the side and shoot one in the heart and the other in the head. I turn back to see Dayta Huksley (3) watching me with wide eyes.

"Hey...I know this may be far fetched, but do you maybe want to ally with me? I'd hate to be alone in the arena and you are really good with the bow. I can use just about any throwing weapon and I can kill with an axe pretty well. What do you say?" She says timidly.

"Sure, I don't have an alliance either. I think we could make a good team." 

And on that note we head off to the plant station to get to know eachother better.

Training P.O.V #3- Corin Ritter (1)

As I walk into the gym, I am a bit unimpressed. The training area back in District 1 is much bigger. They do have a rather large selection of weapons here. I see my fellow careers chatting in the corner, probably discussing strategy, I am a bit late so I jog on over to join them in the conversation.

"Should we let her in?" Aylona whispers to Evaine.

"I don't know, she seems pretty good with that sword." Evaine replies.

"Hey! What are we discussing?" I shout eagerly.

"That girl from 12, Leona. She wants to join us." Aylona says.

"I say let her. There are only 4 of us right now, and I heard you guys say she's a good fighter, why not?" I say.

"Ehh, I guess." They all say in unison.

We walk over to the sword fighting station where we see Leona in a battle simulator, armed with a gleaming sword and shield. Every second it seems she is hacking a dummy to peices, at last the final dummy comes her way. She then unhooks her shield and proceeds to throw like a frisbee, cutting it clean in half. We all stand impressed. 

"Hey Leona, we have decided to take you up on your offer to join us." Evaine says.

"Wow, thanks. I didn't think you guys would accept me." Leona says timidly.

With that I decide to show off a little bit at the spear and trident station. I throw a few practice shots to get a feel for the weapons then start the target practice. Dummies start popping up and I pick up a trident and throw it 20 yards straight into a dummies heart. Another one pops up and I hurl a silver spear into it's throat, I continue this for 2 more minutes. Then I decide to try something crazy. I jump into the throwing simulator with a trident and stab it into the dummys heart and twist. After i'm done I have a circular peice of rubber on the tip of the trident in the form of a heart.

Training Scores:

Name: District: Score:
Corin Ritter 1 11
Evaine Mejai 1 10
Esteban Ortiz 2 7
Aylona Green 2 8
Brahmos Ion 3 9
Dayta Huksley 3 7
Oskar Pacific 4 12
Oceania Seacrest 4 10
Johnathan Mikeal 5 11
Katarina Seacrest 5 7
Samuel Johnsonn 6 3
Rosalina Rockwell 6 2
Evan Turner 7 11
Saadia Gaena 7 9
Tiberius Cragen 8 7
Sofia Bulgar 8 10
Jake Caesarus 9 4
Sienna Renea 9 6
Blaine Fitz 10 9
Lavender Morton 10 8
Rubin Jett 11 11
Aislyn Latona 11 3
Susano Tachibana 12 10
Leona Soleil 12 9

Arena. Must Read!

The arena with be divided into quarters. One quarter will be a jungle. It will provide a good food source and shelter, but water is scarce and mutts are present. The second quarter will be a frozen, mountainous tundra. Here will be a large water supply and no mutts. But tributes will have to battle the cold and frequent avalanches. The third quarter is a volcanic wasteland. Here there is little to no food, plenty of mutts, and a constantly erupting volcano. But, there is a treasure in this quarter that if you find it, the gamemakers will give your tribute a very special supply. The fourth quarter is a desert. There is little food, no water, and no mutts. Just sand and cactuses. The cornucopia is in the middle of a frozen lake. The ice is stronger in some points than others so there is a possibility of the ice breaking. The water underneath is very cold.

Day 1- Bloodbath

Rosalina Rockwell (6)- As we rise out of our tubes I look around and see there is a desert behind me. Which is weird because there is a frozen lake in front of me that I have to cross to get to the cornucopia. I spot a bow right on the shore that I will go for. 2 seconds left. GONG! We all jump off our platforms. Some break through the ice but i'm light so I keep running for the cornucopia. Unfortunately Evan Turner arrived before me. And he is advancing fast with an enormous axe in his hand. I spot a sword to my side. I go for it but he chopped a section out of the ground where my hand was so I am forced to run. I catch a glimpse of him pulling a smaller axe out of his belt and hurling it towards me, I duck just in time. I trip over a bag and he advances. He gets the larger axe and cuts a deep gash in my leg. I scream, the pain is unbearable. Then he takes a clean swing at my head, the last thing I see is the shiny blade. BOOM!

