Mythological creatures game

Hi everyone! I decided that i wanted to make a usergame, so... here i am

BIG thanks to Luke1998!


Because i wanted to make the game unusual, it's not going to be played by humans. It's going to be played by mythologial creatures! So basically, you can join if you want to, and there's a list of which creatures are allowed.

If you want to join, comment and tell me which creature you want to be. And if you have any questions, feel free to ask them.

Things you should know:

  • You have to be a mythological creature
  • No alliances
  • There are going to be 16 tributes
  • no medusa

Allowed creatures:

  • Minotaur( already taken)
  • Fairy (already taken)
  • Centaur (already taken)
  • Nymph (already taken)
  • Witch (already taken)
  • Magician (already taken)
  • Shape shifter (already taken)
  • Dwarf (already taken)
  • Gnome (already taken)
  • Goblin (already taken)
  • Elf (already taken)
  • Cyclops (already taken)
  • Dragon (already taken)
  • Griffin (already taken)
  • Grim Reaper (already taken)
  • Troll (already taken)


Tributes / Training Scores / Fate

D1 Girl: Iluvgale - Dragon 11

D1 Boy: Luke1998 - Elf 8

D2 Girl: BarbieKlaus1029 - Nymph 7
D2 Boy: MrWeare - Shape Shifter (ghost) 8
D3 Girl: QuinnQuinn - Troll 7
D3 Boy: Primrose33- Gnome 6
D4 Girl: DenaliLover - Fairy 7
D4 Boy: Prezziesnow9704:)! - Grim Reaper 7
D5 Girl: ~ilovepeeta~ - Witch 8
D5 Boy: The severus snape - Minotaur 9
D6 Girl: Anon... - Magician 8
D6 Boy: Lizzy THG - Dwarf 6
D7 Girl: Everdeen - Centaur 9
D7 Boy: BlackMage9 - Griffin 10
D8 Girl: Clove1999 - Goblin 7
D8 Boy: Georgy23 - Cyclops 8

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