Hello Everyone! I am immidately hosting another games! There will be blood and gore, not so much drama but there will be some. Please take a look at the rules below. 


1.) No being an asshole in the comments.

2.) Don't bitch at me if your tribute dies


4.) There is no required template, BUT. If you make your tribute more interesting, you will have a more likely chance of winning. 

5.) There will be sponsoring. People that are not in the games can sponsor the tributes. 

6.) Max 3 tributes for person

7.) There will be 26 tributes (Capitol and District 13 are in this one)

8.) Reservations are allowed. They last 24 hours.

The Tributes!

Name: Gender: District:  Age: Weapons: User:
Alec Roswell-Seacrest Male Capitol 16 Kukri Xbilliex
Camellia Theacea Female Capitol 12 Pickaxe PumPumPumpkin :3
Akumai Kubaya Male 1 17 Greatsword, Throwing Knives, Trident Tehblakdeath
Francesca Wright Female 1 14 Archery, Intellect Xbilliex
Sam Ogivinity Male 2 17 Axe, Sword, Chopper Biel1458
Realy Cooper Female 2 15 Throwing Knives, Crossbow, Bare Hands Lexi142685
Brahmos Ion Male 3 16 Traps, Mines, Poison Darts Alicerosewright
Dayta Huksley Female 3 15 Axe, Glaive, Spear Alicerosewright
Matthew Haper Male 4 13 Throwing Knives, Archery Lexi142685
Mill Haper Female 4 13 Throwing Knives, Crossbow Lexi142685
Kevin Dillas Male 5 15 Sickle Biel1458
Nichole Peyton Female 5 15 Knife, Dagger NIby001
Brendan Jack Male 6 14 Kukri thereal opian
Lucia Morris Female 6 13 Katana Xbilliex
Zavier Nemesis Male 7 14 Sword, Archery Yoonie
Ivy Young Female 7 18 Axe Infectedvisions
Connor Smitherson Male 8 14 Scythe, Hand to Hand HaraiGoshi345
Sofia Lacuna Female 8 15 Throwing Knives Biel1458
Nick Maclachlan Male 9 14 Long range weapons AwesomeAidan
Savannah Darnell Female 9 12 Blowgun, Knife Pippycat
Ken Handron Male 10 16 TBA ~PopTart~
Maria Fisher Female 10 13 Dagger, Throwing Knives MyWorld
Crimson Typhoon Male 11 15 Archery, Hand to Hand, Sword AwesomeAidan
Fawn Rose Female 11 12 Throwing Knives, Dagger, Archery Pippycat
Scott Bow Male 12 17 Spear, Sword, Dagger ConspiracyKiller845
Sylvia Zhek Female 12 15 Archery, Sword PumPumPumpkin :3
Blade Spectrus Male 13 14 Spear, Knife, Sword Tehblakdeath
Amber Burn Female 13 13 Mace, Spear, Archery Pippycat


Name and District: Amount:  Status and Supplies
Alec Roswell-Seacrest (C) ---- Dead
Camellia Theacea (C) ---- Dead
Akumai Kubaya (1) 575$ Water, Club, Katana, Bread, Dried Meat
Fransesca Wright (1) ---- Dead
Sam Ognivity (2) 575$ Wound cream, poison, obsidian shard, Throwing Axes (x3)
Realy Cooper (2) ---- Dead
Brahmos Ion (3) ---- Dead
Dayta Huksley (3) ---- Dead
Matthew Haper (4) ---- Dead
Mill Haper (4) ---- Dead
Kevin Dillas (5) ---- Dead
Nichole Peyton (5) 325$ Water, Dried meat, Dagger, Night vision glasses
Brenden Jack (6) ---- Dead
Lucia Morris (6) ---- Dead
Zavier Nemesis (7) ---- Dead
Ivy Young (7) 350$ Painkillers (x2), Axe, Sleeping Bag, Spile, Bread, Water
Connor Smitherson (8) 600$ Night vision glasses, Scythe, Bread
Sofia Lacuna (8) ---- Dead
Nick Maclachlan (9) ---- Dead
Savannah Darnell (9) ---- Dead
Ken Handron (10) ---- Dead
Maria Fisher (10) ----
Crimson Typhoon (11) ---- Dead
Fawn Rose (11) ---- Dead
Scott Bow (12) ---- Dead
Sylvia Zhek (12) ---- Dead
Blade Spectrus (13) ---- Dead
Amber Burn (13) ----

Tribute kill= +100$

Training score 8 or over= +75$


Awl: $100

Axe: $150

Blanket: $50

Blowgun: $100

Bow: $150

Bolts (24) (for crossbow): $75

Bread: $50

Burn Cream: $125

Canteen: $100

Crossbow: $150

Dagger: $100

Darts (12): $25

Dried Meat: $75

Dried Fruit: $50

Gasoline: $200

Glaive: $175

Halberd: $200

Instant Relief (heals any wound immediately): $400

Katana: $175

Knife: $75

Kukri: $125

Mace: $125

Machete: $200

Matches: $75

Neosporin (to prevent infection in open wounds): $150

Net: $125

Night-Vision Glasses (allows your tribute to move at night): $150

Paddles: $50

Painkiller: $75

Liquid Poison: $75

Quiver of Arrows (24): $75

Raft: $250

Rocks (15) [usually for slingshot]: $50

Rope: $25

Scythe: $125

Shield: $125

Sleeping Bag: $75

Slingshot: $125

Soup: $75

Spear: $100

Spile: $75

Studded Gloves: $75

Sword: $150

Throwing Axes (3): $200

Throwing Knives (3): $150

Trident: $250

Water (lasts 2 days): $100

Wire: $75


Capitol Reaping (Alec Roswell-Seacrest)