Oskar Pacific (4)- Luckily most of these idiots don't know how to walk on ice, me being from District 4 where the lakes freeze in the winter is a different story. I'm one of the first people to the cornucopia so I basically have a selection of anything I want. I see Johnathan Mikeal just reaching the shore. He gives me a nod as we are both in the anti careers and picks up a sword. Just then we see the boy from 8 approaching shore, soaking wet and shivering. Johnathan plunges the blade into the pour souls heart, killing him instantly. BOOM! I see another fellow anti career, Evan Turner with his slain opponent in front of him.

"Let's get out of here!" I yell.

"What about the rest of the alliance?" He shouts back.

"We can meet up with them later! We need to go before the Careers group!" I say.

With that we run off towards the jungle sector. Not before I hear Johnathan shouting for me to watch my back. I turn around to see Dayta Huksley's spear whizz over my head. I advance towards her, trident in hand. She pulls out a glaive. My weapon. She takes a slash, I block it with the handle of my trident. I stab at her but she runs out of the way. She swings again and I catch the lower blade in between the spikes of my trident and twist. A little technique I learned. Weaponless, she turns to run. I smile and gracefully through my trident in the back of her head. BOOM! I retrieve the glaive and then me, Johnathan, and Evan run to the edge of the jungle to await the rest of our alliance.

Brahmos Ion (3)- I fell through the ice and now i'm fucking soaked. Oh how I hate being this cold and wet. I got a backpack with some food and 3 throwing knives from the cornucopia. I am now running through the desert, trying to dry myself off and warm up from the fall. The backpack also had some wire and a mini generator in it. This could make for some nifty traps. My only problem now is water...

Corin Ritter (1)- That damned ice. The gamemakers must have had fun with this arena. Even though I fell through the ice, I still reached the cornucopia fast. I pick up a spear and find Evaine. She has her wicked steel claws at ready. I spot the boy from 6 just reaching shore.

"I got this one." Evaine says in a dark voice. 

She leaps towards him and extends her claws. They impale his chest while her free hand is slashing his face over and over again. He drops onto the ice, bleeding all over the place. BOOM!

              "Um, wow. Great job." I say startled.

"Why thank you!" She replies happily. 

We see Aylona and Esteban both approaching the shore slowly. Me and Evaine give them adequent weapons and food. We then start to talk about strategy. Leona Arrives a little late but we take kindly to her.

Blaine Fitz (10)- I always hated winter back in District 10. And this is exactly how this damned ice feels. I pick up a throwing axe and a bag from the cornucopia and meet up with Rubin, Lavender, and Sofia. We are currently at the edge of the tundra sector. I notice that only me and Rubin managed to get supplies. We have 2 swords, my axe, some food, a gallon of water, 3 coats and a knife. Not much to last us. We eventually decide to head off in the tundra. I offer to not have a coat, but Rubin says he'll switch off with me in an hour.

Katarina Seacrest (5)- I arrive at the cornucopia later than everyone else. I couldn't decide whether or not to go or not. Anyways, I pick up a couple axes buried in the sand, I notice one is a throwing axe, and I see the careers just standing inside the cornucopia. I chuck my throwing axe with all my strength and it lodges in Aylona Green's head. Dying her hideous green hair red. BOOM! Corin from 1 turns around and starts running for me, but i'm faster, I sprint away and take 2 bags ont he out. I settle in an enormous tree in the jungle sector. I open the two sacks to find some food, a gallon of water, 3 knives, a tomohawk, a spile, and throwing knife. Then I still have my hatchet in my belt. All I can think of is Oceania's blood on my hands. I will cherish the moment.

Day 2, Part 1- Morning

Aislyn Latona (11)- Last night, I finally found Evan, Johnathan, and Oskar. We seem to be pretty well geared. I managed to pick up a sickle and a bottle of water. We all have weapons and plenty of food. Plus we have water. As we trek through the jungle, Oskar's head turns quickly.

"Listen, that sounds like running water." He mutters. 

He then starts to walk quickly to our left, cutting a trail with his glaive. We all follow eagerly, all of the sudden Oskar falls through the foliage and into a cold pool of water. It seems to be spring fed.

"Told you I heard water." He says with a smile across his face.

We all empty out any containers we have and fill them all with the clear, cold water. It's a total blessing. We decide to set up camp near the spring. Evan goes to gather firewood while Johnathan check out the rest of our surroundings. That leaves me and Oskar at camp together. He's busy weaving nets out of some vines to see if we can catch any seafood tomorrow in the pond. It's a pretty good size, at least 50 feet across and about 300 feet long. The end we set up on is surrounded in large rocks, so they offer pretty good protection. I fall asleep to the sound of his fingers quickly tying complicated knots for our food.

