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The 45th Hunger Games

Alright so after I realized my previous games were a dud, I felt bad for not finishing and decided to start a new one! These games are a quell, and will have a startling twist. The districts will be from 1-13.


1. 1-3 tributes

2. Make the tributes interesting

3. RP wiki links are accepted

4. The more involved you are, the more likely you are to win


Name: District: Gender: Weapons:
Anders Longtail 1 Male Mace, Spear
Anais Morrisa 1 Female Warhammer, Flail, Whip
2 Male
Carmine Morrisa 2 Female Warhammer, Mace, Flail
Luxio Sertalium 3 Male Glaive, Shurikens, Axe
Zoey Proasheck 3 Female Axe, Katana, Throwing Knives
Luxray Meganium 4 Male Morning Star, Shurikens
Coralyn Halimeda 4 Female Trident, Throwing Knives
Welson Dare 5 Male Shocker, Dagger
5 Female
6 Male
6 Female
7 Male
Eva Fenrir 7 Female Sword, Shurikens
8 Male
Kim Carett 8 Female Knife, Sword
9 Male
9 Female
10 Male
10 Female
11 Male
11 Female
12 Male
Blossom Breeze 12 Female Throwing Knives, Blowgun
13 Male
13 Female

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