I remember watching it last year. My half cousin, Katarina. She won last years games by killing the girl from 10. Well it looks like I have a legacy to fulfill. Another thing to prove. I can't remember my father, he left when I was too young. My thoughts are running wild as I get ready for the reapings. I think it's stupid that Capitol kids can get reaped too now. The townsquare is in the middle of gigantic buildings, so I must go find it. Finally after 30 min of walking through a maze of skyscrapers, I find the town square and see teens standing nervous in the pouring rain. I let them take some of my tainted blood, just the sight of blood makes me excited. Then take my spot with the 16 year olds. I'm a vampire if you haven't noticed. I was turned a few months ago. It makes me forget my troubled past. My mother, I remember her. But she's gone now. 

"Welcome, glorious Capitol to the 43rd hunger games! Let's the the magnificent male tribute this year!. Alec Seacrest!" She shouts excitedly, her pink hair dripping wet.

On the inside i'm happy about this. I finally get an excuse to kill. On the outside, I look like I always do. Angry. I walk over the pavement and take my place on the stage. Her hand is fumbling through the female bowl now.

"Camellia Theacea." She says

A shaking 12 year old makes her way slowly up to the stage, a look of shock upon her face. She makes our district look like a joke compared to me. I shake her cold hand, and make sure to stare at her evilly to scare her even more. Oh this should be fun.

District 2 Reaping (Sam Ognivity)

I remember this exact day, 2 years ago. Her name being called, the peacekeeper grabbing her like a piece of property, my rage building up. His bleeding corpse on the ground. I wasted a year of my life in that prison. Where I could have been training. I look at the hills in the distance and think of myself being there. I must go to the reapings now. I shuffle slowly through the gravel, trying to delay this as much as possible. At least I know if I get reaped, i'll most likely have a volunteer. I glare as the peacekeeper takes my blood, flashes of anger come back to me. I squeeze in with the rest of the 17 year old males and listen to the boring introduction. Finally, the mentor starts to speak. 

"I am so blessed to have a glorious district like district 2! Ladies first! Samant-" She begins

"I VOLUNTEER!" A voice from the 15 year old section

A girl with flowing red hair goes up to the stage, she's kinda small but I have learned to never underestimate people. I end up lost in my thoughts when I hear a familiar name being called.

"Sam Ognivity!"

Shit. I wait for a voice to volunteer for me but that's just too lucky for good ol' fucking Sam. I walk up to the stage, pissed off. And I make sure people know it. Realy takes a step back from me as I stomp up to the microphone. I was going to yell at everyone but I decided not to. I shake Realy's hand harder than I should of, as she is now holding her arm.

District 7 Reaping (Ivy Young)

Gahh. Another one of these things. I just hope I don't get picked, Dylan is such a good boyfriend. I wish things were different. I wish I didn't have to hide him. I meander around getting ready on such a glum day. Thinking of everyone outcome. There is so many possibilities. The trees are swaying in the wind outside, I can smell pine leaves. I actually kind of like it in District 7. It's so natural and peaceful here. I hear the crunch of pine cones as I finally arrive at the town square. I'm a bit early but kids will be showing up in no time. I do the typical procedure that requires my blood and take place with my peers. After about 5 minutes, everyone is here. They start the boring capitol thing and I feel like falling asleep. Finally, our escort jumps up to the mic and says

"Hello District 7! I'm sorry you had to sit through that, but let's get this going shall we? Ladies first!"

He fumbles around in the bowl for a minute before finally fishing out a piece of paper with some poor souls' name on it

"Ivy Young!" He says in his overly feminine voice. 

Oh, that's me. It takes a while to register. My mind is running, thoughts of my death and thoughts of other people dead at my hands haunt me. I feel like crying, but I must stay strong. I can't let them win.

"Zavier Nemesis!"

Wow I hadn't even made it up to the stage yet, and I turn around and see a boy jogging up there. These should be good.

District 13 Reaping (Blade Spectrus)

In District 13, the reapings are weird. It's all underground, in a big dome. I really miss fresh air. Being cooped up all underground really gets annoying at times. I walk on the cold metal ground, thinking about who will get picked this year. This is my 3rd reaping. And I haven't had to take tesserae, my name should be in there only 3 times. If I get picked, the odds are not in my favor. I walk into the dimly lit dome, and the grim looking peacekeeper steals my blood then sends me to my section. Finally the escort bounces up and talks on about how great the capitol is for about 5 minutes. I hear groans from the audience. Then he annouces he is picking the girls.

"Amber Burn! Come on up!" He says enthusiastically.

A pretty girl with wavy red hair walks slowly up to the stage. She didn't expect that.

"Boy time! Blade Spectrus!" He says

Well, here we go. That was unexpected. I HAD 3 SLIPS IN. And mine still got picked, highly unlikely, but it is what it is.