Susano Tachibana (12)-  I ran off in the direction of the Volcano, knowing nobody would go there. I picked up a bow and a quiver of 16 arrows at the bloodbath. I also got a bag with a half gallon of water, a small shovel, and a large bag of dried fruit. I don't recognize some of them, but they taste good and give me energy. I have been walking on this plain of volcanic ash for what seems like ever, then suddenly, I see a beacon of light shooting straight up into the air. I sprint towards it. I see something that makes me incredibly happy, and sad. There is a small island with what looks like it has body armor, more food, water, a sword, a crossbow with bolts, and a golden shiny thing that I can't make out. The bad thing, it's surrounded by lava, with small stones to step on to get to it. I can't decide what to do, so I sit down and go through my supplies. Maybe my mentor will send some advice.

Jake Caesarus (9)- I met up with Saadia after the bloodbath. She got a small backpack with a miniscule amount of food. We also both have a knife. She stole them from a fallen tribute I guess, I ran as soon as the gong sounded and hid at the edge of the jungle biome. Me and Saadia are now up in a tree, watching the Careers at the cornucopia in the distance. It seems there are only three of them. I can't see who's all there, but they are probably well armed and ready to kill. 

"We need water." I say hoarsely.

"I know, I haven't had anything since yesterday." Saadia says weakly.

We climb down the tree and begin to walk aimlessly through the jungle. We can't see a thing through the thick foliage. Suddenly, Saadia starts running. She jumps through the leaves and makes a splash in a pool of water. We start to cup our hands and greedily slurp up the cool water. That's when I turn around to see a wicked curved blade come down on my shoulder. I look up with bloodshot eyes and see the girl from 11 standing over me, sickle in hand. I cry out for Saadia, and she runs slowly through the water over to me. She runs up behind the girl and stabs her in the back of the neck with her knife, killing her instantly. BOOM! I can't get up due to my shoulder. I hear leaves rustling about 200 yards away. 3 boys run out of the bushes, weapons ready. 

"Saadia...go." I croak.

"No, not without you." She says with tears in her eyes.

"They are coming, you need to win okay? I'm not going to let you get killed too. GO." I shout as loud as I can.

Saadia runs off through the jungle while I lay there, awaiting my death. I'm bleeding out. The boy from 7 reaches me first, gives me a look of pity, then brings an axe down on my neck. BOOM!

Day 2, Part 2- Midday

Lavender Morton (10)- It's very odd. When us 4 woke up this morning, it was weirdly warm. And we are in the mountains. I have a bad feeling but I decide to suppress it. I sit in a cave with Sofia, Rubin, and Blaine and watch an icicle melt. 

"Hey guys, I think we should go now." I say quietly

"I think we're fine here." Rubin says while sharpening his knife on a rock.

We end up staying for about another hour or so when suddenly I hear a cracking sound. I jog outside the cave and my heart sinks. A massive wave of snow is coming towards us at a tremendous speed, crushing trees and everything in it's path.

"AVALANCHE!" I scream at the top of my lungs. 

Everyone sprints out of the cave and down the large slope, dodging peices of rock and other dubris flying at us at high speeds. I realize we are almost right by the desert sector, where the avalanche seems to not cross into. We all think the same thing and start running towards it. I make it into the hot sand first. Then Rubin, then Sofia. I notice that Blaine hasn't showed up yet. 

"Where did Blaine go?!?" I yell nervously 

Just then, I notice that the avalanche is moving at an angle, and I see Blaine in the distance, struggling through the thick snow, the avalanche is gaining on him fast. Just as he is about to cross over, a uprooted tree zooms down and takes his legs out from under him. He screams in agony and I pull him over right as the tidal wave of snow floods where he was just at. Both of his legs are bent at odd angles. I can tell they are broken. We sit down and try to decide what to do. We have no medicine, he will just slow us down. All of the sudden, Rubin gets up with his knife, says something to Blaine. Blaine nods while crying and Rubin plunges the blade into his temple. BOOM! 

"We need to move." Rubin says darkly. 

Susano Tachibana (12)- My mentor sent advice while I was sleeping. He said to test how steady the stones were. And how hot. I get a small amount of water and pour it on the stones. It steams a little bit, so it's probably decently warm. I extend my foot out onto one of the stones to test the stability. Slowly I put more and more weight on it until I stand on it. Now for the next one. I jump onto the next stone and it starts rocking, the hot lava splashes up, barely missing my hand. Two more to go. I jump onto the hot rock, this one was easier. One more. I want to get this over with, so I jump really fast from one to the next, then straight to the island, my shoe grazes the lava and my shoe is consumed. I land on the sandy beach in burning agony. I crawl to the pile of supplies in search of medicine. I find a tub on ointment that says "Burn ointment" I tear off the lid and apply it to my charred foot. It instantly soothes the burning. I am safe. The island is about 100 yards long and 50 yards wide in an oval shape. I'll see what else is here after I take a nap. I smile as I drift of into a comfortable slumber.

