This is my story, no roleplay, my story, about a twisted games and one boy, one girl, and the 71st version of the ruthless Hunger Games.

Name District Age Place
Janar Gred 1 18 8
Meentrya Acym 1 16 10
Reed Danar 2 18 2
Mya Nexus 2 15 4
-Mir Naf- 3 13 23
Kit Morphnut 3 12 13
Anytmun Saned 4 15 12
Munbyl Nyxusena 4 18 9
-Redas Nunet- 5 14 24
-Mii Asoil- 5 16 19
-Idlophis Blon- 6 14 18
-Mala Helganu- 6 18 22
Jace Meerkan 7 13 1
Lia Matlin 7 12 3
-Huja Mirano- 8 15 5
Ikla Ju 8 13 20
Man Tu 9 14 6
Hijonu Runi 9 16 14
-Arso Minkart- 10 12 17
Steval Minturiola 10 17 15
Bash Raz 11 17 7
Jo Mintier 11 15 11
Kintoru Turuta 12 18 16
Kila Moro 12 14 21

Day 1. I fell the excitement of the whole Capitol, everyone, every District, the 22 possibilities i may have to kill, not 23, 22, she stood out to me the first time i saw her, i felt a connection, now i will not kill her, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go.

Everybody is running, i make a run to the Cornucopia, i see an axe, taken by a Career, i see a mace about 11 feet away from me and i run, i grab it just in time to impale the edge into the District 5 male's face and his blood splatters eveywhere, i see her, her blonde and black hair flying, blood on her face, two backpacks swung over her shoulders and holding a machete, coming at me, she flys into me and she yells at me.

"Jace! what he hell are you doing?! Follow me!" she says as she spins around and breaks for the simulated city houses, shes fast, too fast, i cant see, the 5 Male managed to cut my eye before i killed him. falling. black.

Day 2. I wake up and see the 11 boy, Bash, standing over me, he has a bowl of something, some kind of leaf. he gives me a leaf as she comes down, Shes alive. i am alive, the 5 male is dead.

"8 are dead so far, the 5s the 3 boy the 6s the 8 girl, and the 10 boy" Bash says. I killed the 5 boy, the 5 boy is dead because of me. i see her coming towards me, she has something red on her hands, blood, whos blood, i lift my hand to my head, my eye is not bleeding, it is my blood, she saved my sight by cleaning the wound. i see the 3 girl, Kit, come down with a bow and grab 4 arrows.

"You dont ever talk much do you?" she asked in her squeaky little prepubescent voice. I shake my head, Bash hand me the mace i used and a strap of leather.

"Wear this" Bash says as i get up and strap it on. for the first time in my life, i am fine with the Hunger Games.

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