Training Scores:

Name: District: Score:
Alec Roswell-Seacrest C 6
Camellia Theacea C 3
Akumai Kubaya 1 10
Fransesca Wright 1 4
Sam Ognivity 2 11
Realy Cooper 2 9
Brahmos Ion 3 9
Dayta Huksley 3 8
Matthew Haper 4 5
Mill Haper 4 2
Kevin Dillas 5 9
Nichole Peyton 5 4
Brenden Jack 6 2
Lucia Morris 6 3
Zavier Nemesis 7 5
Ivy Young 7 10
Connor Smitherson 8 9
Sofia Lacuna 8 7
Nick Maclachlan 9 4
Savannah Darnell 9 7
Ken Handron  10 2
Maria Fisher 10 11
Crimson Typhoon 11 9
Fawn Rose 11 8
Scott Bow 12 8
Sylvia Zhek 12 3
Blade Spectrus 13 9
Amber Burn 13 6


Before the games, there will be match ups according to gender. For example, the district 1 male and district 10 male will have a 1v1 matchup before the games even start. It will go so on until everyone has had a matchup. The weakest will die, the strongest 14 will be put into the games. The first match-up will be up in a few hours.

Akumai Kubaya (1) V.S. Ken Handron (10)

Akumai Kubaya (1)- Ever since this twist was introduced, my heart has been fluttering with excitement. 1v1 combat is my strong point. I can't wait to destroy my opponent. Two peacekeepers escort me into a solid metal room and about 50 yards long and wide. Just a metal box with two doors. I see my enemy, the boy from 10 on the other side of the box. In the middle of the room are two swords. Yes. There is a holographic clock counting down from 10

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1... DING! A loud buzzer goes off and me and my opponent both sprint for the swords. I am fast and so is my enemy. We reach the swords at the same time, he picks up one and so do I. He takes a swing and loses balance. These swords are heavy, my favorite. I slash at his leg and I am just short. He stabs at my gut but I move out of the way just in time. I am stronger than him, so I can move my sword around with more ease. I slash at his chest and the blade tears through his flesh. He screams and lowers his sword, inspecting the wound. I thrust he cold steel into his stomach, his eyes go red. I kick him off of the blade. He falls, still not dead. I slice his neck, decapitating him. DING! My opponent has fallen, I have won. The same two peacekeepers come in the room and escort me back to my room. Luckily I am unscaved. This should be easy.

Mill Haper (4) V.S. Savannah Darnell (9)

Mill Haper (4)- I hate the fact that I can't be with my brother. I thought these would be like any other games. My thoughts flood my head as I'm lead to the mini arena. The peacekeeper pushes me in and hands me a mace. I look at it with disgust. I have no idea how to use this. The room is a box. With metal walls but it looks like a jungle. There are trees and vines. I look across the room. I cant see my opponent.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! A buzzer goes off, signaling us to start. I trek through the foliage, looking for  my opponent. I hope it isn't a career. Suddenly, a hard object slams into my knee. The girl from 9 is standing in front of me. I begin to cry but I am beyond angry. I scream and try to swing but the mace swings me off balance. At least I hit her shin, probably breaking the bone. She howls in anger and tackles me. She begins punching my face over and over again. I can't see anything. Everything is going black. She picks me up by my hair and goes to the wall. She smashing my head into the wall over and over again. I can't do this anymore. I allow myself to be slammed around like a ragdoll. The last thing I hear is a thud of bone of metal. DING!

Sam Ognivity (2) V.S. Brenden Jack (6)

Sam Ognivity (2)- I am glad about the twist. 1v1 is my specialty. They will probably put me up against some weakling. I bounce confidently to the room that the gamemakers are leading me towards. They push me into a solid metal box, 50 yards long and wide. I can see nothing except the 14 year old boy from 6, and the beams on the ceiling. They are holding a kukri, and an axe. The Kukri must be Brenden's weapon. There are two ladder on the walls. 

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! A buzzer goes off and I sprint for the left ladder. Brenden goes for the right. It is obvious I am faster than him. I climb up to the beams and begin to go for the axe. I reach it before he even gets halfway to the Kukri. I take both weapons and hop down. He looks so hopeless. I laugh and run towards him. He corners himself and I slash the kukri at his eye. he screams and I throw it down in front of him.

"FIGHT!" I yell.

He picks it up and starts crying. He knows he has no hope. He slashes blindly at my legs, I laugh and blungeon him in the nose with the blunt end of my axe. He flies back against the wall. I throw down the axe and get on top of him. I make sure to rip the Kukri out of his hand first. I shove my finger into his hurt eye, twisting and pulling until I feel a fleshy ball of blood in my hand. I punch him in the nose, I can tell it's broken. I go back and pick up my axe and put him out of his misery. I bury the blade in his forehead. DING! 

Ivy Young (7) V.S. Camellia Theacea (C)

Ivy Young (7)- Hmm, this should be interesting. I got a decent training score with my superior axe skills, so I doubt they will let me destroy my soon to be opponent with one. I am led into a large metal box. The peacekeeper shoves me in. I look at the other side of the room and the brat from the Capitol is looking at me. Neither of us were given weapons it seems. Hmm, a beating to the death? Lovely.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! She advances towards me cautiously. I am much bigger than her, I should have the advantage in this. We are about 2 yards apart now. She lunges and punches me in the jaw, sending me . Ow, that hurt. This bitch is dead. She tries to punch me again while I'm dazed but I predict it. I sidestep and grab her by the hair. I yank down and she screams in pain. She is now on the ground. I throw her on her hands and knees, firmly grabbing her hair with one hand, and pounding her in the face with a series of uppercuts. I kick her in the ribs and hear a crack. Something broke. She is on her back, she takes one last desperate kick for her life, it catches me in the nose. I can see it bent at an awkward angle, she broke my fucking nose. I yell in pure rage. And clasp my hand around her throat. I pin her arms to the ground with my knees and squeeze as hard as I can. Her lips start to turn blue, she is choking for air. FInally, after about 30 seconds, the buzzer goes off again. DING! I wipe my broken nose and spit on her body before being led out by peacekeepers down to surgery for my nose.