Oceania Seacrest (4)- I hate this. I hate this humid jungle. I'm always soaked and soggy. Same thing as stupid fucking District 4. Why I was entered back into the reapings is new to me. Luckily I managed to snag a trident from the bloodbath. I found a small spring of freshwater. I also found a cluster of mango trees nearby. I have been using my trident to harvest the mangoes. Sadly I do not have any containers to store water in so I cup my hands and start to drink. I walk over to the mango trees, trident in hand, and cut one down. I sit down, enjoying the sweet fruit when I hear leaves rustling to my right. I turn to see the girl from 9 running at me, sword at ready. I roll out of the way as her blade cuts into the tree trunk where my neck just was. I pick up my trident and drop my mango. This bitch just had to ruin my peace and quiet. Fury courses through me as she unlodges her sword and stands ready. She takes a slash at me and I move to the side. I try to stab at her heart but she blocks my 3 tips with her hilt. I move forward and throw the trident. It barely misses. Me being weaponless, she charges. I roll under her and run for my trident, she swings her sword and cuts my leg, I am pissed now. I pick up my trident and do a maneuver they taught me in training back in 4. She swings her sword and I catch the blade with the prongs of my trident and twist with all my might. He sword clatters to the dirt, she turns to run. I send my trident gracefully into her calf. She falls and starts backing away from me. I laugh and plunge the tip into her heart multiple times to make sure she's gone. BOOM! I step away from the body to examine my wound. The cut isn't to deep, but fuck that hurt. Maybe I can find my mango I was eating and continue to think. Damn.

Day 2, Part 3- Evening

Esteban Ortiz (2)- Although we all have our preferred weapons, plenty of food and water, and just about any medicine you could imagine, Corin, Leona, Evaine and I have decided to stay at the cornucopia and not hunt. The Anti-Careers are a serious threat this year. We all had a wake up call of how easily we could die with the death of Aylona. An axe blade, a hard throw. And BAM you have a life tragically cut short. It's quite amazing. I'm sitting here with an arrow, swishing it through the water while Corin is throwing a spear into a nearby tree. Leona and Evaine are sleeping in the Cornucopia. These games have boring for the Careers so far. It's only a matter of time before the gamemakers spice it up a bit. Corin and I both decide to take a nap.

Evan Turner (7)- We have stayed in the jungle, as it is the closest to my natural surroundings, and we have plenty of water and mangoes. We have been spying on the Careers for about 7 hours now from the treetops. Figuring out the best time to strike. It seems they have all fallen asleep. It's time. 

"Johnathan! Oskar! They fell asleep, let's go!" I half whisper.

We maneuver stealthily through the trees until we break through the foliage into the water surrounding the cornucopia. The ice melted and the water isn't deep at all, so we decide to wade our way quietly over to the Careers. All of the sudden, Johnathan let's out a bloodcurdling scream. The he goes under the water. Oskar dives down into the water and gracefully shoots after him, grabbing his leg it seems. A claw has got Johnathan's wrist and is trying to pull him under. Crab mutts. I dive under, looking for them. I see Oskar's head above the water, then the cannon. BOOM! 

             "It was a crab. An absolutely enormous crab. It pinched him so hard, it took his hand off. I tried to save him, I really did!" Oskar whines.

"I know you did. But that's not our main concern." I say while pointing to the approaching Careers that we have woken up.

We both dive under and swim as fast as we can over to the sandy beach. Oskar reaches it before me. He helps me out of the water, and we both grab our weapons and bolt into the jungle.

Brahmos Ion (3)- I have migrated from the desert sector into the jungle sector in search of water. I have found a very small, warm spring fed pool and I have been hydrating myself with it. I also found a tree with some strange nuts on it, so I took the risk and ate some. I'm not dead yet so they must be good. I have also set up a very nifty electrical trap, using the spring water. The generator has a faulty socket that I used for inserting the wire, when someone moves the wire, it sends a stron electrical shock through the wire. So I have surrounded my spring with the wire, and if somebody moves it, they then get a nasty surprise. I slowly doze off to sleep. I wake up about an hour later to the noise of a girl crying. The voice is rather high pitched, so I can tell it's the girl from 7. She is approaching. I scramble from my makeshift bed of leaves and hide behind a tree. She walks into the clearing, sobbing. She then approaches the spring and I smile, she bumps the wire and it turns bright blue. She instantly starts convulsing and shaking, she falls into the water and I jump into action. I hop over the blue-hot wire and shove her head underwater. I keep it there until I hear a cannon. BOOM! I search her now soaked sack. I find a few knives and some food. Very good. I have made a kill.