Zavier Nemesis (7) V.S. Kevin Dillas (5)

Zavier Nemesis (7)- My heart is pounding as the peacekeeper leads me to the 1 on 1 battle. I have my doubts, but doesn't everyone. I'm shoved in a room. A metal room. It a decent size. We have no obstacles, its just metal. Everything is metal. I'm giving a sword and they slam the door and lock it behind me. I see the boy from 5 on the other side, a curved sword in his hand. I'm guessing that's a sickle. They must have given us our best weapons to fight with.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I raise my sword and charge, apparently he thinks the same, our blades come together in amighty clash, the vibration almost knocks the sword out of my hand. Kevin is expressionless, his sickle gripped in white knuckles. He looks so ready, and I feel so unprepared. He takes a swing at my neck but I easily duck, I stab at his leg, the blade enters his thigh and blood pours out. He looks at me furiously. He kicks me and I stubble to the ground. He swings to point of the sickle into my shoulder blade, the pain is excrutiating. He rips up, making a deep cut from my shoulder blade, to my collarbone. I switch my sword to my left hand and swing at his leg again, he learned from his mistake, jumping up in the air and burying the blade in my forehead. DING! The last thing I see is a medical team rushing in and taking Kevin. I have lost.

Maria Fisher (10) V.S. Realy Cooper (2)

Realy Cooper (2)- I hope I get a weapon I am good with. Preferably some throwing knives. The Capitol has so many surprises. I get pushes into a room, a solid metal box. A knife lays in front of my feet. About 5 inches long, and wickedly sharp. Not good for throwing, but good for close combat. The girl from 10, the girl who got a 10, is waiting for me on the other side of the box. Shit.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! We both advance slowly, she is small up close, but I'm not much bigger. At least I have a slight advantage. She slashes at my chest and I barely dodge it. She's fast too. My turn. I wait for her to slash a again, she misses again. I take my chance and try to stab her chest but in mid air, she catches my knife hand, and cuts a deep vertical cut down my hair. It is bleeding profusely. Um, ouch. My arm is on fire, I have to switch hands if I want to live through this. I feel so clumsy with my left hand, she senses this and kicks my left arm, knocking the knife out of my hand, and it skids behind me. She advances, I scramble for the knife. My right is limp at this point, I pick it up, she is advancing, looking for more blood. In a last ditch effort, I aim for her chest and let the knife fly, she moves to the side barely and it lodges in her shoulder. She looks at me in disgust and howls in pain. Fuck. She knees me in the head, pulls the knife out, and shoves both knives into both my temples. Everything goes black. DING!

Scott Bow (12) V.S. Brahmos Ion (3)

Scott Bow (12)- I really hope I get a spear in my impending match up. Kinda ironic that my last name is bow, but im terrible with them. My fingers are just itching to let a spear fly right now. I can barely stand it once I get into the metal room. The peacekeeper lock my door. A trident stands in front of me. I have no idea how to use this. My opponent is that nerd from 3. I can tell he has as much of a clue as I do.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I grip the trident in my now white knuckles. I kinda start to realize that it's just a smaller version of a spear. My enemy looks me straight in the eye. He seems like someone I would be friends with, outside of this monstrosity of a "game". I don't want to kill him. But, it is necessary for me to win. He thrusts the trident awkwardly, one of the points peirces my leg, it hurts. I slash his stomach with the trident, and follow up with a stab to his shoulder, he winces in pain. But he keeps standing. He slashes this time, at my head, an edge catches my cheek. God, this guy was harder than I thought. He just stands there with a frightened expression. He's holding his own though. He slashes again, this time I wait, and swing the trident down on his handle. His trident clatters to the floor. Oh I've got you now. He tries running to the other side of the room but it's no use, i let the trident fly gracefully into the back of his head. DING!

Nichole Peyton (5) V.S. Lucia Morris (6)

Lucia Morris (6)- The cold metal floor clangs with every step I take, millions of thoughts running through my head. Why couldn't we just do a regular games? Why did it have to be like this. I'm shoved into a metal room and handed a knife. It's about 5 inches long, and really sharp, slightly curved. The lights go red and start flashing. I can barely see a foot in front of me. This light is blinding. I barely have time to react when the loud buzzer finally goes off, signaling us to start. DING! I grip the knife and advance with great caution. I can barely make out anything. I can see my opponent in the distance, I still have no clue who it is, but she also holding a knife. The lights flash again and she is suddenly 5 feet closer. She must be having as much of a problem as I am. I slash at the dark figure I can now make out as the girl from 5. All of the sudden, the lights go out again. I stumble back. The lights are normal now, but I am incredibly disoriented. And so is she. We are both stumbling around. I throw myself at her and slash with my knife. I think I got her arm, I heard her scream. I feel a light kick to my stomach, I slash again. A searing pain goes into my arm. I see blood trickle out and the knife exit my flesh. She kicks me in the ribs from the side and I go sprawling to the floor. She lifts her knife to my throat but I kick her away and back up against the wall. She shoves my legs aside and jumps on top of me. She brings the sturdy blade down on my cheek. Then again in my forehead. My time has come. DING!

Matthew Haper (4) V.S. Alec Roswell-Seacrest (C)

Alec Roswell-Seacrest (C)- I walk to accept my fate. It is such a dark atmosphere in this dark chamber I am being led through. Suddenly we meet an air compressed door. I'm hurried into a metal room, dimly lit. The door locks behind me. I see a machete in front of my feet. I have never used one, but it can't be too different from a kukri.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I pick up the machete and charge my opponent. He looks startled, he took a more defensive apporach while I want full offense. He blocks my quick slash to his gut and step forward with a strike of his own. I easily block it. I finally get a look at my opponent. He is about 3-4 years younger than me, it's Matthew from 4. He must not know his sister died in the same room he's fighting in. I slash again and it connects with his ankle, it cut deep, down to the bone. His eyes go red. I feel terrible for doing this, I slash again at the same ankle. This time he cannot take the pain. He falls, And I decapitate the poor kid. DING! I won.

Fawn Rose (11) V.S. Sylvia Zhek (12)

Sylvia Zhek (12)- Man, my nerves are going crazy. Normally this doesn't happen, it's a feeling I'm not used to. The metal floor thuds dully under me as I take my walk to a possible slaughter. An air compressed door opens suddenly in front of me. A peacekeeper tries to push me.

"Don't. Fucking touch me." I snarl.

He slams the door in my face and locks it. A bow with a quiver of arrows is in front of me. I sling the quiver over my back and notch an arrow in the string. I'm tempted to let it fly but I figured I would die if i did that. The girl from 11 is doing the same as me. Waiting nervously for the countdown to end.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! A loud buzzer rings in my ears as I let the first arrow fly. It flies past her and breaks in half against the metal wall. She shoots one in return, it guides itself into my shin. I wince and yank it out. I duck as another arrow flies over my head, I send an arrow into her shoulder. She tears up, but she manages to shoot another arrow, this one going into my forearm. One shot is all it takes. I shoot another but it misses. I haven't even taking the arrow out yet. She shoots another, it barely misses my skull. I shoot another, it hits her chest. She falls to the ground, I rush over and send another arrow into her flesh. This time into her neck. DING! I raise my bow victoriously.

Connor Smitherson (8) V.S. Nick Maclachlan (9)

Nick Maclachlan (9)- My thoughts are running a million miles an hour at the moment. I know my opponent with either be Connor or Blade, and neither i'm too happy about. They are both very fierce competitors. A door suddenly opens out of no where in front of me. I'm shoved in a metal room, the door locks behind me. I see Connor on the other side of the room, fitting on a pair of studded gloves. I begin to do the same. Please let me win.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! It has begun. We both walk slowly towards each other in a boxing stance. I move in with an elbow, it hits him in the nose, which begins to bleed. He shoves back and punches me in the ribs, hard. The force makes two of my ribs go CRUNCH! Probably breaking at least one. He swings again, I block it with my forearm and punch him in the stomach multiple times. He hunches over and I knee him in the nose. He stumbles back with a look of pure rage on his face. I go to throw a punch again, but he blocks it. And punches me so hard in the cheek that I stumble over. He stops on my mouth and jumps on top of me. He begins to mercilessly pound my face into nothing but a bloody pulp. I can barely see by the time he stops. He stands up and gets off me. I can't move, I feel paralyzed. 

"Say goodnight." He says with a wicked smile.

With a twist of my neck, I'm out like a light. DING!

Sofia Lacuna (8) V.S. Amber Burn (13)

Amber Burn (13)- I wonder who the person I'm going up against is. I hate the capitol. I hate the peacekeeper guiding me to my imminent death, I hate everything at the moment. I get shoved into box, and a spear is in front of me. It has a metal handle, and a 4 inch, razor sharp tip. Just my weapon. The girl from 8 is standing across the room, holdin the spear awkwardly, staring at me.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I rush her confidently, the spear light in my hands. I slash at her neck, but it misses. It hits her shoulder instead. She yelps like a puppy, and thrusts the spear tip into my stomach, I feel my organs spill out. The pain is unbearable. With one last desperate move, I throw the spear as hard as I can at her. It hits her in the neck. DING! I black out. The last thing I see is the medical room ceiling as they hurriedly operate on me. I can't believe I survived...

Blade Spectrus (13) V.S. Crimson Typhoon (11)

Blade Spectrus (13)- My best bet of winning, was if I was equipped with a sword. And I think they know that, so they won't give me one. The evil looking peacekeeper shoves me violently into a room with an odd looking contraption on the floor. It looks like a gauntlet, but with an extremely sharp edge on it. I know what it is now, a roman scissor. I grab the inner bar and raise it like a sword, it feels awkward but i'll get used to it.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I rush towards him with fury in my eyes. He looks genuinely frightened at the sight of me. I raise the scissor and swing down on his arm. It cuts it deep, down to the bone. I spin around and slash again at his chest. Eventually, I have gained so much speed, I have made about 6 cuts now all along his body. I kick him in the chest and he goes sprawling, smearing blood everywhere. I laugh and slice his pathetic throat. DING!

Fransesca Wright (1) V.S. Dayta Huksley (3)

Dayta Huksley (3)- I can say for once in my life, I am scared. I am scared that I will die. I am scared I will not return to District 3. It's like it all has hit me at once. I'm pushed into a room and a medium sized axe is on the ground waiting for me. At least we get a weapon I'm familiar with. The girl from 1 is on the other side. It looks like she doesn't have much knowledge about this weapon but I don't underestimate her.