Rubin Jett (11)- I have not been the same since I brought myself to take out Blaine. Sofia and Lavender are sleeping, it is time. I take all the food I can fit into my bag, I take Lavender and Sofia's sword too. I fill my canteen with snow, so it will soon melt into fresh water. I head off into the sector to my west, which is the Volcano wasteland. I see a glowing light miles in the distance. That's gotta be something. As I am walking, A parachute hovers down in front of me. It's medium sized and light. I pick it up and open it. Inside I find a wickedly sharp 7 inch steel knife with a sheath that can clip to my belt. A note telling me good luck is also inside. I smile and look up to the sky to say thanks, hopefully my mentor sees that. With that I head off in the direction of the golden light.


Hello tributes and mentors of the 42nd hunger games. We are here to carry out a message. There will be a feast at midday. It also comes with a twist. We have decided that the last remaining male and female will be teleported out of the arena and be named as victors. So 2 people can win now, as long as they are male and female. The feast is optional. Inside the cornucopia is 3 knives and 3 needles. You will have to find where you tracker is in your arm with the knife, and then press the extremely small button on it. It will then give your body an electrical forcefield, rendering you invincible for 24 hours. Good luck.

Day 3- The Feast

Evaine Mejai (1)- Despite the fact that the Careers only have 3 members as of right now, we decided to attend this feast. The Gamemakers must be having a fit. Getting to watch us mutilate ourselves for the invincibility. We have decided to send me to try and get the key because I am the fastest. The timer is counting down above the cornucopia. I can see the 2 knives and 2 keys placed neatly beside eachother. 3...2...1...GONG! I sprint as fast as I can for the table. It's about a 40 yard sprint. Everything is going great until I see a flash of steel, and a sharp pain in my back. Katarina Seacrest is standing over me with evil in her eyes. A bloodstained axe in her hand. She begins to laugh and buries her axe in my forehead. BOOM! The last thing I see is her running up to the table, taking the knife and key, and sprinting off into the tundra.

Oskar Pacific (4)- Me and Evan found Sofia and Lavender and decided to ally with them. Making us the most fearsome group in the arena at the moment. We are currently hiding in the shrubs on the outside of the jungle. We just watched the crazy girl from 5 hack the girl from 1 to death with an axe. He corpse lies bleeding in the sand. All of the sudden, the boy from 11 goes sprinting over the ice for the table. As soon as he reaches the sand, a huge explosion happens. Somebody has activated the mines again, His limbs and guts spray everywhere. BOOM! We all decide to take action. We all simulateously sprint for the table, so at least one of us gets the key. We are about halfway there when I spot Corin from 1 and Leona from 12 also running for the table. I throw my trident at Corin but I only grazes his leg, at least blood has spilled. Leona is armed with a sword and shield, she stands in front of Corin as he readies his spear and lets it sail. It pierces Sofia's stomach and she falls to the ground. Evan turns to help her. BOOM! I can't stop running, not yet. I reaches the table and fumble for the knife. But the key is missing! I search around for it with Leona coming in fast. Finally I manage to pick it up. I turn around and see Evan fighting Corin in the distance. Lavender is helping too. Leona is about 10 feet away. I ready my glaive and she raises her sword. She slashes at my throat but I duck and stab her in the thigh. She screams of fury and stabs towards my stomach, I roll to the side and try to hit her in the chest but my blade bounces harmlessly off her mighty shield. The vibration stuns me for a second, she takes her chance. He blade comes down on my shoulder, cutting it deep. Luckily i'm right handed so I can keep fighting. We trade stabs for a while longer, the pain is agonizing. Finally she makes the wrong move, she steps forward with the wrong foot, her balance is off. I kick her in the stomach and she falls to the ground. I pounce on her and bury my glaive into her head. BOOM! Evan stop fighting Corin and follows me into the jungle, Lavender follows. I managed to hang onto the key and knife. 

Corin Ritter (1)- I can't believe both of the keys are already gone. I was sure I could have at least got one. Both of my allies are on the ground dead, I have a stab wound in my leg. Blood is pouring out like a food. I hear a rustling to my left and Oceania from 4 emerges with a trident in her hand. I pick up the trident and prepare for combat. She doesn't throw her trident like an idiot, she stabs at my wounded leg but I manage to block it. She then spins around and slashes with one of the points. It hits my thigh. I stab at her again and pierce her arm. She screams in agony and sprints towards me, I get ready for a stab but she throws the trident, it flies into my neck. I start coughing up blood and fall to the ground. She takes my trident and supplies and runs off into the desert. The last thing I see in the cornucopia gleaming in the sunlight. BOOM!

Susano Tachibana (12)- My foot is finally starting to heal. It has made my movement really slow though. I can see the cornucopia in the distance. I am wearing body armor and have two swords in my hand. I half limp, half gallop the rest of the way to see the carnage. I know I have arrived late. 5 bodies are on the ground, one of them Leona's. I check the cornucopia for supplies. I pick up two large bags, leona's sword, 2 gallons of water, and a lot of food and walk off into the volcano sector again, disappointed that I didn't manage to get a key.