9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...DING! I grip the axe handle tightly and slowly walk towards her, but she has another idea. She is in a dead sprint for me. She reaches me and leaps in the air, I predict it and slide under her. She swings about 2 feet over my head. I stand back up, ready to fight. She looks at me and charges again, another swing just over my head. But she is thrown off balance. She swings around and lands with a thud. I swing my axe down hard but she rolls to dodge it. The blade glances off the metal floor where her hand just was. This time, I charge, I swing hard at her mid section. The blade cuts through her flesh, and blood pours out of her outfit. She yelps and hunches over, but she's still standing. I knee her in the face and she goes sprawling. She's crying, her nose broken and stomach ripped open. I hit her in the face with the blunt end of my axe. I look at her with a look of pity and bring the axe down on her skull. DING! 


No alliances! No exceptions! There will be no bloodbath. Instead the remaining 14 tributes will be raised up into 14 different places in the arena, all equidistant from eachother. With a bag containing 1 item of your choice. No weapons (as I want people to spend their sponsor money.) Good luck and happy hunger games! If you don't let me know what will be in your tributes bag, then you will be killed off swiftly.


Name: District: Item:
Alec Roswell-Seacrest C Liquid Poison
Akumai Kubaya 1 Water Bottle
Sam Ognivity 2 Wound Cream
Dayta Huksley 3
Kevin Dillas 5 Night Vision Glasses
Nichole Peyton 5 Night Vision Glasses
Ivy Young 7 Painkillers (x2)
Connor Smitherson 8 Night Vision Glasses
Savannah Darnell 9 Night Vision Glasses
Maria Fisher 10 Night Vision Glasses
Scott Bow 12 Liquid Poison
Sylvia Zhek 12 Shield
Blade Spectrus 13 Night Vision Glasses
Amber Burn 13 Night Vision Glasses


In the middle of the arena is a volcano, surrounded by black sand. The rest of the arena is thick forest. The trees reach heights of 500 feet. Their is a giant tree somewhere in the forest that peers over all the rest. It offers great shelter and food too. There is a prize at the top of the tree.

Day 1, The Beginning

Sam Ognivity (2)- This whole "no alliances" thing has changed everything. No careers. Oh well, I can survive just fine on my own. I can see nobody in my vicinity, but I see a red bag with a large 2 on it right below my pedestal. I look around and I see nothing but black sand. And a large, erupting volcano in the distance. That's going to be a problem. I don't dare step off yet. Then all of the sudden...BOOM! Is somebody already dead? 

"Oooh how unfortunate..." The voice of the announcer rings out.

"Happy 43rd Hunger Games!" He says cheerfully.

Yeah like anything could be cheerful right now. 9...8...7...6...5...4...3...2...1...GONG!

I leap off my pedestal with a push of my legs and rip open my pack. There is an aluminum container containing a type of ointment. I smell and I know it is wound cream of some sort. I flip the pack over my back and trek off. I find a sharp piece of rock laying next to a large boulder. I pick it up and I have a solid piece of obsidian in my hand. CRUNCH. The familiar crunch of sand under a human foot distracts me. I dive under the rock. The boy from 12 is walking casually by, kicking a pebble. It seems as he is unarmed. I take action and spring towards him, burying the sharp obsidian sharp in his back. He yelps and falls to the ground. I grab his neck and quickly twist it. The crack of bone and the cannon afterwards means I have broken his neck. BOOM! I take his small pack. I find out that it contains a bottle of poison. Nifty.

Ivy Young (7)- The gong just rang out, all over this wasteland. I dig my hands into the sand, it feels like regular old beach sand, but grittier. And black. I open my sack to find 2 large pills in their own containers. I assume them to be painkiller. I walk over to a nearby boulder and hunch behind it. I need a weapon. 

Alec Roswell-Seacrest (C)- This sand is interesting. I can't dwell on my surroundings too much. There is a tribute not far from me. I determine it to be that boy from 1. And I don't think I can take him in a fight. Considering we are both weaponless and he is much bigger than me. I sprint away with my bag over to a boulder. I hear him come closer and closer. He walks right in front of me, holding a stick. Like a club. Luckily he passes by. Phew, that was close.

Savannah Darnell (9)- CRACK! Well shit. Somebody is walking around very loudly in the forest. Luckily I'm concealed in a bush. I grip my throwing knives tightly. It's dark, but I have night vision glasses. It makes everything kind of fuzzy, but hey, at least I can see. I contemplate attacking my newest opponent. He seems to armed with a scythe, I finally determine it to be the boy from 5. He seems to have a pair of glasses too. He sits down to rest and my chance comes. I throw a knife, it wizzes into his shin. He yells and yanks it out. He sees my figure in the bushes and charges. I desperately try to claw my way through the think foliage, but it's no use. I stand up to see him swinging the blade into my midsection. My intestines spill out in front of me. I scream and the convulsing takes place. Finally, he silences me with a swing to the neck. The last thing I see is his sad expression. BOOM! 

Blade Spectrus (13)- The clang of metal tells me I have missed my opponent, again. I have been fighting the capitol boy for about 5 min now. It seems he is hiding behind a large boulder. I fear he has some sort of trap planned. I don't even know if he has a weapon. i dont want to take a risk though. Again, I see his figure and I let another bolt fly in it's direction. Another loud noise says that I missed again. 

"Come on!" I shout rather annoyed.

A faint gurgling sound replies to me. Followed by a cannon. BOOM! I can make out a swiftly moving figure moving out from the rock. It seems Alec has been assassinated. Now I'm next. I look all around me. I can't see anything. I turn again to inspect Alec's corpse. It looks like a stab wound. Someone here is armed well. All of the sudden, a sharp, cold pain shoots through my body. My chest is on fire. I can see the shiny silver blade that has pierced my chest. My assailant kicks me off the blade. I roll around and see Akumai from 1, swinging a katana at my head. BOOM! 

Day 1: The Fallen

Alec Roswell-Seacrest (C)

Dayta Huksley (3)

Savannah Darnell (9)

Scott Bow (12)

Blade Spectrus (13)

Day 2, Droughts:

Sylvia Zhek (12)- I can't find water. I'm extremely dehydrated. I found some berries by the cave i'm in. I'm so weak, anyone could kill me. And all I have is a shield a very defensive item. I couldnt kill anyone with this. The thought of a clear droplet of water on my tongue almost makes me cry. I wish I could have water.

Maria Fisher (10)- I have such great sponsors. I have just about everything I need right now. I need to make a kill if I want more stuff though. I have been walking on this rocky ridge for about 3 hours now. It is lined with caves. I find a particularly good cave with a berry plant on the outside. While I'm picking them, I hear a moaning coming from inside the cave. I raise my dagger out of instinct and cautiously advance into the cave. The moaning is coming from a corner. I go to it and see a shield obviously with a tribute behind it. I look behind and I see the girl from 12, pale as a ghost, going insane from thirst. She looks at me. All of the sudden the reality of this. This girl has friends and a family. Now look at her, her loved ones are probably dying seeing her like this. I can't bare it anymore, I look at her with tears in my eyes and say:

 "Don't worry, I'm helping you." 

I lodge the knife in her skull and her resistance stops. BOOM! Oh how I hate the Capitol.

Connor Smitherson (8)- The arena seems drier today than it was yesterday. I still haven't found any water. Which I need, considering I can literally feel the strength deteriorating from my body. Then, suddenly, it's like a blessing. Rain, cold, pure rain is falling on the forest. I grab a leaf and hold it above my head. It fills with water and I slurp it down thirstily. I do this several times. Oh only if I had a container to fill. So far I have seen nobody. It's unnerving. It seems like I should have at least seen someone by now. I decide to walk in the direction of the volcano. It's like the moisture is sucked out of the air. I see nothing but rocks littered everywhere. Even if somebody was here, it'd be hard to find them. My scythe is gleaming in the dim sunlight, mostly blocked out by massive clouds of ashe. I feel repowered since I got some water. Then it happens all so fast. The scream behind me, the fury in his eyes. The boy from 5 is hurtling towards me, scythe in hand. I didn't think anyone else in these games used one besides me. He swings at my head and I barely duck in time. He yells in frustration and backs up. I advance, swinging hard at his midsection. I manage to graze his stomach, a cut opens and he howls in pain. He tries again to hit my head but I duck again. I spin around and bury the scythe point into his chest, a gurgling sound comes from his mouth. Then he falls, then the cannon comes. BOOM!

Day 3, Scalding Hot:

Amber Burn (13)- It seems the area of sand around the volcano has incresingly gotten larger, and the forest has gotten smaller. Hmm, weird. The volcano in the distance makes weird noises. The arena has been getting increasingly hotter also. I use my mace to knock branches aside. I have decided to try and find a nice cave. The forest has nothing left to offer me. Big mistake. My foot sinks into the black sand and it almost as if I have stepped in lava. I yank my foot out and it is horribly burned, charred black. I can see bone. Sadly I fall backwards, and my hands become burned beyond belief. My screams echo throughout the arena. Suddenly, a 3 foot tall and 5 foot long scorpion bursts out from the sand. Spraying more of the granulated fire on my writhing body. It looks at me with disgust in his eyes. Like I have gone into it's territory. It punctures its large stinger into my body again and again. The burn of the sand and poison makes it unbearable. My screams are become quieter and quieter. Slowly, I let death take me away. BOOM! 

Nichole Peyton (5)- I don't know who's screams they were, but they were loud and bloodcurdling. Followed by the cannon. I feel happy and sad at the same time. I am closer to victory, but those screams, they sounded awful. Luckily this tree I'm in has great cover and a good food supply. I love apples. I cut another one down with my dagger and take a large bite. Delicious. I need to find somebody to kill before the gamemakers get bored and decide to kill us all. It's amazing, my life is in their hands. They could kill me in an instant if they wanted, just because they could. 

Akumai Kubaya (1)- Kinda sucks having no allies around, it would have been a lot easier. My food is dwindling and so is my water. I need a steady supply but the rivers are drying up. The arena keeps getting hotter and hotter. I look up and see a hovercraft come down to pick up a body. It's a girl, but it is horribly mutilated and burned. What could have burned her? Why was she like that? Somebody must be messed up in here. Katana in hand, I go to the edge of the forest and look a the black sand. It has heat waves radiating off of it. I hover my hand over it. It's like fire, the sand burned her. Then a mutt must have finished her off. I keep note to stay away from the sand. I trek off into the forest, feeling good about my discovery.

Ivy Young (7)- The massive amount of sweating I am doing is getting incresingly annoying. The arena has obviously gotten hotter. I took off my jacket a while ago, I left in dangling from a tree. My strength is deteriorating from this damn heat. Lucily I have food and water. But it is dwindling. This tree makes good cover. Suddenly I hear the crunching of leaves below. I can't tell very well what it though. I go out to the end of a branch and peer over at the ground. It's the girl from 10, walking with a dagger in her hand. It will do nothing against my axe. I silently climb down and move back and forth between trees, slowly getting closer. I am feet away now. I leap and her bury the axe into the small of her back. She yepls and falls, then starts screaming. I silence her with a cut to the throat. The gurgling sounds begin, then the cannon. BOOM! Yeah choke on your blood bitch.