Day 4, Part 1- Morning

Katarina Seacrest (5)- I've done some math and I have come to a conclusion. Me, the girl from 10, and Oceania are the only females left. I actually have a possibility of going "home". Not like the asylum is any better than here. I've actually had some fun here. I use my two axes to cut through the think foliage in the jungle when I hear the sound of crunching leaves in front of me. I dart behind a tree to see what the noise was. And my heart does a backflip. It's Oceania. Now is my chance. She's walking through a clearing with a trident in hand. I yell out and jump in front of her. She readies her trident and I start spinning my axes, preparing to throw one. I throw my first axe and it bounces off the handle of her trident. Luckily I still have one left. She steps up and slashes at my stomach. Her prongs scrape through my ribs, exposing them and they start bleeding profusely. I howl in rage and pain. And go batshit crazy. I swing my axe left and right, up and down. So fast that she can hardly block. I swing really hard and it severs her left arm. Unfortunately she is right handed. She barely is standing up now. I start to attack her left side until i finally knock her trident out of her hand. Weaponless, she stands terrified before me. She begins to pass out. I pick up my second axe again so she can feel every bit of pain i'm about to inflict. I start with her legs, taking a few cleans swings at them. Eventually they both come off. I sit there for 10 seconds and watch her slowly bleed out. BOOM! I spit on her body and take her supplies. Then start my journey again. I stop at a pool to clean my wound, and start to think how i'm going to take out that bitch from 10.

Day 4, Part 2- Midday

Esteban Ortiz (2)- I somehow managed to get away from the Careers without Corin knowing. I saw him in the sky last night so he's no longer a problem. I start thinking of all the male tributes. Me, Evan, Brahmos, Oskar, and Susano I think. There was a cannon earlier today. Hopefully it was one of the guys cannons. I think silently to myself as I walk through the jungle, snacking on some dried fruit. I spot a nice pool of water up ahead. I jog over to it and all of the sudden a searing pain goes through my body. I yell and fall in the pool. I have been electracuted. I look up to see a faint make figure moving towards me, knife in hand. I back up a bit and pick up my now drenched sword. He tries to tackle me into the water but I somehow dodge his advance, slashing my sword across his chest. The boy from 3 yells angrily and leaps at me, but I jump to the side. My head spinning, I grab him by the neck and repeatedly smash his head against a tree trunk near the pool and then shove his head under water. Still no cannon. I shove my sword point into the back of his neck and twist. BOOM! There's the sound I was looking for.

Katarina Seacrest (5)- I have been absolutely destroying my arm for the past 15 min, looking for that damned tracker. I clench my jaw and shove the knife into the tender flesh when finally, my knife hits something hard. I determine the shape, it's circular. I cut a circle of my flesh out, tears streaming down my face. I see a cold piece of metal. I fumble for my key in my pocket and push it in a tiny hole. Suddenly I feel a jolt go through my body. My wound starts to close. I feel warm and powerful. It's like i'm rejuvinated. That must be the forcefield activating. I decide to test it out. I grab my axe and take a very light swing at my shin. The blade bounces off like nothing, I didn't feel a thing. Happy as can be, I pick up my supplies and carry on to find my last victim.

Day 4- Part 3- Evening

Evan Turner (7)- I finally got the guts to leave Oskar and Lavender when they were asleep. I took my supplies, my axe, and Oskar's knife with me. I can't risk a betrayal going on from Oskar. Luckily I have plenty of food and water. And a weapon. I can actually win these. I decided to go in the volcano sector since the tundra is too cold and the desert is too hot. Something about the bubbling lava and the volcano in the distance gives me comfort that I didn't have in the jungle. Maybe it's the fact that I can see in all directions because it's flattened out.

Lavender Morton (10)- I've been increasingly nervous the past couple of days. It's just me and that crazy girl from 5. She's the only thing that stands in my way. Me and Oskar just woke up in our little clearing. I'm alone in my thoughts when I hear very quiet breathing. A couple seconds later, Katarina Seacrest emerges from the foliage, axe in hand. She has a faint blue light around her. Oskar shouts and throws his trident at her chest, but it mearly bounces off of her. She smiles and runs for me. I sprint through the jungle until I fall in the water. I'm trying to get to the cornucopia shore but she's gaining fast. I'm on the shore now, she's just now leaving the water. I have my sword in my belt but it's no use. She has the forcefield for 12 more hours. I decide to book it towards the volcano sector but I trip on a root sticking out of the ground. She advances menacingly and swings at my head with her axe but it just misses. I take my chance and kick her in the stomach and run off towards the gigantic volcano. I can hear her kicking over boxes and screaming in rage. I continue to run off with my life.