Day 4, Flash Floods

Sam Ognivity (2)- My water is almost depleted. This arena is very humid, it's almost like it's sucking the moisture right out of my body. I'm pretty sure all the tributes know that the black sand is basically fire. I watched Amber burn to death. Haha, kind of ironic if you ask me. Then, out of no where, I hear a ear splitting sound of cracking trees and rushing water. I look up and my heart stops. The arena is flooding. My mind races for a solution, then I lock in on a thought: The giant tree. BOOM! 1 more down, 3 more to go.

Connor Smitherson (8)- The sound of roaring water fills my ears as the enormous waves crash down on the arena. Out of all things, they had to flood it. I weave in and out of trees. I can see the tree that will be my life saver. It must be at least 1000 feet tall. Finally I reach the tree, I see Sam from 2 already up about 300 feet. There are a lot of branches to grab. The rushing water is almost to me. I jump up and grab the branch, but it's too late, the strength of the tide pulls me off the trunk and underwater. I struggle to reach the surface but I am just pulled under again. Suddenly, a sharp pain goes in my leg. I look down and see a piece of wood impaled through my thigh. I can't get it out, and I'm losing air fast. I yank and yank, but I'm starting to see black. So close.... BOOM!

Day 4, Part 2, Finale

Ivy Young (7)- Right now I am so thankful for being from District 7. My climbing ability is superior to everyone left, even though Sam and Akumai are already about 400 feet ahead of me. Either way, I'm way safe from the water. My axe is barely dangling from my belt, It's dead weight but I can't lose it now.

Akumai Kubaya (1)- I had a genius plan about 10 minutes ago. I decided to wait on a massive branch until Ivy got up here, then I would kick her off and kill Sam for the win. Ivy is about 100 feet down, she doesn't even see me. I look down at my katana. This could be the end for me, Sam is a formidable opponent. And Ivy isn't dead yet. I can't rule her out. I think of every scenerio possible, finally she grabs the branch I am standing on. In one swift motion I cut her thumb off with my katana. She screams, though I can barely hear her over the rushing water that is increasingly getting higher, reaching about 50 ft below us. She's standing on another branch, looks like I gotta go down there.

Ivy Young (7)- FUCK. He cut off my thumb, luckily it was on my left hand so I can still hold my axe. I pull it out of my belt and ready myself, the stub where my thumb was it bleeding profusely and stinging like hell. FInally he drops down about 20 feet away from me, I hunker down behind some branches and wait for the ineviditable. He advances swiftly, slashing my exposed leg, I try and swing at him, but i'm too weak, the axe slips out of my hand and into the raging sea below. He laughs maniacally and cuts again, this time its my chest. I shout and my mutilated hand goes up to stop the blood flow, I can't take it anymore. The pain is too much, I whisper goodbye to everything I've ever known and drop into the mixture of water and trees below. BOOM!

Sam Ognivity (2)- I could barely make out the noise that my brain registers as a cannon. I'm in the finale. I can hardly believe it. I could actually win this thing. I reached the top of tree, where a metal platform is. About 50 yards wide and long. It looks kind of like where we had the match ups, just no roof or walls. Suddenly, the thud of metal behind me tells me that Akumai has reached the top. I ready my axe and prepare for battle.

Akumai Kubaya (1)- "Such a shame we couldn't be allies eh Sam?" I say smartly

He looks ahead menacingly with a massive axe in his hand. He yells and charges me, his face flushed with pure rage. He swings the gigantic blade at my face, I barely back up in time to keep my face from being cut in half. He's more powerful than I thought. I slash my katana in a swift motion, he manages to jump to the side just as the blade cuts through the air next to his arm. He backs up angrily, obviously he's never been injured.

Sam Ognivity (2)- Wow, he's stronger than I anticipated. Not good enough I think as I swing my enormous axe into his leg. Severing it completely. He shouts in fury and pain and falls to the ground, screaming obsceneities at me. I do not speak. I do not show emotion, I do not show sadness as I make the final blow, cutting through his chest like a piece of wood. BOOM! I can't believe it, I did it. I won. I'm going home.

Death Chart:

Name: District Killer: Place:
Dayta Huksley  3 Mine Explosion 14th
Scott Bow 12 Sam Ognivity (2) 13th
Savannah Darnell 9 Kevin Dillas (5) 12th
Alec Roswell-Seacrest C Akumai Kubaya (1) 11th
Blade Spectrus 13 Akumai Kubaya (1) 10th
Sylvia Zhek 12 Maria Fisher (10) 9th
Kevin Dillas 5 Connor Smitherson (8) 8th
Amber Burn 13 Black Sand and Scorpion Mutt 7th
Maria Fisher  10 Ivy Young (7) 6th
Nichole Peyton 5 Floods 5th
Connor Smitherson 8 Floods 4th
Ivy Young 7 Akumai Kubaya (2) and Floods 3rd
Akumai Kubaya 1 Sam Ognivity (2) 2nd
Sam Ognivity 2 VICTOR VICTOR


Congratulations to Sam Ognivity and District 2! And a thanks to Biel1458 for being such an amazing mentor. Everyone go join my latest games, the 44th Hunger Games! Good luck!

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