Susano Tachibana (12)- These games have been so boring for me. I could probably kill anyone I wanted but I can't find anybody. I decided to leave the volcano area and go into the jungle. I threw any extra supplies in the lava so nobody could use them. I have a backpack on and mesh body armor right now. I also have two swords on me. I'm being purposely loud so maybe I will confront someone. All of the sudden, a searing pain goes through my right calf. I scream and turn around. The boy from 2 is standing there with my blood on his sword. I charge him with both my swords and swing away. He is very good with one sword, but eventually the combined power knocks his sword out of his hand. I advance towards him smilingy grimly. He trips over a root and tries to get up. I laugh and kick him in the chest and he falls. I drop my swords and punch him in the face repeatedly. I lock my hands around his throat and begin to squeeze the life out of him.

  "I...Thought...You were Oskar...." He croaks with his last breath.

I gasp and hop off of him. But it's too late. BOOM! I snag his sword and walk off with my head down, feeling incredibly guilty. He wanted an alliance with me....

Day 5, Part 1- Midday

Katarina Seacrest (5)- I am so happy to have my sister's blood on my hands. Now for Lavenders. She got away once, it's NOT happening again. I set off towards the volcano in her direction. The light around me is growing fainter by the minute. I have got to make this quick. As I walk through the ashe ridden ground, I reminise the death of Oceania. I will savor that for the rest of my life, however long that may be. I'm walking through a large tunnel now, it is very comforting to be in an area like this. Suddenly, a voice that sounds like nails on a chalkboard comes out behind me. 

  "Hey, let's test out that forcefield." Lavender says. 

She swings her sword at my leg, it cuts my shin deeply. She backs off and laughs. Fuck, the forcefield has ran out. I grab my axe and advance, she backs up against the wall of the tunnel, I swing my axe at her neck but she dodges it, my axe goes into the stone and gets stuck, she takes another swing at my other leg at cuts my calf. I yank my axe free, it's hard to stand, i'm getting pissed off now. I charge again and swing as hard as I can, this time the blade connects, ripping off her right hand, which is her sword fighting hand. She shouts in pain and picks up her sword in her left hand, I advance again swinging at her left leg, it connects again, crushing her bone completely. She falls and I begin to laugh.

 "Oh this was fun. But everything good has got to end." I cackle while whiping fresh blood off of my axe.

 "Say goodnight." I say darkly and I bury my axe into her head. BOOM!

Apparently seonds before I killed her, she managed to impale my stomach with her sword. I feel behind me and the point in protruding from my lower back. I'm bleeding but I don't dare pull it out. I can move so it didn't sever my spine. I barely manage to hobble out of the tunnel and a hovercraft picks me up. I pass out in the claws as it is taking me up for the Capitol surgeons to operate on me. I won...

Evan Turner (7)- I heard that cannon. I'm hoping it's Oskar's. I believe I can take on Susano in a fight. But Oskar is just too skilled. I feel bad for wishing his death but it's for my own survival. It's currently raining in the jungle. I take the chance and start filling my containers. It's such a blessing. The sound of the rain pattering on the leaves calms me. I begin to doze off, but am woke up by the sound of unnatural leaves rustling. I peer out from my hiding spot, hardly coherent and spot Susano walking aimlessly through the jungle. I grab my throwing knife and aim for the neck. But it falls short and peirces his Achilles tendon instead. He yelps in pain and darts around. He glares at me and charges with full body armor and two swords in hand. It seems he has no idea how to use the swords though. He is swinging around like a madman. It is an effective technique I must say. I back up against a tree and duck and watch as one of his swords get's stuck in the tree. He struggles to pull it out but I cut the handle in half before he can get it. He looks evil at me and grabs his remaining sword and swings, I block it easily with the flat of my axe. I shove the blunt end into his stomach, he backs up and swings again, but it is short. I take my chance and swing upward as hard as I can, it feels awkward. But it severs his left arm completely. I kick him in the chest and he falls. I heave my axe over my head and plant it into his face. BOOM! I back up from his bloody corpse and watch the hovercraft come down to take him away. I can't help but feel a little but of guilt. That's the 3rd person I have killed. But I have to make a 4th if I want to win this thing.

Day 5, FINALE, Evening

Oskar Pacific (4)- I'm about 99% sure that the last cannon was Susano's. I have always been a little weary of Evan. He has very good axe skills and he's pretty smart. The jungle flooded last night so I went into the volcano sector because it's not too cold and not too hot.

Evan Turner (7)- I barely got out of the jungle alive last night. It seemed there was a flash flood. I had to tree hop to get out of there alive. I lost my knife but I managed to keep my axe and throwing knives. The volcano sector seemed like a good place to go.

Oskar Pacific (4)- The ground has been shaking slightly all day but I decided to ignore it. I'm polishing my glaive in the sunlight on a nice rock by a pool of lava. I stopped by the cornucopia and picked up a trident so I got that next to me. My blade gleams brightly in the sunlight. The shaking has gotten more prominent.

Evan Turner (7)- The ground has been shaking all day it's weird. The lava pools are bouncing around, splashing lava around the outside of the pools. I have my 3 throwing knives in one hand and my axe in the other. I wish I could just get this over with already. 5 days is enough. 

Oskar Pacific (4)- Alright, I'm pretty sure there is an earthquake or something. Not only that, the volcano has begun erupting. Spewing redhot lava everywhere. It's oozing out towards me. I pick up my supplies and sprint for the cornucopia. There is a crevice miles wide in front of me. It looks like i'm gonna have to jump. I sprint as hard as I can and leap. I barely grab on to the other side. I look down and see fire and nothing but fire. I pull myself up, which was hard with a large backpack full of weapons on. The cornucopia isn't far away, I must make it.

Evan Turner (7)- I barely managed to clear that massive jump. Especially with an axe in my hand. The water near the cornucopia has gotten noticably hotter. I can see Oskar about 100 yards to my right but he doesn't see me yet. I have to keep running, or the lava will swallow me whole. The cornucopia is near. I grab the horn and pull myself up. I crouch and all the sudden I am pulled down into the water below. I look behind me and see Oskar's fist smash into my face. We trade blows for a little. He swims like a penguin, sleek and fast. I manage to surface again, spitting warm saltwater out. He grabs me again but I kick him in the nose. The lava is getting closer. 

Oskar Pacific (4)- I missed my chance to end him again. He is a good fighter. He finally managed to get out of my grasp and is now scampering to the top of the cornucopia, axe in hand. I pick up my trident and run up to the cornucopia. He is laying on the top, trying to catch his breath again. The lava has now surrounded the cornucopia. I climb up and he readies his axe. I grip my trident with rage. I want to win.

Evan Turner (7)- Oskar steps forward aggressively and stabs his trident into my thigh. I yell in pain and swing my axe at his foot. It connects, it doesn't sever it but it does some damage. He stumbles and falls. I advance but he gets up quickly. He stabs me again, this time in the ribs. The 3 points pierce me the blood flows steadily.

Oskar Pacific (4)- It seems I am winning. My foot hurts immensely. I cannot stand on it, he spots my weakness. He swings at my left side but I side step and stab him again in the thigh. His eyes scream in pain. He swings again, a miss. I swing low and slash his shin with my glaive. His legs look like a butchers square. I take a risky move, I throw my trident, it buries itself in his shoulder. He stumbles and I take my chance, he tries to yank the trident from his flesh, I slice my glaive across his chest. He drops his axe and I kick him hard in the stomach. He falls and I jump on him, I pin his arms to the ground and put my glaive on his throat.

     "I'm sorry." I say with tears in my eyes.

I drag the blade across his throat and a large cut froms. I get up and let him bleed out. BOOM! I'm so sorry Evan...

Victory P.O.V-

As soon as I finish this I am hosting the 43rd ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES! Be sure to enter tributes! Congratulations to XBilliex and Alicerosewright!

Death Chart:

Name and District: Placing: Killed by:
Rosalina Rockwell (6) 24th Evan Turner (7)
Tiberius Cragen (8) 23rd Johnathan Mikeal (5)
Dayta Huksley (3) 22nd Oskar Pacific (4)
Samuel Johnsonn (6) 21st Evaine Mejai (1)
Aylona Green (2) 20th Katarina Seacrest (5)
Aislyn Latona (11) 19th Saadia Gaena (7)
Jake Caesarus (9) 18th Evan Turner (7)
Blaine Fitz (10) 17th Rubin Jett (11) 
Sienna Renea (9) 16th Oceania Seacrest (4)
Johnathan Mikeal (5) 15th Crab Mutt
Saadia Gaena (7) 14th Brahmos Ion (3)
Evaine Mejai (1) 13th Katarina Seacrest (5)
Rubin Jett (11) 12th Brahmos Ion (3)
Sofia Bulgar (8) 11th Corin Ritter (1)
Leona Soliel (12) 10th Oskar Pacific (4)
Corin Ritter (1) 9th Oceania Seacrest (4)
Oceania Seacrest (4) 8th Katarina Seacrest (5)
Brahmos Ion (3) 7th Esteban Ortiz (2)
Esteban Ortiz (2) 6th Susano Tachibana (12)
Lavender Morton (10) 5th Katarina Seacrest (5)
Susano Tachibana (12) 4th Evan Turner (7)
Evan Turner (7) 3rd Oskar Pacific (4)
Female Victor VICTOR! Katarina Seacrest (5)
Male Victor VICTOR! Oskar Pacific (4)

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